Who was Mary Sue Hubbard?

The Church of Scientology has been very silent about her existence since the early 80's. And even when she died in 2002, the Church of Scientology gave no notice whatsoever about that happening to its parishioners. What did happen though is that her name silently disappeared out of the listing of contributors in the magazine ‘Impact’ (periodical from the International Association of Scientologists). Still she had been married for so long with the founder of Scientology, and was there on his side during all these rough developing years of Scientology as early as 1951.

It is also acknowledged that she even helped to coin the word “Scientology”. This is noted in a brochure about Mary Sue Hubbard issued in 1967. This is also noted in ‘The Auditor 21’, [Sept 67]. Then it is fact that she was selected as one of the Trustees on the very first incorporation of the Church of Scientology (and 2 other churches) in New Jersey signed and sealed 18 December 1953 and filed and recorded 4 days later. The other 2 Trustees selected were L. Ron Hubbard Sr. and John Galusha (for details and various other info see my page :

“Introduction to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard”, chapter “The founding of the ‘Church of Scientology’ and its ‘Creed’”).



"The adventure of self-discovery through Scientology is the most exciting and rewarding anyone can experience. Through Grades of Processing, the complexities and aberrations fall away and one is again himself - unique amongst all others, with experience and abilities available for which one dreamed, yet dared not to hope as possible. And one is Clear.

To those enroute, the high adventure lies ahead. Take courage - the Road is sure and the chains are no longer forever binding.

To those who are Clear and going OT I am proud to be with you - we have much to do and the future is ours.

To my dear husband, auditor, teacher and our Founder go my thanks and acknowledgement for having given the most precious gifts of Freedom and true Beingness to me and my fellow Man. Without him, none of this would have been possible; and so to Ron goes my everlasting gratitude for having provided for all of us the Road to Clear."

Mary Sue Hubbard talking about her Clearing.