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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Late 1996 (The Green Bay Packers won this year!)

(Sorry my post is so long - it's really a long story! We are only up to 1996 at this point.)

I remember the Sea Org member who had gotten shot was behind the reception area when he heard the shots and he came out of his office to see what was going on, and the shooter shot him, just missing his heart. He fell backwards and the shooter went in the other direction, up to the second floor to find more people. The Sea Org member knew he had to get out of the building, because he knew the shooter was still inside. So he got up and went outside. Then he laid on the ground in front of the org. The police came to try to talk the shooter out (who was in the fire stairwell that led to the outside front, with a hostage, the Treas Sec. He had already shot the ED, the D/ED, one Sea Org member and the PES - which was the pregnant one). The Senior C/S had heard the shots and went out a back door, breaking her ankle on the stairs. So the police told the Sea Org member that he was not in a safe place and he needed to move further down the street. He got up, walked further down, wiped off the sidewalk (so he would not get his uniform dirty) and laid back down until an ambulance came to get him.

The whole thing only lasted 10 minutes before the police got him out and got him to surrender. The shooter was arrested on the spot.

And we were all there to clean up the mess that ensued. The PES (pregnant one) was unconcious in the hospital. When we got there, her husband was there, with his brother too (an OT VII I think). And the husband decided that there was nothing he could do sitting around in the hospital, so he went out to sell Dianetics books. And we were set to do round the clock assists on her to get her back to conciousness. We used to come out to the waiting room to give updates to our boss so she could send all the info up the lines. But within 10 minutes of me giving information, it would show up on the local news. That was strange, but fun anyways. They promoted assist tech on the news. The PES was made to look like the victim and hero in the news, especially because she was pregnant. She finally woke up after about 24 hours I guess and the first thing after she found out that she was paralyzed and would never walk again was "can my desk be put on the first floor then?". All she thought about was going back to post (and the first floor is only a little lobby in the org, only space for reception and a lobby area).

Meanwhile, the Sea Org member was from Flag and we tried to contact the person over staff care there, and she was told what had occured and she said she would get back to me in a few days with C/S instructions. She got in a lot of trouble for that! Yeah, the boss called CO CMO CW and told her what was going on and we got C/S instructions in 10 minutes and the folder being sent out to us to get him going on a program. He was lucky he was not killed. The bullet just barely missed his heart. He took it as a wake up call to get moving up the Bridge.

The ED also was in the hospital but I did not deal with him much except to give a few assists to him as he was OT.

The D/ED did not even know that he had been shot until he was doing his police report in a local coffee shop and went to pay for whatever he ordered and found a hole all the way through his wallet. They found the bullet lodged in his hip (we all said it was his butt, but he insisted it was his hip. We were all joking about it).

Meanwhile and million Sea Org members from different parts came over for all kinds of things. Rallys to get people into the org, rallys to get people to Flag to get up the Bridge, CCI came for promotion to people with bugged cases, etc, etc, etc. Everybody jumped in, showed up, sent flowers and left.

Then the Senior C/S was ordered to Flag for correction and maybe auditing too. Not sure. So I had to stay and help out in the org for a while and everyone else was gone.

Meanwhile, when I had left to go there, my husband and I had decided to get a divorce. The same morning I got shipped off to handle this flap in Portland. So I asked my husband if we could hold off on any divorce papers until I got back. So he agreed. No rush. So then about a month after I was gone, he called and said he loved me and sent me flowers and decided that we should stay married and he wanted to tell me his realizations. And so we stayed together for a while.

Part VII

1996 - 1997 (ish)

So there I was, all by myself in Portland (well, all the staff were there of course too, but all the Sea Org members left). Helen, the one who had been shot, was still healing. She was at home. When she was shot, the bullet lodged in her spine and paralyzed her. It also stopped the baby's (she was pregnant) brain from growing). So sad.

So I was living in a motel with hardly anything to do except C/S a few folders a day, and visit with Helen and give her auditing and assists. She and her husband were so sweet.

Since my motel room had cable and I had nothing to do, I used to just stay there for a few hours and watch movies (then I started to notice they were all re-runs!), then go do assists and then wander into the org. I was lazy and lax out there. I was waiting for the C/S to return from correction.

So finally she returned and I went home, after three months or more being stuck there.

And my husband (of the time) welcomed me home, no longer wanting a divorce. And I went back onto post.

I remember one thing was that because I was working with Celebrities alot, I got to be involved in interesting things sometimes and meet people... you know what I mean... See, I dont mind talking about Scn here, but I feel that I cannot say things about the Celebs that came through (Some stayed on, some not), as that is there own personal life and I have nothing against them.

Funny thing, my world was so closed off in the Sea Org, they would tell me _____ is in the org, and you need to C/S, do exam, whatever, and I would be thinking "who the heck is that?". Then I would go to the store for something on time off and leaf through a People magazine and see a bunch of faces in there that I had just been involved with at work. That was weird. Some stayed on, some not. The ones that stayed on are pretty much open about being part of the religion. The others, I have to respect their privacy. They tried it, and it was not for them. Peace out.

I remember one time there was a BIG flap at CCI. A public who was 8 1/2 months pregnant was there trying to get help because her boyfriend would not marry her and she was about to deliver. He was Hawaiian and she was Asian (I think from Tiawan). Anyways, in that cultre, you CANNOT raise a child without a father. They had very different views about it. Anyways, the C/S (me) let him go, not knowing the whole situation and he left. So shewent up to the fifth or sixth floor of CCI and decided to jump. Luckily someone saw she was upset and followed her and barely stopped her. She got pulled back in and then all hell broke loose. The folders needed bottoms up FES, etc, etc. And I guess it was Marty Rathbun all over the C/Ses butts about what we were gonna do about it. This was my first direct experience with RTC. The other C/S was in total brainlock and the Senior C/S (Kathy Schobel) was out of it too. I dont know why or what happened to either of them, but they were mentally gone. I felt like I was in a slow motion movie.

Well, first thing was that the HGC C/S office was in a place where all of the pcs could see her. I suggested that she move down the hall so she would have a proper ivory tower. So she did, into my office. So then all the noise of this girls situation came down to my office. And Marty came in constantly to find out what was being done about it. And Angie(HGC C/S) had no answer. So I couldnt stand it anymore and I took it. I said I was going to bottoms up FES all of it. And so it went, all night, all day, all night until it was done. And he came back and I told him we FESed it all. and he said "what is being DONE about it?", and I said, uh, er, uh. Ok. He said figure it out and he would be back.

And so I programmed the folders and somehow the girl got labeled Type III and criminal (however she paid for auditing - the money was not clean - something about trading in Taiwan). And he came back and I told him the folders were programmed. (That is the C/Ses job, right?).And he again said "What is being DONE about it?". Ok he left again. Think, think, think.

Ok, I got it. I brought the MAA (Ethics dude) up there and told him to do a non-enturbulation order on the guy. And so he did. And Marty came back and asked me what was done (The other C/S was sitting in the office all this time, not doing anything on this problem. Meanwhile, I am fixing it, not getting any sleep, and she is ripping off my husband behind my back) and I showed Marty the non-enturbulation order and he said "that is just a piece of paper, what is being DONE about it?" Ok, ok, ok. He said I have 30 mins to figure it out and he would be back.

And so I figured it out. Programmed the guy for sec checking, ordered him back. Got the MAA to get him on the next flight out, or he would be declared. Set up videoing the sessions (which is easy, cause all the auditing rooms are bugged) and assigned the best auditor, who had to get all other pc's off her board. All done in 20 mins. And Marty came back and I told him what was going on and he said "great! Over to you". And that made me proud. Until I realized I got the lower conditions for this, even though it was not my post. I stayed up 3 days straight, though it was not my problem. What a load of hoakie. I got the short end of the stick in that!:mad:

(I forgot to mention CCI had gone St Hill Size in 92 or so and because of that, I got my OT Levels up to OT IV there, before all of this above. I had attested to Clear on the RPF in 90's or so).;)

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