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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Personal Stories - Sea Org
Part 6
So I arrived at the Fort Harrison with my little brother in tow. We had a bunch of suitcases which we left in a room full of junk just off of the front entrance area. Then we went to the reception desk. We waited.... and waited... and waited... and finally we were greeted and noticed :) I told the lady at the desk that I was supposed to see someone named Linda (think it was McCarthy?) who was the HAS FSO. That's what the note said that James Stemme had handed me. She told me where Linda's office was, pointed upstairs to the "Mezzanine". Linda wasn't at her desk. Someone else in the office said she might be over "by the Cabannas" and pointed outside the main building to some rooms in the back. We headed back there. We wondered around the FH for a while looking for Linda. I noticed that the place seemed incredibly messy. I was a neat person, I'd kind of learned it was important the hard way --- my Mom stopped cleaning my room for me when I was nine and I couldn't find anything, so I learned to clean my own room, it was do or die!

The Fort Harrison was bordering on filthy and I was not impressed. I then saw a group of people cleaning! I was curious. I walked closer and I saw someone I recognized from Steven's Creek! Hey HI, big hugs. I forget her name (she's still in the SO at Celebrity Center, has short dark hair, much older now of course, but she's still involved --- still cleaning, she is Manor Services of something like that). She looked nervous, like she was supposed to not stop and talk to us, but she told us to wait while she went to talk to her IC, she came back and told us that we needed to go back to reception and ask for a "routing form" for new recruits for the SO.

My little bro and I went back to reception and waited and waited and waited, until finally someone paid attention to us. I was very polite back then, so I could wait for people who seemed very busy. The receptionist wanted to know what we needed, and we said a "routing form". She said, OH, why didn't you say so!

Now, because we had waited at the airport for so long before getting a ride and we had spent so much time wondering around the FH, well it was getting late now, so the receptionist just sent us straight to the berthing in charge to get a place to stay. It was Carrol Allexander. He asked us what "org" we were in and we said "the Sea Org" and Carrol, kind of frowned and said, "well, since you are kids, I'm assuming you are in the CMO, so I'm going to put you in CMO berthing out at the HOC, the Heart of Clearwater.

We got a big nice room all to ourselves that night, well I thought it was just us, but when I woke up, there was another guy in the room that was not my little brother. He explained that he showed up last night too and this was the only room. He was in RTC. His job was to register the copyrights and trademarks for Dianetics and Scientology in all the foreign countries. He was a short thin guy with dark hair and glasses and a bit of an accent. I had no idea what his accent was. It could have been European or Australian for all I knew. I think he said his name was Allen, he was very helpful, he told us that we should get another dorm because this room was his. He didn't wear a regular SO uniform, he had a suit and tie and nice slacks. He didn't seem mad at us at all, he smiled a lot. He kind of reminded me a bit of Woody Allen for some reason.

He then left to go eat breakfast at the FH. He walked out the door and I realized that I didn't know where to go for breakfast myself, well the guy was a mind reader! He turned around and told us that we should follow him to come and get some breakfast. My little brother and I followed him to the FH. He was a FAST walker, very hard to keep up with. We arrived at the FH for breakfast. We got some eggs and sat down at a shoddy looking round table with no table cloth. I felt uncomfortable, so I ate fast. The young man from RTC with the suit and tie saw us again and suggested we follow him again if we needed to go to the CMO. So he lead us down the street to another building called "the WB". I can't remember what the WB stands for. Something Building. Up on the third floor we met the HAS CMO CW, Peach Khaled.

The first person I'd ever met with a South African accent. She sounded like a stuck up snob, but she was actually a very nice person. I don't know why I equated that accent with snobbery, but I did. She gave us the grand tour. She showed us the rest of the WB that had the FB in it -- actually I think it was still called the IMO and it was changed a little later over to being called the Flag Bureaux, she showed us the CB that had the ITO in it and a GO office, we stopped by the GO office to get our GO background checks started and we got a briefing as part of our routing form.

I was overwhelmed by all the acronyms and abbreviations, I don't even remember what the GO person told me. After the grand tour, Peach put us to work in the CMO laundry room at the Sand Castle. My little brother and I cleaned rooms at the HOC for the CMO and we did everyone's laundry, about 20 people were in the CMO CW then. It would take us until 4AM sometimes to iron all the shirts and deliver them to the rooms. It was hard work. I was so happy that I didn't have to wake up at 4:30 AM anymore to deliver newspapers but only sleeping between 4:30 AM and 9:30 am in the mornings started to bother me after a couple of days.

I called my Mom and sister on the pay phone outside the CMO laundry room and I complained. I said I didn't like the Sea Org, the place was dirty, I was being asked to work until 2AM or 4AM sometimes, I wasn't very good at ironing and I got complaints about "double creases" in the pant legs and shirt arms. I wasn't a happy camper. Oh and there were cockroaches in my new dorm room. I got the highest bunk to avoid them, but they were still in the bathroom. I didn't like the cockroaches. My sister complained, she had to explain to everyone why I'd suddenly disappeared. My art teacher was pissed off, I was in the middle of making a statue of the school mascot, she had to find someone else to finish it. My sister and my friend RB got my newspaper routes turned over for me. My sister didn't like being left alone with my Mom, but I felt that she needed to see what I'd been fielding for her, she needed to grow up a little. I didn't realize it then, but I think I'd made my sister hate my Mom. I think it was a shock to suddenly have to deal with my Mom alone, it didnt' really make her grow up, it just made her stressed out and troubled and she fell prey to the Steven's Creek staff -- who got her on course finally.

The next day, Amy Alexander came to see me, she said since I was on the CMO EPF, she was my senior now. She wanted to know why I was so late on the laundry and she said there were complaints that we were "out PR" because two kids carrying laundry between the Sand Castle and the HOC (a good one mile walk) at 2AM was "out PR". I had no idea what OUT PR meant at the time, but I could get the idea. Amy did a "time motion study" of us doing the laundry. She was able to cut out a good three hours out of our work, I was impressed. She showed us a fast way to iron shirts, showed us a hat write up written by her brother, Todd, with diagrams and everything on the fast way to iron a uniform shirt and uniform pants and skirts. We did not have to iron the sheets at all ( my Mom liked her sheets ironed, so I ASSUMED that sheets got ironed too! ). Amy arranged for us to be able to eat meals at the Sand Castle if needed so we didn't have to walk all the way over to the Fort Harrison to get food all the time. She even arranged for me to use a car to drive the laundry to the HOC instead of having to push the large Sand Castle laundry cart back and forth. She told me that Jeannie Lucciardi, who was the CO CMO CW then, HATED double creases on her shirts, so to be extra good about her creases.

Well, these changes kind of cheered me up a little. My little brother also was told that he didnt have to work on the weekends because it was against child labor laws or something like that, he got every weekend off for "libs", I was jealous. I started to get concerned about school, I asked the young lady who had been assigned our guardian, Jackie Delalez, about school and she said, "you don't want to go to school here, they will just make fun of you for being a Scientologist and it's just "wog" school anyway, you won't learn much." I said that I needed to finish High School, I wasn't made fun of in my high school and I was learning things, so why would Clearwater High School be different? Jackie, said, "OH, Clearwater High is VERY different, they will literally throw eggs at you and call you a Scino". I was getting homesick for California all of a sudden...

Peach needed to "have a word with me". I had gotten my first chit. One of the Sand Castle crew had overheard me "nattering" on the phone to my sister late at night. I liked Peach, I didn't want her to be dissappointed with me, I wanted to be her friend, so I felt uncomfortable when she was giving me a stern look and not smiling, but I actually didn't feel like I'd done anything wrong. Peach explained to me a bit about natter, and said that complaining about things was wrong, that I had to DO something about improving my environment and not complain. She wanted to know about all my phone calls and exactly what I had said. I had to write down what I could remember. She said, OK, that was all, I could go back to work -- that Amy would talk to me again later about it.

Well, later came and what Amy told me was that my little brother and I had to do the Sea Organization Estates Project Force. That we had to do this for a month before coming to work in the CMO. We had to go report to Pat Breha in the CB building and we would be working part time and studying part time and we only had a month to do the EPF program or we would be "offloaded". I was a competitive person, I was up for the challenge, if other people could do this project force in a month, I could!

When we showed up to do the SO EPF at Flag, there were about 50 people doing the program! Wow, the musters were huge. We had to stand in 7 rows of 7 to 9 people. It is now December 1982, it's kind of cold outside, but the weather isn't too bad. We would muster on top of the Fort Harrison parking structure. I'd get blown about by the wind, but it was more fun than doing laundry.

We were the cleaning crew for the Fort Harrison. My team got assigned to floors 9 and 7. We'd compete with the other EPF teams for how fast we could go through each floor and clean them, with towel service and everything and we'd get votes too. I got made a Deputy In Charge on my team. To me it was a game and I was really good at it. My team eventually got more floors added. We even got assigned to clean some of the staff berthing spaces on floor 3. Oh man, they were horrible. I wished we wouldn't get to them at the very end of each day before dinner, because it would turn my stomach the way some of these rooms smelled.

On the EPF, I made new friends, I met some people that I liked, Camilla, DeAnne, Booker T., Lars Bystrom ... I could probably name out all 50 people if I tried real hard memory wise...

Well, I got to go to my college Algebra class, so this is the end of Part 6

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