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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hello, my name is Chuck Beatty.

I recently (Aug 2004) made several posts, using the name: CE.
I am CE. My name is Chuck Beatty. CE stood for my first and middle names, Charles Edward Beatty. I finally got enough nerve to use my name. Thanks to many people's encouragement, and several other ex-SO member's fine examples, I now speak freely.

My Sea Org time track is 27 years long, and I'm relatively recently fully out (Dec 75 to Mar 03).

Here is a breakdown of my timetrack, and I am open to any and all questions regarding any aspect of my track:

Dec 75 to Mar 77. Tech Training Corps at Flag Service Org. Failed on my route to being Class 12 auditor, got up Level III on the Academy levels.

July 77 to Jul 83 Course Supervisor and Word Clearer for the Org Exec Course at Flag. (I made thousands of acquaintences in my years as a Flag course supervisor, most old-timers know me from these days, when I supervised or word cleared them on various training courses they did at Flag during those years.)

Jul 83 to Oct 87, I assisted on the Routing Forms project that produced the computerized routing forms used in all Class 5 orgs today. (Went to the Int Base, Gilman Hot Springs, outside Hemet California, first in Jul 83, and went there off and on over the next 4 years for routing forms matters)

Nov 87 to Aug 88, Course Supervisor in "retraining," and became the Sec Checker School Course Supervisor, at the Int Training Org, then at the big blue building, known as the "Complex."

Sept 88 to Jan 89, Researcher/Compiler on the Org Exec Course Checksheet project run by Senior C/S Int Office, at the Int Base. Failed on my project.

Jan 89 to Feb 89, Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), the one for the uplines people, situated at Happy Valley ranch, 14 miles from the Int Base, adjacent to the Svoboba Indian reservation. Enjoyed it, but that's me. Thought the people were generally great, both at the Int Base and on the RPF. Much milder than the "bad old days" so horrendously documented on the internet by older-timers than me.

Feb 89 to May 89, Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) at the big blue building, (the "Complex,") in LA. Again, a great time for me. I loved the work. There were 240 plus people on the PAC RPF then. Worked 2 shifts, finishing the renovations on the HGB (Hollywood Guarantee Building, middle management building on Hollywood Blvd, just down the street from the Hollywood Inn).

May 89 to Aug 89, Org Exec Course supervisor, Int Training Org, at the newly renovated HGB building.

Sept 89 to Sept 90, Routing Forms Project under INCOMM LA (and I was once or twice at RTC Int spaces and INCOMM Int spaces also.)

Sept 90 to May 92, INCOMM computer rooms at LA and Int, worked as the night person, doing computer backups and maintenance, then later as the Daytime computer operations officer at INCOMM LA.

May 92 - Aug 95, Author Services Incorporated computer person.

Sept 95 to Dec 95, failed miserably as Exec Establishment Officer ASI.

Dec 95 to Jul 96, deckwork at the Int base. Great work, great people on the decks at that time. Really enjoyed it so much, I would have liked to remain a construction worker there. Had anyone realized this and kept me there, I might not be making this post today.
Jul 96 to Nov 2000, Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), again at the Happy Valley ranch, 14 miles from the Int Base. Really liked this RPF, but hated being kept there against my will. Loved the food, work, people there, scenery, but hated the captivity. (Saw the German news helicopters, and was hiding inside one of the red trailers when those films and photos were taken.)

Nov 2000 to Mar 2003, Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) again back at the big blue building, the "Complex", in LA. Again a great time for me, loved the old complex building, renovating it. Hated with a passion being under constant "watch" for over a year, and I was elated when I finally was free to walk off the property and take control of my life at along last.

Mar 29, 2003 to Jun 2004, I worked in LA, simple job, and read thousands of pages of internet anti-Scn sites. Read all the data on NOTs scholars, all the confidential material, everything. I spent my spare time exploring LA, getting to know the city, hiking all of the mountain ranges around the city. I really got to know the city I had lived in for 22 years, finally.

Jul 2004, I have moved to Pittsburgh, and live with my sister. My plans are to move around to each of my family members, living and working nearby each of them.
I am twice divorced (both my ex's are in the Sea Org and are great women. Ann Halblom Beatty, I think is Dissem Sec or Reg at CC Int. Janet Parker, is Invest Files at OSA Int.)
I will answer any and all questions about any moment in my Scientology history.

I plan to make posts about what I think are the main reasons the Scn movement is not succeeding, compared to its claims, and why I feel they will not suceed, which is why I left.
I've become an agnostic, I no longer hold any Scn beliefs. I am an existentialist, secular humanist (as best I understand those concepts).

I respect almost all Sea Org members still in the SO, and enjoyed working with them. I respect Scn members religious beliefs, but do not share any of them any longer.

I also respect the work of the many people who have created the internet sites and particularly think the work of Gerry Armstrong and Arnie Lerma (while I know posters have all variety of opinions about everyone and every site), have been particularly the most helpful for me. I've spoken to both of them on the phone, and am grateful they have stuck it out, and keep on going. Hats off to them both.
I will answer any and all questions about any moment in my Scientology history.
Chuck Beatty (CE)

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