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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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My Experiences in Scientology
(MPES) Part 8

So, there I was, on the Freewinds with an "Invitation" to do New O.T. 8! The top of the Bridge had finally been reached and I was about to get my real O.T. abilities!! that is what all the films, ads, brochures, and registrars had promised! I set off for the course room in the front of the ship with a view of the poop deck. Invitation in hand, I showed it to the guard at the double doors, took my entry magnetic card and slid it into the security swipe-machine. I got a green light and entered.

The course room was relatively large and light due to the numerous windows. I went to the supervisor, Alice, who had also been my supervisor on O.T. 7 in previous years. She welcomed me and took me to the course administration window to get a course pack to use for studying. It was explained that, due to an electronic security system, I had only 30 seconds to get my pack "plugged in again" at my study table before alarms would sound. I thought this was kind of exciting and that it must mean a rare and powerful set of materials was being so heavily protected. Wow!!

I got it plugged in at my space within the time limit and eagerly opened the pack. Let's see.....ok....it starts off with "Keeping Scientology Working" Policy Letter...no surprise there. Then the usual parade of basic course Policy Letters, ok, then Training routines, E-meter drills all 3 times through. I thought, "Yikes..again!???"....and a book "A History of Man" to read. Ok, so where's the NEW O.T. 8 stuff??? I dared to inquire of Alice "where the beef was", so to speak, and she said with a knowing smile...."in pack number 2!" Groan....I had to do all this well-worn and over-familiar stuff for weeks before I could get to pack #2??? Darn!! Oh well, "the way out is the way through" so I swallowed my disappointment and got to doing the usual drills. I was twinned with Craig Jensen and John Coale (Greta Van Susteren's husband) as needs arose.

I think it took something like 10 days to 2 weeks to get through pack #1. However, I did not miss seeing that others studying pack #2 had a skinny set of papers to study, and were not "over the moon" about what was in there....in fact they were asking questions like "where's the rest?", is this all there is? and how do I do this auditing, as it seems too simple to be all there is...?" They were suitably hushed-up by Alice, and "handled" with referral 100% to their written materials and no verbal explanations.

When my time came to get the vastly POWERFUL (supposedly) N*E*W* *O*T* *8* pack #2 I was excited, but not too much any more. I had already seen other students come back from auditing it and they were mostly not much different from before... Some did exhibit big smiles and laughter, for sure, but I had seen them do that on several other auditing levels too while at Flag.

Pack#2 was indeed a skinny set of around 12 pages only. Not much "meat" to it... For details on the procedure, Ariane Jackson has already posted it to the internet years ago, so my repeating it here would be redundant and unnecessary. I am sure someone will oblige and post the relevant URL of the Google or web link for Ariane's posting. It was very accurate and complete, even if very short.

So, I went off to audit the level and had some wins along the way, but was no longer expecting very much. I audited for a few days and eventually had a win that was simple yet, to me, powerful. I saw how "simple" I was as a spiritual being. Not complex just simple (but not dumb, though the length of time it took me to see I had been scammed might make others believe so,.....lol).

Well, I was invited to attest the level and did so. It came up once in a deposition, and was stated as "I now know who I am not, and am interested in finding out who I am". that was IT. I did feel really good at finding out how simple a spiritual being can be, but there were NO O.T. POWERS that I had been so extremely keen on attaining!!! Oh Nooooo!! Of course, everything was hush-hush and I couldn't say anything about the level being so "light" on actual content without getting slammed as a group member, and I could not afford any more "reviews and ethics handlings" with ship accommodations at around $140 a day!

I was "announced" at a festive event in the cabaret room, and gave the wins I felt at that time. I was happy to have done all I could do and to have finally "made it". I did enjoy the fact that I had finally reached the end of the available "Bridge?" and that now I could get on with life instead of struggling up new levels and ridding myself of another few million space alien spirits, though.
: ))

P.S. IF they WERE really trapped alien spirits, sprites, beings or entities and not just figments of the imagination or invisible Orcs from Mordor (lol), the my best guess as to how many I "released" from 1981 to 1990 is approximately 4 or 5 Billion (4,500,000,000), maybe more, from my body and from my electronic field aura and from other locations near, far and miscellaneously positioned across the universe. Being "thetans" or "static" or "life units" they don't take up much space but they could be a pain in the butt, or wherever else they may have been "lodged. If I actually did all that then I cleaned house in a whole lot of places.

My biggest objection was always..."Why do *I* have to pay so much money to free up other "beings" who go free at no cost?" The usual staff response to my question was a disapproving look and a resounding silence, rather like a big firework display of O.T. abilities that never takes place.

I did a lot of costly spiritual self-cleaning along the way. I got cleaned out financially too, but that is par for the course as a dedicated "Scientologist."

As far as I know nobody else in the world has gone from so far down in the depths of Scientology indoctrination (New OT8) right up to "SP 7" (a term used on alt.religion.scientology newsgroup to denote a person who has sued Scientology) and the real self-determinism and freedom that being OUT of Scientology so well and far has afforded me.

What follows in the several closing postings of this (MPES) series has, I believe, never been posted before. It shows how insanely crazy the cult got and how incredibly unworkable the "admin tech" was in my own case of trying to obtain recourse from major injustices from 1991 to 1997. The staff of several organizations got really angry and vindictive in its "handlings" with me when I refused to just bow down and accept lies that were designed to break me down into compliance with the overgrown egos of cult management and the blatant lies they false-reported about me. I was extensively grilled on some of the matters written in these following postings while under deposition when I sued the cult.

It is a matter of pride for me to have actually survived thus far the attacks, injustices and insanity of the cult's covert operations branch that wages war in peace time and compulsively and habitually blames their own crimes on others to try to cover their tracks. Also, if anything untoward might "happen" to me in the future then the record of my direct experiences with Scientology will already be publicly available and not remain either unpublished or forgotten. Let my experiences be a warning to others who might become or start to get tangled in the web of cult indoctrination that Scientology uses to ensnare and trap innocent people.

I have taken a few days off to do all these postings as I believe it is my duty and right to post the truth on the internet to clear away some of Scientology's world wide web of lies. Why now? you may ask...well ever since I saw and read on the internet recently a posting from Caroline Letkeman showing a recently discovered "checksheet" of Scientology's "Department of Special Affairs" (INVESTIGATIONS OFFICER FULL HAT CHECKSHEET, -OSA INT ED 508R, 1991) a course of staff study which, I suddenly became aware of, was actually, apparently, practiced on me as a result of such materials in that course and from 1991 and later.

The main focus of the course is the art of attacking perceived "enemies" and conducting warfare, but is being taught by a so-called "religion". This is in tight parallel to the terrorism of 11 September 2001 where religious fanaticism and warfare were a deadly mix. Any country or territory that has Scientology on it (according to what I know and have experienced with it) under whatever guise or "other name" is at very great risk of infiltration, subversive agendas and outright hostile take-over, as the agenda of Scientology is always openly stated as "world domination". Do not take such a warning lightly. It has been brought to you at great personal cost.

I realized that I had been the target of a determined and concerted set of warfare attacks from Scientology like a kind of terrorist activity and decided to write about it here. In short, Scientology had, to my mind and observation, tried to destroy or kill me by various underhanded methods and destructive operations all planned out in advance. I recognized patterns of attack that are recommended in this checksheet and that I know are contained in some of the references included. The following postings outline these attacks. I went from a friend of scientology at the top of the "Grade Chart" to "hunted group prey" in a very short time. It may be fascinating and even entertaining to read about it from an office desk or armchair but I can assure you it was no fun to live it!

My response to attack and fair game has always been to come out with more truth and post it on the internet. Long live the truth, as it is the friend of the honest!

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