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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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My Experiences in Scientology
(MPES) Part 7.

In January 1986, we in Clearwater got a call from Flag to come to a vital briefing that night in the auditorium. I think it was 24th or thereabouts.

The auditorium was packed. David Miscavige came on stage, with other people and they announced that L. Ron Hubbard had "finished his research and that his human body was holding him back so he had dropped it and gone on to the next planet to be cleared. We were in total shock. They went on to say, taking turns at giving information (Pat and Annie Broeker, Earl Cooley and David Miscavige) that he had consulted with him (Pat) prior to dropping his body and asked if Scientologists would grieve at his passing. Pat had replied yes. Apparently Hubbard had instructed him to tell people not to grieve and to focus on the job ahead, and to use his legacy of tech to save mankind.

Earl Cooley, one of a small army of Scientology attorneys at the time but one who was particularly close to top management, came up to the microphone and told us essentially that Ron's body was still perfectly functional when he left it and that his instructions were to have a burial at sea (ashes) and that that had been done swiftly so there was no grave to visit or tomb to flock to.

We were then distracted from the news by talk about Ron's ranch, his OT research and content designed to take attention off the fact that we had lost "Source". Ron had been regarded as the "God" of Scientology, and now he was gone. Pat Broeker came out with a slide projected on a big screen that was a set of 33 triple numbers with commas separating them. He said that this was a date from OT10 and that it was an enormous breakthrough in the tech of auditing. One million has just 2 commas; this one had 32. The number was unimaginable.

He also said Ron had defined music as "something that softens the impact of time on OTs". The data was fascinating but bewildering. No-one there, as far as I could see, had really moved past the point of Ron being dead and gone, cremated, thrown away and disappeared, all so soon.
We had to go back home, call all our Scientology friends, no ,matter what time of day or night it was in Europe, or anywhere else, and tell them the version of the news we had just heard before anyone would read about it in the newspapers next day. I called several friends overseas and got them to relay the message immediately. In this way the newspaper reports were softened on the Scientologists all over the world. Two days later the Challenger blew up and Hubbard's death left the main pages of the newsmedia.

I had been shocked to the point of wanting to join the Sea Org as I wanted to help mankind so much. That is just part of who I am. I signed up and got a preparation program to pay off debts (I had accumulated debt to get recent auditing at Flag). To cut a long story very short I never entered the Sea Org as the more I tried to pay off debt the worse business went. (Thank God for that, in retrospect!)

I continued my art, auditing on OT7 and socializing with Scientologists in Clearwater until 1986, later in the year and then moved to San Francisco area to try to get more art clients. I was off OT7 for a while after a big upset that I had dropped my bid to join the Sea Org and had annoyed several people because of it. It was just not meant to be and I knew it. I lived in Palo Alto and another S.F. Bay area City, got some locals into Scientology and generally enjoyed the area very much. I was not able to get an immigration visa or residency so I left the USA in 1988 to return to Paris.

With having lived in so many places, toured with my art to so many cities I had literally hundreds of Scientology friends, clients and associates in many countries. I still have all their names and addresses. I continued to audit on OT7 in Paris in 1988 and 1989. I also went to the Celebrity Center, where the Rosenbergs had been reinstated a few years earlier after the initial finance police purges were exhausted and finance police dissolved.

In 1989 I had started an idea of helping the Art world with some special writings of my own, from my own experience and inspirations as a professional artist. It was a freeing and uplifting set of ideas that I started to write as articles for members of my proposed club/association/movement, whatever you may want to call it. It was originally going to be titled "Universal Renaissance". I was still working on this (and still gay despite all the efforts I had made) when I felt I had come to the completion of OT7. I went to Flag, got checked out on all that was going on, and attested to "NEW OT7 COMPLETION" in December 1989.

After going through more "eligibility programs", ethics handling (on being still a bit gay, lol)....I eventually went from Flag to the Freewinds to do "NEW OT8"!! Wow, finally! Well, not so fast! When I arrived there were still more "eligibility programs" to do, folders to be checked with close scrutiny and baby steps to please the "Ethics Officer", now called a "Master -at-arms" because we were on a ship.

It was rather pleasant being on a smart cruise ship for a while, but when 3 weeks had gone by and I was still not on OT8 I protested vehemently. Others had arrived a long time after me and had sailed straight onto OT8, so why not me?? Well, the folders had to be checked and re-checked and, frankly the auditing folders became far more important than me. I was disappointed to see the folders getting all the attention and me very little. It was really as if I had to adapt myself to ensure the folders were ready to go on to OT8 and not the other way round.
I eventually got an "Invitation" to do NEW OT8 in January 1990.



1. Ron had died under extremely suspicious circumstances. There is a lot of internet factual record of that so I will just be brief on that here. It seems that he died a disheveled and unkempt old guy with psych drugs in his system (Vistaril) per the coroners report. Also, his Will had been significantly changed THE DAY BEFORE HE SUPPOSEDLY DIED. All photos taken of his body were intentionally destroyed. The cremation had taken place very fast, almost weirdly fast. There were many, many really important questions not given answers but swept under the rug, so to speak. It looks like a massive cover-up.

2.Eligibilty programs. are used to elicit extra contribution in effort, support and monies from the Scientology "public". I had to prove I was contributing to the expansion of Scientology, and not being an enemy or a non-contributor, to get "invited" onto the secret OT levels.

3. OT7 took me 7 years to complete, and I audited well over 1000 hours (solo) on it, all having to do with removing the excess of low spirits (lol) or "body thetans" (also known on the web as "space cooties, dead space aliens and Xenu entities) per the materials that have been posted on the internet for free, but for which I had to pay tens of thousands of dollars.
" Scientologists believe that most human problems. can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by "clusters" to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts ". USDJ Judge Leonie Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion, RTC vs Lerma

4. I was a slave to my folders, whose condition was, apparently, far more important than mine. This was quite humiliating in actual practice, though it may seem funny to some who have not experienced that. If the folders weren't right **I** had to be changed to make them right. Yikes. Hey maybe my paperwork went O.T. instead of me?? ; )

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