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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Before I had an opportunity to write up a CSW to Miscavige to be posted as QEI, I was fired off to AOSHUK for Auditors Day to deliver the Auditors Day Speech. There was a small panic to get my commander stripes onto the sleeves of my jacket and I was rushed to LAX for a Delta flight to Gatwick airport in London. I had my jacket and cap in my suit bag and was wearing my commander epaulets on my shoulders. I had very good service on the flight and I thought it must have been my charm. When we landed at Gatwick, I got my bag and showed my passport and my Green Card. He ignored my passport and peered at my Green Card, and then waved me straight through Customs to the street. I was surprised but delighted. I was putting my folder which contained my Green Card, away, I noticed that my IAS card, International Association of Scientologists, was above it and it had an image of the world on it. And then I got it! He knew I was a pilot and he was looking at the IAS card to determine what airline I flew. And the others were convinced I was a pilot too. As a coincidence, I had been trained as a pilot when I did my national Service training in the Air Force in the early '50s. How to get special service, wear commander stripes on your shoulders.

I was met by the Universe Corps recruitment mission and they looked after me while I was there and took to an upmarket motel. This was luxury after my berthing as a "battery hen". Ahhh, yess... I had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Most Americans would never know the shear delight of this. I met the CO, taken on a tour of the Manor which has become a sort of shrine with everything where Hubbard had left it including all his clothes. Then we went over to the auditorium where the event was to take place. This was in the "castle".

The event went fine as scientology events went. And after the formal part of the event, I met some old friends and made some new ones. But towards the end of the evening, the CO came over to me and apologized to me for the poor sales on the night. Apparently, that was my stat. I thought "OMG!", and decided to use the successful action I had used when on mission in EUS of "QEI who is a Flag trained Case Cracking C/S, will program your folder for you, if you purchase a intensive while he is here". To do it, I extended my stay an extra day and telexed ED Int informing him of it. The action worked out well and I gathered they had among the best of the results.

On the flight home, I again wore my commander epaulets and again had some interesting moments. We flew over the southern part of Greenland and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and from our height the icebergs looked like grains of sugar, and a passenger, a lady, asked me, "Captain, in all your flying, have ever seen anything like that before?" I truthly responded No I hadn't. Our port of entry was Cincinati and as I was going through immigration, the clerk didn't know whether he should stamp my passport and so asked me. I, of course, said No, and again, I was waved through Customs also. Very Interesting!

When I got back to Int, ED Int blasted me but was slightly, very slightly, mollified when I told him about the results we got. I think he may have gotten the idea that I was a bit of a loose cannon. So be it! The problem was that I was to be fired as part of one of three missions, into the FSO and I delayed the firing of them.

This was a massive operation. It was like a scientology "D-Day". The main mission had the Deputy CO CMOInt as its I/C and who was also the overall I/C, I don't recall his name, and under him, was a team of four, if I recall correctly, nor do I recall what their objectives were. In fact, I don't think I was briefed on them, because I was to receive a nasty shock when we arrived at the FSO and the staff was being briefed. The I/C of the second mission was Snr C/S Int, Jeff Walker, and with one other missionaire had the objective to find and handle out-tech on FSO C/S lines, particularly the Snr C/S FSO and the deputy Snr C/Ses. The third mission, of which I was I/C, had one other missionaire with the objective of handling the Internship and cramming lines with respect to a Snr C/S Int program on getting all auditors to have videos passed by Snr C/S Int, and at that point, none had been passed.

On that fateful morning, the FSO was lined up in divisions and departments with the division and depart heads at the front and in front of them, were the executives. The missions were facing them. As his very first action, the Deputy CO CMOInt called out Bruce Caldwell to the front and then read out an Ethics Order. Let me point out here, that Bruce was a friend of mine, he was an auditor in the Case Cracking Unit, we did co-audit for a while, and we introduced together an FSO guard of honor with a special drill using naval swords, which was copied by Int. The ethics order said that Bruce Caldwell was guilty of inciting a mutiny by encouraging married couples to have children contrary to an existing Flag Order. Fact: About a year earlier Bruce had gotten remarried and they wanted to have a child, and he made a joke to a "friend" that maybe all who wanted to have children should do so, as they couldn't ship everybody out. Well, my jaw must have hit the floor, I couldn't believe it, and felt totally impotent about it. I believe they went to South Africa as she was South African.

Now, if I remember correctly, Caroline Webb Class XII C/S was Deputy Snr C/S FSO for the Case Cracking Unit and was my senior. When Jeff Walker took up the post of Snr C/S Int, Caroline held the Snr C/S FSO post for him. Now she was back as D/SNR C/S FSO, and when I saw her, said said, " You called me Sir, and now I call you Sir." And I said, "Why don't we stick with Caroline and David?" We didn't talk about the Bruce Caldwell incident, but I sensed she knew it affected me.

It was about my third day, that I got my first product of a pass by Snr C/S Int, of one of the auditors and both he and I were elated, as I had debugged the video program. The following day, a Sunday, I had two more videos ready to be viewed by Snr C/S Int, when the bombshell hit me. I was handed a telex from the overall I/C, the D/CO CMOInt, which had come from mission control, recalling me because of a failed mission! I sent a query, but no response and so I had no choice but to return to Int.

When I got back to Int, I found out that the D/CO CMOInt had reported that I was depressed about how the mission was going, which was obviously a lie. A Com Ev (Committee of Evidence or Kangaroo Court ) was called on me. Charges were a failed mission, a failure to handle Snr C/S Gold as he did a very poor job as the speaker at the Gold base Auditors Day event, and adopting an off-policy action at Saint Hill. The Chairman of my Comm Ev was the Services Exec Int, Linda Stanton. A Comm Ev is NOT a court, with a Comm Ev you are guilty and it is a matter of finding out how guilty. Of course, the mission was not a failure, the Snr C/S Gold comes directly under Snr C/S Int, and no one could show me what policy was violated. Nonetheless, I was found guilty and my penalty was to do conditions.

Also, Miscavige rejected my CSW to be posted as QEI on the grounds that I didn't handle the Snr C/S Gold. Everyone other than Miscavige were stunned. Eventually Greg Wilhere was to convince Miscavige and get me posted as Deputy QEI. BTW, Miscavige sent IG Tech into Qual Gold to fix up where I had "failed". And what did Ray Mithoff do? He had Gold make up and instal signs over the drilling area of the courseroom, over the clay table, over the study area, and over the word clearers. Of course, there was nothing else to do. But I do acknowledge Ray for being clever enough to come up with a something, but then again, to have not to, could have been a disaster for him.

It took a week or so, before I became D/QEI. During this time, I was assigned to assist in the courseroom as a wordclearer, also I did some auditing until it was decided that my Flag internships, did not qualify me to audit at Int! Even though the only Class XIIs were Snr C/S Int and IG Tech who were not part of Gold Qual. As soon as my posting came through, I assumed the duties of QEI while being held as exchange for my replacement. I spent the next few days doing their computer courses, and then I got my little desk with a computer on it next to the door, outside ED Int's office with three others. I had become familiar with a PC, personal computer, in NY so that the Incomm (Scientology's computer system in LA) keyboard wasn't a problem even with its additional special keypad.

For those interested:The programs used were written in Pascal and probably still are, as I can't imagine that any down time would be acceptable to rewrite the programs in C and load them. Using C+ or any other object-oriented language would have been totally out of the question at least on the main programs such as their communications program called Merc short for mercury and their data base called SIR short for Source Information Retrival which contained all HCOBs, PABs, HCOPLs, R advices, and so on.

I was required to continue writing a program started by ED Int, for all Qualification Divisions Internationally. Unfortunately, I didn't do the Data Series Evaluator's Course, as I mentioned earlier, however, as part of my OEC course there was a simple exercise in data evaluation. There was no briefing from ED Int, there was no information as to what the situation was, there was no why. As issuing the program was an overdue target, there was no time for any observation by myself or others. With a lot of help from Jens Uhrskov, Deputy ED Int, and a heavy reliance on my impressions from my missions in EUS, we managed to put together a workable program.

The routine of getting a program approved by CMO Int was something else again. It took many minor adjustments until the layout conformed precisely which took a number of printings then only then, was it printed on a laser printer. Then tabs were added, which had to be precisely lined up, then it was bound, and then and only then, was it presented to CMOInt for approval. This whole action took almost a full day.

Lesser programs were called Sit-Why-Handlings. The post of QEI was simply writing programs and sit-why-handlings, as well as programs to collect data. Yet they, the powers that be, denied me the DSEC course.

I would like to make some observations about Int/Gold/Gilman Hot Springs. I'LL bet you didn't know that Gilman Hot Springs is formally known as Massacre Canyon. Not inappropriate when you think of Flo Barnett and Stacy Moxon and all those still missing. Miscavige has a lot of Karma to handle.

Jens Uhrskov and Monica Quirino were the two stable people in Exec Strata, not only because they had been on post for a long while, but each would go out of their way to help, they wouldn't wait for you to ask. I suspect that all those who were posted in Exec Strata, would consider Jens and Monica as friends. The other Int Execs, on the other hand, I found were just acquaintances even among themselves. Most were harassed, frantic, with a hint of despair. Failure meant Gold!

The social structure at int, was interesting. At the top was Miscavige, below which was RTC, below which was CMOInt, below which was Exec Strata, below which was Gold, below which was Int RPF, below which was Int's RPF's RPF. Gold was what was considered the estates org plus the production of CD's and DVD's. Of course, when I was there, it was tapes and videos. If you were busted from RTC, CMOInt or Exec Strata, you went to Gold for the most part, although some went straight to the RPF. There were many menial tasks in Gold.

A simple explanation of the relationship of the upper three orgs, would be as follows. RTC sends orders through CMOInt to Exec Strata and CMOInt would ensure that they were executed. I had a CMOInt staff member who would be constantly monitoring my activity via MERC (this is the Inncom computer messaging system, I have mentioned before). It was like email except that depending on the priority of the message, there was a fixed time in which it had to be handled. You couldn't use "wilco"s or "I'll get back to you" etc. If you failed to make it, the computer would automatically generate an ethics report and send it to your ethics file. An Exec Int would get dozens of these messages each day, some up to hundreds and would have to stay back late into the early hours of the morning to handle them. Yes, it was insane.

The buck would come down from Miscavige and RTC and stop at Exec Strata, or it would flow up from lower orgs and stop at Exec Strata. The result? Many "Sit-Why-Handlings" were never written. A Sit-Why-Handling could best be describe as: A non-optimal Situation is detected and an analysis of it, is made to determine Why it happened, and then using appropriate HCOPLs and R-Advices, to work out a Handling to correct the situation.

The dining area at Int was previously an inn. While I was there, it was called MCI and it was only relatively recently that I found out that the name of the inn was, you guessed it, Massacre Canyon Inn! The dining area was L-shaped where the long arm was also wider and this contained the tables of Gold staff. At the "bottom" end of this section was a stage which was used for events and base-wide briefings. In front of the stage, were the "smorgasbord" style tables carrying the food for Gold Staff. The kitchen complex was contained in the "white" or upper right of the "L". The "bottom" arm of the "L" which was not as wide, was set up as a cafeteria. At the far end of this arm was a large round table, the "Captains Table", somewhat reminescent of King Arthur and his "dining room". This table received table service and the two stewards had appropriate white jackets with high collars. The rest of the arm of the "L" were five tables which were parallel to the long arm of the "L". These accommodated RTC, CMOInt, and Exec Strata.

At meal times Miscavige would arrive with his IGs, all with military-style cropped haircuts, "Top Gun" had been release not long before, on their motor scooters. They parked them outside at the main window and sauntered in, like a pack of Hells Angels. All at the Captains Table would remain standing until Miscavige was seated. When I first saw it, I couldn't believe it, but I dared not say anything about it.

Renos (renovations) was on every Sunday, if I'm not mistaken. I had a choice of either joining "the boys" in concrete pouring or "the others" removing misletoe from the trees on the golf course. Thinking about the limited showers of a minute each, I joined "the others". Although it was the middle of winter, the temperature on most Sundays was in the 80's and there wasn't much shade with the sparsity of trees. We were using extended loppers with saw blades on the end of them, and made pretty good progress. It was a welcomed change to sitting at small desk in a crowded room looking at a computer screen. While I was doing it, I had a feeling that I would never get to play golf on it.

There were a couple of interesting incidents while I was at Int. The first was while I was doing my inspection of Qual Gold, on probably my second or third day at Int. The outdoor meetings of Exec Strata with the missionaires, was on a grassy area below the Qual Gold and the CMOInt/Exec Strata buildings. On this day I was going to Qual Gold via a path on the road side of the building. And who should I walk into than three old mates, all in the RPF. They were Spike Bush and Paul Crabtree who were my cramming officers in the FSO and Jessie Prince who I met briefly in CMO PAC when I was C/Sing for Ray Mithoff. All three were looking great. I quickly brought them up to date with news from the world and let them go. They were concerned we might become a foursome.

One night most of us got back to our berthing earlier than usual, and one of the guys, Larry Lester, had gotten hold of a shortwave radio. After we had gotten a few stations but no news, I thought I'd try to get Radio Australia. Eventually, I did and it was just before the hour, so we waited excitedly for the news. Then the announcer stated, "Due to a strike in our News Department, there will be no news broadcast tonight."

The first job I had when I graduated from university, was an operations engineer with Sydney's Channel 7 television station in 1958. I was responsible for the technical aspects of live telecasts including drama, and it included lighting, sound and the quality of pictures. In the early 60's, I appointed as a teacher in television production techniques at the North Sydney Technical College. I did not and do not consider myself an expert in lighting and sound, competent maybe.

While at Int I was ordered to do an audition for the role of a mad psychiatrist. This was part of one's duties at Int. They spent a lot of time on make up, but when it came to the shoot (video) there was no director or assistant director just the cameraman making suggestions such as rub your hands together. The result was juvenile, it was badly framed (had my feet cut off and me looking out of the frame) and the lighting was flat, dead flat. I was not selected fortunately. Could you be a mad psychiatrist on a scientology training film? It has been reported that Hubbard had rejected all the shoots he directed so it would seem he had some idea. But it is obvious Miscavige has absolutely no idea.

The idea of going to Int was attractive, to be near the center of power, In reality, it was a dead end, there was no sense of achievement, and many were in fear, even when I was there back in the mid '80s. There seemed to be no way out. Then there was talk about using me as a replacement for a new QEI, I got interested until I found out that they wanted an overseas Cont Snr C/S. I said "No way!" But I could see a major problem looming. Then my guardian angel stepped in once again. AOLA and OC had gone Saint Hill size and LRH'S Birthday was barely a few of weeks away, and the Universe Corps had been decimated, mainly by ITO. There were three class IV auditors and a supervisor. ED int copped a major rocket from Miscavige, and as I was holding QEI from below, it became my problem. I was looking down the barrel to be sent to Gold or the RPF.

My suggestion to Jens was that I be seconded to the Universe Corps but remain D/QEI (so that I was still theoretically a "coin"), then as I had started my NOTs auditor training, I be sent immediately to FSO to complete my NOTs auditor training, then do my NOTs C/S training, and then do my Solo NOTs C/S training. Then I would be able to handle the C/Sing needs of both AOLA and OC Universe Corps teams. For me it was a secret "escape from Int" plan and to complete my NOTs training and get my NOTs. Machiavellian? Of course, I don't deny it. Jens took the idea into ED Int, and ED Int came out and up to me and with a big smile said, "Bon. Go now."

My bags and trunk were packed in no time flat. As we left for PAC in the bus, the sense of relief was amazing, I could imagine being let out of jail would give one a similar feeling of euphoria. FREEDOM!

When I got to PAC, I found the Exec Strata Male Dorm empty and so I picked the best bunk. This was to be my new home for the next two years. Within a couple of hours, I was off again for Flag on the "red eye" flight with Eastern Airlines, a midnight flight for $99 with a four hour stopover in Atlanta. Arriving at Flag was like arriving home. Within a few days I wrapped up my NOTs Auditor course and put straight into my NOTs internship and was auditing in the NOTs HGC. I had barely started my NOTs internship, when I had to fly back to PAC where D/ED Int, Jens, was to brief the Universe Corps teams before we were shipped off on the following day to Flag for the LRH Birthday event. Why did I have to be there? No one knew. But I did get to meet the other members of the Universe Corp, who were for AOLA, Donna Reeve I/C, Dianne Henderson, and Don Breeding, and for OC were Carla Peters I/C, Hugh Peters, Dave Johnson, and Byron Vaughan.

The event went smoothly as far as I know, and on the following day I received a lot of congratulations.

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