Sly and Tall Edgy Lurks by Brian Ambry

Sly and Tall Edgy Lurks by Brian Ambry

“White Scientology”
L. Ron Hubbard’s mostly early (1950s) teachings include theories, insights, and techniques which - it could be reasonably argued - constitute a significant contribution in the areas of practical psychology, “Human Potential,” and spiritual exploration. Some people refer to this portion of the subject as “White Scientology.”

The doctrine of Scientology developed into its final form from the mid 1960s through to the early 1980s. It exists in books and taped lectures, and in the materials of various “course packs.” Some of these course packs are “confidential,” such as those for the upper levels of counseling. Also confidential are the materials for the very lowest levels: for “degraded beings” and “salvageable psychotics.” These include the Rehabilitation Project Force technology, or RPF tech.

Another confidential area would be the LRH Personal Public Relations Officer materials. They emphasize that Mankind will survive only through Scientology,and that Scientology will succeed only if “LRH image” and the “Legend of LRH,” are protected, disseminated,and preserved for “eternity.” Quoting LRH PPRO, “For it is Larch’s image on which all the rest of our expansion depends.”

Other confidential course packs include policy and tech from L. Ron Hubbard on such subjects as lying, harassment, “legal harassment” via frivolous lawsuits, propaganda, covert data collection, and covert “dirty tricks” operations.

According to Hubbard, “Essentially, a covert operation is intended to embarrass, discredit or overthrow or remove an actual or possible opponent. It’s a small war being carried out without its true source being revealed.”

Documents in this area include Hubbard’s voluminous Information (Intelligence) Full Hat, and his Branch One (Intel) Hatting (job training) Letters.

These and other Intelligence tech materials became public in 1980 as a result of Criminal Court case No.78-401, United States District Court, Washington, DC.

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