The Mind Benders

The author's experience of Scientology stretches over a period of 14 years from when it was a little known and interesting form of psychotherapy, to September 1968 when he was declared an S.P. (Suppressive Person). This meant that he was considered 'Fair Game'. As Sir Elwyn Jones Q.C. said in the recent Scientology libel case, S.Ps. 'could be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist. He could be tricked, sued or lied to, or destroyed.' The direct cause of this action was the breakdown of the author's marriage and separation of his children.

Mr. Vosper, who was a senior official at the Scientology H.Q. at Saint Hill, East Grinstead, Sussex, believes that it is time for a close and accurate inspection of Scientology so that people know the full facts before they consider joining it.

This is less a book than a stick of dynamite. Never before has there been an inside report on Scientology. The public have, so far, only vague newspaper reports and rumours to put against the sophisticated propaganda of the Scientologists.

In Scientology, sometimes conveniently referred to as the Church of Scientology, the former science-fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard has constructed a world-wide network of organisations in such a manner as '... to pull the society under us'. Meaning that his long-term goal is for the entirety of the human race to be controlled, albeit benevolently, by him and his followers.

Unlike other fads and eccentricities of the past, Scientology is not a purely comic subject that appeals to those who need some sort of belief. It is far more comprehensive and frequently harmful.

Scientology was founded by former science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. It has grown into an international cult whose network of cells is devoted to 'pulling the society under us'.

At the end of the Sixties, Cyril Vosper was declared a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON to his fellow Scientologists, whereby he could be 'deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist - tricked, sued or lied to, or destroyed'. Finally he was declared in a condition of ENEMY. His marriage broke down and he was separated from his children.

Vosper has struck back with this book. It immediately became subject to a writ from the Scientologists seeking to restrain its publication. After a bitter court action, the Scientologists have lost their case.

Cyril Vosper joined the Church of Scientology when it was still an eccentric, little-known form of psychotherapy in the mid-1950's. In later years he became a senior official at Scientology's British H.Q. in Saint Hill, East Grinstead, Sussex. All other biographical details of interest are in the author's work itself; in part a confession, in the main an individual's self-affirming act of resistance.

Researched to the last chilling detail, clinically authentic yet often ablaze with riotous observations on a world gone mad, the book you have in your hands is now "clear". Following the unsuccessful litigation against it, The Mind Benders invites you to participate in a (legally) mind-bending paperback experience.

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