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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Part 3

In Part 1, I described my first contact with Scientology. In part 2, I detoured to examine the emotional impact of leaving the cult. I now look at my first "service".


Having signed my 5 year contract, and full of enthusiasm to "save the planet", I went into Cape Town Org the following evening. G told me that my first step was the Purif. (Purification Rundown, an excersize, vitamin and sauna program designed to flush out drugs and radiation from the body). I was a bit skeptical about this - how did this address spiritual issues? G explained that spiritual progress was impeded by residue drugs and radiation. I bought it (in both senses of the word, it cost me R1500).

My ex left for Johannesburg for 3 weeks to complete a work project. Two nights later, after a medical check-up by a specifed doctor, I arrived to begin the Purif. I was given a vast quantity of vitamins, including niacin, and told to go jogging until I felt a prickly sensation. I did this, and then returned. G was waiting for me, and said : "Right. You are the new HAS." "The WHAT?" "HAS - Hubbard Area Secretary. Read this - it's a Hat write-up (job description) - while you're in the sauna. Spend at least 4 hours in the sauna, and come out when you're feeling good - take water and salt."

Somewhat overwhelmed, I trundled off to the sauna, and started reading my Hat write-up. I didn't understand a word of it. Jargon and terms everywhere. I started feeling panicky as a result. Five hours later, I still didn't "feel good", but gave up and went home. The following night I returned, and continued the program. When in the sauna, I was still trying to make sense of the "Hat write-up" when I started feeling dizzy. I took water and salt. And then I passed out. I was told that I was in the sauna like that for an hour.

I "came to" with a lot of shouting and someone hosing me down with water - I remember the panic on the faces of the staff. Clearly something had gone badly wrong. The next day, people at my place of employment remarked on how pale I was, and I felt shaky the whole day. I returned to the Org that night and stated my reluctance to continue the program. Eventually, I agreed to continue on the understanding that they would check on me regularly to see that something like that did not occur again.

I continued for another 5 nights, and nothing much happened. They attested me (a declaration, made on the e-meter that you have completed a Scn course or program), and asked me to write a success story. I didn't want to, but they said that I had to if I wanted to attest to completion, so I wrote down something about "feeling cleaned up", and that was the end of the Purif.

G had left, in the meantime, having completed his "mission". I said that I was not ready to go on staff, I needed to find out more about Scientology. They were not at all happy about this, but eventually agreed to let me go.


In fairness, I must point out that they did not apply their OWN policy correctly. Firstly, I should have been given the Purification Rundown Manual to read before going on the program. I should have had at least one other person doing the program with me. I should not have been given a "Hat write- up" to read in the sauna. A lot of people have done the Purif - some really enjoyed it, others were indifferent, and others did not like it at all. In mitigation on MY responsibility in the issue was the fact that I was brand new, and did not know that there was a manual to ask to see. I only found that out later.


I am not a doctor, or a scientist, so I am not going to attempt a scientific study here - others have addressed this issue more adequately than I can. However, to my non-scientific mind, the whole credibility of the Purif rests on the premise that Niacin flushes out radiation and drugs. Niacin is nicotinic acid - a vitamin of the B group, which is prepared SYNTHETICALLY in a process that includes the oxidation of nicotine. The toxic effect is the DILATION OF THE VEINS, and this leads to hot flushes - high dosages also lead to abdominal cramps, tiredness and skin blemishes.

Hubbard had this to say about niacin: "Niacin's biochemical reaction is my own, private, personal discovery. In the middle of the 1950's I was doing work on radiation, and I worked out that it must be niacin that operated on radiation...Niacin runs out radiation. The outpoint in medical thinking has been that they thought Niacin itself turned on a flush. Niacin all by its lonesome does not turn on any flush. What it starts to do is immediately run out sunburn or radiation." - From HCOB 1978RB, reissued 31 July 1985, "The Purification Rundown replaces the sweat program."


No-where in this, or other bulletins does Hubbard explain exactly HOW he reached this conclusion - he tells us "he worked it out", but HOW? Where is the evidence and proof of this? I am willing to bet that if you gave someone niacin, who had NEVER been exposed to radiation, they would still turn on a flush, by the mere fact that their veins had been dilated. Also, the fact that something DID go wrong with my particular program, even though it was "off-policy" (not a correct application of Hubbard's policy) raises this question: how can amateurs be allowed to administer this program? Why are there no safety precautions? Who is to say that this program is "safe"? Hubbard, who was neither a doctor, a biochemist nor a scientist, is the sole author of this program. Apparently doctors scrutinised the program, and found it to be rigorous, but not harmful. But again, in the hands of unqualified personnel...... More to follow in Part 4.

Part Four

I have been wrestling with the rest of my story - trying to find some way to omit the spiritual aspects, but I just cannot. I happen to believe in past lives, and I have memories of them that are real to me. Now before some of you dismiss me as yet another "nut", I ask you to take the following into consideration: if something is true, it should stand the test on all levels - physical (material), intellectual (philosophical) and spiritual (metaphysical). If one of these levels is not real to you, then discard that level, and judge my story on the philosophical level - judge the logical consistency of the thoughts presented.


After the Purif, I did not renege on my purpose to save the planet, and so I withdrew for a while to read some books on Scientology (Dianetics, Science of Survival, History of Man, The Phoenix lectures, Scientology 8-80 and 8-008) to get a better grip on the subject. I found the concepts intriguing, and strangely familiar. My ex returned from Johannesburg and we went into Cape Town Org to determine what to do next. I looked at the Grade Chart (the various levels of Scn, divided into two aspects : one on receiving auditing, one on learning how to audit others). I liked the part about learning how to audit others, and I was interested in the level of Clear Certainty Rundown (CCRD).

They did various tests, assessed my IQ, and did an OCA (Oxford capacity Analysis - a personality test), and then we looked at the results. My IQ score was high, and the OCA showed no area needing attention. They then asked me some questions on the e-meter. I told them that I thought I was "Clear" already. The net result was that I was told my next step was the CCRD, which could only be delivered in Johannesburg, and that I should buy an auditor training package. I did (it cost me R8000, I took out my first loan from the bank - fortunately I did not need to buy an e-meter, books or tapes - that would have added another R11 000 to my bill). THIS was how I was going to save the planet - at last I could channel that urge I had to heal people, spiritually.


I walked into the Academy. All I will say at this stage is that it was very, very familiar to me, and I fitted in with ease. The Student Hat teaches you how to study - clearing up misunderstood words, demonstrating concepts in clay, etc. I enjoyed it. The only part I didn't like is that if you had a question, the Course Supervisor never answered it, he showed you a Hubbard policy. This is to avoid "Verbal tech" - ONLY Hubbard's policy is allowed. I passed the exam with 100%.


After completing the Student hat, there was a great push on the release of a new course, the "Key to Life" - which was THE answer to communication. On completion of this course, you were meant to be able to fully "duplicate" (understand) others, and have others "duplicate" you. The course cost R6000, I didn't feel like taking out another loan, and frankly, I didn't feel I really needed it, communication being one of my stronger points. However, I ended up converting the money from my auditor training package, at the insistence of the Reg. (Registrar - one who gets you to buy courses).

The materials of the Key to Life Course are confidential. It is a long course, and has to be done with a "twin" (study partner - you are responsible for getting each other through the course). All I can say is that one of the books is called "The new Grammar" - and I can say this, because some promo showed a picture with the cover of the book removed - so draw your own conclusions. (As an amusing aside - the Key to Life promo was glitzy - one of the pictures showed a husband and wife fighting, then doing the course, then being all happy.

My ex and I started to twin on this course, and we had so many disagreements that they had to separate us, and twin us each with someone else. It was quite funny, because we went in all happy, and at the end of the course, we were fighting like cat and dog. I don't attribute this to the course, though, there were other things going on). I emerged from this course with an ability to "duplicate" alright - I could duplicate Hubbard's policies with lightening speed.

However, I noticed that my ability to read any other material was definitely lessened. I happened to be studying an additional course through a correspondence University here in South Africa (already had a degree and a post-grad qualification, this was just for interest). When I wrote my exam on this course (Business Economics), I passed with the lowest mark I had ever received in my life - 52%!! I was horrified! (Never had anything below 72% before).


Without going into too many details, it is relevant to mention that by this stage my marriage had deteriorated badly. My ex was Clear, trained to Level 0, had become very unhappy in his job. He blamed me for everything that was wrong in his life, and whenever I completed a Scn course, he said I'd made "no case gain" (no spiritual progress). We fought over money - he earned 3 times what I did (he is in the field of electronics engineering, I in the field of tertiary education, which just does not pay as well), yet I was contributing 50% of the living expenses - when I objected, he replied that "you don't reward a down-stat". He had a brief affair with someone. Etc, etc. The point is, I was under extreme emotional stress at this time - and I was disgusted at my own inability to "handle" the marriage. It was at this point, having completed the Key to Life, that I was asked to join staff again - this time on the TTC (Technical Training Corps) to become an auditor. I had finished courses quicker than anyone in Cape town had before - they were all "impressed" at how quickly I picked up "the think". (This rattled my ex as well - the old ego thing). I will describe my experiences on Staff in Part 5.

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