Are You Still 'In' And Lurking Here?

Are You Still 'In' And Lurking Here?


If you are please ask yourself if what you've seen at other places around the net is "really" the activity of people paid off by psychiatrists. Please think about whether or not every "ex" really is "really" someone the Church truly needed to get rid of to advance itself. Think about it. There are ex-Scientologists right here on this forum who are very sad to admit that the "fun" left the Church and they wish it hadn't. Some still pursue the tech and remain defenders of its intention and its purposes.

When someone from the outside questions your beliefs, why is it that an attempt to discuss the questions rationally rarely ever happens? Why do fewer and fewer people inside the Church ever seem willing to back up their argument with rational discourse? Is saying "we are not a turn-the-other-cheek religion" really the most effective way to answer critics? And have you ever asked why, exactly, it is necessary for a Church to sue people who are critical of their beliefs?

Do you think religions that have survived for thousands of years got that way because they litigated over the beliefs of their group relative to the disagreements of those outside? Did Buddha ever hire a Private Investigator to go after people who weren't buying his take on things?

Is it really necessary to tell a person they have to believe everything as 100% infallible in order to be allowed to call themselves a Scientologist? Wouldn't it be better to have open doors that had people come and go determined by the things going on in their lives at the moment, to be amenable to the feelings and concerns of others before demanding total obedience?

Have you ever felt the idea of pseudo-naval uniforms was a little weird for a Church?

Haven't you ever seen a Clear or an OT with a head cold, an allergy, a rash, or a persistent medical condition that really actually never seems to totally go away?

If you are on staff, have you ever wondered why, no matter what you do, any time you ask about the pay you are told that is something completely your responsibility - yet the idea that the Church is incredibly wealthy never crosses your mind?

There may be other questions you've always wondered about, but didn't ask yourself because it put a long-standing decision you've made in a condition of danger or doubt. But is questioning the act of an enemy or someone looking to learn?

Are there any people nearby who are willing to tell you how bad their children or their parents are and how they never bother with them any more? Have you ever looked at a kid in the care of the Church, whose parents are busy working for the Church, who doesn't seem to have that spark or that native curiosity in their face?

Have you been looking at the way you appear in even your own Church-sponsored photos? Have you noticed how down, or sad, or even mean Scientologists look in comparison to other people? have you really looked at the faces and seen what you're looking at?

There is something going on that is very wrong. You may have felt it. You may have considered it and buried it. Why have commands from higher up crossed normal comm lines? Why are people who were in leadership positions so inactive? Where are the people who got you to join?

And where are the new people, younger people, joining fresh from the public? Why has that dried up? Why are there so many sec checks? Why does your org close down once a month?

What has your leadership, since the death of LRH, done to pull all this in? Do you really think it is a conspiracy of psychiatry and drug companies, whose businesses Scientology has actually done precious little to change after all this time?

Why has it taken you so long to Clear the planet? Are your "enemies" stronger? Too strong? Why isn't PTS/SP "shattering" their suppression? Why are there more and more voices rising against your position and your beliefs?

What's happening that you missed?

Please think about it. No pressure - just keep your eyes open. Find out for yourself.

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