A Sea Org Gulag Tale – BTs2free
At the Int Base, things had just gotten to be way out of hand. Overboarding became a daily routine, not only for individuals but for entire divisions. Sec check KR’s were being read out at practically every muster, morning, noon and night - mainly the "out-2D" portions. Officers and execs were beating up and pushing around those deemed to be "out ethics", "non-compliers", "Hill 10 makers" or "dead wood" as a routine.
Of course this was considered to be a standard handling for someone because DM himself did it all the time. Seniors were constantly screaming at their juniors at the top of their lungs. MAA’s and I&Rs were constantly on the beat for "out-ethics" indicators around the base and there was hardly anyone left who was not under some sort of investigation or on some ethics list weather it be PTS or simply out-ethics. The Security unit were doing daily berthing inspections to ensure that nobody had a TV, telephone, personal computer, or anything deemed as "out-security" (no written items or issues were to be taken off the base EVER.) You were assigned a condition of Treason for out-secrity.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I realized I was living a life under a Big Brother and was contributing to its existence. It was Orwell’s 1984 being played out perfectly.

Instead of just leaving quietly in the night, I decided to play it safe and "route out" which I later regretted because it would have been much better had I just left and gotten myself declared. By leaving "standardly" I ended up flushing nearly 2 more years of my life down the drain. When I decided that that was it, I decided to tell the first MAA I came across my decision to leave.




The MAA was not pleased at all. I was immediately escorted to an area approximately 100 square yards that would be my home for the next couple of years, behind barbed wire fences with motion detectors, my own Security watchmen (armed of course , one guard carried a gun and the others had pepper spray). Sometimes there was even a guard dog to keep us company – a Belgian Shepherd, forgot his name. I was there with about 8 others who were in the same or similar situation I was – wanting to get the hell out. We weren’t really allowed to talk to eachother at all unless it had to do with work.

We had 3 meals a day which came up on trays that the guards would bring for us, but the food was always cold, and if you didn’t get to the food by the time it got there, you would end up with the dregs or nothing at all – the food was ALWAYS cold.

We ate in a tiny little old shack that had been a one car garage at one point. It was converted into the "dining" area for us security threats. Our sleeping quarters were in a old trailers and my bunk happened to be on the top bunk which only had about a foot and a half of room between me and the ceiling (many times I moved or sat up in my sleep and banged my head on the ceiling). My mattress was an air mattress and I would get freezing at night because there was no insulation as a real mattress would give, so it would be air temperature – freezing at night.

Every morning we mustered at 7:00 am, ate a quick cold breakfast (10-15 mins) and then right to labor. Labor was always to be a heavy tasks such as digging ditches, de-weeding by hand, making gravel for walkways, digging out and moving trees for the Trees Unit in Estates, etc… Then there would be quick lunch and then back to work. We would work all day until 9:00 pm at which point we would take a quick shower and then go to mandatory study time which was in another little shack, so small only two picnic tables could fit in the room. We were only allowed to study LRH/Scientology materials.

There was no radio or TV. We had no clue at all about what was happening beyond our little world. Every day, IF you had a sec checker, you would go in daily for interrogation which could last up to 6 or more hours a day depending on how your sessions were going. The sec checks were being done FPRD style, so, any overt or withhold gotten off in session and taken to FN was then handled FPRD style earlier similar until the evil purp was found and blown.
For me, this was my daily routine for almost two years.

There was another person there who had been there longer than I had and I started to get curious about her situation and why she had been there so long. One of the Security Guards (initials MB) had been a close friend of mine since before I went to the gulags and so I believe he trusted me a bit more than the others in the group. So one night I asked him about this other person and what the plan was for her. His exact words to me were, "Oh, we’re never gonna let her leave. She worked with LRH and COB (DM), and would be way too much of a threat if we let her go."

That was the point that I snapped and realized that they were never going to let ME leave. In fact, I knew WAY more than she did about the more current happenings at the base, especially on Ethics and Qual lines. I had been a Perimiter Council member for years and so had all of the information about the threats of the base and personal data. I had been through every ethics and pc folder on the base except for a few RTC members. So, if she wasn’t leaving, I wasn’t leaving either.

I had to re-think my plan. I decided that I had to blow. But how? Daily I looked at the fence and tried to figure out how I could hop the fence. I kept an eye out for ladders or foot stools that never happened to be around – ever. I looked at the trees that were near the fences and wondered if I could climb one of the trees and perhaps risk breaking or spraining something to jump out over the fence from one of the high branches. I thought about jumping the fence and then fighting the guards if they tried to stop me and yes, they stopped everyone physically if they tried to leave. And if Security couldn’t stop them, they’d get someone from RTC down to do it and the RTC execs hated having to deal with people trying to leave. The good thing though is that usually you could speed up getting in session if RTC had to get involved and possibly speed up your cycle.

Well, I finally realized that the fence jumping idea wouldn’t work too well. I had to do something else and had a bright idea. I would pretend like I was handled and wanted to stay! So, that’s exactly what I did. I told Security that I had second thoughts, that my sessions had handled the reasons for me wanting to leave and that I just wanted to get back onto a post at some point when I could be trusted. Things went really smooth from this point on. I was F/Ning in my sessions and moving through my ethics handling and a couple months later was allowed to go back onto a low post in Gold.

To make a long story short, after a few months I was allowed to leave the base again on my own and sleep in my own bed at off-base berthing. I took off quietly in the night – something I should have done a couple years earlier. The inmates in "The Hall" probably have a similar situation. These guys can’t leave the base. I wonder how many of them want to leave?

The fact of the matter is that there is a prison camp at the Int Base. Law enforcement needs to be made aware of this situation and gotten involved. Innocent people should not be imprisoned like this – especially in a group masquerading as a "religion."


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