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Back in 1976, I was still wet behind the ears as an SO member, just two years in. But, I had won favor with Mark Ingber and I was placed on a special project with Sue Price, (who later sent out the my SP Declaration, by the way) Cirrus Porter, and Jesse Prince.

This project was for the CMO. The four of us were given a large office in the complex, and a very interesting task to fulfill. We were placed out of FOLO or Flag jurisdiction, and given the authority of the CMO to carry out our mission.

The mission was to obtain information on every staff member in the PAC area.

The information was collected first by way of a survey. Then by Sec Checking.

Examples of the information that were required on the survey:

Have you every been arrested?....when? Full discription required dates and all information on what was done.

Have you ever stolen anything from any one at any time in your life?, Leave nothing out (whether you were caught or not)

List all occassions on which you have engaged in sexual relations, list who you had sex with and list any deviant acts such as sodomy or other acts.

List any cases of deviant sex such as masterbation or homosexual relations.

List all familiy members, list any family members that are antagonistic to Scientology.

List all friends....list all friends past and present that are antagonistic to Scientology.

List all former jobs, all overts against former jobs, all former schools, all overts against former schools, list all overts against the church, all overts against your family, all overts against the police, ove any other authority...

It goes on and on. We left no stone unturned.

We executed the data collection from every staff member. Each questionaire was scrutinized. Any that appeared glib were set aside so that the information could be obtained by more aggressive means. Interrigation or Sec Check.

Day after day, month after month....we milled over the data. We knew things about the people of Pac that noone had a right to know.

I want to get it off my chest. I have this withhold and have had it for many years.

We would read the data on who had sex with who, and how the sex act was done OUT LOUD to each other when we found one that interested us. We would laugh about it and make jokes about many cases of homosexual acts and acts of masterbation and the methods that were used to masterbate. We would make jokes about who had sex and what kind of sex they had and with whom. Every detail was available to us because the staff were forced to report all of this this information to us.

Nothing was allowed to be private...personal. Secret. The indignity of it in some cases was embarrassing.

It makes me sick that I was that arrogant. To laugh and joke around about things that I really (humanely) had no right to know.

I felt proud to be working for the CMO. I felt quite the big shot.

Recently when I cross checked my name with Jesse Prince, his affidavit came up. He mentioned this project. It appears that Jesse too felt remorse. Because while we believed that we were doing something very important for the Church.....we were in fact helping them to build up amunition that could later be used to DA (Dead Agent) or destroy the reputation of anyone who could at at later timne speak out against Scn or the SO.

The surveys were attested to and signed by the originators.

Sometimes, when I look back, I remember the fun that we had, how we all became very close....locked away in that room milling over files for months on end. But from my perspective now, in my innocence....I contributed to something I regret being a part of.

Anyone out there that I laughed at, or made fun of, or who was harmed in anyway from this data.....

I wish I could take it all back, and burn those F#cking files. I am sorry for my arrogance.

This is a true and honest account.


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