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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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I showed up at the Steven's Creek Mission to get my Personality Test results. This was when the mission was behind the Meridian Quad Theaters, it had a good location because I found it easy to find, plus it kind of had an air of legitimacy because it was near the movie theaters in plain view of so many people. I walked into the reception area, I was wearing worn out, holey blue jeans and a "hang ten" t-shirt and some sandals on. My hair was long and kind of unkempt. I think Carol Volkes was holding reception/bookstore officer. She had me take a seat and wait. I waited for an hour! According the Philip McIntyre who confessed to me years later, no one wanted to talk to me because they didn't think I'd sign up for anything.

I then started to wonder around the mission. I walked into the Div 6 courseroom area which had a door near the reception area. There had just been some meeting there that was letting out, there was still food on a table inside so I went into get some. I was hungry. Kathryn Scheer was inside and she was juggling with some green apples. I thought that was so cool, I asked her to show me how. She showed me how to juggle three apples and I learned it fast, then she asked if my parents were around and I said, "No, I'm waiting to get my free personality test results, I've been waiting for an hour". She said, "Oh, I can take care of that" and she disappeared out the door. I heard some shouting and then she came back in and brought me to Phil McIntyre's office. She said was in charge of all the Div 6's, the PES I think she said if I remember correctly --- so I guess I found the right person to get my personality test results finally!

I went into Phil's office. He seemed kind of sleepy and bored. He showed me my OCA graph. He pointed to my OCA points. He said it was good that they were all "above the center line". He said that I had a really high Stability and Responsibility, then he pointed to these points on my graph that were at the very top. Then he said that I had a "low point". He pointed at it and he said that it meant that I was "unhappy". I kind of felt like crying all of a sudden, but I choked it back.

He then started talking about how Scn could help me with it and I butted in and asked if there was a "communication's course" at the mission, because I wanted to finish the TRs that Bill Ward had started with me. Phil looked surprised and said "Yes, we have the Success Through Communications Course" and then I said that I wanted to do it. He told me it would cost 50.00. I put the money in cash on his desk. I had it in my pocket because I did three paper routes for the San Jose Mercury News, and so I had cash. He said that I would need a "twin". I said that I had a twin! My twin sister. And he said, "Oh, no, someone to do the course with you" and I said I'd get my little brother to do it with me and I gave him another 50.00 for my little brother.
My poor little brother didn't know what was about to happen.

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