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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Mate's Story

Hi, my name is David Graham, and I must admit that I have always been a bit of a "loose cannon", and it seemed to have served me well when I was in Scientology. Here's my story or what I remember of it.

I remember when my sister and her husband invited me over for dinner in their newly acquired what could only be called a penthouse, in a cliff-top block of apartments overlooking one of Sydney's beaches with its beautiful norfolk pines.

After dinner they took out this large chart opened if on the carpet and some books. Yes it was a dissemination. I was intrigued by the ability gained at OT V, exteriorization at will with full perception, A the first few pages of the Dianetic Picture Book. I recall that when they told me it was Scientology, I made the comment, "Isn't that the church which was banned a few years ago?" then after a pause and some thinking, I added, "No .... I think that was Theosophy". The buggars said nothing!

I left that night with their copy of the Dianetics Picture Book and a copy of DMSMH.

I returned the books a couple of weeks later with the comment that the concept of engrams and chains made a lot of sense but that the author seemed to be a bit obsessed with abortions. Then I found out that they themselves, were introduced to Scientology by a Qantas pilot and his wife, they had met at a party. And my brother-in-law mentioned that a real estate agent in Sydney and his sales staff were OT and had a phenomenal sales record. I was in real estate at that time, so I was hooked.

About six months later, I picked up a couple of thousand dollars in a real estate deal and decided to try of this Dianetics by doing the HSDC, the Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course. When I saw the reg, I was told that if I bought the Levels training as well, I would save the better part of the HSDC. Like most, I couldn't resist a good deal, so I bought the full package

I had purchased my training package with Sydney Foundation. I signed onto (or "got a debit for" in scientologese) my first course and thus became a scientologist! My first course was the Basic Study Manual, which was offered as an alternative to the Student Hat at that time. I was fortunate to have Naomi, an experienced SO member, as my supervisor. I say this as I had done two teacher training programs, one with the Sydney Technical College where I was a teacher, and one with the Univerity of New South Wales, where I was a lecturer (assistant professor), and I was considered an authority, probably undeservedly, on the use of simulation techniques in teaching. I used to design management games for senior management training in corporations such as Hawker de-Havilland, P & O, Qantas Airlines, and so on. So when I completed the Basic Study Manual course, Naomi asked me what I thought of it. I was honest and told her that although I liked the emphasis on using a dictionary, I felt it too simple, that the role of phrases, sentences, paragraphs were even more important, yet were ignored. I also stated that in my opinion, demos and clay demos were a waste of time for students with good visualization. She wisely didn't send me to a word clearer.

I then started (or "routed onto" in scientologese) my Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course. In a useful coincidence, the book "Dianetics Today" was released as I started the course, and within a couple of weeks I took my first PC into session. He was an SO member, if I remember correctly, and had had a lot of dianetic auditing including running past lives (or "whole track" in scientologese) effortlessly. And after a couple of sessions "they routed me through as a completion" over my protest as I didn't feel I was anywhere near flubless. It may well have been a Wednesday night. Yes it was, because I had to take the afternoon off from work to get the auditing finished.

The recruiters got me before the regges. In fact, it was the Executive Director. He asked me if I would like to run the HSDC in its own space. We talked about it and I said "Yes". He then told me that I would have to join staff and sign a contract, and went on to tell me about free training, free auditing and so on. By the time he had finished with me it was very late. So I didn't see the reg, and he sent me home to think about the proposition

The thought of signing a contract disturbed me. I just don't like contracts. Then I became too smart for my own good, a failing I had before scientology and one that tended to dog me through my years in scientology and indeed, after it. I told the E.D. that I would sign a two and a half year contract provided he included Organization Executive Course training on it. I had no idea that it would be available anyway.

Before I was able to start supervising the dianetics course I had to a series of staff courses called Staff Statuses One, Two and Three and then my supervisor training to become a Hubbard Dianetic Graduate. I insisted on continuing the auditing of my PC which didn't please my superiors, however, after three or four sessions he ceased to be available. Why? I never found out. As I tended to be faster than the normal student, I wrapped the training up, in a couple of weeks, and found myself supervising three HSDC students, if I recall correctly, in a newly set up room. I must say I was quite disturbed with the teaching technique, and I would spend a lot of time with each student to ensure they really got it, and I didn't issue any pink sheets. I consider them a complete waste of time. More about this later. After about a month, I had something like eight students on course and a couple of graduates. Then the unthinkable happened, the E.D. wanted me to take over the academy. I said, "No".

I assumed that that was the end of the matter. I know, I was being naive, but then, I was new to scientology, in fact at that point, I thought the Sea Org was the C Org and I wondered what the A and B Orgs were. Naomi, the academy supervisor, was Sea Org couldn't come in one night, and the Tech Sec had me put my students in with the others in the academy and had me supervise it. I was assured that it was only temporary, that Naomi wasn't well, and I believed this. Yes, you've got it! She never did return. Now I had 15 students.

A couple of weeks after I was stuck with the academy, the powers that be, decided (or realized) that as a dianetics supervisor, I was not qualified to supervise the academy. So I found I was to supervise evenings and do my mini supervisor course on weekends. Fortunately there was a public method one (word clearing) course student needing a partner and I teamed up with him, and we were both able the complete our method ones on my first weekend. I wrapped up the supervisor course the following weekend. So I became a fulltime supervisor, and then my troubles started.

At the beginning, I had absolutely no attention on my "stat" of total student points. As a result of which, they would go up and they would come down. The Tech Sec decided to handle me on this, when on one week the stats crashed. He asked me "why?", and I told him that I had no one on TRs. His response was that was a "Why is God", and I retorted that I could ensure that only one student each week did TRs, if that is what he wanted. Well! I got my first cramming which included the Why is God and my failure to use pink sheets. I saw the cramming officer on Sydney Day, the late Peter Sparshott. Peter one of the first class VIII and a nicer person you couldn't meet, in fact he had a LRH personal recommendation. Peter had me agree to use pink sheets where a student hadn't grasped an earlier section of his checksheet, and to plan out what the students would be doing over the next few weeks to get an idea of where to put my effort to ensure that my stats were up-trending. These seemed to work out fairly well.

Of course, I still had my stat crashes from time to time. One time I was put onto "body routing" (= confronting people in the street, asking them three questions, and having them come into the org) to increase my confront. Initially I had trouble, then I got two in, then I went window shopping. Eventually, the Tech Sec got tired of supervising and had someone fetch me. He was furious with me when I told him what I did, and asigned me a condition. ;) On another occasion, I arrived on a Saturday morning only to be told they wanted to see me at the CLO/FOLO which was about 10 km out of down town Sydney where the Org was.

The CLO/FOLO was located in a rundown mansion with a beautiful river frontage setting. When I arrived, no one seemed to know why I was there. Eventually, the person who "ordered" me there, appeared. He told me I was there for cramming, because of crashed stats. Well! I hit the roof. I was outraged that I had been ordered to spend a whole day for correction, when it could have been done in the Org within the hour, and that I was going to go back to the Org for any correction I needed. Well, he backed right out and shortly after Naomi (my supervising predecessor) appeared.

While I was waiting, Peter Graham from Perth, who was there also for correction, suggested that I do the cycle, it being the quickest way out. Naomi quietened me down, I did the cramming cycle which was kept brief, and got back to the Org about mid afternoon. It's a funny thing, but they never had me out there again.

After about six months, a student on the training package was recruited and became the academy's word clearer. What a gift this was! When the student points, my "stat", were running down on Wednesday night, the end of the "stat week", I would have him do a round of TRs with another student to boost the student points. This was known by the Tech Sec and the E.D. To say this was questionable, misses the point, as it was downright dishonest. But it did help peace to reign.

After about a year, I had regularly had around 30 students in the evenings and 10 to 15 on weekends. As a reward, I got a Director of Training, who was my senior and who helped with the supervision. After about a fortnight, she was recruited into the Sea Org, but remained on post. We became a number and after a couple of months, she left the Sea Org and moved in with me. One Saturday, the academy attendance fell to just a couple and we, DofT and Supervisor, were send out to recover students. Fortunately Wendy had her car. Only one was home and he was genuinely sick. We had a great day out, my first day off in a year! Our relationship lasted about six months and she then completely left scientology.

There was one other experience, I had, which comes to mind. There was a student, John T who has now passed on, who was a very gentle person. John had spent a very long time on his HSDC, and had reached the point of auditing. He had given just one auditing session which was very flubby but PC f/Ned at the examiner. This was a Wednesday night! The ED needed John to attest to get his stats up. I said "No". However, he kept at me until I said "Why don't you bypass the Tech Sec, the DofT and me and put us into danger, and put John through? Because, I'm not going to." She did, to my disbelief.

Towards the end of my two and a half years contract, the Academy was booming with a DofT (new), me, two assistant supervisors, and a word clearer. We had over 40 students in the evenings and around 20 on weekends. It was a team effort and a word clearer who loved TRs. Well, I certainly hope he did!

With about six months remaining on my Syd Fdn contract, I resigned from my job as a Personnel Consultant and did my levels training fulltime in the Syd Day academy. Being fast flow, I wrapped up the courses very quickly and made lots of paid comps for the Org. Also wrapping up her levels, was a girl Lyn Hyman. We twinned up on the levels and co-audited our dianetics, objectives, and our grades, during which we did our class IV internships. Eventually I became the Lead C/S for Syd Day and Lyn, the Lead C/S for Syd Fdn. Over the final few months as a supervisor, I was also auditing for Syd Day in their HGC (Hubbard Guidance Centre where auditing is delivered), and I continued auditing after my contract was finished even though I was reluctant to sign another contract.

As an auditor, my stats went into power soon after and it wasn't long before I was able to kept my stats in power, week after week, for 67 weeks in a row. For this effort, my C.O. (Commanding Officer because she was Sea Org and not an E.D.) Phyl Stevens, awarded me a Kha Khan, which gave me ethics protection. Once I'd gotten in power, there was no pressure on me to sign a contract. However, I'm getting ahead of myself.

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