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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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As I said earlier, we were having some success with a recruitment mission, but losing many by ITO rip offs. However, I did have a NOTs C/S come onto my lines who had been quite ill. His name was David Ziff, who I first met when I first joined the SO and was sent to Flag to replace Barbara Tompkins as a C/S. I FESed (Folder Error Summary) his folders and he had had not hundreds but thousands of hours of sec checking!!!! His FPRD (False Purpose Rundown) had on a lage number of occasions been interrupted with sec checks and there were over a dozen incomplete sec checks, all ending in protest. Excuse me while I scream.


Every Sea Org executive and C/S should word clear HCOB "O-W A Limited Theory", word by word, if necessary until they get it.

Sorry about the yelling. But it is good to get it off. I did a metered interview on Ziff and he blew down, his needle that is, when he said he was absolutely sick and tired of sec checks and wanted to finish his FPRD and F/Ned and it was the first time I'd seen him smile. I wrote a program and asked Barbara Tompkins if she would C/S it and she agreed. David was making progress when Barbara was told to stop C/Sing Ziff's folder she wasn't even willing to Snr C/S my C/Sing and auditing David. Probably his folder was seen on her desk by the CO AOLA. When I told David he wasn't happy and that night told his wife, who was in RTC at Int, who got in Miscavige's ear, which resulted in me copping a Miscavige rocket delivered by a messenger.

Talking about executive C/Sing, I was involved in a very unusual incident, when I was auditing for the FSO. Now, I'm not sure if it was when I was auditing after I was busted as a C/S or when I was on my NOTs auditor internship. I think the PC's name was Liccardi, or it may have been that the name came up regularly in session.

Anyway, this PC was public and the Ethics Officer required that he be C/Sed for a sec check and I was required to video every session. When I studied his folder, I found that Miscavige thought that the PC was having an affair with his, Miscavige's, sister. Recently I discovered that Miscavige's twin sister was a Liccardi, which left me wondering whether the PC's name was Liccardi. If I recall correctly, most of the questions, if not all, F/Ned, and I C/Sed for an attestation. The C/S rejected this and extended the questions with a new typed list, again most F/Ned or when something did read it had nothing to do with Miscavige's sister. I found out that the worksheets were photocopied after each and sent express delivery to Int with my video. I was also advised by the C/S to include all "my comments" on a separate sheet, as I was strongly, indeed, very strongly, protesting this action. I suspect this was to keep me out of the RPF. We used up most the PC's intensive on this fruitless unnecessary action. It was interesting that the PC did not once complain.

However, back to David Ziff, I started to both C/S and audit David. Then my guardian angel stepped in yet again. An AOLA NOTs/FPRD auditor, whose name I don't recall at this time, had been on sick leave with severe chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis, and needed an assist. I did a couple of sessions on him and then set up and C/Sed a co-audit between them, which went very well.

A beautiful anecdote concerns two FSO NOTs auditors, Kevin and Bernadette Dyer. They married and not long after Bernadette became pregnant and insisted upon having her baby even if it meant being shipped off to a Class IV (V) org. I have heard that D/ED Int, was monitoring the circumstances all NOTs auditors to catch those who have fallen off or about to fall off tech lines, for the Universe Corps. And I gather that Kevin and Bernadette, were told that they would be assigned to the UC team for a Class IV org that went Saint Hill size. FSO hung onto them well after the baby was born before they reluctantly released them to the UC for Hamburg. The baby was six months old. Bernadette was French Swiss and spoke some German, and Kevin spoke English.

While I had completed my Flag training, there was one vital course and internship, I had to do. That was my Solo C/S course. At AOLA, the Snr C/S and the Solo C/S were both surprised that I hadn't done this prior to my Solo NOTs C/S course. Anyway, they approved me doing it, I believe with Snr C/S Int's OK, as it is normally restricted to Class VIII's and I wasn't even a Class VI. It included all the Class VIII materials plus additional C/Sing data covering the handling and correction of solo auditing PreOTs. All Solo NOTs C/Ses should be required to do this course. When I completed this training, we had a number of OC staff start on their lower OT levels.

It was not long after this that Paul Schobel was appointed to the post QEI, my senior, he had been Cont Snr C/S ANZO. Fortunately, back in my C/S days in Sydney Day Org, Paul was one of my auditors. Paul did a tour of the two UC teams, AOLA and OC, and decided to leave it to me, "the loose cannon" and D/ED Int. As you know, loose cannons like a free range! This was not long before Kevin and Bernadette arrive on the scene. The expectation was that there could be two orgs go Saint Hill size before Hubbard's birthday. One possible solution was that I "commute" fortnightly and spend a day in each org, this would have been a disaster and fortunately D/ED Int "found" Kevin and Bernadette and only one org went Saint Hill size. And that was Hamburg which was fortunately very close to AOSH EU. I am not suggesting that anything underhand occurred here.

This brought back an amusing memory. At this time, a group of us from ANZO started playing touch football (Rugby) during our CSP, Clean Station Project, or in English, our cleaning time, on Saturday mornings. One the players was Greg Tweedy who was a good mate. I recall being in the elevator of the main building of the complex, where I was talking to Greg's senior, whose name I don't recall, and he was asking how to get Greg to stop continuing with what he was doing, so as to do something else which was urgent. My response was, "Aha! the ANZO case!" and I went on to describe the handling. This was to say to Greg, while ignoring what he is doing, "Greg, such-and-such is urgent, but before you do it, I need you to 'something else' (this would be something he wouldn't be interested in) first. So can you get right onto it now?" And you will find he will do the such-and-such. I walked into him a few days later, and he said, "Wow! That really worked. So that's how you handle Australians?" And my response, "Yep! and Americans, and the English, and Europeans, them all.":

At this point I became very busy, auditing staff on NOTs at both OC and AOLA. I would do AOLA staff in the mornings, then off to OC for the afternoons and back to AOLA for the evenings. Also being the only NOTs auditor in PAC who was not auditing public, I was in high demand to sec check staff, who were NOTs and Solo NOTs level. I was kept quite busy. One staff member, whom I sec checked, was Exec Strata staff, who shall remain nameless. He decided to route out to set up and run a number of missions in the UK using the packages another had been sold. Even though he would be declared, he still had to do the routing out sec check so that he could start on his "A to E" steps to handle his declare. Another I sec checked, was a CMOI XU messenger who was involved in the CofS international banking, and I didn't have the appropriate clearances, so when something came up she would write it down and at the end of the session, she would place the sheet in an envelope and seal it.

One of the most "dangerous" posts in the CofS, is ASI's staff auditor/cramming officer. If I recall correctly, in a twelve month period, three ASI's staff auditor/cramming officers were assigned to the Int RPF, for missing witholds. These were excellent auditors. I was offered the position. I had absolutely no intention of taking it. I think they got Miscavige's approval to offer it to me, which they would have needed, because he had seen the videos of me sec checking Liccardi or whomever it was, at Flag. It was flattering, BUT NO WAY! NEVER! I pointed out that I was a Solo NOTs C/S and a Solo C/S, and they insisted they could replace me. I then said that the UC was an unfinished exercise for me and that it was my goal to see it through. Eventually they gave up in total disbelief that anyone would turn this post with ASI down. They probably didn't know how dangerous it was, but there were many before me who certainly did. What surprised me, was that there were no repercussions, whatsoever! The other members of the UC team were very worried they might lose me, they just didn't realize I was much more determined than those trying to recruit me.

It was about spring '89 that I found myself reminiscing about Australia whenever I was in OC. It had been occurring for a while before I noticed it. It was a very strange phenomenon, in that OC was nothing like Australia. It took me a while to spot it. The desk I was using faced a window which looked out on the parking lot, but all I could see were trees. However, these trees were gum trees which are native to Australia and very very common. But as the result of it, I found myself thinking about buying another campervan. The first one I looked at was mechanically sound, with nearly twelve months left on its tags, and inexpensive. The interior was filthy but cleanable, so I bought it. I gave it a good thorough clean over my next couple of libs. Ah yes! I took my libs, loose cannons always do.

This reminds me of a situation which occurred while I was in the UC. I would send a weekly report to D/ED Int and then QEI, Paul Schobel, on the UC scene. However, the UC stats were not reported, although I think the staff auditing hours and student points, did get picked up by AOLA and OC. Then we got a red tag but no one wanted it because as the C/S, I did not come under either of the Snr C/Ses for AOLA or OC. My solution was to group it in with my other stats as C/S and auditor. But this meant it never got onto Snr C/S Int's stat.

This reminds me, I bought myself a laptop computer, an NEC ProSpeed. This was state of the art with two 3 1/2" floppy drives, one for the program and one for the documents, and no hard drive. It was pre-MS windows and had no mouse. It did have a 300KB modem! I had heard there was a guy in San Diego who could dial into Incomm's computer and I had planned to do the same with my weekly reports. I had real trouble trying to get an OK and eventually gave up. I did though, find some Bulletin Boards and I was able to keep in touch with David Ziff. There was no internet then.

Then I heard about Jeff Walker blowing. The story was that he blew and came back, was put into the RPF and then blew again. Of course, the truth was that Jeff went a got a cop to escort him so that he could pick up his gear. This sounds exactly like Jeff. The double blow? No! A few days later, John Eastment appeared in the Exec Strata male dormitory in the complex, and he was wearing his lieutenant shoulder epaulets. If I recall correctly, John resigned from his rank during the multiple missions that I was part of, when I was briefly QEI almost two years earlier. I had heard on the grape vine that John had rescued a European Count or MP who was on lines. I congratulated him on his rescue and noted he had his rank back and he told me that he got it back because of his successful rescue. I then asked him if he was replacing Jeff, said, "Yes but keep it quiet."

About a month later, he was visiting OC as a part of his tour of local orgs. And one of the UC PC's had red tag, when not allowed to attest to clear as a last life-time PC going clear. This PC was too old, but claimed to have assumed a youth's body this life-time. John reviewed the folder and C/Sed for the PC to attest to clear and I copped a cram.

I continued applying for Sea Org promotion to see how far I could push it, although I left a period of three years from my last promotion to Ensign in NY, and unexpectably I was promoted to Lieutenant jg on Sea Org Day '89. Then on Auditors Day '89 (mid September), if I recall correctly, the AOLA Universe Corps team attended the AOLA event at a restaurant on West Sunset Blvd. I was wearing my dress whites with my new Lt jg epaulets, complete with dirk. Sandy Wilhere who, at that time, had recently been appointed QEI, was there. Sandy was talking with Barbara Tompkins who, as I understood it, were very good friends, Sandy was replaced by Barbara as Snr C/S AOLA when she, Sandy, was promoted to D/Snr C/S Int, if I remember correctly. Anyway, Sandy then came over to me, and told me that I was to be transferred from Exec Strata and become a permanent UC staff member. She also told me that she would get Maria ,my wife, transferred to LA, which I knew was nonsense. Maria had an elderly mother in San Juan Puerto Rico who was quite ill, and Maria would not leave Flag. Not only that, but she was a Flag NOTs FESer and the three of them, FESers, would take turns for their annual leave, being replaced by a public who was trained as a NOTs auditor. I never understood why Barbara objected to my being D/QEI, perhaps she felt that I could be ripped off.

A few weeks later, I remember listening to the press commentators just prior to the start of the third game of the World Series at Candlestick Park. It was the evening of Tuesday October 17, 1989. One commentator made the comment that it was very still, that the flags weren't moving and not a sound. He then said that the only he had experienced such stillness, was just before an earthquake. It was five or ten minutes after this that the earthquake hit.

Howeever, it was either the following Sunday or the one after, that we, a group of UC members, attended a talk on UFO's by Milton Cooper at a public hall in Hollywood. We were all excited about it and discussed it with others. As a result, I was ordered off post by QEI and all the folders of PCs that I had C/sed and audited, had to be FESed, checked for errors in C/Sing, auditng and programming. It was a Wednesday that I was ordered off post. Poor old Barbara Tompkins had to do the FESing. On the following Wednesday, I had still heard nothing and decided that if, I was not back on post by Friday, it might be time to go. On the Thursday, I had an interview with Bruce Bromley from Snr C/S Int's office, who told me that if there was anything in UFO's Hubbard would have known. I listened in disbelief thinking, "Good lord! He thinks Hubbard was God." This was my "strike three", I decided I don't belong here. We were in the outer office of the Snr C/S AOLA, and as I was leaving, I heard something about RPF from in the inner office. About me? At the time, I thought so. I decided that on Saturday, I go.

Why did I delay my departure by a day? I had to take my van out of the parking station in Fountain and park it in the CofS parking lot in N. Catalina opposite the main building. Then early Saturday morning during CSP, I would put my bags into the van, and then get my stuff out of AOLA.

So on Friday after lunch I moved the van into the N.Catalina parking lot, and started tidying up in the UC space in AOLA and wrote a farewell note with details of where everything was including keys etc...

That night, I took my brief case which also contained one of my e-meters, back to my berthing. The other e-meter was at OC, so there was nothing I could do about that. Then, I packed my trunk with all my sea org uniforms, except for my overalls, and locked it. The overalls was my excuse if anyone stopped me, as I could say I was cleaning up as part of my amends. And put a note, "David Graham" on it. And finally I packed my own bags.

I remember putting in the note, that I was on my back to Flag. This wasn't on my plans, but I thought it would inhibit a local search for me. As an aside, I did at one point consider it but I quickly realized it was mid winter and would have been a stupid time to attempt to cross the Rockies.

I was up very early on Saturday morning, showered, put on my overalls, took my bags to the van, had a quick breakfast, and off to AOLA to finish up there. When I arrived, one of the UC girls, Greta, was there doing some amends. I smiled to myself that I had been smart enough to put all my stuff in the C/S office, the night before. I put the note I had written on the desk in my office, grabbed my last remaining things such as my computer, printer, a box of personal papers and books, and locked up. I walked through the main building, seeing no one, then across the street to the van in the parking lot, and put the stuff in. My guardian angel really put the hard yards in for me today. There was still no one in sight, as I put the van into gear, drove out of the parking lot into Catalina, turned into Fountain and drove off into total freedom!!

My poor guardian angel really had to work overtime on that day. That Saturday morning the UC I/C OC was going to come over, but she felt heavy and tired, slept in and then got held up and didn't make it, also Dianne was going to come in early and she too woke up feeling heavy and tired and didn't come in until after lunch. Then so I believe, after lunch a message arrived from QEI stating that Snr C/S Int had approved my returning to post.

I believe that no errors were found in my C/Sing or auditing. However, as a result of my departure, they had to be re-FESed. Poor Barbara. And it is claimed that there was a programming error, an omitted OTIV, OT Drug R/Down. I don't think so! But it would have saved Barbara's neck for which I am grateful.

I believe that Jill Graham, no relation, fulfilled my role as NOTs auditor, Donna Reeve became C/S and Solo C/S for OC and Barbara Tompkins picked up the NOTs C/Sing. While I did feel that I had let the guys down, I also knew that my departure was long overdue.

And me? Well, that's another story. But there are a few more incidents which I had forgotten and will relate, before I sign off on this part of my life. But let me say this. I do not consider I have wasted fifteen years of my life in scientology, it was part of my spiritual journey and I discoved with complete certainty that scientology could not help me find what I was seeking.

Regards, David

Reflections of Sydney:
Since I started writing Mate's Story, forgotten experiences have popped up, which may help to paint a clearer picture. Some will be quite relevant, while others much less. They wont be in any particular sequence.

During the period when, as a result of the Anderson Inquiry, the use of the name Scientology, was banned, the CofS called itself the Church of the New Faith. Then when Whitlam's Labour Government came into power, the new Attorney-General, Lionel Murphy, indicated that he would look favourably upon an application to have the ban lifted. For the Guardians Office, this was a top priority. I was the Lead C/S at the time and the only one who wore clerical garb and was, in addition, an authorized celebrant of the State of New South Wales in my capacity as a minister. The GO required me to be present at a briefing of the Senior Counsellor who was to represent the CofS at the inquiry. There I was puffing and sucking on a pipe acting and speaking like the caricature of an academic explaining the nature of scientology. It went done well with him and with the GO. Me? I had trouble keeping a straight face. The ban was lifted. BTW, I hadn't smoked for seven years, and fortunately didn't get hooked again.

Then there was the time when the Assistant Guardian Maureen Sparshott asked Phyll Stevens, CO Sydney Day, if she could see. I was in mystery as I went to see her. She wanted to recruit me to be the GO's staff auditor. I declined, saying that as an auditor under Cmdr Phyll Stevens, I felt closer to Hubbard. Well! She screamed at me like no one ever had. I was so shocked that the force of her screaming, physically moved me back in the chair. The surprise so so great that I didn't ridge and all the energy flowed pass me. I gathered she disagreed with me. Soon after we were laughing about it. It was a very useful experience in not ridging when someone is screaming at you.

Maureen did get her own back. As it wasn't long after that that Diana Hubbard came out to Sydney and the CofS hired the auditorium of then one of Sydney's newest hotel in William Street. The AG, Maureen, requested that the CO Sydney Day to provide the male staff members on a list, to be guards to ensure that a couple declared ex-scientologists didn't gain access. I was on that list. However, did see Diana briefly and she looked stunning.

Another fascinating experience when John Brownlee and myself, both auditors, were visiting Jenny Barkley who was an intern at the time. Jenny's former husband was a Vietnam vet and when he returned he was suffering from the psychological effects of seeing his best mate, who was driving an armoured personnel carrier (like a tank), blown to pieces by a bomb. When the husband returned, scientology failed to help him an one day he got off the train at Milsons Point station on the Sydney Habour Bridge and walked along the train tracks into an on-coming train, and was killed instantly. John and I didn't know this.

Jenny's little boy was standing in his cot, John asked the little boy, "What did you do last lifetime?" The boy's response was, "I was a tank driver!" He was articulate and smiled and suddenly went back to being a baby again. We told Jenny, who told us about her former husband's mate.

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