Messiah or Madman

No human being exists who was closer to L. Ron Hubbard throughout his entire adult life. Ronald DeWolf aka L. Ron Hubbard Jr., Hubbard's oldest son who co-authored this book is among the few living who spent a substantial stretch of time with him. Mary Sue Hubbard (Hubbard's third wife) is another, but she is not talking. During the critical formative years of Dianetics (the forerunner of Scientology), Hubbard was married to Sara Northrup, his second wife.

An intelligent, literate and credible woman, Sara spoke with Bent Corydon shortly before the publication of this book. It was an exclusive interview. Fearing for the safety of her daughter, she had said nothing publicly for thirty-five years regarding her former husband. She agreed to speak to Corydon because Hubbard had died, lessening the threat, and because of her confidence in her attorney, who encouraged the interview.

Ron Jr. left the organization and his father in December 1959. Bent Corydon joined Scientology in 1961. Corydon was a member of the Church of Scientology for some 22 years and became one of the most successful "mission holders" (a non-profit Church "franchise" holder), building up the worlds largest single Scientology mission in Riverside, California, and also another in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Riverside mission occupied a forty thousand square foot building and, at its peak, had 180 full-time staff.

During this time he made many close friends, some of whom held high positions in the Church where they spent thousands of hours working personally with Hubbard.

In 1976 Hubbard secretly moved to Riverside County, near Corydon's mission, setting off a maelstrom of events which eventually swept Corydon and others towards a confrontation with Hubbard; events which helped expose a great many of his secrets to view.

This combination of people and events has finally made the telling of this amazing story possible.

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