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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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My Experiences in Scientology
(MPES) Part 11

Mr. Rosenberg, and staff that he gave orders to, apparently, wrote ethics violation reports on me to the Freewinds to discredit me once more (same tactic as before) with no copies to me. I was called by Sharon Straas on the Freewinds who was ordering me back there (same tactic as before), and saying that I could not see any copies of the reports unless I arrived at the ship. This is contrary to Mr. Hubbard's writings on the matter, so I refused to go. I queried the order in place of complying. No copies were sent to me.

Sharon suddenly cancelled my "O.T. Ambassador" status, without any correct Hubbard policy procedures. I was also denied training at the Paris main Organization where I was on a course at the time. I had high statistics on course, showing good study production, but I was denied training anyway. Sharon also RE-issued the old unjust and false documents of 1991 that had already been cancelled officially in my Committee of Evidence. This cancelled all my previous expensive efforts to get justice done!

In addition, as a "retaliation" Mr. Rosenberg apparently ordered his new ethics staff member to call in all my friends and give them a "briefing" on how I had "stolen" the document from the Freewinds (a lie), about how I should not be associated-with due to my bad character (another lie), and showing my friends the re-issued false documents from the Freewinds as "proof". The Paris Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre then called my business associates in Italy (Mr. and Mrs. Le Mardele) to tell them these lies, stir up trouble and try to get them to stop doing any business with me. They also asked (per Mrs. Le Mardele) if she had any "dirt" about Michael Pattinson that they could use against me in Paris.

Does this organization still look like a "church" to anyone reading this?

The friends who received this "special briefing" at the Celebrity Centre were then asked to write ethics violation reports on me on the basis of what they had been told in the "briefing", so these could be sent to the Freewinds to really cause trouble for me in the C. of S. I asked for copies of these reports from the person doing these actions (Olivia Pilo) but my request was refused, which is contrary to Hubbard writings. I was, yes still, in good standing with the Church of Scientology, yet the church in Paris was actively seeking to destroy my good name and repute. This was in summer of 1993.

The cost in terms of money, stress and pain and suffering (mentally, emotionally, socially and financially) were enormous! The malpractice of even basic Scientology by the Paris Celebrity Centre was vast and highly damaging. These OSA-related attacks were orchestrated to ruin my life totally. Due to the overwhelming expenses incurred, the time and effort needed just to "stay alive" within Scientology, I was unable to pay my rent in Paris, and other debts incurred (well over a hundred thousand dollars) were not able to be repaid under those circumstances, even though I really wanted to. I had a debt to a Mr. Michel Revealer who had lent me about $26,000. I had already paid back about $6,000 but then the attacks ruined my income and production so much that I could not pay back more. This is the debt that "religious freedom watch" on the internet now claims. I "refused to pay back"...more lies.

It was so hostile in Paris, due to the C. of S. . attacks on me that I had to move out (I lost everything I had there that I had earned and my furniture, credit and friends). I decided to move to Mexico City to get away from the French C. of S. hostility and attacks.

It was very very hard to get back on my feet again as I had no money, no home, no way of earning a living in Mexico at first. It was a lesson in facing total poverty in a new country. With a little and timely help from a few good friends in Mexico I started my career again from scratch, and earned enough to remain alive, but not much more. In December 1993, in the relative safety of Mexico I wrote a request to the C. of S. . for a Board of Review to correct matters. No response. New request written in March 1994. No result.

With the main purpose of getting a full resolution of this matter I came to Clearwater, Florida. The Flag Land Base, I thought, would be a good place to get things solved and squared away. I had seen that "standard tech and policy is infallible" since 1973, so was determined to get it applied at the "Mecca of Technical Perfection" to a full resolution. I was simply unaware of the covert but concerted OSA attack on me and that I was asking those who were attacking me to help me as their friend.

I was, after all, a loyal member since 1973, and an OT8! They were, in fact, my biggest enemies, by their own decisions and behaviors. I was naive and brainwashed to the point of trusting in my attackers to turn their wrath away from me. Such is the cult's indoctrination. Arnie Lerma refers to this as Scientology's "black box" and he is right. A Scientologist has no windows to light up the darkness of the cult's false propaganda. If many of those still, today, who are in Scientology ever got to know what I have found out they would collapse with the shock of being so manipulated and betrayed.

In July 1996 I got a result from a Board of Review done by the Religious Technology Centre. It cancelled the main false issues mentioned in this write-up. It stated that there had been injustice. It did not get seen, however, by more than a handful of people. It, specially, did not get sent, in French, to the friends of mine in Paris that would have needed to see what it said.
Mr and Mrs. Rosenberg had been at the Flag Land Base for many months in 1996, yet no part of this was resolved with them. My requests for financial restitution have met with indifference. The total cost in terms. of cash outlay, debts incurred, loss of income over 6 years, and the pain and suffering (mental) are now a very large amount in my estimation. I estimate the cost of fighting the injustice, alone, to be around $130,000.00 U.S.

As if the above was not already sufficient, there are some other events that took place at the Flag Land Base in 1996.

On June 19 1996, as part of a "handling", I was forcibly kept in a room at the Sandcastle, the office of Mr. Hy Levy, and I was not permitted to leave despite my asking to on several occasions. I was being held there against my will and being forced to pay $7,400 for more counseling that I did not want. After all that had already occurred since 1991 I was at the absolute end of my tether, and I became very, very upset indeed. I was panicked at being held in that small office and being forced to give over money I didn't have or being forced to borrow it at their suggestion. They insisted that I either use a credit card to pay and be released, or that I call my Mexican friend (Mrs. Maya) to get her to lend me the money.

I tried to leave but both Mr. Levy and Mrs. "Cosima" blocked my exit through the door into the reception area in the Sandcastle (C. of S. .) Hotel. I cried out for help, but nobody responded. They sat me down again and resumed their demands for moneys, even forcibly invalidating my integrity, my desire to get out of there and the fact that I did NOT want the auditing.
As a note: In all of this trying to get correction of the injustices, etc, the attitude of the C. of S. . staff has been only that "all is my fault", and that there must be something wrong with me to have such things occur. This continued at this time(19 June 1996).

Anyway, the demands and the being held against my will continued for almost an hour. In the end I managed to trick them by going for one door, which they blocked, and rushing out of the opposite door and up onto Osceola Avenue. Both Cosima and Hy Levy chased me, running as far as my car when they could no longer hold onto me as I drove off. I was ashamed at getting upset, but I do not feel that this is O.K. to hold someone, demand money in order to be released, specially in the U.S.A.

One big mistake I made in this incident (apart from being a Scientologist at all) was to write two faxes "apologizing for my upset" and covering for Hy and Cosima. I should not have tried to cover for their actions to save them from discipline.

During my visits to the Flag Land Base in Clearwater my contact had been Mary Voegeding, the President of the Flag Service Organization (now, as I later learned, married to OSA Clearwater director, Ben Shaw!). Later in 1996 she introduced me to Danny Keogh, the ex husband of Lisa-Marie Presley. As both were at the Flag Land Base, and Danny was doing some amends for the church, apparently. Mary got Danny to help me with some ethics handlings (as usual, with the foregone conclusion that I "must have done something to deserve everything that had happened to me that was bad"}. This was not a good basis of operation, specially in the light of the facts outlined in this report. Things were going well for a short time, as I managed to get things on track with Danny's help.

Then, however, things went extremely wrong, as suddenly I was directed to go to see a person (a very senior "Security Officer" from the Religious Technology Centre called Mr. Marty Rathbun). I was escorted into a tiny room behind the Fort Harrison elevators area where The Religious Technology Centre has an office. I was sat down with Mr. Rathbun between me and the door. He instructed me to pick up the E-Meter electrodes and to answer his questions. It was not a counseling session, but a "security interview" with no obvious rules of conduct except that I had to answer his questions fully, and that if I didn't do so he would know because of what was occurring on the E-Meter. What then occurred, in this interrogation and another shortly thereafter was the greatest shock of my life.

To give a brief description, Mr. Rathbun questioned me about my religious beliefs very intensely. He had heard from Danny that I had become interested in a religious kind of activity (a Christian-related spiritual activity designed to show me more clearly who "I am"....remember the OT8 result?) and that I was enjoying it so much that I was speaking to my friends about it, and some of them were becoming interested in reading about it. They loved it! I had even gotten a few copies of its literature into a local (non-C. of S. .) bookstore.

According to Mr., Rathbun, however, I was committing a rather big crime of some kind by speaking about my religious beliefs or faith to other Scientologists. I was not, in fact, proselytizing as I was not trying to take anyone out of Scientology.

I was given to understand, indirectly but always in the same tone and direction of attention, that if I ever wanted to continue my route in Scientology, I would have to not only stop speaking about my chosen faith, but also that it would be necessary for me to give up that faith forever. I asked at least five times for the Hubbard reference which might dictate that, but Mr. Rathbun would never answer the question directly. He would only hedge around it and make me feel "stupid" for not immediately complying to his own point of view. In the end I had him describe what his viewpoint was that I was supposed to be so obediently complying with. He showed me the Hubbard reference "Keeping Scientology Working". There is a point there where ten actions are dictated to keep Scientology working. One of them is; "Getting the correct technology applied consists of .. hammering out of existence incorrect technology".

This was the only major reference he was working on to get me to give up my chosen faith. I pursued the matter with him, as I could not believe what he was intending. He certainly intended for me to give up my religious beliefs in order to continue in Scientology (RTC holds the clearances for those wanting to do further services, and can block anyone's progress at will). He intended to stop anyone else reading about the things I had read about. This was evidenced by the fact that, in the days following these "interviews" two personal visits from RTC and one from the C. of S. "Special Affairs Office" bullied the local bookstore owner (Mr. Virgil Wilhite) to stop carrying the books I had requested. He did not want to stop carrying them, as they are from a bona fide religious activity recognized by the U.S. Congress. However, enough pressure was brought to bear to intimidate him into sending the books back to the supplier. This was a direct attack by both the C. of S. . and the. Religious Technology Centre on another U.S. religion. These days they use "religious intolerance" as a slander of others while they are the ones most guilty of it.

In the "interviews" I pressed the point of having religious freedom as a Scientologist (both from Hubbard's writings and from the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution) but Mr. Rathbun would have nothing of it. I asked him specifically whether the Shinto religion people (who had recently visited Flag as a group) would also have to give up their faith before RTC would allow them to continue in Scientology at some point. His response was that "it is not yet a problem" (or a question to be resolved), but his answer was that, indeed, anyone wanting to continue in Scientology would, at some point, to satisfy RTC on the point of "incorrect technology" have to abandon their religious faith and practice.

In Scientology NOTHING BUT HUBBARD IS EITHER TOLERABLE OR PERMITTED AS A BASIS FOR LIFE. If Scientology gets its way it would be the ONLY remaining "religion", and it is even fake in being that as it excludes God from daily life. Hubbard is Scientology's only God-like worshipped figurehead.

Mr Rathbun is a high official in the Religious Technology Center, and he has authority over many Scientologists. I had hoped that I had misunderstood his exact point, so I pressed the matter home until there could be no more doubt. So, the intention of the Religious Technology Center, according to Mr. Rathbun, is to systematically wipe out every other religion on this planet, follower by follower, by first getting them into Scientology without any hassle, let them get to a point of needing RTC approval before getting any more (higher level) counseling or training, and then telling them that they either give up their Faith or stop any further progress in Scientology. That was the message that he had to get over to me. The fact that the books were removed from a non-C. of S. . bookstore by RTC and C. of S. is a valid indicator of this as a very small example of a big problem. I wonder how many religious leaders world-wide know of this Intention to wipe out their Faiths?

I was so upset with this shocking attitude that I went home and ripped to pieces the photo of Hubbard I had on the wall. Next day I drove to Orlando just to get away from Clearwater and Flag land Base. When I returned I found Mary Voegeding, President of Flag Service Org and Danny Keough inside my apartment building. They had gained access by sneaking in through a side door and past another security door. I did not invite the up to my apartment as they were not welcome. I spoke to them for a while in the lobby area and then asked them to leave.
They merely wanted to make sure I would not cause a local public relations "flap". They were not interested in my well-being.

That last sentence would sum up all my experiences with Scientology.
By the end of 1996 I was on my way out, but not fully out, of Scientology and a year later I was fully OUT.






4. THE REAL PERSONALITY OF THE GROUP IS THE OPPOSITE OF ITS STATED GOALS. IT CLAIMs. TO WANT TO ELIMINATE WAR, CRIMINALITY, HATE AND INSANITY YET USES THESE THINGS ON A DAILY BASIS. To give an analogy of this, it is as if Saddam Hussein says "I will only kill, oppress, murder, rob and torture people till I have no more enemies then I will turn around and be loving and kind to everyone". Just as one cannot get any sunshine out from deep within a cave, so one can not get peace, love, sanity or honesty from out the dark heart of Scientology.

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