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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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So I became a missionaire! I also fulfilled my goal to tour the east of the United States. I did 35 missions in all, one of which was done with a second missionaire. Of the 34 I did on my own, 32 of them were assigned a condition of normal or above. I must admit that the method of assignment of a condition to a mission, of taking the Org's condition two weeks after the mission, is a rather questionable indicator. Oh! and BTW, after a mission, the missionaires are required to get a sec check, but in NY not only were there no OT3 auditors, but I had been exposed to NOTs without having a NOTs C/S 1, which is the introductory NOTs session covering what NOTs is and how to fly NOTs rudiments. I really don't think I could have handled a sec check repeated 34 times.

After honing in over the first two missions, the pattern was exactly the same but modified slightly on second and third missions to the same org. An org was charged $500 for a mission plus my expenses. The mission consisted my doing a "What is a course" checklist and a C/S Series 54(?) checklist and writing two programs addressing what was found, Also I addressed to staff and gave them two 1 hour briefings, one on the Grade Chart and the other on the Reg Lost Line. The mission last two days, I would arrive mid-morning and leave mid-afternoon on the second day. In almost all cases, the mission was on Monday and Tuesday. On my second mission, I found that the org would be unable to find the $500, and it occurred to me that this could be a recurring problem and had to be solved immediately. So my solution was to get together with the reg and ED and find out if they had any good prospects on their lines for auditing, which they had. So I told that I was a former FSO case cracking C/S and that for any public who paid for their intensives, I would program their folders. This was a very successful action in all but one case.

The Finance network in EUS loved my results and the CLO became dependent upon the $500 for expenses including food and wages. Also the orgs seemed to be doing better, or rather I was in demand by program chiefs to do their orgs. Many Orgs I did two and three times and I simply changed the staff briefings. I would arrive unannounced and on my second and third trip, the regs were pleased to see me.

BTW, the one case, was Detroit where thay had trouble getting the money in, in time before my departure. They rang the CLO Finance chief who agreed that the money could come out of the set aside account(?). Subsequently, it would seem that there was some confusion on the line, in that the Finance chief thought I was bringing the money back to them. After I had given the money to Tommy, as was my practice, our Finance team decided I'd conned them out of their money. One of them, her last name was Prince, Jessie's ex-wife, came charging down the hallway and into my office screaming at me. I screamed at her even louder, saying, "Don't ever scream at me, do you understand! Now get out of my office!" Well, she backed away working her way through all the staff who came out to witness. No one had ever heard me scream before or indeed, after. The probem also seemed to go away.

You must forgive me dwelling on my time in EUS, but it was the kind of experience that every sea Org member should have, but unfortunately very few do. Almost all of my missions were fun and many produced funny moments. Not so the one to FCDC, the Founding Church of Washington DC, where I was teamed up with the CLO's most experienced programs chief, Mike Alla. Mike, I believe, was the CO and was removed from post and replaced by Tommy Gustafasson, who had been, so I believe, busted from Exec Strata, but Mike was a nice guy and very able. I had planned to do one of my missions to FCDC and Tommy wanted a CLO mission to go in. I agreed to combine our two missions. As an aside, both Mike and myself had been awarded dirks (knives) for having three successful missions on Sea Org Day a few weeks earlier, so Tommy decided that we should wear our dirks on mission for "effect". The mission was much longer than planned, the repercussions of which, for me was a disaster, otherwise it went OK. Flying back to NY after the mission, I packed my bag very carefully to ensure that the dirk did not show up on the baggage radar, as I did on my flight to Washington DC. We were rushing to get our flight and Mike just threw his stuff into his bag. I went through fine, but Mike didn't and was pulled into security and looked like he was in serious trouble. I went back and as I was able to back up his story, they reluctantly let him go. For some strange reason, the use of dirks on missions was subsequently forbidden.

When I got back, there was a series of urgent telexes from Snr C/S Int Office wanting to know why I was ignoring an urgent telex ... etc...etc. When I responded with the details, I was blasted and ordered to ITO in LA, for an ethics handling and a cramming cycle. I also think Tommy copped a rocket, by the look on his face but he said nothing. At ITO they didn't have a NOTs C/S or auditor, so Snr C/S Int Office agreed to an OW write up instead of a sec check. Also with the cramming, the cramming officer was OT3 not NOTs so couldn't fly my ruds, however, I told him to simply use OT3 tech, which he did but I F/N-ed through them any way. Foolishly, he added more to Snr C/S Int's cram so when I wasn't on my way back to NY on the following day, Snr C/S Int sent him a rocket with, I believe, a retread and a lower condition. I was on a flight within a couple of hours.

The building which housed the Washington DC orgs, had been a girls school and Eleanor Roosevelt had been a student there. After it was sold to the CofS, the alumni would visit once a year, and in this group were mothers and aunts of many of the key power brokers in town. I suggested that they, the org, should make a big deal of it. Did they? I have no idea, but I suspect not.

While Celebrity Center NY did not come under the CLO, the C/S did come under me and accordingly I went on mission there. They were located in a fantastic building in a cross street on the East side of Manhattan, close to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was what we (Australian and British) called a terraced house, which had common walls with the neighbours on each side and no front garden.

However, most of the houses in this street were at least five stories and 25 to 30 feet wide. Inside it was immaculate with a wide sweeping spiral staircase going from level to level, with paintings along their walls. The doors to the rooms of the hallways were panelled, and if I remember correctly, they were double in-wall sliding doors. I was met by the Hostess and taken to the ED's office which was magnificent. The ED and the Hostess were immaculately dressed with great personalities (and between you and me, were very attractive. I can really understand why it was so successful. And the most amazing thing was a mounted plaque donated by Yvonne Gillham. It was from Hubbard for what she did in establishing CCNY. It promoted Yvonne to the rank of Loyal Officer. If you are ever in NY, add it to your itinerary, unless like me, you have been declared, of course.

There were many orgs and many stories. As I sit here, all the memories of the missions come rushing in, but it's time to move on.

When I arrived in NY, the CO CMO was Jon deVries. I only met Jon a couple of times and he was a likeable kind of guy. Then one day he was replaced by Matt Henderson, who I had met in CMO PAC, when I first joined the SO. So I got to know the messengers reasonably well. Then one day, this guy appeared. He was in a new uniform and I sensed he had his attention on me. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught him studying me, so I turned and nodded to him and he quickly looked away. I though it must have been a mission into the CLO, but Tommy said No, he's with the CMO. By the time I caught up with Matt, the guy had gone. Matt told me that the guy, Bruce Bromley, was from Snr C/S Int Office and he was on a mission to observe me. I was flabbergasted that the bugger didn't speak to me. About two weeks later, I returned from one of my missions to find two girls, missionaires, waiting for me. I asked them why were they waiting for me and they told me that they were on a mission to "extract" me and have me trained for the post of Quality Exec Int.

I looked at them for a moment or two, and then said, "I didn't apply for any executive post, and no one has asked me if I was interested in an executive post. And if were asked, I would have said No." Well, this didn't go down too well, not too well at all. So they started selling me on how important the QEI, Quality Executive International, post was in clearing the planet. I pointed out to them that the real clearing occurs in the FSO, that the FSO is the front line. I went on to say that I was FSO staff on loan to EUS until I have trained a replacement to Snr C/S Int's satisfaction. And that I already had someone in training at the FSO who should be completed in about three months and then one to two months to get him operating as a successful Cont Snr C/S to Snr C/S Int's satisfaction, and when that is done I will return to the FSO where my wife was, and continue my incompleted NOTs auditor and C/S training. Off they went to report to their mission control.

The following day I was assigned a condition of confusion which I point blank refused and to get a sec check because my remaining an FSO staff when I had been replaced was off-policy. Of course there was no NOTs sec checker available, so eventually they got approval for me to write up O/Ws. This was getting me down, so I went and had a chat with CO CMO EUS, Matt Henderson. He suggested I go with the flow and once I get to PAC I'll have a better opportunity to get back to Flag, and you can use this mission to get your replacement done. I decided to follow his suggestion.

At the end of the fourth week of the "extraction" mission, Bill my replacement was still a long way from completing. He had finished his C/S courses and was in the middle of his auditor internships. The mission decided that the delay was due my having undisclosed O/Ws.

I came up with a couple and then nothing. The missionaires started screaming at me that I still had O/Ws, by which time I had had it. So I screamed back at them, that it was their mission which was bogged which means that they had O/Ws, and to start writing, and left the office. The FSO does not, or at least then, did not allow an intern completion until the Snr C/S is totally satisfied. After my outburst, I saw little of the missionaires.

Eventually Bill completed his C/S internship and returned to NY. He looked great! The missionaires appeared on the scene looking happy and determined. They wanted me out in five days. I said, "No way. He is going to be fully hatted and grooved in on the post and when Snr C/S Int was satisfied, then and only then, will I be leaving." By the looks on their faces, I could see that I was going to have problems again. So I decided I would telex the full scene to Snr C/S Int. The telex operator was ordered not to send the telex by the missionaires through the CO. When I heard this, I went around to the CMO and asked the CO, Matt, if he could send my telex. He said he will do better than that, because he can send it direct the Snr C/S Int, himself. I didn't know that the Snr C/S Int was part of CMOInt.

The effect was dramatic, the mission I/C was in tears and the mission second looked totally caved in, and told me that when I was totally satisfied that Bill was ready, then I have Snr C/S Int's OK to leave. It took about three weeks. I think I heard something to the effect that some six months after I left NY, Cont Snr C/Ses were taken out of CLOs and placed in the Cont Class IV Org in each continent.

In the informal Inter-CLO Competition, EUS was known as the "eagles". At the staff meeting the evening before I left for PAC, I was presented with a bronze eagle by Tommy as farewell gift and it "kinda choked me" a bit. It was a beautiful ornament, and I knew that I would miss the team in NY. I gathered that a few months after I left, Miscavige visited NY and as a result an RPF team was fired to NY to renovate the berthing building and relocate the CLO offices there with a Sea Org flag and the American flag on flag poles above the main entrance.

So, off I flew into the sunset and a new adventure.

When I landed at LAX and collected my luggage the bag was damaged with stuff in a basket. The Airline had me check for anything missing but it all seemed to be there. It was about a month later that I realized my gold-plated scientology cross was missing and then to my horror, I realized my eagle was missing. Obviously someone had used a metal detector, got a gold reading as well as a large metal reading, the poor buggars were probably very excited. Me, I was furious and felt totally impotent about the whole thing.

In PAC, I met Martha who was ED Int's secretary in the first floor of the eastern wing of the main building. Exec Strata was meant to have moved in but never did. However, the program chiefs were there as well as the SO 1 line. I was berthed in the Exec Strata male berthing on the fifth floor. Then I was "routed onto" the OEC/FEBC program in the ITO.

There were a lot of outer org staff on the OEC/FEBC as a result of some kind of program in WUS Continent. Part of the OEC checksheet required us to visit a Class IV org, and a group of us elected to go to Santa Barbara. My impressions? Quite "up-stat", the building was previously a hotel, JT was auditing his dad there as part of his course but he wasn't there that day, Santa Barbara was running out of water and some wag had a good business spraying dead grass green, the local council were giving the homeless $100 and bus-ing them to Florida. And where have I seen this before, maybe this was Miscavige's source!

The only other incident during the course, was Auditors Day. The powers that be, decided that I should go to Int and be awarded a dirk, yes another one, for my mission successes. So I had to stand outside in the lane by the CMO PAC building in the dark and wait for the bus to travel to Gilman Hot Springs. It was a dark moonless night (No, I'm not being dramatic. It is important.) and we arrived quite late. When we arrived I was taken along a path barely visible in the starlight to the Exec Strata male berthing. I had the impression of these enormous mountains on the other side of the road. Amazing, the effect of starlight.

When I got to the berthing, I couldn't believe it. In a twelve foot by twelve foot room, a typical bedroom, there were four triple bunks. Yes! 12 men with all their belongings were in this room. I got the last bunk which was on the top, near the door. But there is more! There was a second room also with four triple bunks! That is 24 people with about a square yard each, sharing one bathroom. Showers were limited to one minute each and even then, the last usually had a cold shower. Fortunately, I was a early riser. Now, I appreciate that this was not uncommon in the RPF and some orgs, these were our top executives, many were commanders! Of course, there was promise of new berthing and in-town berthing, but not in my time.

The next morning on my way for breakfast, I realized the "mountains" I saw, were just steep hills right against the road, and then as I came over the crest of a slight hill, I saw the masts complete with what looked like full rigging, of a full-size clipper ship, right here in the middle of a desert. After the ceremony and Starkey gave me my dirk, which was a cheap scout knife which rusted very quickly, there was a barbeque around and swimming in the pool at the base of the masts. I think the reason why I was rushed up to Int because there was only one other to receive a dirk. And BTW, I was probably the only SO member to arrive at Int without his/her Int clearances, and I never did get them.

My executive training program was OEC/FEBC and the DSEC, the Data Series Evaluator Course. However, before I started the DSEC, I received instructions from ED Int to immediately report to post and not do the DSEC at this time. By this time, I had received my new uniforms and a large trunk. So I had this trunk, a large suitcase, a garment bag a brief case and an e-meter and case, and I had to drag all this stuff to the bus pick up point on my own. When I got to Int I had the same bed and somehow squeezed my bags and trunk into the room. I was fortunate to have a top bunk as those on the bottom, were enclosed in tombs made out of the trunks.

After breakfast, I followed the others and joined them in a parade where we all stood in line for a briefing, as I was to shortly find out, there wasn't a space in the offices big enough for a staff meeting. At the parade, I discovered that there was an CMOI mission into Exec Strata, and of course, getting me on post was one of the targets and hence the cancellation of my DSEC training. After the parade, I was taken into the offices, where Exec Strata was on the first (ground) floor together with the Snr C/S Int Office, and CMOI was upstairs, and all shared a common reception. Each Int Exec had a small desk (3' x 4') with a computer taking up most of the space, and the Int Execs and ancillary staff, were squeezed into three small rooms. BTW, Snr C/S Int and his staff were administratively in CMOI, but reported directly to IG Tech, Ray Mithoff.

I was interviewed by ED Int, Gueilleme Leserve, and told that all Exec Ints had to pass a test designed by Hubbard, before they could go onto post. QEI's test was to go into Qual Gold, and get it's stats up within a week. Qual Gold did all the training, auditing and correction of all staff at Gold/Int which included RTC, CMOInt, Exec Strata, and Gold. I spent a couple of days doing an inspection of the different areas of Qual Gold, which annoyed the mission I/C. He was a big guy but I do not recall his name. The supervision and word clearing in the course room seemed fine but the course room was a bit of a disaster, auditing has stopped because incomplete auditor correction, and there was a backlog in cramming. I didn't review the C/Sing, as the Snr C/S Gold came directly under Snr C/S Int, but I did look into the auditor cramming cycles, whch was a very fine line. BTW, I did go and see Snr C/S Int, Jeff Walker, who insisted I call him, "Jeff" and not "sir". The first few times I would say, "Sir, ummm, Jeff," and I would simle because it remined me of that time with Tommy in EUS.

BTW, CMO is Commodore Messenger Org and originally trained by Hubbard to deliver a message to a recipient duplicating Hubbard precisely, thus they were to be treated as if Hubbard himself was being addressed.

It was pretty straight forward to get the cramming line unbugged by doing some myself and getting the auditors into session with their PCs. I think my interest in the welfare of the auditors and cramming officers, I think there was two of each but I'm not sure now, helped a lot. That night, I had the staff stay back for a couple of hours and we re-organized the layout of the course room to keep drilling away from study and the clay table setup in between the two. Finally we de-kludged the lobby area which was being used as an office making it spaceous and attractive with some potted shrubs. The following morning at study time I was sitting on a desk at the back of the lobby watching the faces of the arrival of our students. Most had a pleasantly surprised look. Miscavige surrounded by his "giant" IGs, had a wooden look on his face. I waited until after the course had started and then slipped in to courseroom and there was a real hum about it, a much improved atmosphere. A couple of times I stepped in to help with the supervising, so that no one was kept waiting. This was Monday and by Thursday, all stats were well and truly up.

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