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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Command Channels of Scientology – LBV

It seems the command channels of Scientology cannot be found anywhere on the net, so I figured this omission should be handled.

The structure is one of the most complex and convoluted organizational structures known to man and aliens, and for those not familiar with the endless acronyms of Scientology it may be hard to follow this.

Nevertheless, here it is. The dotted lines indicate organizations or units that used to be there or exist mostly in theory, not in actual practice. The red lines indicate some of the command channels that should not exist, were the Church to follow their legal corporate structure. "COB Office" is not an organization per se, but the top unit that consists of COB and a bunch of secretaries, communicators and typists.

The diagram is fairly close to the "official" church command channels setup, with some modifications to show what the actual command channels that are being used are, and where CST, ASI and IASA which are not included in the official chart fall in all this, which make this the most accurate chart that exists.

Welcome to the brilliant simplicity of the workable synthesis of LRH tech and DM insight.



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