My recruitment into the SO - EXCMO

Well, I might as well start at the beginning (wow, great idea). I was born into a scn family, so I was familiar with all the basic stuff from a very early age (assists, etc.). Then, when I was 6 I did the Purif RD —later I wondered what real benefits could I get from that at such an age.

However, that was my first "completion". I went on to take several more courses at a local org (Class IV org at that time) and became a Book 1 auditor when I was 7 or 8. At the time, "my thing" was to become a Class IV auditor, such urge probably stemming more from the fact that my mother was one than from real understanding.

Yeah, I had read the basic books and applied study tech in school, but I cannot honestly say that I had a full knowledge of what I wanted to do in scn. It just sounded "right", and since my mom positively beamed everytime I said to someone else I wanted to be an auditor, my feeling of "rightness" became stronger.

So I went on and took more courses. One of those days, I walked by a real nice poster (maybe some of you remember them) hanging on the wall at a hallway in the org. It had a blue background with stars, galaxies and the whole nine yards. In that poster, written with elegant gold letters, was the Sea Org contract (SO symbol, seahorses, "Revenimus" and all that).

Since I knew my basics well, reading "One billion years" and "Getting ethics in on this planet" didn't sound all that outrageous. So, out of curiosity I asked the ED of the org about it. I can't recall his exact answer then, but a few days later I found myself, along with my mother and stepfather, talking to a recruiter. I later found that he had a high post at Cont level and that he already had my mother in his prospects list, so I think I was guilty of speeding up the process. LOL.

The amount of lies told at that interview was incredible. The SO experience was portrayed to us as a wonderful thing. I was promised I could continue going to school and finish my education and that we would have an italian chef cooking for us. Yes! An italian chef¡ You can imagine my surprise when I ended up helping cook for the entire base crew while doing my EPF.

We were also told that we would have an apartment for the three of us, so arriving to a not-so-clean berthing space with bunks and people crammed into small rooms was also a big surprise. My family was not rich, but we lived quite comfortably and had a nice apartment. I was used to a very different standard of living.

After completing my EPF I went into post as an expeditor for an executive area (please excuse me if I don't give many details yet). A little time later I was doing a lot of compilation and CIC functions for my unit.

My mother and stepfather were sent to LA for training and I went with them. But I was not given study time and was put as expeditor there. There's not much to say about that particular period except that the Christofferson case was becoming a real problem for the church and we went to the "Battle of Portland" for a couple of months. I later got my campaign ribbon for that.

When we went back to LA I was still not getting any study time and had too much free time in my hands, so I'd get into ethics trouble now and then and I even had my share of face ripping from Jeff Porter aka "Cowboy" who was in PAC security.

We went back to our Cont and I went back to what I was doing before leaving. However, I was still getting into ethics trouble (not to make myself look better, but I was getting into small things, such as any other kid my age would). Still, "ethics and justice" were harsh and I was sent to the Children's RPF (there was only one other RPFer in my cont, and he was an adult). This was like a very bad joke. I had no study time at all, no auditing, nothing. Just heavy MEST work every day, a crappy berthing space (a room for two persons on the roof of the building with rats and water leaks) and zero comm with anyone except the other RPFer, who was not getting any study or auditing.

I asked for a Board of Review or a Comm Ev or some kind of action for months. Nothing happened. I petitioned. No response. After some months, the most stupid thing happened. There was a missionaire sent from SMI to my cont with no msn 2nd and with orders to get one once she arrived to the cont. I was "reprieved" from the RPF with no further actiion taken, briefed and fired with this missionaire as Msn 2nd. The funny thing was that I wasn't even trained as a missionaire! Things were weird.

Anyways. I went on this "Mission". The idea was to recriut people as Mission Holders to be sent to different countries and open/revive missions there. I made up a "recruitment kit" full with LRH references on the importance of being in staff (you know the story: "we're the only ones who can save the planet", "do nothing and you are condemning mankind to oblivion", etc.) to make people feel real bad if they didn't sign up and personally closed around 12 persons to go to eight different countries.

The mission ended as a "raving success" and got a two page commendation for it. I went back to post in my original org and that bogus RPF assignment was not mentioned again until 1989 (more on that later).

At some point someone thought it would be a good idea if I started recruiting for the SO. I was discontent with some of the things happening there, but I was very "on purpose", so I went ahead. (Can you imagine a 12 year old SO recruiter? ).

Every time I asked about my school I got the same answer: "Let's see next year, since you already missed this year's period." So I kept my illusions and went on recruiting. I did close four persons in two months. Two stayed in my org, one blew and the other was used as a "coin" to trade for someone else who was qualified.

To be continued…

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