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Let me tell you how I escaped from the base, despite all the razor wire, ground mikes, guards and the like. My freedom was short lived, but I almost made it to the Jack in the Box for a colossus burger!

There is a gate, from one of the parking lots that goes directly across the highway. On the other side of the motorpool from MCI. You were not meant to use the gate, you were to go around and through the tunnel under the highway. There must be no LRH reference on how to cross a road, so we didnt!.

But its the quickest way from OGH to the motorpool area, where I was doing manual labor. There is a camera there, and the guys from the security box can also open the gate. I had been taken through there a couple of times, and I had seen the combo used to unlock it.

After a couple of weeks or so, RTC got bored with my cycle, and had moved on to the next flap. So nothing much was happening and the weeks were just slipping past.

Partly this was because I had said I wanted out of the SO, they had all the info they wanted from me, what I wanted from them (do the steps to get out) was not that important to them.

I had been under watch, but those guys got pulled into something else too. So I spent most of my time alone, doing various things in the motorpool area. Security still had to come escort me to/from OGH and for meals and to go to the canteen etc. Just in case I spoke to someone.

My cycle was going nowhere. The security guy handling my cycle had really tried to get it moving again. He even got a non-RTC auditor to continue my sec checks, and was trying to get someone to help me with other parts on my program.

This was a bad idea. I thought you could say anything to an auditor in session. No you cannot. Especially if its about what Lord and Lady Miscavige are doing. Even if the auditor is a class XII (she was), not to be trusted with this information. This was a major flap, I think the auditor even got in trouble too.

Also I was a bit down, because RTC had sent down my "mail". What my "mail" contained was a heap of KR's (knowledge reports, ie reports written about the bad things I had done) written on me by other staff in the org, these were written a month or so before I got them.

To get it all in one go, and with not one person having a good thing to say about me was a bit much. It was hard to think clearly then. But now I now that when you are ordered to write KRs by an RTC mission, trying to stand up for the person is futile.

So no light at the end of the tunnel, only someone from RTC could finish off my cycle, and they had already moved onto something else.

So after dinner one night I decided to make a break for it. First, Jack in the Box, then maybe a bus down to LA, where my wife was. Then, well I didn't know what then, but that was a good enough start.

So I walked up to the gate, quickly punched the combo in and walked out. Then left, left, over the dry river bed and I made my way down the opposite side to the road, and from there into Hemet.

If I had kept to the back streets, I would have made it to the bus station. But I had been noticed missing and the search party was already on my tail. And I wanted that burger, they picked me up near the Jack in the Box. I could almost smell it!

The food I was given during this handling, and in fact all the time I was in the SO was decent. Nothing like what I have heard from other ex-SO types. I only had rice and beans a couple of times, and that was punishment for something or the other, the org was never on rice and beans.

But something different would have been good. And I liked those Jack in the Box burgers.

Anyway, security got me back in the car and we went back to the base. I met a different auditor from RTC and my cycle started to move again. I think it might have been three months in total that I was up there.

Though my wife got put under watch for a while too. Just in case I made it down there. But it sure got things moving again, I even got a trip into town to buy some clothes. Winter was coming and it gets cold up there.

- pelagic

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