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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Memoirs of an Ex-Guardian

I am writing of my experience when I was in the Church of Scientology's highest secular order called, "The Flag Guardian's Office." In order to begin this path of commitment you have to hand over your life for the next billion years. This commitment entails reincarnating yourself, lifetime after lifetime, to L. Ron Hubbard's "Sea Organization." Although I wasn't told of how I would find my Sea Org parents in-between lives, however I had faith that the enlightened ones would direct me.

My story isn't meant to harm, harass or even make judgments. The reason I am now sharing my experience is because I never fully recovered from the harmful effects of this experience and fearful of the attacks that the Church of Scientology would wage against me. I believe in order to continue on my path of healing and become whole again I feel it's important now to share my personal experience and shed my long fear of silence.

You see, I was in the Church's Guardian's Office (which is now renamed the Office of Special Affairs) and it was our job to attack, subdue, annihilate any critics or anyone in opposition to the Church of Scientology. I was trained in L. Ron Hubbard's specific policy letters called "The Guardian Orders" which perfected these tools of fear and suppression to silence those who were critical or antagonistic to Scientology. So you see it's much easier for me to not tell this story and pretend that it never happened, than to speak out, be sued, and become the target of L. Ron Hubbard's Black PR campaigns.

When I signed my billion-year contract to the Sea Org, I truly believed what L. Ron Hubbard wrote about and how he was the first spiritual leader in millions of years to have developed "the tech" which will save all mankind and stop the dwindling spiral of planet earth. LRH wrote how there were evil people in the world called S.P's (Suppressive Persons) and they were trying to stop Scientology's goal of "Clearing the Planet." They had to be "removed" so LRH had set up the Guardian's Office with Mary Sue Hubbard as the head Guardian.

I'm sorry to say I was a part of this Scientology Gestapo organization and probably felt much like the Nazi Youth did in pre-war Germany, full of hope, our heads filled with great promises, and willing to do anything for the "Fuehrer." It wasn't until years afterwards that I began to get help and shed these false beliefs and mental programs, which I had so vigorously defended in the name of "truth."

It is my intent, by writing these words, that I come clean and release my chains of fear and guilt. Although my story takes place quite some time ago, the Internet has shown me that nothing much has changed as far as using LRH's policies to annihilate and discredit its critics and promote the awful practice of disconnection of family members to further its quest of clearing the road to Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom."

L. Ron Hubbard wrote volumes of management and technical policies and wavering from them in any way is promised to bring certain "death." We had to get practically every word of LRH's policies checked out using his E-meter, so that never could we stray from doing exactly what he wrote. I personally don't believe that Scientology is capable of much change other than from time to time renaming the various front groups and departments that need re-cloaking.

How It All Started For Me

I was attending San Jose State University as an Aviation Maintenance student from Northrop Institute of Technology in about 1977. I met this girl in one of my classes and she was very pretty and asked me if I wanted to study with her. I met her at the University Student Union where she began to tell me about her dreadful blood disease and how she had to get regular blood transfusions. She said it was a fatal disease however Scientology had this amazing "tech" that would cure her. She said that through Scientology auditing with the E-meter they could release the mental condition that caused this disease in the first place. She said auditing was very expensive but worth anything to save her life. She had asked me to attend one of the San Jose Scientology Mission lectures on "Communication" with her.

It turned out to be a sort of a bait and switch type of lecture. Once we arrived at the Scientology Mission she said she had already seen this lecture and that she would wait outside until it was over. The lecture showed me how I could climb the Scientology Bridge into enlightenment i.e. "Cause Over Life." Wow, I never thought of enlightenment before, nor ever being at cause over life. It was hard enough for me to get through any college courses, let alone think about such "lofty goals." It was a hard sale lecture with intermissions consisting of several "successful" Scientologists who were assigned to me in order to "find my ruin."

Your "Ruin" was something that happened in your past that contained "harmful energy" causing you to make destructive decisions or actions in your life. It wasn't long before at one of the "intermissions" that a Scientologist found my ruin of being a poor college student. Presto, once the lecture was over, a "Registrar" that was assigned to me had me signed up for the inexpensive "Communications Course" of 50 dollars. Pretty soon I realized how messed up I was and how LRH was the messiah with his "tech." I believed that I could cure my aberrations and be set free for eternity! I cashed in my father's endowment that was for college and spent thousands towards these lofty abilities shown to me on the L. Ron Hubbard Bridge to Total Freedom.

The Sea Org

What's it like going from normal fun loving college student to hard core, save the planet type of mentality you may ask? It was intense to say the least, however what a rush and feeling of superiority, power, and purpose in life. I was encouraged by the "Ethics Officer" to disconnect from my mother and girlfriend, as they were "antagonistic" to my being in Scientology. I was told that I can't achieve these states of awareness if I remained connected to people who are "suppressive." So of course I did.

My service contract read one billion years to L. Ron Hubbard's Sea Org Flag Guardian's Office. It was called the Sea Org because Hubbard wanted to remain "Fabian," which meant to always keep moving, as it's hard to hit a moving target. The Sea Org thus started out at sea before it had to find a land base, i.e. The Flag Land Base in Clearwater Florida, although Hubbard still remained Fabian.

I quickly found out that Sea Org members were only allowed one day off every other week (providing your statistics were up - otherwise wait a whole month and retry.) Also your annual vacation was only authorized if you passed all the "Security Checks" (a very special kind of auditing.) If you ever thought of "leaving" or of harmful thoughts about the church you might as well say good by to your vacation until you were "handled." The E-meter was very successful in "reading" people who wanted or even thought of wanting to leave. For the first couple of years I didn't have any problems as I was so gung ho and I was so disconnected from friends and family that leaving was never an issue for me.

I started out my Sea Org contract in the Guardian's Office as an "expeditor" for all the Guardian management departments. It wasn't until I was officially "cleared" with all the necessary "Security Check Auditing" before I could hold a post behind the "locked door." I figured I worked in this expeditor unit for several months. Deva Holeman also worked with me in this expeditor unit as was there for about a year.

In the G.O. you couldn't have any history of drug use, or prior religious connections. Deva had a hard time trying to get into the G.O. for whatever reasons, which we never would talk about (as we were quite afraid to discuss such matters.) Eventually she finally got her petition approved from the Guardian (Jane Kember at the Saint Hill Manor in England) to work inside the "locked door." Jane Kember and Mary Sue Hubbard were the top World Wide Guardians at this time.

It wasn't long after being assigned a position in the Guardian's Office as a Public Relations Officer that Jane Kember was being expedited to the United States for some kind of trial. I never knew exactly what trials were taking place because we were always told, "it's all a bunch of lies designed by Suppressive Persons and Interpol to attack and persecute us." So I'd just believe the story and keep plugging away at my never-ending work.

Nancy Reitze was the Guardian of the Flag Land Base in Clearwater. Milton Wolfe was the Assistant Guardian of Public Relations, with his wife Laura Wolfe as his assistant. The intelligence office or "Info Bureau" was filled with staff; Kora Ritchie or her husband Rich Ritchie was the Assistant Guardian of Intelligence. They also had Doug and Nancy Sadwick who really did the undercover work, which I never was allowed to know. I just remember Doug going to jail for some kind of grand jury investigation and his refusal to cooperate with authorities. I was never allowed to visit Doug while he was in jail. I was told that I was desperately needed to continue my hard work to stop the evil SP's from doing in planet Earth.

Randy Baxter and Molly Baxter also worked in the Info Bureau however Molly took Nancy Reitze's position of the Flag Guardian when Nancy went "over the rainbow" (some secret place where LRH was.) Another lady by the name of Nancy or Diane Bush also worked "Internal Intelligence." Internal Intelligence was really an underhanded way of collecting personal "auditing files" and ethics files of Scientology parishioners.

GO Intelligence staff would go through these folders and look for anyone disaffected or a "possible trouble source" within the church. In the expeditor unit I was always getting parishioner's "Confidential PC Files" for the Internal Info Bureau folks. Info Bureau had tons of files on people inside the Church as well as outside the Church. Whenever a "Dead Agent Package" was needed to discredit any foe of the Church it could easily be prepared with all these confidential files. At first I was shocked that the GO would use trusted or "sacred" personal files against our own people, but in the name of saving the planet it was justified.

I remember John Travolta used to speak publicly how he loved Scientology but didn't like the management. I wasn't in charge of collecting his folders, but I recall being told that he was being "handled" by upper management. It wasn't long before he changed his attitude.

Another lady who really seemed to me to be a "heavy hitter" was Cass Baker. She still works for the G.O. (But now the name has been changed to The Office of Special Affairs). She works at the "secret hideaway" in Twin Peaks, California. I think she now guards all of LRH's Tech in underground tunnels at this mountain resort. Rumor is that LRH's Tech Bulletins are on some golden tablets buried deep inside these tunnels meant to withstand a global nuclear war.

The Legal Bureau was heavily staffed as well. Phillip Parks was the Assistant Guardian of Legal. He had a crew of folks working for him. Enid Parks (his wife), Ted (Wilson?), Peter Conway, Rick Alba, and maybe a couple of others I forget.
I was taught by Milton Wolf in charge of the Flag GO PR Bureau of how to avoid legal service. Our office was upstairs in the Clearwater Building on 500 Cleveland Ave. (I'll be totally amazed if I this is the right address… I really hoped to God I would of forgot these details.)

Basically the person serving legal papers on the church would come to the security desk and ask to see the person who accepts legal service. I would go down and tell whomever that I will deliver it to him/her. I would give the service paperwork to Milton and he would get with Doug and Nancy Sadwick (Info Bureau) open it up and copy it. I would then go downstairs and tell the person that I couldn't find the person. This only happened once while I was on duty.

Then there was the Social Coordination Unit. This unit was the social veneer for the Church. Diane and her husband Randy Bush ran this unit. These folks sent me on various missions. They had to generate "positive press" for Scientology by using front groups like American Citizens for Honesty in Government (ACHG), Narconon, United Churches of Florida, Freedom News Journal, and other groups that I now forget. Deva and I were usually "spokesmen" for these groups and the Social Coordination Dept. had all the letterheads for whatever operation was needed.

I was in the PR Bureau where we would do "LRH Surveys" to find out what the WOG's (slang term for "raw public") hated or really liked. One time it was the IRS. Well then an IRS Campaign was formulated called, "Audit the IRS." Deva and I were sent on cavalcades handing out "Audit the IRS" balloons in front of all the courthouses and federal buildings in southern Florida. The St. Pete Times and the Clearwater Sun carried a lot of this phony PR Stuff and we got lots of "Theta Press Articles" (these were our statistics used for calculating whether we were "upstat" and allowed a day off, or to determine whether we were allowed a Leave in the future.) LRH's Guardian Orders were to out generate the negative press with "theta press." And of course do whatever it takes.

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