Mate’s Story - David Graham

Mate's Story

Hi, my name is David Graham, and I must admit that I have always been a bit of a "loose cannon", and it seemed to have served me well when I was in Scientology. Here's my story or what I remember of it.

I remember when my sister and her husband invited me over for dinner in their newly acquired what could only be called a penthouse, in a cliff-top block of apartments overlooking one of Sydney's beaches with its beautiful norfolk pines.

After dinner they took out this large chart opened if on the carpet and some books. Yes it was a dissemination. I was intrigued by the ability gained at OT V, exteriorization at will with full perception, A the first few pages of the Dianetic Picture Book. I recall that when they told me it was Scientology, I made the comment, "Isn't that the church which was banned a few years ago?" then after a pause and some thinking, I added, "No .... I think that was Theosophy". The buggars said nothing!

I left that night with their copy of the Dianetics Picture Book and a copy of DMSMH.

I returned the books a couple of weeks later with the comment that the concept of engrams and chains made a lot of sense but that the author seemed to be a bit obsessed with abortions. Then I found out that they themselves, were introduced to Scientology by a Qantas pilot and his wife, they had met at a party. And my brother-in-law mentioned that a real estate agent in Sydney and his sales staff were OT and had a phenomenal sales record. I was in real estate at that time, so I was hooked.

About six months later, I picked up a couple of thousand dollars in a real estate deal and decided to try of this Dianetics by doing the HSDC, the Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course. When I saw the reg, I was told that if I bought the Levels training as well, I would save the better part of the HSDC. Like most, I couldn't resist a good deal, so I bought the full package

I had purchased my training package with Sydney Foundation. I signed onto (or "got a debit for" in scientologese) my first course and thus became a scientologist! My first course was the Basic Study Manual, which was offered as an alternative to the Student Hat at that time. I was fortunate to have Naomi, an experienced SO member, as my supervisor. I say this as I had done two teacher training programs, one with the Sydney Technical College where I was a teacher, and one with the Univerity of New South Wales, where I was a lecturer (assistant professor), and I was considered an authority, probably undeservedly, on the use of simulation techniques in teaching. I used to design management games for senior management training in corporations such as Hawker de-Havilland, P & O, Qantas Airlines, and so on. So when I completed the Basic Study Manual course, Naomi asked me what I thought of it. I was honest and told her that although I liked the emphasis on using a dictionary, I felt it too simple, that the role of phrases, sentences, paragraphs were even more important, yet were ignored. I also stated that in my opinion, demos and clay demos were a waste of time for students with good visualization. She wisely didn't send me to a word clearer.

I then started (or "routed onto" in scientologese) my Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course. In a useful coincidence, the book "Dianetics Today" was released as I started the course, and within a couple of weeks I took my first PC into session. He was an SO member, if I remember correctly, and had had a lot of dianetic auditing including running past lives (or "whole track" in scientologese) effortlessly. And after a couple of sessions "they routed me through as a completion" over my protest as I didn't feel I was anywhere near flubless. It may well have been a Wednesday night. Yes it was, because I had to take the afternoon off from work to get the auditing finished.

The recruiters got me before the regges. In fact, it was the Executive Director. He asked me if I would like to run the HSDC in its own space. We talked about it and I said "Yes". He then told me that I would have to join staff and sign a contract, and went on to tell me about free training, free auditing and so on. By the time he had finished with me it was very late. So I didn't see the reg, and he sent me home to think about the proposition

The thought of signing a contract disturbed me. I just don't like contracts. Then I became too smart for my own good, a failing I had before scientology and one that tended to dog me through my years in scientology and indeed, after it. I told the E.D. that I would sign a two and a half year contract provided he included Organization Executive Course training on it. I had no idea that it would be available anyway.

Before I was able to start supervising the dianetics course I had to a series of staff courses called Staff Statuses One, Two and Three and then my supervisor training to become a Hubbard Dianetic Graduate. I insisted on continuing the auditing of my PC which didn't please my superiors, however, after three or four sessions he ceased to be available. Why? I never found out. As I tended to be faster than the normal student, I wrapped the training up, in a couple of weeks, and found myself supervising three HSDC students, if I recall correctly, in a newly set up room. I must say I was quite disturbed with the teaching technique, and I would spend a lot of time with each student to ensure they really got it, and I didn't issue any pink sheets. I consider them a complete waste of time. More about this later. After about a month, I had something like eight students on course and a couple of graduates. Then the unthinkable happened, the E.D. wanted me to take over the academy. I said, "No".

I assumed that that was the end of the matter. I know, I was being naive, but then, I was new to scientology, in fact at that point, I thought the Sea Org was the C Org and I wondered what the A and B Orgs were. Naomi, the academy supervisor, was Sea Org couldn't come in one night, and the Tech Sec had me put my students in with the others in the academy and had me supervise it. I was assured that it was only temporary, that Naomi wasn't well, and I believed this. Yes, you've got it! She never did return. Now I had 15 students.

A couple of weeks after I was stuck with the academy, the powers that be, decided (or realized) that as a dianetics supervisor, I was not qualified to supervise the academy. So I found I was to supervise evenings and do my mini supervisor course on weekends. Fortunately there was a public method one (word clearing) course student needing a partner and I teamed up with him, and we were both able the complete our method ones on my first weekend. I wrapped up the supervisor course the following weekend. So I became a fulltime supervisor, and then my troubles started.

At the beginning, I had absolutely no attention on my "stat" of total student points. As a result of which, they would go up and they would come down. The Tech Sec decided to handle me on this, when on one week the stats crashed. He asked me "why?", and I told him that I had no one on TRs. His response was that was a "Why is God", and I retorted that I could ensure that only one student each week did TRs, if that is what he wanted. Well! I got my first cramming which included the Why is God and my failure to use pink sheets. I saw the cramming officer on Sydney Day, the late Peter Sparshott. Peter one of the first class VIII and a nicer person you couldn't meet, in fact he had a LRH personal recommendation. Peter had me agree to use pink sheets where a student hadn't grasped an earlier section of his checksheet, and to plan out what the students would be doing over the next few weeks to get an idea of where to put my effort to ensure that my stats were up-trending. These seemed to work out fairly well.

Of course, I still had my stat crashes from time to time. One time I was put onto "body routing" (= confronting people in the street, asking them three questions, and having them come into the org) to increase my confront. Initially I had trouble, then I got two in, then I went window shopping. Eventually, the Tech Sec got tired of supervising and had someone fetch me. He was furious with me when I told him what I did, and asigned me a condition. ;) On another occasion, I arrived on a Saturday morning only to be told they wanted to see me at the CLO/FOLO which was about 10 km out of down town Sydney where the Org was.

The CLO/FOLO was located in a rundown mansion with a beautiful river frontage setting. When I arrived, no one seemed to know why I was there. Eventually, the person who "ordered" me there, appeared. He told me I was there for cramming, because of crashed stats. Well! I hit the roof. I was outraged that I had been ordered to spend a whole day for correction, when it could have been done in the Org within the hour, and that I was going to go back to the Org for any correction I needed. Well, he backed right out and shortly after Naomi (my supervising predecessor) appeared.

While I was waiting, Peter Graham from Perth, who was there also for correction, suggested that I do the cycle, it being the quickest way out. Naomi quietened me down, I did the cramming cycle which was kept brief, and got back to the Org about mid afternoon. It's a funny thing, but they never had me out there again.

After about six months, a student on the training package was recruited and became the academy's word clearer. What a gift this was! When the student points, my "stat", were running down on Wednesday night, the end of the "stat week", I would have him do a round of TRs with another student to boost the student points. This was known by the Tech Sec and the E.D. To say this was questionable, misses the point, as it was downright dishonest. But it did help peace to reign.

After about a year, I had regularly had around 30 students in the evenings and 10 to 15 on weekends. As a reward, I got a Director of Training, who was my senior and who helped with the supervision. After about a fortnight, she was recruited into the Sea Org, but remained on post. We became a number and after a couple of months, she left the Sea Org and moved in with me. One Saturday, the academy attendance fell to just a couple and we, DofT and Supervisor, were send out to recover students. Fortunately Wendy had her car. Only one was home and he was genuinely sick. We had a great day out, my first day off in a year! Our relationship lasted about six months and she then completely left scientology.

There was one other experience, I had, which comes to mind. There was a student, John T who has now passed on, who was a very gentle person. John had spent a very long time on his HSDC, and had reached the point of auditing. He had given just one auditing session which was very flubby but PC f/Ned at the examiner. This was a Wednesday night! The ED needed John to attest to get his stats up. I said "No". However, he kept at me until I said "Why don't you bypass the Tech Sec, the DofT and me and put us into danger, and put John through? Because, I'm not going to." She did, to my disbelief.

Towards the end of my two and a half years contract, the Academy was booming with a DofT (new), me, two assistant supervisors, and a word clearer. We had over 40 students in the evenings and around 20 on weekends. It was a team effort and a word clearer who loved TRs. Well, I certainly hope he did!

With about six months remaining on my Syd Fdn contract, I resigned from my job as a Personnel Consultant and did my levels training fulltime in the Syd Day academy. Being fast flow, I wrapped up the courses very quickly and made lots of paid comps for the Org. Also wrapping up her levels, was a girl Lyn Hyman. We twinned up on the levels and co-audited our dianetics, objectives, and our grades, during which we did our class IV internships. Eventually I became the Lead C/S for Syd Day and Lyn, the Lead C/S for Syd Fdn. Over the final few months as a supervisor, I was also auditing for Syd Day in their HGC (Hubbard Guidance Centre where auditing is delivered), and I continued auditing after my contract was finished even though I was reluctant to sign another contract.

As an auditor, my stats went into power soon after and it wasn't long before I was able to kept my stats in power, week after week, for 67 weeks in a row. For this effort, my C.O. (Commanding Officer because she was Sea Org and not an E.D.) Phyl Stevens, awarded me a Kha Khan, which gave me ethics protection. Once I'd gotten in power, there was no pressure on me to sign a contract. However, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before I continue, I thought I would try to place some names on posts in Syd Day and Fdn in the late 70's. When I joined Sydney Fdn the E.D. was Brian Rackham, he was SO. In the late 70's he was removed and declared, if I remember correctly, and replaced by Cherie Eves, also SO. Ken Nitche was the Tech Sec of Fdn and later became the LRH Com, I think for both Orgs. Keith Holman was the reg for Fdn and later took over the certification emeters for ANZO (What a ripoff that was). The lead C/S for both orgs was Jan Hill (nee Maunder and later Mullane), she was SO, was on the Appollo, and was a brilliant C/S. When she was replaced on both Orgs she became Cont Snr C/S ANZO. In the early 80's, she routed out of the SO and married Noel Mullane. As already noted, Phyl Stevens was CO Syd Day, and her daughter, Chris, was CO CLO ANZO. Chris was replaced by Mike Eves who, in turn, was replaced by Phyl Stevens, who was replaced by Pat Bloomberg (was on Hubbard's during the Saint Hill days), as CO Syd Day. Pat was to become CO AOSH ANZO. Sadly, Pat passed away in the early 80's with a lung condition. David Bloomberg from ASI and then Int, is Pat's son. In the late 70's he was in Syd Tours Org, which was run very effectively by Steve Stevens, Phyl's son. Sandy Wilhere is Phyl's daughter. David moved to FSO to become a reg and then to ASI.

Just a few more comments about the staff in Syd Day when I was an auditor there. The Director of Processing was Ethel MacKay (Carstairs), an SO member. After I left Syd, she routed out and she and her husband, Ian, went to Flag for services. I ran across Ethel in the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) in 1998, she was a website designer, and sadly passed away a couple of years later. The Director of Technical Services was Peter Dunn. The auditors were Martin Bentley Cl VIII, Noel O'Donnell CL VIA (the "A" stood for XDN) who was also a power auditor, an old timer whose name was, I think, Paul Etheringham, Nick Cramey Cl IVA and SO, Paul Schobel Cl IV and SO, Harry Bloomberg Class VI and SO. Harry was Pat's husband. Harry was a veterinary surgeon near Christchurch NZ, and was reknowned as a top vet for race horses. Sadly Harry has since passed away.

So back to my story! My life was pretty uneventful as an auditor. I did my XDN (Expanded Dianetics) and had just completed my internship when "dianetic clear" came out. As everyone and their dog, had gone "clear", I with the other auditors, were flat out doing clear checks. When the D of P was compiling the list of those attested to send up-lines, she spotted that "David Graham" wasn't on the list. Everyone, other than me were busy going through folders, looking for my clear check, which they thought was misplaced, but no one would tell what they were looking for. Eventually the CO asked me who did my clear check, and I told her I didn't get one because I didn't think I was clear. Well!! She took me aside and after I had answered a series of questions, I realized that I might be and I was rushed through for an attest before I changed my mind. Think of the problem if I hadn't, as I had done checks on some 20 to 30 PCs.

Another incident where I was again being too smart for own good, occurred when the CO decided it was time I signed a Syd Day contract. Now I "knew" that Harry Bloomberg, being SO "couldn't" sign a Syd Day Contract, So I said "On the day when Harry signs a contract, I will sign one", and I walked away smiling. On the following Thursday at 1.45pm I was invited to the CO's office for a special presentation, I rushed up there and Harry was there with a pen in his hand and signed something on the desk. He handed me the pen and said, "There I've signed my Syd Day contract". I looked at him in disbelief and then sheepishly signed mine.

By the way, there is a public on lines called David H. Graham. That is not me. I am David Griffith Graham. I am on the Declared Suppressive Persons' List, and proud of it!

This a bit embarrassing, I forgot some auditors. The first was a Canadian John Brownlee Class IVA. Then there was his sister, Joan, who was to marry an Australian Mark Treasure. Joan was the Dianetics and Purif C/S. Then we had Genny Gray Snr Class IV, Tia Merck Snr Class IV. Genny's husband, Billy, was Syd Day academy supervisor. Billy and Genny were from Christchurch in NZ and "routed off" staff and returned to NZ.

Back to Mate's story. When the Happiness Rundown was released, Genny and I were sent to LA to train as auditor and C/S. We stayed in the Manor. This whole trip was a bit of a romp for us, and could well be a separate thread. The room I was in consisted of four single beds in a room that was twenty to twenty five feet long and fifteen feet wide. I hadn't shared a room except with a partner, since my compulsory national service days in the air force in the early 50's. Yeah! I know, but I hadn't yet joined the SO. On our first morning I had for breatfast, what was called "easy-over" fried eggs. The next morning to show my acceptance of the American culture, the cook asked how would I like my eggs, and I said "gently turned", and her response was "WHAT?". Then someone in the line, said "I think he means easy-over", we all laughed, but not the cook. Then a couple of mornings later, Genny was expecting a letter from Billy, her husband. So that evening we went to reception and she asked, "Do you have any letters for me". He said, "Lettus, you need to go to the kitchen". She said, "What!" I was able to step in and say, "I think she means mail".

Then there was a C/S from London Org do the HRD and staying at the Manor also, and I can't remember his name. We were given what was called a "sack lunch" which consisted of a sandwich in a paper bag. This is called a cut lunch in the English-speaking world, as distinct from the American-speaking world. The cook asked if we wanted "mayo", and found she was looking at three blank faces, so she said, "mayonnaise", and we said, "No". When luchtime came, we opened our paper bags and found two pieces of dry bread and a large lump of tuna between them. Well, our London C/S was absolutely furious that there was no butter. He said, "How can you eat a sandwich without buttered bread?", and refused to eat it. The next morning, there was this enormous dispute between the cook and the London C/S. It looked as if the War of Independence was re-igniting. A truce was reached where she would provide a cube of butter and he could butter his own bread. Genny and I took advantage of this also.

Among all the fun, there were also a few scary moments. We were used to driving on the left (our vehicles are right hand drive, as is the UK and Japan), which meant that I was conditioned to look to the right before crossing a street, also in Australia there is a curb lane used for parking and temporary standing of vehicles, rather than a bus transit lane. We had arrived a couple of days before the start of the HRD training, and decided to investigate downtown Hollywood. Well, I automatically looked to the right and was about to step off the sidewalk to cross Hollywood Boulevarde and someone grabbed as I was about to step under a speeding bus. Then shortly after that, Genny was crossing a side street against a red light or "dont walk" sign. I was a few metres (yards) behind a saw a cop yelling out to her, but of which, she was oblivious and didn't respond. The cop pulling out his gun. I yelled out to her and she turned and when she saw the gun, she was suddenly absolutely terrified. Fortunately the three of us were laughing together shortly after.

The HRD training was something else. Greg Wilhere was our supervisor and was absolutely brilliant. He was very A to B, accepting no nonsense, expecting instant compliance, all in a friendly way. In scientologese "He would not tolerate any Q & A, no Dev-T, but with a lot of ARC." David Mayo rather surprised me in that he was making changes to the HRD during our daily class discussions with him, on our experiences as auditors. I have no doubt that this was a carry over from his running of the initial NOTs training. To me there can be no doubt that the HRD issues and the NOTs issues (which I was to find out later when I did my NOTs training) were written by Mayo. Also I have no doubt that they were run by Hubbard, in that some of Mayo's in-course changes, were reversed on the following day. But we, the students, weren't told that Hubbard was on the line!

We did have a couple of days off during the course, as we were able to go to Disneyland one day and Magic Mountain on another. There were more humorous incidents which come to mind. On our way back from Disneyland, Genny was discussing with a couple of Americans in the back of the bus, the problem she had with noise. She was pointing out how, back at home in NZ one night, she could hear these dogs barking on the other side of the valley keeping her awake. She then said, "I took a torch to go and see what was happening .... ". The Americans were puzzled, and one asked, "Why didn't you use a flashlight?" Genny said, "I did." And the Americans looked even more puzzled. I said nothing to see where it would go, but she spotted the problem.

Our (Sydney's) Snr C/S Jan Hill was in LA and had just completed a handling at Int and we arranged to have lunch, her, Genny and me. When she arrived she had a friend with her, Debbie who was NY Day's Lead C/S. I said, "Sure bring her along, I'll pay." It was interesting that all of the American accents, I found the NY accent, the most difficult to understand. When we finished, Debbie asked me, "Are you treating me?" I thought she was asking me, was I putting her on, taking the mickey out of her, so I was reflecting on what I might have said which would lead her to asking that question. Jan then said, Debbie's asking if you are paying. I said to Debbie, "I'm shouting (which is Australian for I'm paying)." Debbie looked at me and said, "You're what!"

I just realised that I've gotten ahead of myself again, by covering the HRD training before the circumstances which resulted in my becoming a C/S.

While in power as an auditor, I found that I could survive comfortably on my pay and bonuses. However, Hubbard's "Solution to Inflation" came out, and after a couple of months of it, I realised I had to earn some money rapdily. Fortunately, one of our auditors was a supervisor for a major office cleaning company and he got me a job. From university lecturer to office cleaner. I was able to work 4 hours a night five nights a week, grossing $AUS120 a week. After about 4 months or so, I was able to buy up to OT3.

At this time the Lead C/S was Martin Bentley who was also extremely good. One day the CO asked me to train up as a C/S to replace Martin who was in the middle of a domestic situation. I said No, as I was saving up for my upper OT levels and the loss of my regular bonus would throw a spanner in the works, of course, I didn't tell her this. But I did agree to do my C/S training. When I'd completed the training I then did my C/S internship under Martin. On the day I finished, the CO wanted me to take over from Martin because Martin had been ordered to route out to handle his scene. But he didn't want to do it and didn't want to take over. Then an order came down from whom, I don't know, and Martin left and left me with the C/S hat. I was on tenderhooks throughout the first week or so, even though I had Jan Hill as Snr C/S in the CLO, The nicest surprise I got was that the Lead C/S got the same bonus as a power auditor, whether completions were up or down. I was also able to continue with my cleaning job. I was putting money aside for my upper OT levels, but the "Solution to Inflation" was beating me, even though I had several thousand dollars saved. Martin, BTW, subsequently joined AOSH ANZO.

Then at a Sea Org event designed to recruit new SO members, Snr C/S Jan Hill and CO CLO Cmdr Phyl Stevens, in a clever manouever ambushed me. I had been avoiding them when they were together but I was chatting with each when they were separated. Then they got me together, I was chatting with Phyl unfortunately by the table where the contracts were. And Jan suddenly appeared. Anyway, I agreed that one day I might join the SO, and they had me sign a contract as a postulate and the gave it to me, much to my relief.

It wasn't long after this, that I decided I had enough funds to handle fares and accommodation to do to OT3 at AOLA. To facilitate this I started training Tia Merck as a replacement for me. Before she had completed her training, I think she was on her C/S internship, the CO came and told me that she had a telex from Snr C/S Int requesting that I join his team in Qual Gold. I insisted on seeing it and it was a general request for technical staff for Qual Gold. Once again, I was too smart for my own good and said, "When Snr C/S Int asks me by name, then I would have to go." Yes, you've got it, the next day that telex arrived.

I was given two days to see my family and dispose of most of my belongings, and told that I could take only one suitcase, the other was to be used to carry documents plus my folders. It hurt to get rid of my records and tapes and some of my books, but so be it. My first port of call, was to be CMO PAC, and fortunately having been in LA for my HRD training, I knew what to expect. Or thought I did.

I was berthed in a room with twelve double bunks crammed into it, however I "knew" it was temporary. I was told they, CMO PAC, were waiting for me to be "cleared" to go "up-lines", whereever that was. At one point, I did over-hear some say Gilman Hot Springs and I found it in a street directory. So I became a Messenger's messenger or gofor. Matt Henderson seemed to be the one in charge with the CO and his deputy away somewhere. I was "operating" out of their main office, together with two others, Ted Cormier and his wife Candice and you couldn't meet a nicer couple. Ted was a Class XII auditor and had been working at ASI, I think. Ted had cancer and was on his way to Flag for handling and passed away a few months later, he had a wonderful sense of humour.

One of my early jobs was to take a case of confidential folders to some called Nick Azneran who was the RPF I/C. It was explained to me what the RPF was and when I saw the conditions they worked under, and I didn't see the worse of it at all, I decide that I would never ever go into the RPF under any circumstances.

Then I had one of those strange experiences. I was asked if I would C/S a Sec Check and I was assured that even though the PC was OT, it would be a temporary folder there would not be any OT material in it. I agreed to do it. The auditor was Ray somebody and the person acting as the DTS was black and called Jessie. I do remember that the auditor had "Fly a rud if no F/N" which I changed to "Fly all ruds" with the comment that as it was a sec check, then all ruds should be flown. There was more than one session of the first day, and at the end of which, Matt asked me what was it like to C/S for Snr C/S Int. I told him I was C/Sing some one called Ray, not David Mayo. It was then that Matt told that Ray Mithoff was the new Snr C/S Int.

Eventually, I was told that I wasn't going to Int and instead I was off to Flag. When I asked why, I was told I was being used as a "coin" to replace a C/S in Flag to replace a C/S in AOLA who is going to Gold. I was getting a very thorough "education".

I arrived at Flag only to find that there a huge inflow of recruits from around the world. I was provided with accommodation in the Fort Harrison Hotel in a small room with three double bunks, which was not big enough for a double bed, and a small shower and toilet. At that time Flag consisted of the FSO, which was the delivery org, the Flag Land Base Org, which was the estates org providing catering, accommodation etc, the International Training School, which also provided staff training and auditing, and the CMO FLB. The ITS was located on the top floor, or ballroom, of the Hotel. The ITS Qual was above the ballroom on a mezzanine level with fantastic views over the Clearwater bay.

The Snr C/S FLB was David Ziff (of Ziff publishing fame), who replaced Ray Mithoff, when Ray was appointed as Snr C/S Int. I met also the NOTs C/S, I was to replace, Barbara Tompkins. I told David about my background and he advised me that I could not audit nor C/S at Flag without redoing all my internships. That went down like a lead balloon for me, and I simply told him that if that's the case then I'm going back home. Then like an idiot, I added that if it was the FSO, then I would consider it. David had me wait outside his office while he found out what to do with me.

While I was waiting outside the C/S office, Snr C/S Int, Ray Mithoff, was apparently coming to see how his replacement was getting on (or perhaps to check how the replacement cycle was going or perhaps David called him about the problem). I had a friendly chat with him, and then he went in. After a while he left and we said goodbye. About 10 minutes later a person came up to and said the the Snr C/S FSO Cmdr Jeff Walker would like to see me and escorted me there. Jeff asked me to come with him and we went down to the Case Cracking Unit and he introduced me to the DofP, Charlie Bills, and said, "This is David Graham, he is your new auditor, get him a PC and get him into session, now." He turned to me and said goodbye and was gone. I was thinking, "Right, here I am in the FSO, auditing a PC and not having to redo my internships." So I thought.

In retrospect, I think what happened is that when Ray Mithoff left David Ziff's office, he went to see Jeff Walker and told him that outside Ziff's Office waiting to go back to Australia, is an experienced C/S from Sydney Day Org and that he did indicate that he would be willing to consider the FSO. It is interesting that shortly after this, ITS was moved to LA and became part of the ITO, International Training Org.

All my clothes were navy blue except my boots. This included trousers, shirts, socks, jackets, coats, underwear, and even towels. The lot. During my first week auditing, one of my PCs asked what was it like in the RPF. I told her I had no idea. She asked me why was I always in navy blue, and I told her my whole wardrobe was navy blue. In "flying her ruds", an auditing action to handle any upsets, I found out she was embarrassed because she thought I was in the RPF, as the RPF traditionally wore blue. I told Charlie, the DofP, I need a couple of hours off to go and buy two white shirts. He was horrified at the possible loss of Well Done Auditing Hours, his stat, and told me that the FSO did issue them and he would get me a couple. After the next session, the shirts were waiting for me.

One was really too small, was crumpled and smelt of sweat, and the other was slightly large, torn under the arm on one sleeve and had a bad coffee stain on the front of it! I was annoyed particularly when he said that that was all they had. My response was that I was off to get some shirts and asked where was the nearest store and how far away. He took my money and send someone off to buy them for me. They were slightly large but otherwise quite decent. I demanded reimbursement, Charlie said he would handle it, but nothing happened. In fact, I became so busy, I forgot about it.

I had been auditing for about two or three weeks, getting mainly Very Well Done's (flubless auditing with PC VGIs at examiner), when Snr C/S, Jeff Walker, walked into the admin area where auditors write up their sessions, and brought the DofP over to me. He then asked me how the internship was going. I said, "What internship?" Well, he thumped the table and said that it was off-policy and out-tech for me to be auditing in the FSO, without being on or having completed a Flag internship. So Charlie had to rush me down to the Intern supervisor, John Danelovich, who accepted me (no invoice or anything), and rushed me back to the HGC and into session. The following morning I caught up on my high crimes (word cleared and checked out on recent HCOBs) and started getting checked out on my e-meter drills. It was Thursday and my PC had about an hour to go to complete an intensive (12 1/2 hours of auditing) which was part of the Captain's Stat and he needed this intensive to be up-stat.

By lunch time I was ready to do the Dating Drill. There was no lunch for me. At this point I was not "OT", and my coach was. Standing behind me, were the Intern Supervisor, the Captain, his messenger, the Ist Mate, the DofP, and the Tech Sec. As you can imagine my coach's needle started getting dirty, and I couldn't clean it as he was "OT". The sweat was pouring off my forehead and down my back. Fortunately I was sufficiently alert to see an unusual instant jerk in his needle and as his needle got dirtier, I could still see it. Finally, when I called the date with enough time to go into session to get the intensive, and the coach showed the date written on a piece of paper, all the buggars cheered and the coach's needle cleaned up nicely to an F/N, when I called the F/N, it really started to float. I was then literally dragged down and thrown into session to get the intensive, which I did. I was exhausted then, as I am now in reliving it.

My Dream passage through the ranks of the CofS, hit a few rough spots as a Flag C/S. Snr C/S Jeff Walker, wanted me on post as a C/S as soon as possible, all the case cracking C/Sing was carried out by Lead C/S Mark Elsner with the overflow going to Jeff. Mark, BTW, was the perfect role model for a C/S. So two C/Ses were needed urgently. Jeff took over checking my videos and had me on post within the week, much to the displeasure of Charlie, the DofP, because of his loss of auditing hours.

BTW IMHO, it should be pointed out that the standard of tech delivery at the FSO was no better than that at any of the major outer orgs. I base this on my experience as a Flag C/S, as a Cont. Snr C/S and as a Lead C/S in Sydney.

Within the first couple of weeks as C/S, I got my first red tag, a PC didn't F/N at exams. I was called up to the Snr C/S's office and was reamed out like you wouldn't believe. Fortunately, I had been reamed out like that once before in Sydney by the Assistant Guardian and I learnt that you don't resist it and make a ridge, you let it go by. Jeff then said, "What are you doing?" I honestly said, "Nothing." But I must admit that I was holding my position by holding onto the top corners of his office. For a while Jeff kept insisting with me denying it which probably gave him the ridge he expected. Cheryl Weigand(?) the D/Snr C/S for NOTs who was in the same office, had a bit of a stunned look on her face as I walked out.

When I walked back into the C/S office, Mark, the Lead C/S, saw my pale face, smiled and said, "Jeff models himself on LRH as he was on the ship." I just nodded. Red tags are the stat of the Snr C/S, and as I was to find out one day, you feel more effect rather than cause over it. In time, I did have a few more reaming outs and quickly got used to it using my "special handling".

As we approached my first Sea Org Day, we were given the opportunity to submit forms for rank promotion, which are reviewed by an officer council. I filled in a form (in Australia we fill in forms whereas in the US they fill out forms) and decided I should be at least a "midshipman" as they and those above, received table service. My request was ignored and I was made a Petty Officer class 3, which is the very bottom. I was insulted until I was told everyone starts at the bottom except class VIII auditors who start at Chief Petty Officer. In protest, I decided not to wear any rank until I reached midshipman.:mad: I did become a bit of an expert filling in/out promotion forms and was handling 20+ each year.

I had been at Flag for a couple of years and had fully settled in and had become very much part of the team. In the C/S office we had worked out a routine where we each had a liberty (a day off) once a month. My Green Card had come through, I had purchased a VW Kombi campervan and gotten my driver's licence/license. I had this little card in my pocked and would look at it many times each day particularly in the loo. Written on it was

E 1 2 3

These were my goals. The first line was "Eligibility (OT) OT1 OT2 OT3". The second line was simply "Green Card", and the third line was "Van Driving Licence".

It was at this that I had a pleasant surprise, a team had come from Sydney for NOTs training for AOSH ANZO and Sydney Org. Peter Sparshott was to become a NOTs C/S, Harry Bloombery a NOTs Auditor. I don't recall why Lyn Greenslade, Lead C/S and Carmel Underwood were there. Harry offered to do my OT Eligibility which took one session, and after I'd completed OT3, he did my OT DRD, OT4.

I think it was my third Auditors' Day at Flag. I was C/Sing for one of those auditor/PC combinations which wasn't going well, not well at all. I wanted to re-assign the PC and have the auditor retread his TRs and E-meter drills. The DofP protested and the Lead C/S over-ruled me after we had a discussion and I foolishly went along with it. The auditor did his cramming and then double red tagged the PC. This was the week preceding Auditors Day. Snr C/S, Jeff Walker was absolutely furious with me because the double red tag crashed his stat heavily. He removed me from post and assigned me the job of scrubbing toilets and I was doing this for about a week. So you could say I was in the sh*t on that Auditors Day.

I was beginning to think my tech days were over and perhaps it was time for me to move on. I had fulfilled the goals I had on my card. I had also started on my NOTs auditor course and had fully read the pack. Then the Snr C/S's page came and got me and Jeff posted me as Student C/S as he had been doing it himself and was getting overloaded.

Things looked much brighter and I added EC on my card after DL. I had decided that I would like to drive up the coast to New England as a long overdue vacation. Yes I know, one doesn't get vacations in the SO, but my card had been good to me.

Being a student C/S was a dream and I had a 16 week run of 100% F/N VGIs which so impressed Snr C/S Jeff Walker, that when Snr C/S Int was visiting, he was shown my graph by Jeff Walker. A few days later, I had my first red tag, a co-audit student from Orange County. I will remember his name well. Shortly after that Jeff Walker replaced Ray Mithoff as Snr C/S Int, who was promoted to Inspector General Tech.

For an undate for Flag C/Ses: Mark Elsner who was Lead C/S when I arrived, took leave to handle a family problem, he was replaced briefy by Caroline Webb Class XII who became D/Snr C/S and was replace by Alain Kartuzinski Class XII who was replaced by Anne Glushakow, when he joined RTC and was stationed at Flag.

It wasn't long after this, that the powers that be, decided that I would make a good continental Snr C/S to replace Hara O'Hare in NY. I was very reluctant to agree and eventually agreed when they agreed that (1) I would remain on FSO staff and would continue to be paid by them, and (2) that I would not assume the temporary post until someone was sent to Flag to train as a C/S to replace me. Cunningly I got this in writing.

We, two missionaires and I, arrived at Newark Airport after dark, We took a bus to the Port Authority bus terminal, when we reached the Hudson River, the view of Manhattan at night is totally spectacular. We arrived at the CLO which was on the top floor of the New York Org building, which if I remember correctly, was just down from Times Square in 46th Street. This area was shared between the CLO and CMO. And there I met the CLO staff. After that I was taken down to the berthing, a dilapidated building in, I think, 48th Street. About 6 to 12 months after I left NY, I believe Miscavige visited it and ordered the RPF from PAC? INT? or whatever, to fully renovate the building and house the CLO and berthing in the building. My room had a bed, dresser, hanging space, and a basin in which only the hot water worked. There was only one shower working and we had to queue up in the hallway to use it.

The following morning I arrived at the Org and shown where the dining room was. By this time I was a warrant officer, which was above midshipman, so I was give a seat at the officer's table which was on the stage of a small auditorium serving as the dining room. At last I was receiving table service. Ah! such luxuries. And the food was very good.

I then went up to the Snr C/S office. The upper floors of the building, were U shaped with the CMO at the end of the right hand arm and the Snr C/S office at the end of the other. There were all these little bits of paper on the desk which were telexes cut into individual messages. I had a briefing from Hara and given a hat write up which I looked through, and then I started puzzling over these telexes. The missionaires and Hara disappeared and in fact were on their way to Int. I was furious (and impotent) because the deal was that I wouldn't take over until a replacement was found. However, I did have the deal in writing on RTC letterhead, and the other items were well and truly under my control. As there was SFA I could do about it, I settled down to sort out some 50 or so, telexes by trying to match them.

I was getting nowhere and was about to go out and see I could get myself a coffee, when a messenger walked in and said Hello. I don't recall her name, it was something like Janine, but then again, maybe not. She was tall slim attractive with short dark hair. She was friendly but I sensed a no nonsense disposition. We talked about things generally and then she asked me what I was doing with all the telexes laid out on my desk. After I told her, she asked for my waste paper bin and then proceeded to put all the telexes into it. In response, I said, "So that's how one handles telexes," feeling much relieved. Her response was, "No. That's how I handle these telexes. In future, you have to answer them."

Before I continue with my Cont Snr C/S EUS episode, there was one other notable incident towards the end of my time in the FSO. You may recall how I spent Auditors Day 1985, cleaning toilets. I was, in fact, re-posted as an auditor. It was after about a month or so, in the "chair" auditing, that Snr C/S decided I should be the student C/S. After my record run of no red tags, I had very few up to Auditors Day 1986. On Auditors Day all Flag C/Ses stand on the auditorium stage and the Snr C/S awards "Flag C/S of the Year" to one of the C/Ses. Being the lowest C/S in pecking order, I was not in the running. But the unbelievable happened he called my name. He had to repeat it, because I wasn't really paying attention. The guy next to me had to nudge me, and I said, "Who? me? Are you sure?" Well that brought the house down. I had done a "Steven Bradbury" (last man standing in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics where the Australian skater won a gold medal because all the other competitors had fallen). All the other C/Ses had multiple red tags in the last couple of weeks or were on retreads. So as unlikely as it could have been, I received the title of "Flag C/S of the Year" for 1986. From toilet cleaner to Flag C/S of the Year, in twelve months!

I think at this point I should make a comment about the "Mecca of Technical Perfection". About four or five of the audittors in the case cracking unit were very good, with probably Peirre Ethier the best. Then there were five or six who were competent but not in the same class. Then there were on average about ten or so, interns. Some of them were experienced outer org auditors at Flag to do their Flag internships to improve their skills. But then there were those who were Flag public who had been required to do Flag auditor training to improve their solo auditing ability, so they too were required to do Flag internships, and did their auditing in the case cracking unit, with limited skills. So even though the DofP did his best to assign PCs requiring expert skills, too frequently the assignments were a disaster and the PCs who were promised the best, just plain didn't get it. So it was a Mecca in the sense that you might find technical perfection, if you were damned lucky. And many weren't!:

Well, back in NY, on my first day in the office, mid afternoon, a bell rang. Someone came and got me and led me to a course room. Yes this CLO had a regular 2 1/2 hours study time five days a week for all staff. The supervisor who I think was the supercargo, the title of the person who ranks with the 1st mate, just below the commanding officer, sat me down and said she was going to work out a study program for me. She said, "now, you've done the products?" I said, "Well, I have done my product clearing as a C/S, and that should be much the same for a Snr C/S." She said, "No. Not that. Your basic Sea Org training on the EPF (Estates Project Force), Product 0, 1, and 2?" I said , "No, what are they?" She looked at me and said, "I don't believe this. You're a warrant officer in the Sea Org, you're posted as a continental Snr C/S, and you haven't done your basic training?" So my first step on my program was to do these, then mission school (we decided on the full hat), and then continue my OEC (Organization Executive Course).

On my second or third day on post, still having trouble answering telexes wanting to know if particular targets have been done on particular programs, of which I had no knowledge, and requesting data concerning situations of which I had no knowledge, and others which made no sense at all, so I decided to visit the local C/Ses in NY Day and NY Fdn. Debbie, C/S NY Day, I had met over lunch when I did my HRD training, so we got on well. She was having a few problems with orders she was receiving from the org's programs chief in the CLO. I explained to her that her orders came from Snr C/S Int's Office through me, and if she had a query on an order she can come and see me or have me come down. She showed me an order, I don't recall the details, I'm afraid, and I wrote out an order instructing her not to follow it. The following morning I got a message that the CO wanted to see me. I wandered around to his office, knocked and went in and said, "Hi Tommy", noticing he looked quite angry. He yelled at me, "Call me sir!" I said, "Do you want Sir Tom or Sir Thomas?" Well, he blew right up. I said, "I'll come back when you've got yourself together." and walked out. As I said, I was a bit of a loose cannon.

I had no idea that he was holding the Programs Chief for NY Day post from above. He made it clear that as far as he was concerned, he was my boss. Then I made it clear to him that my boss was Snr C/S Int, that I report to him and I follow his orders, and that all C/Ses were accountable to me. Eventually we came to an arrangement where by any program step for an org which entails a C/S would be cleared with me. Tommy was Tommy Gustaffasson. He was a very able administrator and certainly looked after his staff well. We were to become very good friends although he could never accept I was FSO staff. I believe Tommy was in Exec Strata and was busted to CO CLO EUS. I did hear that after NY he became CO of Celebrity Center Int. in LA.

The C/S of NY Fdn was Lessel also an able C/S. She was from England and she reminded me of a young Queen Elizabeth when she was a princess. Her partner was Bill Harker and he was interested in becoming my replacement and was off to Flag after we replaced him as an auditor in NY Fdn.

Then came Thursday. In an Org, for the production staff, it all happens before 2.00pm, for the ED, it is directly after 2.00pm, for CLO's it starts about 4.00 pm and for Program Chiefs goes through until 6.00am to 8.00am. As Snr C/S EUS, I would wait for the C/Ses of all the orgs to send me their "battle plans" which are mini programs for the next week to ensure they are upstat for the next week. I would make any changes and telex them back. This never happened in Sydney and it seemed to be a waste of time for the C/Ses. After a couple of months, I would simply look at the various org stats when they came in and simply delete steps from a master program I had worked out and sent that. Eventually the C/Ses stopped wasting time composing their own. Note that we did have IBM PCs with DOS, this was before windows, but there was no internet, we would simple dial the org or they would dial the CLO. So I would type the programs up on a floppy, there was no hard drives, on a second computer and pass it over to the computer being used for transmission. I would be off to bed or rather a coffee by 8.00 to 8.30pm.

Of course, I had to submit a "battle plan" to Snr C/S Int Office each Thursday also. But it became routine once I was on top of my job. My job was to keep red tags to a minimum in the orgs of the EUS "continent". Unfortunately there would be the occasional red tag and I would call for the folder and cram the C/S, as a red tag represented "auditor error, C/S error and program error". In EUS, there were two orgs which had no auditing. They were small orgs but one had two students on an auditor training. Now, the stat of the Snr C/S is the F/N VGIs ratio, which was the "number of exams where the PC was F/N VGIs" over "the total number of PC exams". Where an org had no auditing in a week, it was assumed that it had 100% F/N VGIs as there were no red tags, which seemed fair enough.

The programs chief for this org was pushing the ED of the org for a course completion. So on the Thursday morning, the ED pushed the supervisor to get the auditor and his PC into their first session to get the course completion. However, the auditor and/or PC wasn't ready, and the result was a red tag. This meant that instead of 100% F/N VGIs, the org had 0%. This crashed my stats and also those of Snr C/S Int. Well, I copped a rocket in the form of an "intercontinential ballistic missile with multiple nuclear warheads" from Snr C/S Int Office and they insisted that I get the PC folder to them priority post. I kept it off the org's lines until the red tag was off which was within the 24 hours, and then requested the folder. Unfortunately, the programs chief told the ED that Snr C/S Int had called for the folder which created a panic in the org and it took a couple of weeks to get the auditor back into session. The final outcome, was to assign orgs without any auditing, 0 for the F/N VGIs ratio. Yes, I copped a cramming too.

On a lighter note, I was in NY for about 15 months and my direct senior was on the otherside of the continent on the outskirts of LA. So I had regular liberties and did all the touristy things such going to the top of the Empire State building, downtown NY and the World Trade Centre, Staten Island ferry, Coney Island and the famous board walk in the middle of winter, Central Park, MMA, Bronx Zoo, and all over midtown NY. Most NYers thought I was from New England, that is until Crocodile Dundee premiered in NY. Walking from the Org to the berthing passed a favourite spot for a couple of prostitutes who after a while say "Hi" to me as a local, not a potential customer. I think if you live in NY for a year, you become a NYer. On the otherhand, you could live in a small town and still be a stranger after 20 years.

After I completed my missionaire training, I was anxious to get out to all the orgs. However, as a mission required two missionaires, I either had to borrow someone from the CLO whch would mean a quid pro quo I would have to be available for one of Tommy's mission and Snr C/S Int Office said definitely NOT, or recruit someone which could take 6 months to get the person trained. I was talking to Diane, the Supercargo, about my dilemma and she told me that the Finance people regularly go out on "one man" missions. I had a chat with them and they showed me a issue which said a second missionaire was not necessary for an observation mission. Aha! I said.

So I became a missionaire! I also fulfilled my goal to tour the east of the United States. I did 35 missions in all, one of which was done with a second missionaire. Of the 34 I did on my own, 32 of them were assigned a condition of normal or above. I must admit that the method of assignment of a condition to a mission, of taking the Org's condition two weeks after the mission, is a rather questionable indicator. Oh! and BTW, after a mission, the missionaires are required to get a sec check, but in NY not only were there no OT3 auditors, but I had been exposed to NOTs without having a NOTs C/S 1, which is the introductory NOTs session covering what NOTs is and how to fly NOTs rudiments. I really don't think I could have handled a sec check repeated 34 times.

After honing in over the first two missions, the pattern was exactly the same but modified slightly on second and third missions to the same org. An org was charged $500 for a mission plus my expenses. The mission consisted my doing a "What is a course" checklist and a C/S Series 54(?) checklist and writing two programs addressing what was found, Also I addressed to staff and gave them two 1 hour briefings, one on the Grade Chart and the other on the Reg Lost Line. The mission last two days, I would arrive mid-morning and leave mid-afternoon on the second day. In almost all cases, the mission was on Monday and Tuesday. On my second mission, I found that the org would be unable to find the $500, and it occurred to me that this could be a recurring problem and had to be solved immediately. So my solution was to get together with the reg and ED and find out if they had any good prospects on their lines for auditing, which they had. So I told that I was a former FSO case cracking C/S and that for any public who paid for their intensives, I would program their folders. This was a very successful action in all but one case.

The Finance network in EUS loved my results and the CLO became dependent upon the $500 for expenses including food and wages. Also the orgs seemed to be doing better, or rather I was in demand by program chiefs to do their orgs. Many Orgs I did two and three times and I simply changed the staff briefings. I would arrive unannounced and on my second and third trip, the regs were pleased to see me.

BTW, the one case, was Detroit where thay had trouble getting the money in, in time before my departure. They rang the CLO Finance chief who agreed that the money could come out of the set aside account(?). Subsequently, it would seem that there was some confusion on the line, in that the Finance chief thought I was bringing the money back to them. After I had given the money to Tommy, as was my practice, our Finance team decided I'd conned them out of their money. One of them, her last name was Prince, Jessie's ex-wife, came charging down the hallway and into my office screaming at me. I screamed at her even louder, saying, "Don't ever scream at me, do you understand! Now get out of my office!" Well, she backed away working her way through all the staff who came out to witness. No one had ever heard me scream before or indeed, after. The probem also seemed to go away.

You must forgive me dwelling on my time in EUS, but it was the kind of experience that every sea Org member should have, but unfortunately very few do. Almost all of my missions were fun and many produced funny moments. Not so the one to FCDC, the Founding Church of Washington DC, where I was teamed up with the CLO's most experienced programs chief, Mike Alla. Mike, I believe, was the CO and was removed from post and replaced by Tommy Gustafasson, who had been, so I believe, busted from Exec Strata, but Mike was a nice guy and very able. I had planned to do one of my missions to FCDC and Tommy wanted a CLO mission to go in. I agreed to combine our two missions. As an aside, both Mike and myself had been awarded dirks (knives) for having three successful missions on Sea Org Day a few weeks earlier, so Tommy decided that we should wear our dirks on mission for "effect". The mission was much longer than planned, the repercussions of which, for me was a disaster, otherwise it went OK. Flying back to NY after the mission, I packed my bag very carefully to ensure that the dirk did not show up on the baggage radar, as I did on my flight to Washington DC. We were rushing to get our flight and Mike just threw his stuff into his bag. I went through fine, but Mike didn't and was pulled into security and looked like he was in serious trouble. I went back and as I was able to back up his story, they reluctantly let him go. For some strange reason, the use of dirks on missions was subsequently forbidden.

When I got back, there was a series of urgent telexes from Snr C/S Int Office wanting to know why I was ignoring an urgent telex ... etc...etc. When I responded with the details, I was blasted and ordered to ITO in LA, for an ethics handling and a cramming cycle. I also think Tommy copped a rocket, by the look on his face but he said nothing. At ITO they didn't have a NOTs C/S or auditor, so Snr C/S Int Office agreed to an OW write up instead of a sec check. Also with the cramming, the cramming officer was OT3 not NOTs so couldn't fly my ruds, however, I told him to simply use OT3 tech, which he did but I F/N-ed through them any way. Foolishly, he added more to Snr C/S Int's cram so when I wasn't on my way back to NY on the following day, Snr C/S Int sent him a rocket with, I believe, a retread and a lower condition. I was on a flight within a couple of hours.

The building which housed the Washington DC orgs, had been a girls school and Eleanor Roosevelt had been a student there. After it was sold to the CofS, the alumni would visit once a year, and in this group were mothers and aunts of many of the key power brokers in town. I suggested that they, the org, should make a big deal of it. Did they? I have no idea, but I suspect not.

While Celebrity Center NY did not come under the CLO, the C/S did come under me and accordingly I went on mission there. They were located in a fantastic building in a cross street on the East side of Manhattan, close to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was what we (Australian and British) called a terraced house, which had common walls with the neighbours on each side and no front garden.

However, most of the houses in this street were at least five stories and 25 to 30 feet wide. Inside it was immaculate with a wide sweeping spiral staircase going from level to level, with paintings along their walls. The doors to the rooms of the hallways were panelled, and if I remember correctly, they were double in-wall sliding doors. I was met by the Hostess and taken to the ED's office which was magnificent. The ED and the Hostess were immaculately dressed with great personalities (and between you and me, were very attractive. I can really understand why it was so successful. And the most amazing thing was a mounted plaque donated by Yvonne Gillham. It was from Hubbard for what she did in establishing CCNY. It promoted Yvonne to the rank of Loyal Officer. If you are ever in NY, add it to your itinerary, unless like me, you have been declared, of course.

There were many orgs and many stories. As I sit here, all the memories of the missions come rushing in, but it's time to move on.

When I arrived in NY, the CO CMO was Jon deVries. I only met Jon a couple of times and he was a likeable kind of guy. Then one day he was replaced by Matt Henderson, who I had met in CMO PAC, when I first joined the SO. So I got to know the messengers reasonably well. Then one day, this guy appeared. He was in a new uniform and I sensed he had his attention on me. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught him studying me, so I turned and nodded to him and he quickly looked away. I though it must have been a mission into the CLO, but Tommy said No, he's with the CMO. By the time I caught up with Matt, the guy had gone. Matt told me that the guy, Bruce Bromley, was from Snr C/S Int Office and he was on a mission to observe me. I was flabbergasted that the bugger didn't speak to me. About two weeks later, I returned from one of my missions to find two girls, missionaires, waiting for me. I asked them why were they waiting for me and they told me that they were on a mission to "extract" me and have me trained for the post of Quality Exec Int.

I looked at them for a moment or two, and then said, "I didn't apply for any executive post, and no one has asked me if I was interested in an executive post. And if were asked, I would have said No." Well, this didn't go down too well, not too well at all. So they started selling me on how important the QEI, Quality Executive International, post was in clearing the planet. I pointed out to them that the real clearing occurs in the FSO, that the FSO is the front line. I went on to say that I was FSO staff on loan to EUS until I have trained a replacement to Snr C/S Int's satisfaction. And that I already had someone in training at the FSO who should be completed in about three months and then one to two months to get him operating as a successful Cont Snr C/S to Snr C/S Int's satisfaction, and when that is done I will return to the FSO where my wife was, and continue my incompleted NOTs auditor and C/S training. Off they went to report to their mission control.

The following day I was assigned a condition of confusion which I point blank refused and to get a sec check because my remaining an FSO staff when I had been replaced was off-policy. Of course there was no NOTs sec checker available, so eventually they got approval for me to write up O/Ws. This was getting me down, so I went and had a chat with CO CMO EUS, Matt Henderson. He suggested I go with the flow and once I get to PAC I'll have a better opportunity to get back to Flag, and you can use this mission to get your replacement done. I decided to follow his suggestion.

At the end of the fourth week of the "extraction" mission, Bill my replacement was still a long way from completing. He had finished his C/S courses and was in the middle of his auditor internships. The mission decided that the delay was due my having undisclosed O/Ws.

I came up with a couple and then nothing. The missionaires started screaming at me that I still had O/Ws, by which time I had had it. So I screamed back at them, that it was their mission which was bogged which means that they had O/Ws, and to start writing, and left the office. The FSO does not, or at least then, did not allow an intern completion until the Snr C/S is totally satisfied. After my outburst, I saw little of the missionaires.

Eventually Bill completed his C/S internship and returned to NY. He looked great! The missionaires appeared on the scene looking happy and determined. They wanted me out in five days. I said, "No way. He is going to be fully hatted and grooved in on the post and when Snr C/S Int was satisfied, then and only then, will I be leaving." By the looks on their faces, I could see that I was going to have problems again. So I decided I would telex the full scene to Snr C/S Int. The telex operator was ordered not to send the telex by the missionaires through the CO. When I heard this, I went around to the CMO and asked the CO, Matt, if he could send my telex. He said he will do better than that, because he can send it direct the Snr C/S Int, himself. I didn't know that the Snr C/S Int was part of CMOInt.

The effect was dramatic, the mission I/C was in tears and the mission second looked totally caved in, and told me that when I was totally satisfied that Bill was ready, then I have Snr C/S Int's OK to leave. It took about three weeks. I think I heard something to the effect that some six months after I left NY, Cont Snr C/Ses were taken out of CLOs and placed in the Cont Class IV Org in each continent.

In the informal Inter-CLO Competition, EUS was known as the "eagles". At the staff meeting the evening before I left for PAC, I was presented with a bronze eagle by Tommy as farewell gift and it "kinda choked me" a bit. It was a beautiful ornament, and I knew that I would miss the team in NY. I gathered that a few months after I left, Miscavige visited NY and as a result an RPF team was fired to NY to renovate the berthing building and relocate the CLO offices there with a Sea Org flag and the American flag on flag poles above the main entrance.

So, off I flew into the sunset and a new adventure.

When I landed at LAX and collected my luggage the bag was damaged with stuff in a basket. The Airline had me check for anything missing but it all seemed to be there. It was about a month later that I realized my gold-plated scientology cross was missing and then to my horror, I realized my eagle was missing. Obviously someone had used a metal detector, got a gold reading as well as a large metal reading, the poor buggars were probably very excited. Me, I was furious and felt totally impotent about the whole thing.

In PAC, I met Martha who was ED Int's secretary in the first floor of the eastern wing of the main building. Exec Strata was meant to have moved in but never did. However, the program chiefs were there as well as the SO 1 line. I was berthed in the Exec Strata male berthing on the fifth floor. Then I was "routed onto" the OEC/FEBC program in the ITO.

There were a lot of outer org staff on the OEC/FEBC as a result of some kind of program in WUS Continent. Part of the OEC checksheet required us to visit a Class IV org, and a group of us elected to go to Santa Barbara. My impressions? Quite "up-stat", the building was previously a hotel, JT was auditing his dad there as part of his course but he wasn't there that day, Santa Barbara was running out of water and some wag had a good business spraying dead grass green, the local council were giving the homeless $100 and bus-ing them to Florida. And where have I seen this before, maybe this was Miscavige's source!

The only other incident during the course, was Auditors Day. The powers that be, decided that I should go to Int and be awarded a dirk, yes another one, for my mission successes. So I had to stand outside in the lane by the CMO PAC building in the dark and wait for the bus to travel to Gilman Hot Springs. It was a dark moonless night (No, I'm not being dramatic. It is important.) and we arrived quite late. When we arrived I was taken along a path barely visible in the starlight to the Exec Strata male berthing. I had the impression of these enormous mountains on the other side of the road. Amazing, the effect of starlight.

When I got to the berthing, I couldn't believe it. In a twelve foot by twelve foot room, a typical bedroom, there were four triple bunks. Yes! 12 men with all their belongings were in this room. I got the last bunk which was on the top, near the door. But there is more! There was a second room also with four triple bunks! That is 24 people with about a square yard each, sharing one bathroom. Showers were limited to one minute each and even then, the last usually had a cold shower. Fortunately, I was a early riser. Now, I appreciate that this was not uncommon in the RPF and some orgs, these were our top executives, many were commanders! Of course, there was promise of new berthing and in-town berthing, but not in my time.

The next morning on my way for breakfast, I realized the "mountains" I saw, were just steep hills right against the road, and then as I came over the crest of a slight hill, I saw the masts complete with what looked like full rigging, of a full-size clipper ship, right here in the middle of a desert. After the ceremony and Starkey gave me my dirk, which was a cheap scout knife which rusted very quickly, there was a barbeque around and swimming in the pool at the base of the masts. I think the reason why I was rushed up to Int because there was only one other to receive a dirk. And BTW, I was probably the only SO member to arrive at Int without his/her Int clearances, and I never did get them.

My executive training program was OEC/FEBC and the DSEC, the Data Series Evaluator Course. However, before I started the DSEC, I received instructions from ED Int to immediately report to post and not do the DSEC at this time. By this time, I had received my new uniforms and a large trunk. So I had this trunk, a large suitcase, a garment bag a brief case and an e-meter and case, and I had to drag all this stuff to the bus pick up point on my own. When I got to Int I had the same bed and somehow squeezed my bags and trunk into the room. I was fortunate to have a top bunk as those on the bottom, were enclosed in tombs made out of the trunks.

After breakfast, I followed the others and joined them in a parade where we all stood in line for a briefing, as I was to shortly find out, there wasn't a space in the offices big enough for a staff meeting. At the parade, I discovered that there was an CMOI mission into Exec Strata, and of course, getting me on post was one of the targets and hence the cancellation of my DSEC training. After the parade, I was taken into the offices, where Exec Strata was on the first (ground) floor together with the Snr C/S Int Office, and CMOI was upstairs, and all shared a common reception. Each Int Exec had a small desk (3' x 4') with a computer taking up most of the space, and the Int Execs and ancillary staff, were squeezed into three small rooms. BTW, Snr C/S Int and his staff were administratively in CMOI, but reported directly to IG Tech, Ray Mithoff.

I was interviewed by ED Int, Gueilleme Leserve, and told that all Exec Ints had to pass a test designed by Hubbard, before they could go onto post. QEI's test was to go into Qual Gold, and get it's stats up within a week. Qual Gold did all the training, auditing and correction of all staff at Gold/Int which included RTC, CMOInt, Exec Strata, and Gold. I spent a couple of days doing an inspection of the different areas of Qual Gold, which annoyed the mission I/C. He was a big guy but I do not recall his name. The supervision and word clearing in the course room seemed fine but the course room was a bit of a disaster, auditing has stopped because incomplete auditor correction, and there was a backlog in cramming. I didn't review the C/Sing, as the Snr C/S Gold came directly under Snr C/S Int, but I did look into the auditor cramming cycles, whch was a very fine line. BTW, I did go and see Snr C/S Int, Jeff Walker, who insisted I call him, "Jeff" and not "sir". The first few times I would say, "Sir, ummm, Jeff," and I would simle because it remined me of that time with Tommy in EUS.

BTW, CMO is Commodore Messenger Org and originally trained by Hubbard to deliver a message to a recipient duplicating Hubbard precisely, thus they were to be treated as if Hubbard himself was being addressed.

It was pretty straight forward to get the cramming line unbugged by doing some myself and getting the auditors into session with their PCs. I think my interest in the welfare of the auditors and cramming officers, I think there was two of each but I'm not sure now, helped a lot. That night, I had the staff stay back for a couple of hours and we re-organized the layout of the course room to keep drilling away from study and the clay table setup in between the two. Finally we de-kludged the lobby area which was being used as an office making it spaceous and attractive with some potted shrubs. The following morning at study time I was sitting on a desk at the back of the lobby watching the faces of the arrival of our students. Most had a pleasantly surprised look. Miscavige surrounded by his "giant" IGs, had a wooden look on his face. I waited until after the course had started and then slipped in to courseroom and there was a real hum about it, a much improved atmosphere. A couple of times I stepped in to help with the supervising, so that no one was kept waiting. This was Monday and by Thursday, all stats were well and truly up.

Before I had an opportunity to write up a CSW to Miscavige to be posted as QEI, I was fired off to AOSHUK for Auditors Day to deliver the Auditors Day Speech. There was a small panic to get my commander stripes onto the sleeves of my jacket and I was rushed to LAX for a Delta flight to Gatwick airport in London. I had my jacket and cap in my suit bag and was wearing my commander epaulets on my shoulders. I had very good service on the flight and I thought it must have been my charm. When we landed at Gatwick, I got my bag and showed my passport and my Green Card. He ignored my passport and peered at my Green Card, and then waved me straight through Customs to the street. I was surprised but delighted. I was putting my folder which contained my Green Card, away, I noticed that my IAS card, International Association of Scientologists, was above it and it had an image of the world on it. And then I got it! He knew I was a pilot and he was looking at the IAS card to determine what airline I flew. And the others were convinced I was a pilot too. As a coincidence, I had been trained as a pilot when I did my national Service training in the Air Force in the early '50s. How to get special service, wear commander stripes on your shoulders.

I was met by the Universe Corps recruitment mission and they looked after me while I was there and took to an upmarket motel. This was luxury after my berthing as a "battery hen". Ahhh, yess... I had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Most Americans would never know the shear delight of this. I met the CO, taken on a tour of the Manor which has become a sort of shrine with everything where Hubbard had left it including all his clothes. Then we went over to the auditorium where the event was to take place. This was in the "castle".

The event went fine as scientology events went. And after the formal part of the event, I met some old friends and made some new ones. But towards the end of the evening, the CO came over to me and apologized to me for the poor sales on the night. Apparently, that was my stat. I thought "OMG!", and decided to use the successful action I had used when on mission in EUS of "QEI who is a Flag trained Case Cracking C/S, will program your folder for you, if you purchase a intensive while he is here". To do it, I extended my stay an extra day and telexed ED Int informing him of it. The action worked out well and I gathered they had among the best of the results.

On the flight home, I again wore my commander epaulets and again had some interesting moments. We flew over the southern part of Greenland and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and from our height the icebergs looked like grains of sugar, and a passenger, a lady, asked me, "Captain, in all your flying, have ever seen anything like that before?" I truthly responded No I hadn't. Our port of entry was Cincinati and as I was going through immigration, the clerk didn't know whether he should stamp my passport and so asked me. I, of course, said No, and again, I was waved through Customs also. Very Interesting!

When I got back to Int, ED Int blasted me but was slightly, very slightly, mollified when I told him about the results we got. I think he may have gotten the idea that I was a bit of a loose cannon. So be it! The problem was that I was to be fired as part of one of three missions, into the FSO and I delayed the firing of them.

This was a massive operation. It was like a scientology "D-Day". The main mission had the Deputy CO CMOInt as its I/C and who was also the overall I/C, I don't recall his name, and under him, was a team of four, if I recall correctly, nor do I recall what their objectives were. In fact, I don't think I was briefed on them, because I was to receive a nasty shock when we arrived at the FSO and the staff was being briefed. The I/C of the second mission was Snr C/S Int, Jeff Walker, and with one other missionaire had the objective to find and handle out-tech on FSO C/S lines, particularly the Snr C/S FSO and the deputy Snr C/Ses. The third mission, of which I was I/C, had one other missionaire with the objective of handling the Internship and cramming lines with respect to a Snr C/S Int program on getting all auditors to have videos passed by Snr C/S Int, and at that point, none had been passed.

On that fateful morning, the FSO was lined up in divisions and departments with the division and depart heads at the front and in front of them, were the executives. The missions were facing them. As his very first action, the Deputy CO CMOInt called out Bruce Caldwell to the front and then read out an Ethics Order. Let me point out here, that Bruce was a friend of mine, he was an auditor in the Case Cracking Unit, we did co-audit for a while, and we introduced together an FSO guard of honor with a special drill using naval swords, which was copied by Int. The ethics order said that Bruce Caldwell was guilty of inciting a mutiny by encouraging married couples to have children contrary to an existing Flag Order. Fact: About a year earlier Bruce had gotten remarried and they wanted to have a child, and he made a joke to a "friend" that maybe all who wanted to have children should do so, as they couldn't ship everybody out. Well, my jaw must have hit the floor, I couldn't believe it, and felt totally impotent about it. I believe they went to South Africa as she was South African.

Now, if I remember correctly, Caroline Webb Class XII C/S was Deputy Snr C/S FSO for the Case Cracking Unit and was my senior. When Jeff Walker took up the post of Snr C/S Int, Caroline held the Snr C/S FSO post for him. Now she was back as D/SNR C/S FSO, and when I saw her, said said, " You called me Sir, and now I call you Sir." And I said, "Why don't we stick with Caroline and David?" We didn't talk about the Bruce Caldwell incident, but I sensed she knew it affected me.

It was about my third day, that I got my first product of a pass by Snr C/S Int, of one of the auditors and both he and I were elated, as I had debugged the video program. The following day, a Sunday, I had two more videos ready to be viewed by Snr C/S Int, when the bombshell hit me. I was handed a telex from the overall I/C, the D/CO CMOInt, which had come from mission control, recalling me because of a failed mission! I sent a query, but no response and so I had no choice but to return to Int.

When I got back to Int, I found out that the D/CO CMOInt had reported that I was depressed about how the mission was going, which was obviously a lie. A Com Ev (Committee of Evidence or Kangaroo Court ) was called on me. Charges were a failed mission, a failure to handle Snr C/S Gold as he did a very poor job as the speaker at the Gold base Auditors Day event, and adopting an off-policy action at Saint Hill. The Chairman of my Comm Ev was the Services Exec Int, Linda Stanton. A Comm Ev is NOT a court, with a Comm Ev you are guilty and it is a matter of finding out how guilty. Of course, the mission was not a failure, the Snr C/S Gold comes directly under Snr C/S Int, and no one could show me what policy was violated. Nonetheless, I was found guilty and my penalty was to do conditions.

Also, Miscavige rejected my CSW to be posted as QEI on the grounds that I didn't handle the Snr C/S Gold. Everyone other than Miscavige were stunned. Eventually Greg Wilhere was to convince Miscavige and get me posted as Deputy QEI. BTW, Miscavige sent IG Tech into Qual Gold to fix up where I had "failed". And what did Ray Mithoff do? He had Gold make up and instal signs over the drilling area of the courseroom, over the clay table, over the study area, and over the word clearers. Of course, there was nothing else to do. But I do acknowledge Ray for being clever enough to come up with a something, but then again, to have not to, could have been a disaster for him.

It took a week or so, before I became D/QEI. During this time, I was assigned to assist in the courseroom as a wordclearer, also I did some auditing until it was decided that my Flag internships, did not qualify me to audit at Int! Even though the only Class XIIs were Snr C/S Int and IG Tech who were not part of Gold Qual. As soon as my posting came through, I assumed the duties of QEI while being held as exchange for my replacement. I spent the next few days doing their computer courses, and then I got my little desk with a computer on it next to the door, outside ED Int's office with three others. I had become familiar with a PC, personal computer, in NY so that the Incomm (Scientology's computer system in LA) keyboard wasn't a problem even with its additional special keypad.

For those interested:The programs used were written in Pascal and probably still are, as I can't imagine that any down time would be acceptable to rewrite the programs in C and load them. Using C+ or any other object-oriented language would have been totally out of the question at least on the main programs such as their communications program called Merc short for mercury and their data base called SIR short for Source Information Retrival which contained all HCOBs, PABs, HCOPLs, R advices, and so on.

I was required to continue writing a program started by ED Int, for all Qualification Divisions Internationally. Unfortunately, I didn't do the Data Series Evaluator's Course, as I mentioned earlier, however, as part of my OEC course there was a simple exercise in data evaluation. There was no briefing from ED Int, there was no information as to what the situation was, there was no why. As issuing the program was an overdue target, there was no time for any observation by myself or others. With a lot of help from Jens Uhrskov, Deputy ED Int, and a heavy reliance on my impressions from my missions in EUS, we managed to put together a workable program.

The routine of getting a program approved by CMO Int was something else again. It took many minor adjustments until the layout conformed precisely which took a number of printings then only then, was it printed on a laser printer. Then tabs were added, which had to be precisely lined up, then it was bound, and then and only then, was it presented to CMOInt for approval. This whole action took almost a full day.

Lesser programs were called Sit-Why-Handlings. The post of QEI was simply writing programs and sit-why-handlings, as well as programs to collect data. Yet they, the powers that be, denied me the DSEC course.

I would like to make some observations about Int/Gold/Gilman Hot Springs. I'LL bet you didn't know that Gilman Hot Springs is formally known as Massacre Canyon. Not inappropriate when you think of Flo Barnett and Stacy Moxon and all those still missing. Miscavige has a lot of Karma to handle.

Jens Uhrskov and Monica Quirino were the two stable people in Exec Strata, not only because they had been on post for a long while, but each would go out of their way to help, they wouldn't wait for you to ask. I suspect that all those who were posted in Exec Strata, would consider Jens and Monica as friends. The other Int Execs, on the other hand, I found were just acquaintances even among themselves. Most were harassed, frantic, with a hint of despair. Failure meant Gold!

The social structure at int, was interesting. At the top was Miscavige, below which was RTC, below which was CMOInt, below which was Exec Strata, below which was Gold, below which was Int RPF, below which was Int's RPF's RPF. Gold was what was considered the estates org plus the production of CD's and DVD's. Of course, when I was there, it was tapes and videos. If you were busted from RTC, CMOInt or Exec Strata, you went to Gold for the most part, although some went straight to the RPF. There were many menial tasks in Gold.

A simple explanation of the relationship of the upper three orgs, would be as follows. RTC sends orders through CMOInt to Exec Strata and CMOInt would ensure that they were executed. I had a CMOInt staff member who would be constantly monitoring my activity via MERC (this is the Inncom computer messaging system, I have mentioned before). It was like email except that depending on the priority of the message, there was a fixed time in which it had to be handled. You couldn't use "wilco"s or "I'll get back to you" etc. If you failed to make it, the computer would automatically generate an ethics report and send it to your ethics file. An Exec Int would get dozens of these messages each day, some up to hundreds and would have to stay back late into the early hours of the morning to handle them. Yes, it was insane.

The buck would come down from Miscavige and RTC and stop at Exec Strata, or it would flow up from lower orgs and stop at Exec Strata. The result? Many "Sit-Why-Handlings" were never written. A Sit-Why-Handling could best be describe as: A non-optimal Situation is detected and an analysis of it, is made to determine Why it happened, and then using appropriate HCOPLs and R-Advices, to work out a Handling to correct the situation.

The dining area at Int was previously an inn. While I was there, it was called MCI and it was only relatively recently that I found out that the name of the inn was, you guessed it, Massacre Canyon Inn! The dining area was L-shaped where the long arm was also wider and this contained the tables of Gold staff. At the "bottom" end of this section was a stage which was used for events and base-wide briefings. In front of the stage, were the "smorgasbord" style tables carrying the food for Gold Staff. The kitchen complex was contained in the "white" or upper right of the "L". The "bottom" arm of the "L" which was not as wide, was set up as a cafeteria. At the far end of this arm was a large round table, the "Captains Table", somewhat reminescent of King Arthur and his "dining room". This table received table service and the two stewards had appropriate white jackets with high collars. The rest of the arm of the "L" were five tables which were parallel to the long arm of the "L". These accommodated RTC, CMOInt, and Exec Strata.

At meal times Miscavige would arrive with his IGs, all with military-style cropped haircuts, "Top Gun" had been release not long before, on their motor scooters. They parked them outside at the main window and sauntered in, like a pack of Hells Angels. All at the Captains Table would remain standing until Miscavige was seated. When I first saw it, I couldn't believe it, but I dared not say anything about it.

Renos (renovations) was on every Sunday, if I'm not mistaken. I had a choice of either joining "the boys" in concrete pouring or "the others" removing misletoe from the trees on the golf course. Thinking about the limited showers of a minute each, I joined "the others". Although it was the middle of winter, the temperature on most Sundays was in the 80's and there wasn't much shade with the sparsity of trees. We were using extended loppers with saw blades on the end of them, and made pretty good progress. It was a welcomed change to sitting at small desk in a crowded room looking at a computer screen. While I was doing it, I had a feeling that I would never get to play golf on it.

There were a couple of interesting incidents while I was at Int. The first was while I was doing my inspection of Qual Gold, on probably my second or third day at Int. The outdoor meetings of Exec Strata with the missionaires, was on a grassy area below the Qual Gold and the CMOInt/Exec Strata buildings. On this day I was going to Qual Gold via a path on the road side of the building. And who should I walk into than three old mates, all in the RPF. They were Spike Bush and Paul Crabtree who were my cramming officers in the FSO and Jessie Prince who I met briefly in CMO PAC when I was C/Sing for Ray Mithoff. All three were looking great. I quickly brought them up to date with news from the world and let them go. They were concerned we might become a foursome.

One night most of us got back to our berthing earlier than usual, and one of the guys, Larry Lester, had gotten hold of a shortwave radio. After we had gotten a few stations but no news, I thought I'd try to get Radio Australia. Eventually, I did and it was just before the hour, so we waited excitedly for the news. Then the announcer stated, "Due to a strike in our News Department, there will be no news broadcast tonight."

The first job I had when I graduated from university, was an operations engineer with Sydney's Channel 7 television station in 1958. I was responsible for the technical aspects of live telecasts including drama, and it included lighting, sound and the quality of pictures. In the early 60's, I appointed as a teacher in television production techniques at the North Sydney Technical College. I did not and do not consider myself an expert in lighting and sound, competent maybe.

While at Int I was ordered to do an audition for the role of a mad psychiatrist. This was part of one's duties at Int. They spent a lot of time on make up, but when it came to the shoot (video) there was no director or assistant director just the cameraman making suggestions such as rub your hands together. The result was juvenile, it was badly framed (had my feet cut off and me looking out of the frame) and the lighting was flat, dead flat. I was not selected fortunately. Could you be a mad psychiatrist on a scientology training film? It has been reported that Hubbard had rejected all the shoots he directed so it would seem he had some idea. But it is obvious Miscavige has absolutely no idea.

The idea of going to Int was attractive, to be near the center of power, In reality, it was a dead end, there was no sense of achievement, and many were in fear, even when I was there back in the mid '80s. There seemed to be no way out. Then there was talk about using me as a replacement for a new QEI, I got interested until I found out that they wanted an overseas Cont Snr C/S. I said "No way!" But I could see a major problem looming. Then my guardian angel stepped in once again. AOLA and OC had gone Saint Hill size and LRH'S Birthday was barely a few of weeks away, and the Universe Corps had been decimated, mainly by ITO. There were three class IV auditors and a supervisor. ED int copped a major rocket from Miscavige, and as I was holding QEI from below, it became my problem. I was looking down the barrel to be sent to Gold or the RPF.

My suggestion to Jens was that I be seconded to the Universe Corps but remain D/QEI (so that I was still theoretically a "coin"), then as I had started my NOTs auditor training, I be sent immediately to FSO to complete my NOTs auditor training, then do my NOTs C/S training, and then do my Solo NOTs C/S training. Then I would be able to handle the C/Sing needs of both AOLA and OC Universe Corps teams. For me it was a secret "escape from Int" plan and to complete my NOTs training and get my NOTs. Machiavellian? Of course, I don't deny it. Jens took the idea into ED Int, and ED Int came out and up to me and with a big smile said, "Bon. Go now."

My bags and trunk were packed in no time flat. As we left for PAC in the bus, the sense of relief was amazing, I could imagine being let out of jail would give one a similar feeling of euphoria. FREEDOM!

When I got to PAC, I found the Exec Strata Male Dorm empty and so I picked the best bunk. This was to be my new home for the next two years. Within a couple of hours, I was off again for Flag on the "red eye" flight with Eastern Airlines, a midnight flight for $99 with a four hour stopover in Atlanta. Arriving at Flag was like arriving home. Within a few days I wrapped up my NOTs Auditor course and put straight into my NOTs internship and was auditing in the NOTs HGC. I had barely started my NOTs internship, when I had to fly back to PAC where D/ED Int, Jens, was to brief the Universe Corps teams before we were shipped off on the following day to Flag for the LRH Birthday event. Why did I have to be there? No one knew. But I did get to meet the other members of the Universe Corp, who were for AOLA, Donna Reeve I/C, Dianne Henderson, and Don Breeding, and for OC were Carla Peters I/C, Hugh Peters, Dave Johnson, and Byron Vaughan.

The event went smoothly as far as I know, and on the following day I received a lot of congratulations.

My NOTs internship went smoothly and I managed to get my NOTs C/S 1, which is a PC's first action to groove one in on the basics of NOTs and how to run it. Then I did my NOTs C/S course and onto the internship. In my spare time I audited a couple of the other NOTs C/Ses a couple of sec checks and a repair, it was interesting to note that a couple of them went on to become Class XIIs. After about three weeks, the D/Snr C/S for NOTs decided I could graduate. I believe it could have been earlier, but I was filling for another C/S.

Well, back to LA, and things weren't going too well. The course room for new OT VI, the study of Solo NOTs materials, was nearly ready, but the study materials were not yet available because I hadn't gotten onto Solo NOTs nor had I done the Solo NOTs C/S course. Yet there were a number of staff who had attested new OTV, audited NOTs, particularly their tech staff. I gave them a briefing, but there were some I wasn't able to placate. They weren't getting what was promised. My immediate problem was to get myself through OTVI so that I could get onto Solo NOTs C/S training.

Once again, my guardian angel, god bless her, stepped in yet again. Paul Crabtree appeared, he had heard that I had completed my NOTs training and asked me if I would do his sec check for a leave of absense routing form. Paul was a NOTs cramming officer, and as such was a NOTs auditor. When Vicki Azneran was declared all her auditors and cramming offers had all their certs cancelled and had to retrain from the bottom up. I agreed and then I sent a request to D/ED Int to get permission for Paul to do my NOTs to the required to routed onto Solo NOTs. At that time a NOTs auditor was not required to complete their new OTV before routing onto Solo NOTs and when on it would complete his OTV solo. Of course, I explained why and approval came from Snr C/S Int's office together with approval for him to be assigned to the Universe Corps.

The co-audit went fine, although a bit unbalanced. I finished Paul in about an hour, and I received about an intensive from him, but we were both very happy. Paul routed out for his family leave and had accepted the fact that he would be retraining from the bottom up, however, I suspected that after what he had been through at Int, he wouldn't be returning.

Before I was able to get on my way to Flag to do my Solo NOTs C/S training, CMO IXU wanted me for a mission. CMO IXU was a unit of CMOInt, stationed in PAC with the Flag Command Bureau (FCB) as its area of interest. FCB is/was responsible for all the CLOs, Continental Liasion Office, such as East US, Anzo and so on. They wanted me to hold Craig Wright's post while they sent him on mission to the FSSO, the Freewind, because he had clearance to go on board. In retrospect, it was fortunate that I didn't. Craig was the auditor/cramming officer for Bridge Publications.

Before the Universe Corps teams were despatched, ITO got into the habit of using the Universe Corps as a pool of missionaires and after their missions, would get posted elsewhere in the ITO. After a while, they simply just took them. I said, "No." As this looked like it was going to be a problem, I offered to audit any PCs Craig had, while he was on mission, on one day a week, after I had cleared it with D/ED Int. This delayed my departure to Flag, and as I recall, Barbara Tompkins, Snr C/S AOLA, was furious about it. The irony of it was that one of the PCs, Craig was auditing, was the ED of Pubs, Foster Tompkins, Barbara's husband.

The Craig's mission lasted longer than expected and when he arrived back, he told me that CMO IXU, wanted him for another mission. With D/ED Int's approval, I was on the "red eye" flight to Flag, that night. As soon as I arrived, my very first action was to route onto the Solo NOTs C/S course, then I went to bed for a few hours without advising anyone. When I arrived in the internship courseroom, the supervisor told me that CMO Flag were looking for me. My response was, "I'll bet they were." The CO CMO Flag, Arthur Baxter, was in the Sea Org in Sydney when I was lead C/S there. Anyway, he eventually caught up with me and told me that IXU wanted me for a mission. I gave Arthur the full background and I simply told him that I was there on D/ED INT's orders. As he backed off, I had to smile to myself. Unbeknownst to me, this mission didn't go away, as you will soon find out.

So I did my new OTVI which was the Solo NOTs auditor course, then my Solo NOTs C/S course and then onto my Solo NOTs C/S internship. Initially everything went well. I also did a few Solo NOTs 12 monthly reviews for experience. Then my "second strike" like in baseball three strikes and you're out (this is for non Americans, of course). I was C/Sing a Pre-OT (a PC on OT levels) who had come in for a review. He had done around 120 hours of Solo NOTs auditing and was satisfied he was finished. He had a wide F/N on saying he had no more BTs or Clusters. I C/Sed for an attest and it was rejected by the Lead C/S who was monitoring my C/Sing. When I asked "Why?" I was told that instructions had come down from Snr C/S Int that anyone who had done less than 200 hours was not complete. Talk about evaluation! Source was a photocopy of a C/S which stated this! After the PreOT received the R/factor, he promptly Red Tagged and was eventually allowed to attest.

BTW, my "first strike" was the science fiction part of OTIII, the Xenu part, and the evaluation associated with it. The existence of BTs is real to me but nothing like the number that Hubbard would have you believe.

The Lead C/S and I were talking about my attesting when an urgent message came to me from ED Int's secretary, Martha, to contact her immediately. I was told that I was to fly immediaely to Copenhagen to join Deputy/IG Tech, Hansuli Stali, for their Auditors Day Event. She organized for me to pick up my tickets at Tampa and fly to Miami and then to London and Copenhagen on British Airways.

So I ordered transport to the airport from FLB, Flag Land Base, and went and packed my gear, got back and waited for the Bus. When it was 10 minutes late, I called the transport officer, and he told me that CMO Flag had cancelled my transport. Apparently, CMO IXU had told Arthur Baxter, CO CMO Flag, that as soon as I had completed my training, I was to be held. I was furious. I ordered a cab and then called ED Int's secretary Martha, and informed her. When the cab arrived, the CMO Flag had the cab blocked. By this time, I knew I had missed my flight. Now I was absolutely furious, and the cabbie wasn't happy at all either. Then a messenger came running up and almost collapsing whispered loudly to Baxter, saying CO CMOInt as ordered him to get me to the airport and that I must not miss the flight. I'm sure there was an expansion of the RPF ranks, not that I would wish that on anybody.

I took the cab, even though Baxter was determined to take me there, because I knew if anyone could get me there on time, it would be the cabbie. He did well, but we didn't make it. I was just in time to catch the next flight to Miami but would arrive too late to catch my BA flight out of Miami. I decided to sort it out when I arrived in Miami as I was thinking that maybe I could change airlines out of Miami. When I got to Miami, I had a brand new problem, my BA had been delayed, indefinitely delayed. But at least, I did have a flight out even though it would be late.

When I was checking in for my BA flight to Heathrow, I found out that the delay was due to a computer going down at Heathrow. This was later confirmed by our pilot, that a BA computer at Heathrow had crashed. Finally, we were given a new departure time, and I computed that I could still make my connection to Copenhagen. However, about an hour or so, into the flight, the captain announced that there would be an unscheduled stop at Bermuda and there went my connection!

Bermuda, as I remember it, was a small crescent-shaped island which appeared to be mainly city with wide white beaches. The passengers were allowed to go into the terminal but not beyond. The terminal reminded me of a quaint old-style country railway (railroad) station, and without air-conditioning, it was unbearably hot. Unfortunately, this detour added over an hour to our flight time.

After we landed, the pilot congratulated the passengers for taking part in a successful ground-controlled landing! All the chatting among the passengers that usually happens after a landing, suddenly stopped and there was dead silence for a few moments. After we disembarked, we were put onto a bus to be taken to the main terminal. While I was waiting to go through an incoming security checkpoint, there was a man in an adjacent line who was having his camera checked and in an annoyed voice said loudly, "Careful!" The inspector then immediately opened the camera and pulled the film out and looked into the camera. The man became furious and the inspector then took all of his exposed film containers and opened each one taking the film out and looking into the container. I'm sure there was a message in that. When I got through the checkpoint I went looking for the check-in counter for my flight to Copenhagen. It was a different airline. When I found it, it was closed for the day and would reopen at 6.00am, it was around 10.00pm. Checking, I found two other airlines which serviced Copenhagen, but they too were closed. So I was stuck there for the night but had to be back before 6.00am the following morning.

I was able to talk my way out through immigration to get into the main lobby and eventually found my way to the underground (subway). Checking the timetable, I found that the 1st arrival was after 6.00am which would be very risky because I may not be the only one caught by the computer going down. Also going into London to get a meal was also a risky business, as I would have had about half an hour before the last train to Heathrow. I decided to use a vending machine for something to eat and drink as all the food outlets were closed, only to find they didn't take US currency. So I just sat in a moulded plastic seat and spent the night sleeping fitfully.

I was there first in line, before 6.00am. But unfortunately both flights were booked out with a waiting list. I then went to the other two and had no luck there. BTW, to move between the two different locations for the check-ins, one had to pass through the same security point, and the guards were beginning to look at me intently. So I went back to the check-in of the airline on which, I was originally meant to fly and I explained my dilemma to the girl and she decided to check out on her computer, flights from other airports into Copenhagen. And Bingo! she found a small feeder airline out of Hamburg and it had a vacancy and they had a vacancy to Hamburg. She booked me onto the flights and off I went with minutes to spare.

As I was going through the security point for one last time, I could see the English bobby (cop) watching me, wearing a navy blue commando sweater with the word "police" in white across its front, and holding a sub-machine gun at the ready with his finger on the trigger. Behind him, I could see the tail of an El Al (Israeli) airplane and at that instant two traditionally dressed Arabs passed in front of them. I would have loved a photograph, but I was lucky not to have had a camera, lord knows what could have happened. Anyway I got onto the aircraft and on my way to Hamburg.

At the Hamburg airport, very few understood English, but I eventually found the right line for my flight to Copenhagen. While waiting, I could see a TV with what I think, was the last yacht race of Australia challenging the USA in the America's Cup, and Australia seemed to be behind. The commentary unfortunately was in German. As an aside, a couple a weeks earlier, I was speaking with Ron Norton who was very much into sport, and I mentioned to him that at that time Australia was one up on the America's Cup Challenge and his response was, "What is the America's Cup?" After Australia went on to win the Cup from the USA, the first country ever to do so, all Americans then knew what it was.

When I did my pilot training during my compulsory National Service training, we were flying bi-planes, with two wings one above the other and an open cockpit, well the flight to Copenhagen was on an aircraft of almost the same vintage. It had two piston engines there were single seats on each side of the aisle, as far as I remember and the pilots had to climb two steps to get up to the cockpit. There was a hostess but no refreshments. But it was only a short flight, some 150 or so miles. My first impression was that they had the largest coin in the world and the smallest, which I got in my change after grabbing a snack. And my second impression was the number of cyclists and dedicated cycle ways and the sparsity of cars. I gave the cabbie the address and by mid afternoon, I arrived with a few hours to spare before the event.

We are still in 1988, and this incident is Auditors Day '88.

Hansuli was pleased to see me and somewhat amazed too. He was going to use the AO's Snr C/S to subsitute for me. So I was taken to the auditorium for a final rehearsal, then I had a shower and dressed up and so on. The event went fine and after which we had dinner. They were amused as I recounted my experience getting there. One thing, I hadn't mentioned, was that I first met Hansuli when I was a C/S at Flag and my senior was Alaine Kartuzinski, who was a good friend of Hansuli, and every time Hansuli came to the FSO he would drop into our office for a chat.

On the following day, I wanted to see all the Danish girls maximising their intake of vitamin D in the Tivoli gardens, but unfortunately it was closed for winter. We visited the AO and tackled a few problems, the details of which now escape me. The one thing that intrigue me, was the design of both the AO and the berthing, they were multi-storeyed built around a large courtyard which accommodated parking. The lasting impression I got from scientology in Denmark, was that its atmosphere was very comfortable, very easy going.

Hansuli and I flew out together to Heathrow, and my anecdotes of my experiences as Cont Snr C/S EUS, certainly kept him amused. We flew out on the same flight for JFK, Hansuli in Business Class, he being RTC, and I was in the "cattle" class, being Exec Strata. However, the seat next to Hans was empty, and used his charm to have his stewardess invite me to join him in Business Class. He then had me continue describing my experiences.

This has just reminded me of one that occurred in the early days of the Universe Corps. After I had finished my NOTs auditor and C/S training and was back on post in the Universe Corps in LA, one of our recruits, whose name escapes me at the moment, had been ripped off by ITO and done a series of missions. After his last mission, he came and saw us as teams were now established, and wanted to get back into the UC. ITO got wind of this and wanted to fire him on another mission. I knew the only solution was for me to hide him which I did. Well. ITO looked everywhere, they sent out teams to check out all berthing day and night and had someone sitting in the PAC dining to catch him, they even followed UC staff. As I was D/QEI they couldn't order me to reveal his whereabouts. Eventually they gave up, hoping he might turn up and then grab him, but he didn't! It was weeks later that the CO ITO, came to see me and asked where he was, and I told him that he has been posted in the UC team in OC, with D/ED Int's approval. The look on his face, was priceless.

When we arrived at JFK, Hansuli continued on to LAX and went to Tampa. When I was picked up by the bus, I asked the driver not to tell anyone I was on the bus, as I was still wary of CMO Flag. I went straight to the Solo NOTs area in the Sandcastle and saw my Lead C/S, Jan Norton, routed through on my Internship, collected six sets of New OTVI student packs, and was on my way. I took an early flight out of Tampa and was back on post, the same day.

Now that I'm back with the Universe Corps, I thought I might make my considerations known, about the operation of getting orgs to old Saint Hill size and their receiving UC teams. Prior to AOLA and OC reaching Saint Hill size, it would appear that the only senior executive who was concerned with the establishment of a Universe Corps, was ED Int. Recruitment activities were successful, but unfortunately, wherever the UC was located, it was treated as a personnel pool. When it was placed under Archives, they would trade two UC staff for one to get a qualified staff, then most disappeared in a reorganization for the creation of ITO, by combining ITS from Flag, New World Corps, and the Universe Corps. The 50 odd UC recruits all but disappeared, and only those, some ten, who point blank refused to be reposted, remained in the UC.

To Miscavige, the Universe Corps was simply a carrot to get orgs to produce more income. Whether the UC gave what was promised, was unimportant. What was promised was "all staff would be gotten up the Bridge". In OC, the UC was having some success getting OC staff through the lower grades to clear and doing clear checks. And when I completed my Solo C/S training we were getting them onto and thru the Lower OT levels. In addition, I got Dave Petit and David Worthing through NOTs and onto Solo Nots.

In AOLA, the story was not as good. The UC team was not provided with auditors to audit the lower grades on AOLA staff, and when requested of ITO to help provide auditors, the response was that the org itself was required to do that, which was contrary to the promise. It is true we got their tech people who were on or completed audited NOTs, new OTV, onto their solo NOTs, but this was only a small percentage of their staff. AOLA Snr C/S was upset about the scene, but I had no immediate solution. We failed here, miserably.

By the time we realized we had it right with OC and that the same kind of team should have been and needed to be dispatched to AOLA, attention was on manning teams for the next orgs to reach Saint Hill size. I was not the Universe Corps I/C, who was Graham Rodgers, but as D/QEI, I had some input on it. But as we got new recruits, they were ripped off, such as a young couple from the UK, and there was David Saunders who was ripped off by ITO and then ripped off by FCB. Then there was the other rip-off which we were able to grab back directly after a mission and hide in OC, as I describe earlier. There were many more rip offs. The losers in all of this, were up-stat staff members.

I do apologize to all those staff who failed to get the prize, they earned, when they with their fellow staff, were able to get their orgs to Saint Hill size.

There was a sense of satisfaction to be able to deliver Solo NOTs to the staff of AOLA and OC, in spite of my misgivings about the arbitrary 200 hours before a preOT could attest. knew that this was a hurdle that had to be confronted some time in the future. Dianne Henderson was our new OTVI course supervisor and she was raring to go and get some students into her course room, she all but grabbed the course packs and locked them away in a cupboard in her locked course room. And her first student routed on the following day, if I recall correctly.

Within a couple of days of my returning from Flag, CMOI XU appeared wanting to use me to cover for Craig Wright again so that he could be sent on a mission. Again I said I would cover for one day a week and that they needed to clear it with Foster Tompkins, the CO of Bridge and Craig's boss. I think I either covered on this occasion or it might have been another, after which I was never bothered again.

As I said earlier, we were having some success with a recruitment mission, but losing many by ITO rip offs. However, I did have a NOTs C/S come onto my lines who had been quite ill. His name was David Ziff, who I first met when I first joined the SO and was sent to Flag to replace Barbara Tompkins as a C/S. I FESed (Folder Error Summary) his folders and he had had not hundreds but thousands of hours of sec checking!!!! His FPRD (False Purpose Rundown) had on a lage number of occasions been interrupted with sec checks and there were over a dozen incomplete sec checks, all ending in protest. Excuse me while I scream.


Every Sea Org executive and C/S should word clear HCOB "O-W A Limited Theory", word by word, if necessary until they get it.

Sorry about the yelling. But it is good to get it off. I did a metered interview on Ziff and he blew down, his needle that is, when he said he was absolutely sick and tired of sec checks and wanted to finish his FPRD and F/Ned and it was the first time I'd seen him smile. I wrote a program and asked Barbara Tompkins if she would C/S it and she agreed. David was making progress when Barbara was told to stop C/Sing Ziff's folder she wasn't even willing to Snr C/S my C/Sing and auditing David. Probably his folder was seen on her desk by the CO AOLA. When I told David he wasn't happy and that night told his wife, who was in RTC at Int, who got in Miscavige's ear, which resulted in me copping a Miscavige rocket delivered by a messenger.

Talking about executive C/Sing, I was involved in a very unusual incident, when I was auditing for the FSO. Now, I'm not sure if it was when I was auditing after I was busted as a C/S or when I was on my NOTs auditor internship. I think the PC's name was Liccardi, or it may have been that the name came up regularly in session.

Anyway, this PC was public and the Ethics Officer required that he be C/Sed for a sec check and I was required to video every session. When I studied his folder, I found that Miscavige thought that the PC was having an affair with his, Miscavige's, sister. Recently I discovered that Miscavige's twin sister was a Liccardi, which left me wondering whether the PC's name was Liccardi. If I recall correctly, most of the questions, if not all, F/Ned, and I C/Sed for an attestation. The C/S rejected this and extended the questions with a new typed list, again most F/Ned or when something did read it had nothing to do with Miscavige's sister. I found out that the worksheets were photocopied after each and sent express delivery to Int with my video. I was also advised by the C/S to include all "my comments" on a separate sheet, as I was strongly, indeed, very strongly, protesting this action. I suspect this was to keep me out of the RPF. We used up most the PC's intensive on this fruitless unnecessary action. It was interesting that the PC did not once complain.

However, back to David Ziff, I started to both C/S and audit David. Then my guardian angel stepped in yet again. An AOLA NOTs/FPRD auditor, whose name I don't recall at this time, had been on sick leave with severe chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis, and needed an assist. I did a couple of sessions on him and then set up and C/Sed a co-audit between them, which went very well.

A beautiful anecdote concerns two FSO NOTs auditors, Kevin and Bernadette Dyer. They married and not long after Bernadette became pregnant and insisted upon having her baby even if it meant being shipped off to a Class IV (V) org. I have heard that D/ED Int, was monitoring the circumstances all NOTs auditors to catch those who have fallen off or about to fall off tech lines, for the Universe Corps. And I gather that Kevin and Bernadette, were told that they would be assigned to the UC team for a Class IV org that went Saint Hill size. FSO hung onto them well after the baby was born before they reluctantly released them to the UC for Hamburg. The baby was six months old. Bernadette was French Swiss and spoke some German, and Kevin spoke English.

While I had completed my Flag training, there was one vital course and internship, I had to do. That was my Solo C/S course. At AOLA, the Snr C/S and the Solo C/S were both surprised that I hadn't done this prior to my Solo NOTs C/S course. Anyway, they approved me doing it, I believe with Snr C/S Int's OK, as it is normally restricted to Class VIII's and I wasn't even a Class VI. It included all the Class VIII materials plus additional C/Sing data covering the handling and correction of solo auditing PreOTs. All Solo NOTs C/Ses should be required to do this course. When I completed this training, we had a number of OC staff start on their lower OT levels.

It was not long after this that Paul Schobel was appointed to the post QEI, my senior, he had been Cont Snr C/S ANZO. Fortunately, back in my C/S days in Sydney Day Org, Paul was one of my auditors. Paul did a tour of the two UC teams, AOLA and OC, and decided to leave it to me, "the loose cannon" and D/ED Int. As you know, loose cannons like a free range! This was not long before Kevin and Bernadette arrive on the scene. The expectation was that there could be two orgs go Saint Hill size before Hubbard's birthday. One possible solution was that I "commute" fortnightly and spend a day in each org, this would have been a disaster and fortunately D/ED Int "found" Kevin and Bernadette and only one org went Saint Hill size. And that was Hamburg which was fortunately very close to AOSH EU. I am not suggesting that anything underhand occurred here.

This brought back an amusing memory. At this time, a group of us from ANZO started playing touch football (Rugby) during our CSP, Clean Station Project, or in English, our cleaning time, on Saturday mornings. One the players was Greg Tweedy who was a good mate. I recall being in the elevator of the main building of the complex, where I was talking to Greg's senior, whose name I don't recall, and he was asking how to get Greg to stop continuing with what he was doing, so as to do something else which was urgent. My response was, "Aha! the ANZO case!" and I went on to describe the handling. This was to say to Greg, while ignoring what he is doing, "Greg, such-and-such is urgent, but before you do it, I need you to 'something else' (this would be something he wouldn't be interested in) first. So can you get right onto it now?" And you will find he will do the such-and-such. I walked into him a few days later, and he said, "Wow! That really worked. So that's how you handle Australians?" And my response, "Yep! and Americans, and the English, and Europeans, them all.":

At this point I became very busy, auditing staff on NOTs at both OC and AOLA. I would do AOLA staff in the mornings, then off to OC for the afternoons and back to AOLA for the evenings. Also being the only NOTs auditor in PAC who was not auditing public, I was in high demand to sec check staff, who were NOTs and Solo NOTs level. I was kept quite busy. One staff member, whom I sec checked, was Exec Strata staff, who shall remain nameless. He decided to route out to set up and run a number of missions in the UK using the packages another had been sold. Even though he would be declared, he still had to do the routing out sec check so that he could start on his "A to E" steps to handle his declare. Another I sec checked, was a CMOI XU messenger who was involved in the CofS international banking, and I didn't have the appropriate clearances, so when something came up she would write it down and at the end of the session, she would place the sheet in an envelope and seal it.

One of the most "dangerous" posts in the CofS, is ASI's staff auditor/cramming officer. If I recall correctly, in a twelve month period, three ASI's staff auditor/cramming officers were assigned to the Int RPF, for missing witholds. These were excellent auditors. I was offered the position. I had absolutely no intention of taking it. I think they got Miscavige's approval to offer it to me, which they would have needed, because he had seen the videos of me sec checking Liccardi or whomever it was, at Flag. It was flattering, BUT NO WAY! NEVER! I pointed out that I was a Solo NOTs C/S and a Solo C/S, and they insisted they could replace me. I then said that the UC was an unfinished exercise for me and that it was my goal to see it through. Eventually they gave up in total disbelief that anyone would turn this post with ASI down. They probably didn't know how dangerous it was, but there were many before me who certainly did. What surprised me, was that there were no repercussions, whatsoever! The other members of the UC team were very worried they might lose me, they just didn't realize I was much more determined than those trying to recruit me.

It was about spring '89 that I found myself reminiscing about Australia whenever I was in OC. It had been occurring for a while before I noticed it. It was a very strange phenomenon, in that OC was nothing like Australia. It took me a while to spot it. The desk I was using faced a window which looked out on the parking lot, but all I could see were trees. However, these trees were gum trees which are native to Australia and very very common. But as the result of it, I found myself thinking about buying another campervan. The first one I looked at was mechanically sound, with nearly twelve months left on its tags, and inexpensive. The interior was filthy but cleanable, so I bought it. I gave it a good thorough clean over my next couple of libs. Ah yes! I took my libs, loose cannons always do.

This reminds me of a situation which occurred while I was in the UC. I would send a weekly report to D/ED Int and then QEI, Paul Schobel, on the UC scene. However, the UC stats were not reported, although I think the staff auditing hours and student points, did get picked up by AOLA and OC. Then we got a red tag but no one wanted it because as the C/S, I did not come under either of the Snr C/Ses for AOLA or OC. My solution was to group it in with my other stats as C/S and auditor. But this meant it never got onto Snr C/S Int's stat.

This reminds me, I bought myself a laptop computer, an NEC ProSpeed. This was state of the art with two 3 1/2" floppy drives, one for the program and one for the documents, and no hard drive. It was pre-MS windows and had no mouse. It did have a 300KB modem! I had heard there was a guy in San Diego who could dial into Incomm's computer and I had planned to do the same with my weekly reports. I had real trouble trying to get an OK and eventually gave up. I did though, find some Bulletin Boards and I was able to keep in touch with David Ziff. There was no internet then.

Then I heard about Jeff Walker blowing. The story was that he blew and came back, was put into the RPF and then blew again. Of course, the truth was that Jeff went a got a cop to escort him so that he could pick up his gear. This sounds exactly like Jeff. The double blow? No! A few days later, John Eastment appeared in the Exec Strata male dormitory in the complex, and he was wearing his lieutenant shoulder epaulets. If I recall correctly, John resigned from his rank during the multiple missions that I was part of, when I was briefly QEI almost two years earlier. I had heard on the grape vine that John had rescued a European Count or MP who was on lines. I congratulated him on his rescue and noted he had his rank back and he told me that he got it back because of his successful rescue. I then asked him if he was replacing Jeff, said, "Yes but keep it quiet."

About a month later, he was visiting OC as a part of his tour of local orgs. And one of the UC PC's had red tag, when not allowed to attest to clear as a last life-time PC going clear. This PC was too old, but claimed to have assumed a youth's body this life-time. John reviewed the folder and C/Sed for the PC to attest to clear and I copped a cram.

I continued applying for Sea Org promotion to see how far I could push it, although I left a period of three years from my last promotion to Ensign in NY, and unexpectably I was promoted to Lieutenant jg on Sea Org Day '89. Then on Auditors Day '89 (mid September), if I recall correctly, the AOLA Universe Corps team attended the AOLA event at a restaurant on West Sunset Blvd. I was wearing my dress whites with my new Lt jg epaulets, complete with dirk. Sandy Wilhere who, at that time, had recently been appointed QEI, was there. Sandy was talking with Barbara Tompkins who, as I understood it, were very good friends, Sandy was replaced by Barbara as Snr C/S AOLA when she, Sandy, was promoted to D/Snr C/S Int, if I remember correctly. Anyway, Sandy then came over to me, and told me that I was to be transferred from Exec Strata and become a permanent UC staff member. She also told me that she would get Maria ,my wife, transferred to LA, which I knew was nonsense. Maria had an elderly mother in San Juan Puerto Rico who was quite ill, and Maria would not leave Flag. Not only that, but she was a Flag NOTs FESer and the three of them, FESers, would take turns for their annual leave, being replaced by a public who was trained as a NOTs auditor. I never understood why Barbara objected to my being D/QEI, perhaps she felt that I could be ripped off.

A few weeks later, I remember listening to the press commentators just prior to the start of the third game of the World Series at Candlestick Park. It was the evening of Tuesday October 17, 1989. One commentator made the comment that it was very still, that the flags weren't moving and not a sound. He then said that the only he had experienced such stillness, was just before an earthquake. It was five or ten minutes after this that the earthquake hit.

Howeever, it was either the following Sunday or the one after, that we, a group of UC members, attended a talk on UFO's by Milton Cooper at a public hall in Hollywood. We were all excited about it and discussed it with others. As a result, I was ordered off post by QEI and all the folders of PCs that I had C/sed and audited, had to be FESed, checked for errors in C/Sing, auditng and programming. It was a Wednesday that I was ordered off post. Poor old Barbara Tompkins had to do the FESing. On the following Wednesday, I had still heard nothing and decided that if, I was not back on post by Friday, it might be time to go. On the Thursday, I had an interview with Bruce Bromley from Snr C/S Int's office, who told me that if there was anything in UFO's Hubbard would have known. I listened in disbelief thinking, "Good lord! He thinks Hubbard was God." This was my "strike three", I decided I don't belong here. We were in the outer office of the Snr C/S AOLA, and as I was leaving, I heard something about RPF from in the inner office. About me? At the time, I thought so. I decided that on Saturday, I go.

Why did I delay my departure by a day? I had to take my van out of the parking station in Fountain and park it in the CofS parking lot in N. Catalina opposite the main building. Then early Saturday morning during CSP, I would put my bags into the van, and then get my stuff out of AOLA.

So on Friday after lunch I moved the van into the N.Catalina parking lot, and started tidying up in the UC space in AOLA and wrote a farewell note with details of where everything was including keys etc...

That night, I took my brief case which also contained one of my e-meters, back to my berthing. The other e-meter was at OC, so there was nothing I could do about that. Then, I packed my trunk with all my sea org uniforms, except for my overalls, and locked it. The overalls was my excuse if anyone stopped me, as I could say I was cleaning up as part of my amends. And put a note, "David Graham" on it. And finally I packed my own bags.

I remember putting in the note, that I was on my back to Flag. This wasn't on my plans, but I thought it would inhibit a local search for me. As an aside, I did at one point consider it but I quickly realized it was mid winter and would have been a stupid time to attempt to cross the Rockies.

I was up very early on Saturday morning, showered, put on my overalls, took my bags to the van, had a quick breakfast, and off to AOLA to finish up there. When I arrived, one of the UC girls, Greta, was there doing some amends. I smiled to myself that I had been smart enough to put all my stuff in the C/S office, the night before. I put the note I had written on the desk in my office, grabbed my last remaining things such as my computer, printer, a box of personal papers and books, and locked up. I walked through the main building, seeing no one, then across the street to the van in the parking lot, and put the stuff in. My guardian angel really put the hard yards in for me today. There was still no one in sight, as I put the van into gear, drove out of the parking lot into Catalina, turned into Fountain and drove off into total freedom!!

My poor guardian angel really had to work overtime on that day. That Saturday morning the UC I/C OC was going to come over, but she felt heavy and tired, slept in and then got held up and didn't make it, also Dianne was going to come in early and she too woke up feeling heavy and tired and didn't come in until after lunch. Then so I believe, after lunch a message arrived from QEI stating that Snr C/S Int had approved my returning to post.

I believe that no errors were found in my C/Sing or auditing. However, as a result of my departure, they had to be re-FESed. Poor Barbara. And it is claimed that there was a programming error, an omitted OTIV, OT Drug R/Down. I don't think so! But it would have saved Barbara's neck for which I am grateful.

I believe that Jill Graham, no relation, fulfilled my role as NOTs auditor, Donna Reeve became C/S and Solo C/S for OC and Barbara Tompkins picked up the NOTs C/Sing. While I did feel that I had let the guys down, I also knew that my departure was long overdue.

And me? Well, that's another story. But there are a few more incidents which I had forgotten and will relate, before I sign off on this part of my life. But let me say this. I do not consider I have wasted fifteen years of my life in scientology, it was part of my spiritual journey and I discoved with complete certainty that scientology could not help me find what I was seeking.

Regards, David

Reflections of Sydney:
Since I started writing Mate's Story, forgotten experiences have popped up, which may help to paint a clearer picture. Some will be quite relevant, while others much less. They wont be in any particular sequence.

During the period when, as a result of the Anderson Inquiry, the use of the name Scientology, was banned, the CofS called itself the Church of the New Faith. Then when Whitlam's Labour Government came into power, the new Attorney-General, Lionel Murphy, indicated that he would look favourably upon an application to have the ban lifted. For the Guardians Office, this was a top priority. I was the Lead C/S at the time and the only one who wore clerical garb and was, in addition, an authorized celebrant of the State of New South Wales in my capacity as a minister. The GO required me to be present at a briefing of the Senior Counsellor who was to represent the CofS at the inquiry. There I was puffing and sucking on a pipe acting and speaking like the caricature of an academic explaining the nature of scientology. It went done well with him and with the GO. Me? I had trouble keeping a straight face. The ban was lifted. BTW, I hadn't smoked for seven years, and fortunately didn't get hooked again.

Then there was the time when the Assistant Guardian Maureen Sparshott asked Phyll Stevens, CO Sydney Day, if she could see. I was in mystery as I went to see her. She wanted to recruit me to be the GO's staff auditor. I declined, saying that as an auditor under Cmdr Phyll Stevens, I felt closer to Hubbard. Well! She screamed at me like no one ever had. I was so shocked that the force of her screaming, physically moved me back in the chair. The surprise so so great that I didn't ridge and all the energy flowed pass me. I gathered she disagreed with me. Soon after we were laughing about it. It was a very useful experience in not ridging when someone is screaming at you.

Maureen did get her own back. As it wasn't long after that that Diana Hubbard came out to Sydney and the CofS hired the auditorium of then one of Sydney's newest hotel in William Street. The AG, Maureen, requested that the CO Sydney Day to provide the male staff members on a list, to be guards to ensure that a couple declared ex-scientologists didn't gain access. I was on that list. However, did see Diana briefly and she looked stunning.

Another fascinating experience when John Brownlee and myself, both auditors, were visiting Jenny Barkley who was an intern at the time. Jenny's former husband was a Vietnam vet and when he returned he was suffering from the psychological effects of seeing his best mate, who was driving an armoured personnel carrier (like a tank), blown to pieces by a bomb. When the husband returned, scientology failed to help him an one day he got off the train at Milsons Point station on the Sydney Habour Bridge and walked along the train tracks into an on-coming train, and was killed instantly. John and I didn't know this.

Jenny's little boy was standing in his cot, John asked the little boy, "What did you do last lifetime?" The boy's response was, "I was a tank driver!" He was articulate and smiled and suddenly went back to being a baby again. We told Jenny, who told us about her former husband's mate.

As I mentioned previously, I was an authorized marriage celebrant and over a period of two years, I officiated some thirty marriages. A couple were in the org's chapel, many were outdoors and one was on a property (ranch) some 250+ miles north west of Sydney. One in particular, was in a private home, that of the parents of a young GO staff member, who were, as I was to find out, devote Christians. When I was officiating weddings, I wore black trousers black tonsure shirt(clerical shirt with a white collar) and a black academic gown.

The wedding was simple and went well, but the wedding breakfast ..well! The father of the Bride asked me to say "Grace" and the start of the feast. All I could think of, in the few seconds I had, was "For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful." Oops! The father didn't look particularly pleased. Then when it came to the speeches and toasts, he said to me as an announcement, " Father, would you bless the bridal couple?" As I stood up, my mind was spinning, and said to him, "It is indeed proper to offer a prayer for ..... " and then went on and substituted English words for scientologese such as soul instead of thetan. I obviously kept it brief and at the end apologize for delaying the best man's speech, which got a laugh. Everyone seemed happy even her dad, I think. All the GO who were present were relieved I pulled it off. I was all prepared for the next time, but it never happened.

I was on a bus going home one night from the org dressed as a minister. There were only a few passengers on the bus and a few stops later, a young man carrying a Bible and sat next to me. He then opened his Bible and asked me, "What does this particular passage mean." I can't recall what it was, but I looked at it and then asked him what he thought it meant. There was more and I handled each one the same way. Fortunately, he got off, and from that day on, I would slide the white part so that it didn't show when travelling on a bus or a train.

This reminds me of another one. One block from the Sydney Org was Sydney's Hyde Park and during the day, a number of Sydney's homeless would congregate there. I walked across the park early one morning with my collar showing, when I was accosted by half a dozen of the homeless with their hands out. I subsequently discovered that a priest would pass by on Sundays and give them money for grog, like in wine.

With Ideal Orgs very much the topic in the CofS, this would be a good point to make some observations about the CofS and real estate in Sydney. The existing building at 201 Castlereagh Street, is right in the retail heart of Sydney, an ideal location. The building was purchased in 1978/9 for $760,000 Australian (at the time, about $US 500,000), if I remember correctly, and it is now worth in excess of $50,000,000! The building was the headquarters of a trade union, but I don't recall which.

What is called the first floor in the US, is called the ground floor in Australia, so that in the following description when I refer to the second floor, it would be the third floor for our American readers. (If you think I'm being pedantic, you're probably right!) The building was immaculate, but that was soon handled by the CofS. The basement was a staff canteen with built-in padded seating and a huge state of the art commercial kitchen. This was used as staff dining for a couple of months and then became a storage area, and the kitchen was never used to my knowledge except for the stove occasionally. The rest of the basement was parking for six cars, but this became central files, leaving the access ramp to provide parking for two cars.

The ground floor became the div six area including the LRH Office, the chapel, book shop and course room. Later the section of the ground floor which contained the toilets, in the back right hand corner was changed into the purification centre by including a sauna and showers.

The first floor contained a large auditorium with a stage which became the academy but used from time to time for events, and the Tours org at the front which was the reception area for the auditorium. The second floor became the HGC with the waiting area and C/S office in the front, 16 auditing rooms down the left hand side of the building, and qual with library on the right. At the back was the folder room with PC folders stored on racks. One day there was this huge crash followed by lots of banging from the back of the building. We all raced down to the back and founding the banging coming from the folder room. Then suddenly the door opened and the folder admin stormed out looking as black as thunder, throwing and kicking folders everywhere. One of the racks had collapsed. When he stormed out and we saw what had happened, we all burst out laughing which only made him worse. Anyway the DofP, Ethel Mackay, quietened him down and we all helped him restore the folders and re-stack them. Indeed, among all the pressure, there were funny moments.

While I was the lead C/S, there was the time I was event I/C and MC, a very dangerous combination as you will see. This the May 9th event, the anniversary of DMSMH, and part of the event was a slide show and accompanying sound. Everything was rehearsed and ready to go, I even had an act to allow for late-comers. I was feeling pretty smug abot it all. So about 8.20pm I started and got the audience warmed up when I suddenly realized that the person handling the slide projector had disappeared, but as the MC, I couldn't go an find him, so I sent the person handling the sound to go and find him. Then he disappeared! man, was I in trouble, but at that point I don't think the audience realized it, but I was lost for things to say and I didn't think TR 0 would go down too well. So I stepped to the side of the stage and put my hand up to the side of my mouth, and said to the audience, "Between you and me, just watch David, here. He has just sent off one of his assistants to find the other, and he's going to try an ad lib his way until they return. Let's see if he can do it." Well, that brought the house down! I had to make a second aside and during it, the pair returned, with a great roar from the audience. They sure looked puzzled. Then we had the cutting of the cake and I realized that I had forgotten the knife. The CO was to cut the cake, and I offered her my one inch pen knife. The audience loved that too. After the formal part of the event, Harriet Littlesmith, who was a leading Australian comedian and scientologist came up and told me my timing was excellent, so I was slightly mollified.

The third floor contained a fantastic conference room at the front of the building with a huge table and a ceiling of mirrors, each mirror about 12 inches (30 cm) square, and it had its own little kitchen. The rest of the floor were offices, and the whole area was occupied by the GO. They always seem to get the best, don't they? This floor was out of bounds to all other than the GO staff with security doors and special locks! I often wondered if they considered us, the org staff, as part of the enemy.

The roof contained a small one bedroom apartment at the front, which was used by the CO Pat Bloomberg, and the living room became her office. The roof was used as a parade ground and an exercise yard for a short period until leaks appeared in the GO area. It also had a large number of apartment overlooking it.

It should be stated that there was no applications for Council approval for any of the alterations. Which reminds me of an interesting experience for three of us. There was a broken window on the front of the building on the second, the HGC waiting room' and myself and two others were asked to replace the glass, which meant hanging out the window. Myself and Shane were wary of heights and the third, our boss, was terrified of them. Shane eventually agreed to lean out with a rope around well secured on the other end. I kept my body well and truly inside but was able to help him. The third member? Well he was the boss and stood about ten feet from the window giving instructions. This reminds me of another horrifying experience, to me that is, in New York, but I'll cover that later.

During my undergraduate days, I ended up organising events usually reluctantly, because some one dropped the ball or no one else would volunteer. In fact I ended up organising and MCing the Graduation Ball for my year. This is what happened in CofS in Sydney, I agreed to be MC and ended up being I/C as well. After the DMSMH Anniversary event, the CO, Pat Bloomberg, and the DofP, Ethel Mackay, and myself were discussing the shortage of PCs, and I suggested running an event to get our public's interest in auditing rekindled.

To this end, I outlined an event which I called Champagne Auditing. This consisted of a brief introduction to what auditing was, putting the attendees in pairs having one as an auditor and the other as a PC, and run the command, "Tell me about a happy experience" repetitively to a good win and then change roles. We made sure their case levels matched and anyone mid auditing action could not be a "PC". We also had a number of assistants moving around to help, plus two auditors to handle any over restimulation. After the auditing was over, we had a group discussion, and afterwards there was some champagne and snacks. The group discussion was electric, there were many many wins. The final result was incredible with many signing up for training and for auditing. The champagne? Very little was drunk. Then I got a rocket for having champagne at an event and for promoting it using the word champagne, and was taken off organizing events. This was by the GO. My response was not polite and I made it clear that if I'm taken off organising events, then I am not longer available as MC! And I didn't and there was nothing they could do about it. Taking the Lead C/S of the continental Class IV org off post would have crashed most of the Org's stats and the CLO's and right up through the lines.

Just before I leave the subject of events, there was a very funny routine in a subsequent one I attended. The MC said, "Now we come to the winner of the door prize." I could hear all those seated around me muttering that they didn't have a ticket. The MC called out a person's name as the winner, it was a staff member. When he went up and onto the stage, two other staff member came rushing down the aisle with a door and gave it to the winner. The look on his face was priceless.

Reflections of Flag:

In the first couple of weeks when I was auditing in the FSO, I had discovered that the Lemon Tree, which was one of two restaurants in the Fort Harrison Hotel, was also a canteen for staff and I would go there from time to time at the end of the day for a coffee.

On one particular occasion, one of my PCs were there and he invited me over to the table where he was sitting. There was a guy at the table, who was dominating the conversation and he was saying that he was the ideal choice for the role of Johnny Goodboy Taylor and would be casted for the role in the movie of Battlefield Earth. I found out later that his name was Jeff Pomerantz and that he was a soap opera actor. I had never heard of him. Anyway he got onto complaining about his flight to Flag and how he was flying first class but the airline had seated him in the middle of the front row with the bulkhead of the aircraft, right in front of him. One of the girls at the table asked him why didn't he travel carriage class, to which he replied shaking his finger at her, "Image, my dear, image." I was taking a sip of my coffee when he said this, and it took an enormous amount of self control not to spurt it all over the table. Then I just had to get up and leave the room.

Talking about "celebrities", when I was a C/S at Flag, I was C/Sing folders late one night when David Gellie who was a NOTs Auditor at the time and later became a class XII, asked me if I could do an exam. I did the exam, which F/Ned, and then asked the PC her name. She looked at me quizzically and said, "Karen". I was about to ask her last name, when David put his hand on my shoulder and said he would look after it. It was Karen Black, a name that meant nothing to me.

Harry Mason who had been a PC in Sydney and was a PC at flag, offered to show me around Dunedin on one of my liberties, which still occurred in my early days at Flag. We traveled north of Clearwater on Fort Harrison Ave across a creek, then on the right hand side, a few houses was the house that Hubbard used when the CofS took over the Fort Harrison Hotel. It was a large sprawling single storey house set well back from the road. On the other side of the road was a park and then the Gulf. It was called water-frontage.

Then we came to Dunedin where we found a tap connected to an underground stream, one of many in Florida, so I'm told, streams that is. The water was cool and delicious. Then we drove up to Tarpon Springs, where the Diana was moored. It was looking the worse for wear, and as I understood it, the idea was to mount it on a plinth in front of the Sand Castle when it, the Sand Castle, was renovated. Harry was part of the crew, if I'm not mistaken, who sailed the Diana down the East Coast and got caught in a hurricane and had to be rescued. Harry is currently a renowned geologist in Australian gold exploration and an author.

When I first arrived in Flag, there was a train service from downtown Tampa around the top of Tampa Bay and down through Clearwater through to St Petersburg. On one of my early libs (day off), I decided to take the train into Tampa and back, as there was a morning train service and an afternoon one. In Clearwater, there was no platform but a portable step was provided and the train had only two cars (carriages) one which contained a snack bar. There were only a handful of passengers, and I wasn't surprised that the service was eventually cancelled while I was still at Flag. The Tampa railway (railroad) station was dilapidated with only one platform out of six(?) in use. Downtown Tampa itself was very small for a population of 200,000 and supporting a regional population of some 1,000,000. It consisted of half a dozen blocks or so.

My first Christmas in Flag surprised me. The temperature on Christmas Day fell to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, 7 below freezing and stayed that way all day. It wiped out most of the crops in Florida. I had never experienced a frost let alone anything as severe as this. I thought I would go for a run in it. After a short distance I was in agony trying to breath the icy air!

It was around 1982/3 when a hurricane came very close to Clearwater, I think the center was only few miles off shore as it moved northwards. As it was approaching the Tampa area, someone, which I think was OSA, called special meeting for all OTs on the base. As I wasn't OT, I was not invited. I believe the OTs were briefed on how they could use their "abilities" to ensure that the hurricane bypassed Clearwater, and subsequently took full credit for it not to make landfall in Clearwater, and they were serious about it.

On a serious note, I was very impressed in the way the emergency services evacuated the low lying part of the Clearwater-St Petersburg peninsular. The evacuation of the area was because of the surge caused by the hurricane. The three radio stations were giving constant updates as as each was flooded they would pass their audiences onto the next radio station. The evacuation was orderly, street by street with the residents being directed to take specific routes crossing Tampa Bay on one of the two low lying bridges and a causeway. It was absolutely brilliant. Fortunately they didn't have to cope with Volunteer Ministers.

There was an issue called a FO, a Flag order, which stated that when the FSO achieved a million dollar GI, gross income, staff would get two-day liberties instead of one-day liberties. Well, we achieved it! But a telex came down from Int saying that we must have our GI consistently over one million. When we got it over one million five weeks in a row, the FO was withdrawn!

I thought I'd wrap up my reflections of Flag with three moments which I considered real treats. So you must excuse me. These were all in the early '80s.

The first was a PC I had, and for the life of me, I can't recall her name. She was in her early twenties, very attractive and blond. She was, I think, first violinist with the Tampa state orchestra and was expecting a promotion to concertmaster. She put on an impromptu concert for the crew, and it was absolutely magnificent, her violin became a part of her. It was something I had heard about but had never before experienced.

Then there was Cyprian Katsaris, a concert pianist and a Flag PC. I was a C/S at the time, and while he was there he would practice on a grand piano on the stage of the auditorium in the late evening. After we finished our C/Sing for the day we would go up to the auditorium and sit with a number of other staff members and be treated to an evening of classical music. He was brilliant.

Finally there was the appearance of Don Luis Ferre (Don is a title like Sir), who was a former Governor of Puerto Rico, who had an illustrious career and in 1991 received Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded by President George H. W. Bush, but that was later. Ferre was also a renowned concert pianist and he would partner a pianist who was a scientologist, playing duets on the same piano, and unfortunately I do not recall the partners name. The partner, BTW, was a professor of music in Puerto Rico and was in Tampa to open up, as far as I can recall, a school of music. The CofS encouraged the professor to bring Ferre to a special banquet in the ball room of the Fort Harrison Hotel. I should note here that Ferre was an in creditably influential person in Puerto Rico and to get him onside would have been a remarkable coup for the CofS. The duets played by Ferre and the professor on the grand piano which had been brought up from the auditorium (how I don't know) were absolutely stunning. How did I, a C/S, get invited? My then wife Maria's aunt Lorencita was Ferre's first wife.

Thank you, for humoring me on this digression.

Reflections of East US:

My time as Cont. Snr C/S EUS, was probably the most satisfying. I was stationed in NY from about February 1986 to May 1987. It was around June 1986 that I started my one-man missions into the various orgs in EUS and it was probably around September that I was carrying out missions at the rate of one a week. Unlike most other missions, I found the orgs pleased to see me, that is after the first one. I would invariably get their Gross Income (after the cost of the mission) up by offering my services to program PC folders, as I described earlier, I would debug their Reg Lost Line and motivate their reg(s) which kept the GI up for a couple of weeks, and briefing the students and supervisor(s) would motivate the academies. There was no heavy handed ethics, in fact there were no ethics actions. These actions certainly got results. I probably violated a lot of HCOPLs, but so what!

In my Mate's Story write up, I described some of the what I consider, interesting episodes I encountered on my missions and on post. But there are more. I did mention the heavy snow storm in Hartford, that the airport announcer called a blizzard, but the lead up was interesting too.

Flying into Columbus, Ohio, late fall '87, as we were coming into to land, the colors of the trees in oranges, yellows, browns was fantastic. In Sydney, indeed Australia, the native species are evergreen, only in gardens are deciduous trees found. I had never seen anything like it except in photographs and paintings. In my mission to Columbus, I had to spend a second night there, because of no evening flight out. The following morning was a sunny day but on the news there were snow storms to the south, east, north and west. When we got the the airport all flights had been delayed. After about an hour, we got the OK to board, then another delay and then the OK to take off. After about 30 minutes, the pilot advised us that Newark had just been closed and we were being diverted. After a couple of diversions, we were finally sent to Hartford, Connecticut. I had no idea where Connecticut was let alone Hartford. When we got there, there were hundreds of aircraft parked off the taxiways and the waiting area in the airport was literally packed with passengers. There were thousands and thousands of them. All hotels and motels were full, camp beds were brought in for women and children.

When the snow storm abated, there was a bus which looked like a '40s limo with six doors down each side. I took it to the railroad station which was in disrepair with holes in the roof, but was being renovated. Eventually I got an Amtrak train into NY and arrived at the CLO about dinner time on Thursday. It was a late night!

After carrying out missions in NY Day and then NY Fdn, my first mission to an outer org, was Boston Org. When I arrived at Logan airport, I decided to have a coffee and then find the shuttle service to downtown Boston. I ordered a regular coffee, only to find the girl had added sugar! This was my first lesson about coffee, that regular coffee is different in different parts of the United States! I went down to the shuttle service and found there was a water shuttle to downtown, so it took it. Like an idiot, I didn't have the address of the org but I did remember the name of the street the org was in.

In the downtown area I found a large map of Boston on a board and located the street, and to compound my idiocy, I decided to walk. After about a mile, well it seemed like a mile, I found the street and walked along it. I had gone quite a few blocks, all residential, and I decided that I must have the name wrong, so further compounding my idiocy, I took the next cross street back to the main road. On the other side, I saw a shopping plaza and found a phone, called directory and asked for the org's phone number. Of course, I needed the address but if I asked for it she wouldn't give it, so when she gave the number I said, "That doesn't seem right, what address do you have?" And it worked, I was just a block to two away when I turned off. This is the first time I've told the full story, I was so embarrassed at the time. I was surprised to find no one at the org knew about the ferry service, or water shuttle as Bostonians called it, from the airport to downtown. Otherwise the mission went fine and I was quite impressed with the competence of John Majorowski(?), the Lead C/S.

My second mission to Boston, was my first experience with snow. It would have been around November 1986, and the guys in the CLO gave me a thorough briefing on what to expect such as not stepping into gutters and being wary when walking on ice. This time I arrived by subway and as I emerged from the station entrance and saw the snow, I forgot the instructions, as you would expect. Then across the road a woman slipped over on the ice, and I immediately recalled all the instructions. In spite of this, as I had to go about four blocks, I nearly slipped over a couple of times and once stepped into the muddy water in a gutter, fortunately I had boots on. By this time I had begun assisting the regs by offering to program PC folders. Boston ended up with a spike in their GI that week

I'll always remember my trip to Buffalo Org. When I arrived in downtown Buffalo, I saw a tandem street car (a double tram combination) pull up in the middle of the main square. Then automatically the doors opened followed by the steps coming down, each accompanied by a warning signal, and followed by the reverse sequence. It reminded me of a child's toy. When I got to the org which was located in what had been a mental institution and the building was still known by the same name, Saint something or other. After I arrived and introduced myself to the ED and got things rolling, the following conversation took place.

I said to her, to be polite, "I saw your modern street car, it was impressive."

She replied, "That was not a street car, it was our subway!"

I said, "I apologize. But it wasn't underground, it was on the street."

She said, "It goes underground when it gets out of town."

I was thinking that that was back to front, but instead foolishly responded, "Oh! And where does it go?"

And she said, "Not anywhere yet, but it will go to the University."

I decided it was time to bail out. The ED and the C/S were women and close friends and I became a safe terminal for each when they got into a dispute. In those days, the org was small but vibrant and had a good team.

This reminds me, why I don't know, of terrible incident which occurred in NY. There were three or four expediters in NY FDN, who were playing with a water pistol. The one who had the gun chased the other two outside and was looking for the other two. Next door to the Org was a vacant lot and when looking in there, saw two guys urinating. He told them get out and not come back. Two days later, the same expediter was walking up to Times Square and was shot three times, once in the head, by two undercover police who claimed he had drawn a gun on them. No gun was found. When I was told I went straight down to Emergency in NYC's Bellevue Hospital, I was sitting in the waiting room with the two cops who were genuinely shaken by the incident. At this point I knew nothing about the water pistol. I was there for about two hours, when the nurse came out and told that he had survived the operation but was still in a critical condition. At this point, the cops looked relieved and left, while I stayed back for a while and when I was told he was stable but could have brain damage, I left.

When he was released from the hospital he did have some brain damage, however I wrote an assist program for him. He did receive compensation, something like $100,000, but the bad news is that the regs managed to get over half of it from him over a period of time.

Early 1987 one of the NY orgs, either Day or Fdn, had a PC on lines who had just started the Purification Rundown and information came to light that he had AIDS. The C/S had a DofP interview done which revealed he had AID, and that he had been taking Amyl Nitrite as a social drug which was popular among the gay community and that he was doing the Purification Rundown to rid his body of the drug to handle his condition.

In those days there was no internet, and there had been no HCOPL/HCOB concerning AIDS. The C/S passed it on to me as the ED wanted the PC to continue but the C/S wasn't sure whether he was/wasn't an illegal PC. I suspected he could benefit from it, but at the same time I was pretty sure he was illegal. As he had started and so purchased a pack, I recommended that he runs it on himself with a partner and his account be re-credited for the amount paid for future auditing, he be told that if any problems, to inform me. We heard that he passed away a couple of weeks later, he hadn't quite restarted but had a partner organized and was looking forward to it. It was almost ten years later, well after my scientology days that I discovered that one of the side effects as a result of long term use of Amyl Nitrite, is Kaposi's sarcoma (a tumor which forms vascular channels that fill with blood cells).

One interesting mission was to NY's Long Island Org. At the time it was located at Islip. To get there I had to take a train from Penn Station in NY to Babylon and change to an old train which went out to the Hamptons. Islip was then very much on the outskirts of suburban NY. The org itself was a large two storey home on a large block which, as far as I recall, was around a couple of acres. The church had sold the property and was renting it back. The money was in an account to buy something more central, but between the FBO and the CLO, it was disappearing, which probably doesn't surprise you. It was a very small org with a staff of ten to twelve people and most of the staff lived in the org. We were able to get the Gross Income up and a couple of PCs into session and a couple of courses sold.

After the mission, I arrived back at Penn Station about midnight, and found the station literally packed with homeless people lying in made up beds side by side with a passageway left clear, down through the middle. There were hundreds of them, and I must admit I was very apprehensive walking through there, as they watched me and there was only me walking through. It was in the middle of winter. Just before I left the EUS, the org was re-located into a much more central location in the Westbury area, if I recall correctly.

Talking about "walking over the homeless", I did witness a scene in NY where this happened. It was just down the road from the org in 46th Street, about half way between the org and 7th Ave. This person was lying across the sidewalk with his head on step as a pillow, sleeping in the sun. I was on the other side walking up from 7th Ave and I saw a group of three people in a deep conversation stepping over him without glancing at him! I was about to cross the street but had to let a car pass and by the time I got over there, he had woken up and sitting on the step. I said, "Hi," he looked at me, got up and wandered down the street.

In Chicago, I experienced the complete opposite. I was on my first mission into Chicago, and decided to take the subway from O'Hare Airport into downtown Chicago. I've had a long term interest in subways and underground railways, so I couldn't miss this opportunity. I came up in a Woolworths, I think, and out onto State Street (that great street). There I saw three incidents, the first was a guy busking playing a guitar, the second was a guy who was "singing" extremely badly, with a tin in front of him to collect any donations, and third was another guy who had doped off in the sun with his back against the wall. I went around the corner and went a couple of blocks to see the Sears Tower and then back, perhaps 15 minutes. I had decided to give a couple quarters to the two buskers, but when I got there the guitarist was sharing a coffee with a friend, the "singer" was performing for a guy with a video camera, and two little old dears had called an ambulance for the third guy. Chicago has a real heart.

One of my last missions was my third to Miami. The mission went like clockwork and when I was ready to go, I sent my "Request for Termination" to mission ops who was the CO, Tommy. Normally it took about 30 minutes for the "OK" to come through. On this occasion, it hadn't come through when I had to leave to catch my flight, so I decided to go to the Miami airport and call the CLO from there. I did this, but the telex operator at the CLO hadn't got an answer from the CO to telex me and couldn't find the CO. I had the choice of trying to book on another flight which would have cost, or take my flight. As the mission went fine, I decided to take the flight. When I arrived at the CLO, I put my head into Tommy's office with the $500 and expenses and said, "Hi, Tommy." Well! He hit the roof. He wanted more done, he wanted me to debug the ED and the regs. This resulted in a heated argument. The result of which, I refused to do any more missions. About a couple of weeks later, Tommy suggested I might like to do some more missions, he must have missed the $500's, and agreed to my terms.

Finally, there were a couple of incidents in NY, which I'd like to mention. I think the CLO was on the fourth, perhaps fifth, floor of the NY org building. The building being quite old, was U-shaped to provide a light well. My office, at an end of the U, had a window facing the rear. The window frame was timber and quite old. The CLO had its own estates department consisting of an executive/handyman and a chef. The chef was Carlos and was very good. For the life of me I can't recall the name of the man who was estates I/C and handyman, however he was a solid guy and an experienced rock climber. He came into my office to clean my window. He opened my window, put on a harness consisting of a belt and from each side of the belt were belts which clipped onto bolts on the frame on each side of the window as he stood on the sill outside the window. As I mentioned back in my Sydney days, I wasn't big on heights, and I couldn't believe what he was doing! I decided that my having visions of the frame giving way, wasn't going to help him, so I left the office until he was finished.

Not only did I have no idea that NY was a city running on steam, but I had no idea that any city ran on steam. Sure steam locomotives, steam cars like the Stanley Steamer, even "steam" radio as it was called when commercial television started in Australia, but cities running on steam?

Here I must digress for a moment, west of Sydney is a mountian range, called the Blue Mountains, unique in that it is a plateau and the towns are on the top of it. It also includes the Jenolan (limestone) Caves. I stayed at the Caves House, their guest house, one night and was kept awake by what I thought must have been a creek.

Now back in NY some 20 years later and shortly after I was posted there, it became very cold. I was holding a meeting in my office, when suddenly the stream came on for the radiator which was under the window in my office. I suddenly yelled, "That's it!" Much to the astonishment of those present. That was the sound that kept me awake! A few days later I was wandering around NY in the vicinity of the org an noticed that there were a number of what looked like work sites on the sidewalks which had a 12 to 24 inch red and white banded tubes pointing upwards with smoke coming out the top. I asked about them and discovered that that was repairs to the NY steam system.

Reflections of LA:

When I did my HRD training at ASHO under David Mayo and Greg Wilhere, the Sydney team of Genny Gray, Jan Hill and myself were invited to visit CCLA, which was located in La Brea Ave, if I'm not mistaken. This was before it became CCInt. One interesting feature was a small purpose built theatrette with stepped seating, which wasn't much larger than a typical lounge room. Impishly, I asked the question, "Who gets to watch the films?" The person showing us around, who I think was the ED, gave a strange look and said, "Members of the film industry who are on lines, use it from time to time."

Then we were looking at their photo gallery of Celebrities who had been on their lines, when she told us a rather fascinating story about Christopher Reeves. Reeves had been on lines in CCNY and had apparently made the statement that he attributed in part to CCNY, his success in getting the lead in Superman. Apparently he had a lot of hours paid for at CCNY, when he came to Hollywood, and wanted to continue his auditing in CCLA. CCLA insisted that either the money he had paid into CCNY be passed over to CCLA or that Reeves buy additional auditing with CCLA. Of course, the FBO would have made sure that CCNY no longer had the money and so could not be remitted to CCLA. When CCLA refused to deliver what had been paid for, Reeves was furious and stormed out of CCLA and scientology. And without scientology, went on to be a real success.

My own experience was with AOLA, I had paid for up to OT3 at AOLA, to the Tours Org in Sydney. When I joined the SO and got my lower OT levels at Flag, I thought I would use the money paid, for books, only to find out that the money was not remitted to AOLA but instead, taken by the FBO, and that books were a different income flow line. I didn't push it as I did receive my OT levels at Flag.
After I had completed all my training and got things rolling at AOLA and OC, I decided to take in a trip to Tijuana on a liberty. This was a key event in my departure from the CofS. I went by train as I didn't yet have my van, besides which many advised me that if you have an accident in Mexico, you lock your car up and give your keys to an attorney, whether you were in the right or not, otherwise you would end up in jail! Urban myth? In sections of the train journey, the tracks are less than 50 yards from the ocean and no more than 10 to 20 feet higher, or that's how it seemed.

Before we got to this section of the railroad, we passed a spot on the ocean side of the tracks where a number of caravans, campervans and kombis were parked, many with tarpaulins being used as awnings. There would have been ten or so and it was totally informal. It reminded me of the campervan I had left at Flag and I decided then to buy another one in LA. I was at that point, where I didn't consider there was a future for me in the CofS, but at the same time I was enjoying myself and so, put off thinking about leaving. But it was there in the back of my mind. I had also decided that when I did go, it would be a blow, not a routing out, as being Exec Strata I would be declared either way!

When we stopped, we were in the middle of a large paved area of some five acres. I sat there waiting when I noticed everyone else was getting of the train. So I quickly jumped off and followed the others some one hundred yards to a building which turned out to be the San Diego railroad station. There I got a ticket to take a modern light rail to San Ysidro on the border. To enter Mexicon we had to walk along a long narrow foot bridge at the end of which one could take a taxi or walk about half a mile. Looking at the condition of the taxis and the way they were driven, the majority including me, elected to walk.

The two items I purchased, I still have. I bought a Victorinox Champion swiss army knife with everything for $US27 after some haggling which retailed in LA for $US85 and a black leather bag for $US2. With the knife, he charged me sales tax of $US2, and I was too slow to realize that there was no sales tax in Mexico, but still an incredible deal.

I was walking past a beer garden where two Americans were boasting how they ripped the Mexicans off on some item, I don't recall what it was, but the price they had paid was much higher than what they could have paid at another market. So it was a win-win there! They were laughing at the Mexicans and the Mexicans were laughing at them.

I was reflecting on my time in LA, when I realized that I had omitted any mention of my marriage, other than that I had a wife. Yet there some aspects which were not particularly personal, but did reflect the Sea Org community behaviour and attitudes.

In Australia, where I was a registered celebrant, I was responsible for determining whether the couple satisfied all legal requirements to marry. In Florida, this is done by the County Court, in fact, I was able to officiate a marriage myself. In our, Maria and myself, wedding in February 1984 Jon Wooten, a NOTs FESer, performed the service. John passed away in 1986 or '87 from a massive heart attack. The witnesses were Luba Kywa and Edward Gellatly, who passed away from cancer in 1985 and who was also NOTs case level. The wedding was held in the Hour Glass restaurant in the Fort Harrision Hotel, and as Edward had a close relationship with the chief steward, we were supplied with a wedding cake and a simple wedding breakfast to celebrate, with the compliments of the house. The Hour Glass was then if not still, the premier restaurant. Sometimes having the right contacts, can be nice. Did I say sometimes?

As an aside, in Australia (and England) a wedding cake is made from a fruit cake, which 50% fruit consisting of raisins and currants with some citrus fruit peel and glace cherries, with a firm marzipan frosting, and absolutely delicious. Our wedding cake looked the same and I was astonished to find it was made with sponge cake and a sugar frosting, and I was told that's how they all are in the US. I feel sorry for all married Americans who did not enjoy a fruit cake wedding cake.

When I became a Flag auditor, I was assigned no buddy and had to find my own way to the FSO dining room, which was separate from other orgs on the base and given to the FSO by Hubbard. Within a couple of years, it was being renovated and then used as another restaurant for the public. However, I got myself a plate of food and looked around for a seat. I found a seat at what I was to find out, was the FESers table. I asked if I might join them, and the following meal Maria turned up. She was married to a public and was going through a divorce. It was about 18 months later that we got married. While many get married in the Sea Org to escape living twelve in a room, this wasn't our primary motivation.

The pleasure of having own space, was amazing. I saw some unexpected couplings my first couple of years, and then I understood! For our first night, we were given a room in an old motel purchased by the CofS in Cleveland Street, which is the major cross street to Fort Harrision Ave, about half a mile up. Then we were moved into a temporarily vacant room, the occupiers were away, in the Grey Moss building. The Grey Moss was an old guesthouse, directly opposite the Fort Harrison Hotel. It was a very old timber building whose foundations had sunk at various points, to various depths. We were on the second floor and the hallway went up and down at angles of up to 30 degrees. Of course most of the door sto the rooms had triangular pieces added to the top and bottom so they would fit!

The CofS eventually bought the building and the Super Power building stands on its site. After a couple of nights in the temporary room, we were moved to another room at the end of the hallway parallel to Fort Harrison Ave, overlooking the road. We shared a bathroom with another room which contained three girls, FLB (the estates org) executives! Using the shared bathroom you would lock the other door and one of the girls would keep forgetting to unlock our door! When the Hacienda was purchased, we got a room there, with our own bathroom. What luxury! The Hacienda was a large development consisting of a number of apartment buildings, with four apartments in each, and all staff except those with children, were relocated to the Hacienda. During my time as Snr C/S EUS, I would come to Flag for my crammings, and spend a couple of nights with Maria. I also did two missions to Tampa, and again stayed with Maria.

There is one activity which permeated my experience in scientology, but I haven't yet looked at. Sport is an important part of the Australian way of life and rugby is an important part of sport. In Sydney Org in the late seventies, we had a number of very good football players on staff such as Greg Tweedy, Billy Gray, and Shane McSweeney, then there were others like myself who simply enjoyed playing. All the guys got together and formed a team to enter a touch football competition with Harry Bloomberg as our coach.

At Flag in around 1985, the Chief Officer, John Danilovich decided to stage a soccer match of FSO staff, with the Europeans versus the rest of the world and I was one of them. The Europeans won! After the match, I got into my van and drove up Chestnut Street on the wrong side of a divided road. Someone was coming towards me, and I said to myself, "What's that stupid idiot doing!" I turned left at the next street, still on the left hand side of the road, saw cars parked facing me, and suddenly realized I was on the wrong side, I was in the US, not Australia. How embarrassing!

Soon after, Ian Brown who I think was in FSO's HCO, was a Canadian who played rugby, and rounded up all those interested in playing rugby. Even though I was 49, I couldn't let this opportunity go. We formed a team, called the "Saints", and played against the University of Southern Florida (Tampa), St Petersburg, University of Miami and a couple of others. This competition was of a similar standard of second division rugby in Sydney. I was ref for the match against USF, and then played in the match against St Petersburg. (This next sentence is only for those who know something about rugby. I started on the wing then when the half got hurt I moved in there, and when the hooker got hurt I moved in there.) I discovered there were many muscles I didn't know existed, the body was aching all over. After the match, I was ordered by she-who-must-be-obeyed, Maria, not to play again, as it was much too dangerous. I obeyed, but in reality, it is not as dangerous as it looks.

BTW, before I went to EUS, Ian Brown and Debbie Cook got married, and I can remember Alain Kartuzinski, then my Lead C/S, saying to Debbie then an auditor, "What's happening Debbie? You were a cookie and now you're a brownie!" Well, I thought it was clever, anyway.

Finally, when I was in PAC, in the UC, I would join a group of Ex-pat Aussies and play touch football during CSP.

Me and my Van

As I sit here, more and more experiences come to mind, but none seemed particularly significant, at this time. So I thought I would wrap up Mate's Story, outlining what happened after I blew. I remember talking to one of the FSO course supervisors about RTC wanting me to become Cont Snr C/S EUS, and I made the observation of when I'm confronted with a change, how I tend to look at all the implications and see an outline of what would be my future. This did not occur on my blowing, I had given no thought to my immediate or even long term future. I just simply had to get out. And this I did.

After I left PAC, I found myself in Glendale, and my first consideration was that I had too much stuff in the Van and with this particular layout of the campervan, there was nowhere to hang my clothes. I spent the first few days, installing hanging space, installing a small fridge and a porta potty, installing an independent battery system, mounting a small TV with radio and mounting a storage container on the roof. I also filled the water tank and the LPG tank.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself, I drove off to no where in particular. I ended up in Burbank and had decided I needed to get a job and generate income. Fortunately, I had a Green Card but I realized I didn't have an address, which reminded me of the mail box I had in the store opposite AOLA in Fountain Street. So I looked and found one in Burbank and got myself an address. I also picked up a mail box at the Burbank post office.

My first job was putting out flyers, then I got Insurance Solicitor License and then a Life and Disability Certificate. I had almost completed a Real Estate Brokers course, when the motor in the Van blew up. I had just sufficient funds to return to Sydney or replace the motor. I returned to Sydney picked up a telemarketing position and then opened up a health food store.

I did return briefly to Clearwater, not Flag, to see my wife Maria. This was quite interesting and I will cover it in my next posting.

Before I end Mate's Story, there was one final incident.

When I arrived back in Sydney, I found myself a room in the historic Rocks area in Sydney, which is at the city end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was to be my home for two years. Shortly after I arrived and after failing to secure a teaching position, and realized that 55 year olds were not in demand, I picked up a telemarketing position with a museum, with the objective to get my own business going. I then contacted various members of my family, only to find Maria, my wife, had been writing to my Dad. They had been getting on well together, which pleased me but also surprised me.

It surprised me because my Dad was a Belfast protestant and used to reminisce with my uncle about the fights they had had as kids against the local catholic boys. When I was about ten, I used to play football with a boy about five houses up our street, and one day Dad pulled me aside and said, "Don't get too close to Michael, he's a catholic." It was after that that I heard him and my uncle reminiscing, and began to understand. It pleased me because I now had a way of communicating with Maria.

After 12 months, my annual leave came up and I was off to Clearwater to see Maria. I booked into a motel called the Palms on the Gulf to Bay Blvd and then called security at the Hacienda to leave a message for Maria to contact me at the motel. As would be expected, two MAAs arrived and tried to handle me, rather unsuccessfully. They then tried 'she didn't want to see me', which I pointed out wasn't true, in fact, she was expecting to see me. They then claimed that she was on ethics lines and couldn't see me. My response was that she was my wife and I had travelled half way around the globe to see her and as she was expecting me then I could only assume she was being held against her will, which is a felony, and that I had no intention of leaving until I saw her. They left agreeing that she would be "allowed" to come and see me the following night.

Maria wanted to see me because she really wanted to enter a convent and become a nun and the particular Order in Puerto Rico she wanted to enter, did not recognize her scientology marriages and would arrange for our marriage to be annulled. After Maria left FSO, she did make a brief visit to Sydney with all the details and also to meet my Dad.

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