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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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My Experiences in Scientology
(MPES) Part 10.

I only learned about the existence of these false reports from a friend in Copenhagen who had seen copies of them sent on internal C. of S. . lines (Daniele Lattanzi).

On May 8 1991 I went to the Paris Celebrity Centre to obtain copies of the reports, and, after much persuasion, I obtained them. I wrote immediate requests for correction. No corrections were ever granted, even up to today. In May 1991 Sarit Rosenberg used her position as President of the Celebrity Centre to have issued the "Non Enturbulation Order" she had threatened me with on April 9th. I had not even been in the Celebrity Centre since then except to obtain the report copies. I had not been there to upset anyone. It was merely a continuation of her (and OSA Paris) personal vendetta against me using her official position in the Church of Scientology as a weapon.

In the order Sarit had me "removed" from my franchise position with "W.I.S.E." with no authority to do so, and I thereby lost all the money I paid in for the Charter Committee franchise ($6,000.00) The ethics orders were made public, discrediting my name and reputation falsely and were left posted on the public notice board for months.

More false reports on supposed bad actions I was supposed to have undertaken (all erroneous and based in opinions rather than any facts) were written by staff of Celebrity Centre Paris in May 1991. All of the things I write here are fully documented. They were also included in "discovery" in the Pattinson case in Los Angeles.

Towards the end of May 1991 Sarit started to use the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Paris to wage a "Black P.R. campaign" against both my professional career and my personal reputation. She used her position to interfere actively with my artists association by forcing friends of mine to call me (under threat themselves from Sarit) to tell me that they had been ordered to "disconnect from me" and that they were asking for the immediate refund of the subscription they had paid in to be a member of my association. They said they were happy to be members, but that Sarit had used her post to force them to ask for a refund under duress.

I paid all these people back as they had requested, though it is no business of the Church of Scientology to do such actions as these. The persons concerned were; Noel Hamman, Xavier Deluc, Antoine Tome, Maryline Dupoux and Jacques Leservot. It was through these people, and other friends of mine that were connected to the C. of S. Celebrity Centre Paris that I first heard back, on public, rumor and innuendo lines, the contents of my confessional actions, which were supposed to have been kept in the trust of the C. of S. It was being used to discredit me publicly, even though it had been volunteered as part of church so-called "priest-penitent procedures" and kept on those exact lines.

Suddenly, on May 25th 1991 I got a phone call from Miss McNocher, on the Freewinds ship saying that she had received more reports on me and that the Religious Technology Centre had become alarmed at the contents. She said, in no uncertain terms, that unless I arrived at the Freewinds that weekend (she called Friday afternoon) I would be "declared S.P." (that is the Scientology "excommunication" from the group I had been threatened with earlier by Sarit Rosenberg). Basically, I had to pay for a flight to Nassau, Bahamas, stay a time on the Freewinds ($1,500 per week at the time) and get there the day after next, abandon my work, and pay other costs all because Sarit Rosenberg had written lies about me.

This, in addition to all the other actions taken against me by the C. of S. . were too much, and I had what amounted to a nervous breakdown. I called my parents in England and told them about what was occurring. They offered to send me the money they were just about to use for their summer vacation so I could go to the Freewinds and sort things out. Things were getting crazy but they were about to get crazier. I was a Scientology O.T. 8 celebrity being treated as an "enemy" both for being gay and for forming an artists' association!

OSA's attacks on me, with cooperation of the Rosenbergs, as outlined in the DEPT OF SPECIAL AFFAIRS INVESTIGATOR FULL HAT CHECKSHEET I referred to in a previous posting were being enacted to try to destroy my whole existence but I did not know that at the time. I have only discovered that a few weeks ago (2003, summer).

I managed to arrive at the Freewinds on the Sunday morning. Miss McNocher asked me to write up all the facts that I had on the reports she had received and I spent two days doing that. I wrote the truth. They went to Mrs. Supak. The answer came back as the program I previously mentioned, plus an invalidation of all I had written up as reports, saying that they didn't believe a word I said. Why not? "Because I was gay, therefore supposedly at "covert hostility" on Hubbard's Tone Scale of emotions and those people are liars etc...." What they failed to observe was that writing reports is not a sexual activity (duh) and was not subject to that stupid attribute of "1.1" (covert hostility). Hubbard hated gays as "1.1" and that hate had by then apparently spread to me through robotic staff members.

Sarit had already smashed my reputation on the Freewinds, apparently, in April. I asked for references from the Founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, to back up what was being done. Miss McNocher would not give me any. Instead, as a reaction against my protests against the incorrect "handlings" which were very "non-Scientology" (as there had been-no verification of facts in the reports before acting on them in my disfavor) Miss McNocher said that Margaret Supak had ordered a Committee of Evidence (Scientology's most severe justice committee) against me. Then she ordered me to go back home to Paris and come back to the Freewinds when the Committee was ready to sit and meet me. I requested to be faced with my accusers. This was never granted.

When I got home I wrote to Mr. David Miscavige, the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center in Los Angeles, to ask that the Committee be done in Europe where I could face my accusers and sort the matter out. I got no answer until too late. I was back on the Freewinds on June 25th when his letter arrived transferring the Committee of Evidence to Copenhagen, Denmark. So, I had paid for another trip to the Freewinds for nothing!

I was treated as some kind of "criminal" by the staff on the ship, and the trip was EXTREMELY unpleasant. As I had arrived on the Freewinds I was considered as a "public on board" and counted in the statistics. I was about to leave as I needed to go back to Europe for the Committee of Evidence. Miss McNocher called me into her office and informed me that I could not leave before purchasing 12.5 hours of auditing, ordered by Mrs. Supak. This would cost $7,400. I told her that I absolutely could not afford this, as all the troubles with the church had cost me valuable production time and I had no money to pay for it. This happened in Aruba island on June 26 1991.

She said that my passport would be held back from me until I paid the money. I went to get my passport, as I refused to be held under such "extortion". I did not want to buy the auditing, and I did not have the money to pay for it. The passport officer on the Freewinds refused to give me my passport without the written consent of Mrs. Supak, The only way to get off the ship was to go down to the banks in Aruba and use my credit cards and checks to get sufficient funds to pay the funds demanded. I was given the unwanted and unnecessary auditing for just a couple of hours, on something in which I had no interest, and then I was allowed to leave. They had their $7,400 to count in the week's stats so I no longer was of interest. I was a very, very dissatisfied customer!! It was one of the worst moments of my life.

In August 1991, despite huge financial difficulties from the previous events, I went to Copenhagen, Denmark, for the Committee of Evidence. It went well and promised to be favorable to me, but before it could be published it was cancelled by a church Amnesty in September 1991. All the trouble and expense was for nothing. Even though the Amnesty had, apparently, cleared my ethics file of anything I might have done in the past, in October 1991 the Paris Celebrity Centre resumed their attacks against me. I had started a new business with a Mr. Bruno Spinozzi. We had partnered in a greetings card business using my photography of roses and flowers.

We had just done our first trade show, with some beginning success, and were proceeding to expand the company by further investment. Mr. Spinozzi was called in to the Paris Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre and was told that I was an "undesirable" un-Scientologist, and that he would have to "disconnect" from me or his future in Scientology would be at risk. He was fed false information (totally lies) until he had to give in to their demands. This was done in "HCO" (the Hubbard Communications Office) in the C. of S. . building, Rue Legendre, Paris. Bruno came to see me, saying that he was disgusted at the kind of person I was (from what he had been told at the church), and that he was stopping the business partnership he had with me, and that I should buy him out immediately. This effectively collapsed the business, even though I did make the arrangements to buy him out and let him go. I was then left with the stocks of product and nobody to sell them. This cost me a whole business. It was a deliberate attack on me by OSA.

As the Church's Paris Celebrity Centre was continuing to try to destroy my life, reputation, my business and my friendships, I wrote a request to the Los Angeles Headquarters to request a Committee of Evidence to clear my name. This request was made in October 1991. The Committee was held in Copenhagen in May 1992.

By October 1992 there was still no news of any findings or recommendations by the Committee. After some energetic faxing and writing to Los Angeles the results eventually came out in November 1992. I was found to be not guilty of any of the charges made against me. All copies (all of them) were sent to Celebrity Centre Paris for distribution and posting on the public notice board. They trashed every copy so no one could find out that my name had been cleared. I did not even receive a copy myself. I had to find out what the result of my Committee of Evidence was by calling a friend in Los Angeles, have him travel to the Justice Office of the Church, get the only remaining copy and fax me its contents!

The results cleared my name of the false accusations, but did nothing to repair the damage from costs incurred in doing so. By this time, and since then it has cost me well over a hundred thousand dollars to clear my name of the falsehoods circulated about me by the C. of S. . Paris Celebrity Centre and OSA Paris.

I was still fighting to get justice served and get back my OT8 status and good standing. I don't give up easily. When I came to the Flag Land Base in Clearwater for auditing services in 1993 I had to spend several thousand dollars on new confessional procedures to see if I "had done bad things to the Paris Celebrity Centre". There was not much at all on that, but it wasted my counseling time that I had bought for not much result at all.

As part of my own personal investigations of what was behind the attacks from the Paris church I had discovered many other persons (a list of 40, minimum) that had received lesser, but similarly disturbing treatment by OSA and this couple (the Rosenbergs) without ever getting proper repair or correction. I reported this directly to the C. of S. . International Management in June 1993. This was on the Freewinds ship.

On that same trip I was appointed an "O.T. Ambassador" for the C. of S. . by the Executive Director International, Guillaume Lesevre. At the end of that trip, as an O.T. Ambassador, I was given, by the new ethics staff member on the Freewinds, Sharon Straas, a public issue Scientology administrative document concerning the ethics lapses of Mr., Rosenberg, and that a Committee of Evidence had been called on him to look at his wrong use of L. Ron Hubbard's technology in the running of the Paris Celebrity Centre.

As I had just been appointed as the only O.T. Ambassador" for France, with the job of seeing to correct uses of the technologies in Paris I felt I should assist in the full application of the Committee of Evidence on Mr. Rosenberg. In order to ensure that the most data could be obtained from anyone who may have known something about the matter, so all factors could be taken into account I distributed 21 copies of the document (it had no distribution limitations on it) to other O.T. 8s in Paris plus a couple of people who had information to give about it.

What I did not know, however, as I did not visit the Celebrity Centre, was that Mr. Rosenberg had kept the fact that he was called to a Committee of Evidence in Los Angeles a secret from the church group there in Paris. He had said to the staff that he was going to Los Angeles for "a brief administrative correction" only. The lid was blown off this lie by my sending out copies to selected individuals. What the response was is worthy of note.


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