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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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My NOTs internship went smoothly and I managed to get my NOTs C/S 1, which is a PC's first action to groove one in on the basics of NOTs and how to run it. Then I did my NOTs C/S course and onto the internship. In my spare time I audited a couple of the other NOTs C/Ses a couple of sec checks and a repair, it was interesting to note that a couple of them went on to become Class XIIs. After about three weeks, the D/Snr C/S for NOTs decided I could graduate. I believe it could have been earlier, but I was filling for another C/S.

Well, back to LA, and things weren't going too well. The course room for new OT VI, the study of Solo NOTs materials, was nearly ready, but the study materials were not yet available because I hadn't gotten onto Solo NOTs nor had I done the Solo NOTs C/S course. Yet there were a number of staff who had attested new OTV, audited NOTs, particularly their tech staff. I gave them a briefing, but there were some I wasn't able to placate. They weren't getting what was promised. My immediate problem was to get myself through OTVI so that I could get onto Solo NOTs C/S training.

Once again, my guardian angel, god bless her, stepped in yet again. Paul Crabtree appeared, he had heard that I had completed my NOTs training and asked me if I would do his sec check for a leave of absense routing form. Paul was a NOTs cramming officer, and as such was a NOTs auditor. When Vicki Azneran was declared all her auditors and cramming offers had all their certs cancelled and had to retrain from the bottom up. I agreed and then I sent a request to D/ED Int to get permission for Paul to do my NOTs to the required to routed onto Solo NOTs. At that time a NOTs auditor was not required to complete their new OTV before routing onto Solo NOTs and when on it would complete his OTV solo. Of course, I explained why and approval came from Snr C/S Int's office together with approval for him to be assigned to the Universe Corps.

The co-audit went fine, although a bit unbalanced. I finished Paul in about an hour, and I received about an intensive from him, but we were both very happy. Paul routed out for his family leave and had accepted the fact that he would be retraining from the bottom up, however, I suspected that after what he had been through at Int, he wouldn't be returning.

Before I was able to get on my way to Flag to do my Solo NOTs C/S training, CMO IXU wanted me for a mission. CMO IXU was a unit of CMOInt, stationed in PAC with the Flag Command Bureau (FCB) as its area of interest. FCB is/was responsible for all the CLOs, Continental Liasion Office, such as East US, Anzo and so on. They wanted me to hold Craig Wright's post while they sent him on mission to the FSSO, the Freewind, because he had clearance to go on board. In retrospect, it was fortunate that I didn't. Craig was the auditor/cramming officer for Bridge Publications.

Before the Universe Corps teams were despatched, ITO got into the habit of using the Universe Corps as a pool of missionaires and after their missions, would get posted elsewhere in the ITO. After a while, they simply just took them. I said, "No." As this looked like it was going to be a problem, I offered to audit any PCs Craig had, while he was on mission, on one day a week, after I had cleared it with D/ED Int. This delayed my departure to Flag, and as I recall, Barbara Tompkins, Snr C/S AOLA, was furious about it. The irony of it was that one of the PCs, Craig was auditing, was the ED of Pubs, Foster Tompkins, Barbara's husband.

The Craig's mission lasted longer than expected and when he arrived back, he told me that CMO IXU, wanted him for another mission. With D/ED Int's approval, I was on the "red eye" flight to Flag, that night. As soon as I arrived, my very first action was to route onto the Solo NOTs C/S course, then I went to bed for a few hours without advising anyone. When I arrived in the internship courseroom, the supervisor told me that CMO Flag were looking for me. My response was, "I'll bet they were." The CO CMO Flag, Arthur Baxter, was in the Sea Org in Sydney when I was lead C/S there. Anyway, he eventually caught up with me and told me that IXU wanted me for a mission. I gave Arthur the full background and I simply told him that I was there on D/ED INT's orders. As he backed off, I had to smile to myself. Unbeknownst to me, this mission didn't go away, as you will soon find out.

So I did my new OTVI which was the Solo NOTs auditor course, then my Solo NOTs C/S course and then onto my Solo NOTs C/S internship. Initially everything went well. I also did a few Solo NOTs 12 monthly reviews for experience. Then my "second strike" like in baseball three strikes and you're out (this is for non Americans, of course). I was C/Sing a Pre-OT (a PC on OT levels) who had come in for a review. He had done around 120 hours of Solo NOTs auditing and was satisfied he was finished. He had a wide F/N on saying he had no more BTs or Clusters. I C/Sed for an attest and it was rejected by the Lead C/S who was monitoring my C/Sing. When I asked "Why?" I was told that instructions had come down from Snr C/S Int that anyone who had done less than 200 hours was not complete. Talk about evaluation! Source was a photocopy of a C/S which stated this! After the PreOT received the R/factor, he promptly Red Tagged and was eventually allowed to attest.

BTW, my "first strike" was the science fiction part of OTIII, the Xenu part, and the evaluation associated with it. The existence of BTs is real to me but nothing like the number that Hubbard would have you believe.

The Lead C/S and I were talking about my attesting when an urgent message came to me from ED Int's secretary, Martha, to contact her immediately. I was told that I was to fly immediaely to Copenhagen to join Deputy/IG Tech, Hansuli Stali, for their Auditors Day Event. She organized for me to pick up my tickets at Tampa and fly to Miami and then to London and Copenhagen on British Airways.

So I ordered transport to the airport from FLB, Flag Land Base, and went and packed my gear, got back and waited for the Bus. When it was 10 minutes late, I called the transport officer, and he told me that CMO Flag had cancelled my transport. Apparently, CMO IXU had told Arthur Baxter, CO CMO Flag, that as soon as I had completed my training, I was to be held. I was furious. I ordered a cab and then called ED Int's secretary Martha, and informed her. When the cab arrived, the CMO Flag had the cab blocked. By this time, I knew I had missed my flight. Now I was absolutely furious, and the cabbie wasn't happy at all either. Then a messenger came running up and almost collapsing whispered loudly to Baxter, saying CO CMOInt as ordered him to get me to the airport and that I must not miss the flight. I'm sure there was an expansion of the RPF ranks, not that I would wish that on anybody.

I took the cab, even though Baxter was determined to take me there, because I knew if anyone could get me there on time, it would be the cabbie. He did well, but we didn't make it. I was just in time to catch the next flight to Miami but would arrive too late to catch my BA flight out of Miami. I decided to sort it out when I arrived in Miami as I was thinking that maybe I could change airlines out of Miami. When I got to Miami, I had a brand new problem, my BA had been delayed, indefinitely delayed. But at least, I did have a flight out even though it would be late.

When I was checking in for my BA flight to Heathrow, I found out that the delay was due to a computer going down at Heathrow. This was later confirmed by our pilot, that a BA computer at Heathrow had crashed. Finally, we were given a new departure time, and I computed that I could still make my connection to Copenhagen. However, about an hour or so, into the flight, the captain announced that there would be an unscheduled stop at Bermuda and there went my connection!

Bermuda, as I remember it, was a small crescent-shaped island which appeared to be mainly city with wide white beaches. The passengers were allowed to go into the terminal but not beyond. The terminal reminded me of a quaint old-style country railway (railroad) station, and without air-conditioning, it was unbearably hot. Unfortunately, this detour added over an hour to our flight time.

After we landed, the pilot congratulated the passengers for taking part in a successful ground-controlled landing! All the chatting among the passengers that usually happens after a landing, suddenly stopped and there was dead silence for a few moments. After we disembarked, we were put onto a bus to be taken to the main terminal. While I was waiting to go through an incoming security checkpoint, there was a man in an adjacent line who was having his camera checked and in an annoyed voice said loudly, "Careful!" The inspector then immediately opened the camera and pulled the film out and looked into the camera. The man became furious and the inspector then took all of his exposed film containers and opened each one taking the film out and looking into the container. I'm sure there was a message in that. When I got through the checkpoint I went looking for the check-in counter for my flight to Copenhagen. It was a different airline. When I found it, it was closed for the day and would reopen at 6.00am, it was around 10.00pm. Checking, I found two other airlines which serviced Copenhagen, but they too were closed. So I was stuck there for the night but had to be back before 6.00am the following morning.

I was able to talk my way out through immigration to get into the main lobby and eventually found my way to the underground (subway). Checking the timetable, I found that the 1st arrival was after 6.00am which would be very risky because I may not be the only one caught by the computer going down. Also going into London to get a meal was also a risky business, as I would have had about half an hour before the last train to Heathrow. I decided to use a vending machine for something to eat and drink as all the food outlets were closed, only to find they didn't take US currency. So I just sat in a moulded plastic seat and spent the night sleeping fitfully.

I was there first in line, before 6.00am. But unfortunately both flights were booked out with a waiting list. I then went to the other two and had no luck there. BTW, to move between the two different locations for the check-ins, one had to pass through the same security point, and the guards were beginning to look at me intently. So I went back to the check-in of the airline on which, I was originally meant to fly and I explained my dilemma to the girl and she decided to check out on her computer, flights from other airports into Copenhagen. And Bingo! she found a small feeder airline out of Hamburg and it had a vacancy and they had a vacancy to Hamburg. She booked me onto the flights and off I went with minutes to spare.

As I was going through the security point for one last time, I could see the English bobby (cop) watching me, wearing a navy blue commando sweater with the word "police" in white across its front, and holding a sub-machine gun at the ready with his finger on the trigger. Behind him, I could see the tail of an El Al (Israeli) airplane and at that instant two traditionally dressed Arabs passed in front of them. I would have loved a photograph, but I was lucky not to have had a camera, lord knows what could have happened. Anyway I got onto the aircraft and on my way to Hamburg.

At the Hamburg airport, very few understood English, but I eventually found the right line for my flight to Copenhagen. While waiting, I could see a TV with what I think, was the last yacht race of Australia challenging the USA in the America's Cup, and Australia seemed to be behind. The commentary unfortunately was in German. As an aside, a couple a weeks earlier, I was speaking with Ron Norton who was very much into sport, and I mentioned to him that at that time Australia was one up on the America's Cup Challenge and his response was, "What is the America's Cup?" After Australia went on to win the Cup from the USA, the first country ever to do so, all Americans then knew what it was.

When I did my pilot training during my compulsory National Service training, we were flying bi-planes, with two wings one above the other and an open cockpit, well the flight to Copenhagen was on an aircraft of almost the same vintage. It had two piston engines there were single seats on each side of the aisle, as far as I remember and the pilots had to climb two steps to get up to the cockpit. There was a hostess but no refreshments. But it was only a short flight, some 150 or so miles. My first impression was that they had the largest coin in the world and the smallest, which I got in my change after grabbing a snack. And my second impression was the number of cyclists and dedicated cycle ways and the sparsity of cars. I gave the cabbie the address and by mid afternoon, I arrived with a few hours to spare before the event.

We are still in 1988, and this incident is Auditors Day '88.

Hansuli was pleased to see me and somewhat amazed too. He was going to use the AO's Snr C/S to subsitute for me. So I was taken to the auditorium for a final rehearsal, then I had a shower and dressed up and so on. The event went fine and after which we had dinner. They were amused as I recounted my experience getting there. One thing, I hadn't mentioned, was that I first met Hansuli when I was a C/S at Flag and my senior was Alaine Kartuzinski, who was a good friend of Hansuli, and every time Hansuli came to the FSO he would drop into our office for a chat.

On the following day, I wanted to see all the Danish girls maximising their intake of vitamin D in the Tivoli gardens, but unfortunately it was closed for winter. We visited the AO and tackled a few problems, the details of which now escape me. The one thing that intrigue me, was the design of both the AO and the berthing, they were multi-storeyed built around a large courtyard which accommodated parking. The lasting impression I got from scientology in Denmark, was that its atmosphere was very comfortable, very easy going.

Hansuli and I flew out together to Heathrow, and my anecdotes of my experiences as Cont Snr C/S EUS, certainly kept him amused. We flew out on the same flight for JFK, Hansuli in Business Class, he being RTC, and I was in the "cattle" class, being Exec Strata. However, the seat next to Hans was empty, and used his charm to have his stewardess invite me to join him in Business Class. He then had me continue describing my experiences.

This has just reminded me of one that occurred in the early days of the Universe Corps. After I had finished my NOTs auditor and C/S training and was back on post in the Universe Corps in LA, one of our recruits, whose name escapes me at the moment, had been ripped off by ITO and done a series of missions. After his last mission, he came and saw us as teams were now established, and wanted to get back into the UC. ITO got wind of this and wanted to fire him on another mission. I knew the only solution was for me to hide him which I did. Well. ITO looked everywhere, they sent out teams to check out all berthing day and night and had someone sitting in the PAC dining to catch him, they even followed UC staff. As I was D/QEI they couldn't order me to reveal his whereabouts. Eventually they gave up, hoping he might turn up and then grab him, but he didn't! It was weeks later that the CO ITO, came to see me and asked where he was, and I told him that he has been posted in the UC team in OC, with D/ED Int's approval. The look on his face, was priceless.

When we arrived at JFK, Hansuli continued on to LAX and went to Tampa. When I was picked up by the bus, I asked the driver not to tell anyone I was on the bus, as I was still wary of CMO Flag. I went straight to the Solo NOTs area in the Sandcastle and saw my Lead C/S, Jan Norton, routed through on my Internship, collected six sets of New OTVI student packs, and was on my way. I took an early flight out of Tampa and was back on post, the same day.

Now that I'm back with the Universe Corps, I thought I might make my considerations known, about the operation of getting orgs to old Saint Hill size and their receiving UC teams. Prior to AOLA and OC reaching Saint Hill size, it would appear that the only senior executive who was concerned with the establishment of a Universe Corps, was ED Int. Recruitment activities were successful, but unfortunately, wherever the UC was located, it was treated as a personnel pool. When it was placed under Archives, they would trade two UC staff for one to get a qualified staff, then most disappeared in a reorganization for the creation of ITO, by combining ITS from Flag, New World Corps, and the Universe Corps. The 50 odd UC recruits all but disappeared, and only those, some ten, who point blank refused to be reposted, remained in the UC.

To Miscavige, the Universe Corps was simply a carrot to get orgs to produce more income. Whether the UC gave what was promised, was unimportant. What was promised was "all staff would be gotten up the Bridge". In OC, the UC was having some success getting OC staff through the lower grades to clear and doing clear checks. And when I completed my Solo C/S training we were getting them onto and thru the Lower OT levels. In addition, I got Dave Petit and David Worthing through NOTs and onto Solo Nots.

In AOLA, the story was not as good. The UC team was not provided with auditors to audit the lower grades on AOLA staff, and when requested of ITO to help provide auditors, the response was that the org itself was required to do that, which was contrary to the promise. It is true we got their tech people who were on or completed audited NOTs, new OTV, onto their solo NOTs, but this was only a small percentage of their staff. AOLA Snr C/S was upset about the scene, but I had no immediate solution. We failed here, miserably.

By the time we realized we had it right with OC and that the same kind of team should have been and needed to be dispatched to AOLA, attention was on manning teams for the next orgs to reach Saint Hill size. I was not the Universe Corps I/C, who was Graham Rodgers, but as D/QEI, I had some input on it. But as we got new recruits, they were ripped off, such as a young couple from the UK, and there was David Saunders who was ripped off by ITO and then ripped off by FCB. Then there was the other rip-off which we were able to grab back directly after a mission and hide in OC, as I describe earlier. There were many more rip offs. The losers in all of this, were up-stat staff members.

I do apologize to all those staff who failed to get the prize, they earned, when they with their fellow staff, were able to get their orgs to Saint Hill size.

There was a sense of satisfaction to be able to deliver Solo NOTs to the staff of AOLA and OC, in spite of my misgivings about the arbitrary 200 hours before a preOT could attest. knew that this was a hurdle that had to be confronted some time in the future. Dianne Henderson was our new OTVI course supervisor and she was raring to go and get some students into her course room, she all but grabbed the course packs and locked them away in a cupboard in her locked course room. And her first student routed on the following day, if I recall correctly.

Within a couple of days of my returning from Flag, CMOI XU appeared wanting to use me to cover for Craig Wright again so that he could be sent on a mission. Again I said I would cover for one day a week and that they needed to clear it with Foster Tompkins, the CO of Bridge and Craig's boss. I think I either covered on this occasion or it might have been another, after which I was never bothered again.

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