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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Personal Stories - Sea Org
Part Ten
* Advices/desptaches were on 8 1/2" by 11" white paper with black letters. Around the late 80's a project was done to categorize all of these * advices into which areas they pertained to and most of them were turned into LRH Executive Directives which were 8 1/2" by 14" white paper with blue letters. The * advices for the Cinematagraphy area became LRH Executive Directives for CINE, the advices about grounds/constuction and building care were entitled LRH Executive Directive Estates, the *advices about music and audio were LRH Executive Directive Audio or Music, etc.
When Jon Horwitz completed his RPF and A to E program, he was put in charge of the Int Hats Project starting with the Int base. So he compiled hat packs. Part of his job therefore was making sure all the * advices that were needing to be included in someone's hat pack got proposed and approved to graduate from it's state as merely a black on white * advice sitting loosely in some file drawer somewhere, to a full-blown blue on white Executive Directive on nice paper with holes punched in it, and a home in hat packs for the jobs and areas they pertained to. When it was my turn to help Jon compile my hat pack, for the Video In Charge position, I had to go through all of the * advices.
There were also previous SU EDs which had the status of *advice as well, but had a slightly different format than a despatch to someone with info copies listed on it. In the 70's, messengers would type LRH's "advices" up as SU EDs and assign them a number. They were signed R or Messenger for R at the bottom. There were other odd codes on these that I didn't fully understand such as: if at the bottom there was this symbol, " # # # ", it meant it was from LRH. If there was this symbol at the end, " + + + ", it meant that Annie had written it. I had in a file folder in my office file folders of these things that had been bequeathed to me from previous post holders and I had to propose which ones would graduate to becoming an LRH Executive Directive Cine.
One of the requisites was that it was indeed from LRH, and not just from a messenger. If it was from a messenger, then it seemed to matter which messenger and if LRH would likely to have ordered that messenger to write it or not AND/OR if the action or order was done, LRH knew about it and had accepted it that way and it had become customary. If it passed those tests, then it had to get edited.
Names of staff members had to get edited out somehow or changed. For example, if LRH says "Waldo should...." and Waldo at the time was the Talent Chief, then the line would get changed to "The Talent Chf should..." . Looking back on this, I can see that this was more political than educational actually. Because if I wanted to clarify that LRH was talking to the Talent Chief when he said it, then I would simply put a foot note that Waldo was the Talent Chief at the time. Not remove his name. That way membership history would remain documented.
If LRH referred to a specific piece of equipment that was not in use anymore, then that would get updated. For example, LRH might have said, "Use the Sony video camera when shooting shots with fire or bright lights and not the JVC" I would have to understand the concept of the sentence and find out from longer term staff members that the "Sony" was a cheapo black and white camera that no one cared about, and the JVC was a more expensive color video camera that had expensive tubes in it that would be harmed by bright lights. I'd compare the equipment situation then with the current scene and what it might be in the future and I'd propose a different sentence such as, "Do not use tube camera(s) during the filming of scenes with bright lights and fire, it can harm the tube (s)" and maybe use a footnote defining tube and why it would harm them.
This way, the advice is not open to misinterpretation. The biggest misinterpretation of the original advice was that some of the Cine crew thought that they could only use black and white video for quality checking bright light and fire scenes despite the fact that, in the late 80's, I had a very nice CCD color camera that could be used. There was also the argument that I COULD actually point our expensive CEI (CEI is a company in the south bay area of CA -- I forget what it stands for-- maybe "California Electronic Innovations", or something like that) single tube, black and white video tap camera (a video tap camera is a camera that is attached to the viewfinder of a film camera so it can see on video the same image the cameraman sees through the viewfinder of the camera) at bright lights because LRH said to use the 'SONY' ,which was also a single tube black and white video camera. Yikes, that would have been a $5,000 mistake. There was even the interpretation that I had to keep that very same OLD Sony black and white camera working! And use that piece of crap for fire and bright light scenes when it wasn't worth fixing!!! So getting this original advice edited before making it an Executive Directive quelled much argument and confusion.

Jon Horwitz was very literate and quite good at all this. It was an educational experience for me with regards to the fact that in some cases, LRH did in fact need to be interpreted! Because things that he said and wrote sometimes referred to people and things that no longer existed. I had to learn how to ask "Why would LRH say that?" :question: and take a good look at it. Why would LRH say to use an old Sony B& W camera for bright light scenes and not the color JVC camera? I could then theorize that it was to prevent damage to the JVC color camera tubes. I would know from my own experience and interaction with a professional video technician that if I let a bright light point at the JVC's color video tubes, a dark black spot would become permanently "burned" into the surface of the tubes at the point where the bright light was. The only way to fix it would be to point the video camera at an evenly lit surface for hours eventually getting rid of the spot or spots.
This 'fix' however put wear and tear on the tubes themselves and shortened their overall clarity and brightness and life span. It is highly likely that LRH noticed this back in the 70's because color tube cameras had not changed much since then. I could then maybe find some old set tapes that were recorded using the old SONY and look at it. I could indeed see that the old SONY had more resilience to bright lights, but I also could see that it too had been damaged eventually, so I could assume it was more "expendable" than the color video camera.
I incorrectly assumed that this was "Scientology" that this sane activity of reviewing LRH's advices so as to get rid of confusions about them was a destinctly "Scientology" activity. I assumed it was being done regularly. It was not. I think there is a logical fallacy named after this very form of iillogic, where a person extends some single or unique experience to a larger whole or general category of experience.
Well, I'm headed for my soapbox .
I could see that having policy did actually improve a group. But having outdated and hard to understand policy in place AND the rule that "policy must be followed" created insanity and mayhem. Other Sea Organization members could get behind and enforce the dumbest things with great conviction because they were doing their duty! Of "getting in ethics, tech and admin" and following SOURCE to the damn letter! When what they were ordering or enforcing was not right.
Imagine in regular society what would happen (and this has happened and still happens) if a bad or outdated law gets enforced by the police, because it's THEIR DUTY! ? Imagine if the police were still enforcing the law that women did not have the right to vote? That would suck if we, as a society couldn't do ANYTHING to change shit.
In a democracy laws CAN get changed, even the United States Constitution can be changed. It's very difficult to do, but there is a way it CAN be done because the founding members of America knew that times change and things can get outdated. LRH didn't do this! He left no stipulation for what to do if something needed to get changed. It is no wonder that DM has to make these wild claims and lies of "lost and found tech" to change anything. I don't agree with all of his changes, if any, but I also know that IF A VALID CHANGE DID NEED TO GET MADE, he is stuck in a corner because of LRH, and his own lack of creativity. He and every Scientologist would have to ADMIT openly (not just covertly in their head like they do now) that LRH MADE MISTAKES in order to fix this.
What if perhaps there was an actual "Board" for the Church of Scientology and every member had equal status and rights to vote in democratic decisions? That they actually got paid the same as an average non-profit group board member (what? 50,000 a year?) What if Scientology Organizations actually grew up and said, "hey Daddy LRH was NOT RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING, we are going to have to think for ourselves now" The Board members could get education in theology, marketing, public relations, non profit work, etc. The board would NOT just be lawyers. This new Board could indeed review all instructional policy and directions about counselling methods and administration. I'm not, at first, including anything purely philosophical in nature, such as The Tone Scale, or ideas about past lives and the existence of spirits. But if LRH said to DO something a certain way, then that could get reviewed and voted on. And the members themselves could be appointed and accepted based on merit and education /training level. As far as considering the Sea Organization "three feet back of societies head" and letting that mean that OSA is somehow above the law in what they do to "protect" the C of S --- this COULD get changed by the Board. No more illegal activities!
Cancel SP declares on anyone for blowing staff or leaving Scientology. Make it completely OK to leave AND come back of a person's own free will. Wouldn't that be novel? Then statistics could actually get used to manage by. The Board could see that in year so and so, many members left, and they could find out why and fix it. Rather than adopting (as is currently done) false statements from DM such as, "More SPs are attackings us than ever, that's a GOOD sign, because it means we are doing our jobs and the SPs can't stand it!" I have it in quotes, but it is a paraphrase. I know that DM said this many times and worded it differently. There is a reason why no one publishes transcripts for the events...because DM says a bunch of weird crap at these events so he won't have to OPEN HIS EYES and GROW UP and stop pretending that LRH is somehow going to "come back" and hold his hand again.
If DM, or anyone thinks that starting a new group called "Scientology" was a good idea and has some redeeming qualities, then he needs to DO something about it. Should it stay a group? And what would need to happen to make it an acceptable group? What would tie it together? What would the base be? It could no longer be following LRH or DM slavishly and never questioning things. It could no longer declare people "suppressive" and make them permanent enemies. It would have to undeclare everyone. They would have to get honest and change LRH's biography the way Gerry Armstrong said it should have been changed in the first place. It would have to take the actual goals of Scientology like " A world without war,crime, and insanity" and review it. I think the wording of the existing Scientology goal COULD be misinterpretted to mean one would kill anyone that is a criminal or insane because then the world would be "without" them. So that goal would have to be corrected.
I think that the Church of Scientology and all of its assets has some redeeming qualities and it can be reformed and made productive. Maybe this is a pipe dream It would take an overhaul. A complete overhaul and it would not be EASY.
What about selling some of the less used assets and using the money to compensate victims of Scientology abuse in some way? Make amends and make friends.
I think the OT levels are bullshit, but I actually never tried to do them. If I was a Board member of this new imaginary Board I'm thinking about, I'd make the OT Levels OPTIONAL. And I'd require donations only to be made after the fact IF the person is ABLE and WILLING to donate for them. I might even have a seperate Board for this activity since some of this really still needs research, I don't think LRH had it all figured out.
I sometimes think about the Gold Studio and WHAT IF that studio actually was being used to make really good education materials? To help people get more literate, to help teach people about democracy and their rights and responsibilities in a democracy? Why waste that studio on making propaganda videos? It is such a damn waste! It COULD be used to make a better world. AND it could be fun.
I have also enterntained the thought many times that the C of S is inherently evil and has no redeeming qualities. That all that was "good" in Scientology was probably plagiarized or stumbled upon by sheer luck. That it's inception was to be a scam and all it ever will be is a scam.
What kind of gets me going back and forth about all this is when I imagine WHAT IF....
WHAT IF... my twin sister got one month off every year to visit family and me, what if she had time off on the weekends and evenings sometimes to do whatever she wanted. What IF she had full medical and dental care and was getting paid 12,000 a year PLUS room and board. What IF she could moonlight if she wanted on her spare time and write music or books? What If she could keep the Gold base as her home if she choses to? And she could keep her room and board and medical and dental when she retired? And she could hang out and give advice when she was older. What if she wanted to have children, she could still do so? What if it was like a regular job at a non-profit group?
What if the studio was used to create income for the non-profit? To sell educational video series or whatever and one wouldn't need overcharge other orgs and members to support the base and it's projects and upkeep. What if Scientology stayed a religion and stopped acting like a business? What if Scientology quit targeting "EVIL PSYCHIATRISTS" for the world's problems? And actually made friends with Psychiatry? And worked together with the ones who ARE making changes for the better? What if it set up kind of a "consumer advocacy group" for mental health activities seperately and had both Scn and NON SCN board to check and balance itself? Have like an external group that did surveys and gathered information on all therapys being touted and do a Consumer Report on them?
What about making "The Sea Organization" an actual on-paper organization? A non-profit group like the Sierra Club. And people would get membership cards and calenders of events. And there would be training available, on board a non-asbestos ship, in teamwork and seamanship?
OR, WHAT IF the Church of Scientology just completely fails and loses all of it's assets because it never reforms? And all that will be lift will be ex- members who have become responsible citizens of their respective countrys, with a renewed sense of the values of family, democracy, using logic and critical thinking. That would be OK too.
I have a little time for some more story here. I'll get off my soapbox .
In 1987 I actually got a chance to visit my Mom. She was so Happy to see me. My brother had been a bad boy and left before doing his exam after his sec check. He didn't want to miss his plane. So I kind of did what I was taught about ethics and I had him sit and write down OWs and I had him clean my Mom's bathroom for amends. Then we went to the movies together and to the beach I gave him some driving lessons . Then I had to drag him back to PAC and I went back to the base.
My brother got transferred to the LRH Copyrights Office because he'd been in the SO # 1 Unit before that. I guess he'd gone there when Portland was over. With LRH gone, the SO #1 Unit got scaled way down and transferred to the off ice of the Executive Director International. One my brothers SO #1 jobs was to stamp the letters with the special blue ink "Ron" signature. What a job huh? Oh, SO #1 was Standing Order #1, the issue that LRh wrote saying that he recieved all of the letters that people sent him and he responded to them. He'd been moved to PAC from Flag and he was not having fun. I told my brother to plead "PTS TO MOM" to get him off the hook for blowing and I guess it did. But my brother probably didn't want off the hook.
In PAC, in the LRH Copyrights office with his boss Allison, CST had some spaces in the old CMO PAC building in the back -- the Copyrights Office was next to that. My brother had to go through a filing cabinet of issues whos copyrights had expired or were about to expire and chose which ones were going to be renewed for the month and put them on renewal lines. There wasn't much in the way of a system of which ones had more priority. My brother would just randomly reach into this filing cabinet and pull something out and say, "OK, lets renew this one". There were confidential issues in this cabinet and my brother felt guilty for looking at them. There were some issues about R6EW, there was the script to "Revolt in the Stars" and some other things.
He had an accident on his bicycle while riding on the streets of Hollywood. He broke his leg and went to the hospital. The hospital found out he was C of S staff and said, "they won't pay the bill, let's discharge him as soon as possible" So they did. His leg did not set right and remained permanently bowed. It would have cost extra to break it and reset it, but he had no money.
Upon return to the LRH Copyrights Office, he went and got involved with some kind of "all-hands" and he was discovered by BRIDGE. He was apparently good at sales manager duties. So he was transferred to Bridge. For a short time he was the Sales Mgr WUS at Bridge. His stats went way up and he was actually getting paid. Life was kind of good. But my brother was unhappy, he wanted a family of his own and other things not possible in the SO.... so he decided to route out.
Bridge did not want him to route out! And nobody would help him, because his stats were up! So he crashed his stats and was purposefully non-productive until Bridge was forced to offload him. That was tough for him to do because our Step-Father always taught us "If you are going to do something, do it right" but he was kind of backed into a corner and felt he didn't have a choice. He went back to the San Jose area and went to San Jose Community College. My step-father was doing a teaching job there! So my brother got to be a student in his class. My brother told me that my step father was a great teacher. His class rooms were standing room only (attendance is by choice of the students completely, if they don't like the teacher or class, they can transfer or drop--- so a full classroom means students LOVE that teacher!)
I wasn't allowed to talk to my brother because he was a "Freeloader" but I secretly did anyway. The problem with this was that my brother's wife became interested in the Sea Organization because of me and convinced him to join again. Oh NOoooooooo
He went back to CW and became folder page at the FSO for a bit and then he became the SandCastle shuttle driver. I saw him a couple times when I went to video shoots at Flag. He had to route out later because his wife got offloaded and he did not want to divorce her. Good for him. He and his wife tried very hard to have kids, but he found out he had a genetic disorder preventing him from having kids. A chromosomal problem. It was sad for him and his wife. His wife left him , but he remarried later to someone he loves and she had children from a previous marriage, so he kind of got to be a step dad somewhat. He's got a job in CW and owns a home. The booger hasn't called or written me recently, but we are in touch off and on. He's got his own pagan coven that he and his wife manage. He says it's very popular and he likes being a cult leader. I doubt that he's really a "cult" leader, he's using the misdefinition of that word when it has been used to just mean "unusual beliefs". Cult really means a group that uses harsh and extreme methods to control it's members. He doesn't do that.
Between 1987 and 1988, only a few films got produced by the film crew. Oh, but we were very BUSY and didn't get much sleep anyway. All of them eventually got redone. I admit that these years were better in terms of schedule than other years, because I managed to get some auditing and a couple of family visits into my life. I did an "Int Rundown" and I got most of my "Method One" from Spike Bush. He'd been promoted to RTC from Flag by Jesse P. and was in RTC for a while, then both he and Jessie were busted to Gold and made into FPRD Auditors to audit the Cine and Audio crew. So, I had to get my set ups and one of those things was my Method One.
I did like most of this because I became less overwhelmed with all the words and terms I was encountering in the very techno area of film making and the equipment that was involved. So I appreciated Spikes help on this. He and Jesse later got busted again for being rabble rousers. Jesse eventually left the SO completely and Spike stayed and became the Grounds Chf. I've heard that he is no longer alive. Not sure what he passed away from, he was not that old.
In mid 1988, most of the film crew got ordered to do the Officer Training School onboard the Freewinds. James Burns ran the program. More on this later.
OK, that's where I'll leave off on this chapter
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