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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Personal Stories - Born into Scientology

24. After a week in the closet, we were moved into a room of our own, but after 1 week, that room was taken away and we were moved to another building.

We didn't find out we had been moved after other staff members had removed our belongings. The room we were put into next had a missing windowpane that was never replaced, very old carpet and peeling paint. We shared the bathroom with 2 other couples and had no light bulb, no shower curtain and no hot water the majority of the time. We lived in this room for 6 months.

25. After being the Receptionist at the ITO for 6 months, I was transferred to the post of Master at Arms and then to Director of Inspections and Reports. I was in charge of enforcing ethics and justice for the 100 staff in ITO and the 50-100 students on training. My very first assignment was to handle a 40 year-old man whose wife had been gone for 2 years on training. He had been masturbating which is considered "out-ethics" and I was supposed to make him stop. I was 15 years old.

26. On this post, I also had to handle people who wanted to leave the Sea Organization. I had to convince them to stay and if they refused, I had to make them do hard labor and order them to get "confessionals" which often took up to 6 months or a year to complete before hey were allowed to leave. One couple wanted to leave and they left without permission twice but came back.

Leaving without permission is called "blowing." I was ordered to put them under heavy watch because there was no one else to watch them. Since there was no one else to watch them, I had to do it. I was then ordered to put a mattress outside their door and tie my arm to the knob while I slept so they couldn't sneak out. The policy soon became that anyone who wanted to leave must go under "watch" to stop them from "blowing."

27. I was ordered to do numerous watches while in the Sea Organization.

Anyone who admitted to having thoughts of suicide was immediately put under watch. I was ordered to do these watches by executives at Religious Technology Center, CMO and OSA. My husband at the time spent approximately nine months watching an OT Sea Org member for reasons that were kept secret;during this time she got pregnant and had a miscarriage. She was under watch 24 hours a day with my husband and another man watching her during the day and another staff member watching her at night.

28. I was also in charge of investigating and finding the "Suppressive Person" if a department wasn't producing enough. I had to make people write up their "overts & withholds" (things they had done that were bad), receive confessionals, do amends, etc. I had to write a "Suppressive Person" declare on a lady who had already left with permission but then was ordered to receive more confessionals and was having trouble getting a ride to come over and receive them. She was then made to disconnect from family and friends who were in the Sea Org and her husband was ordered to split up from her, but he refused.

29. During my time in the Sea Organization I started going to the 6 hour a week school less and less. I couldn't get anyone to cover my job and got in trouble for leaving it. Also, the school got reduced even further to all of us sitting all day in a room doing Spelling and Math bees. By the time I was 16, I was attending sporadically and at 17 I wasn't attending at all. I didn't think it made any difference since I didn't learn a thing while I was there. I didn't learn math, history, science, social studies or English. I just did spelling bees, read a book, etc. After I turned 18, some of the kids got to go take their GED, but because I was over 18 I didn't get to do it since there was "no reason" as I no longer legally had to attend school. It was well known that the legal minimum for school attendance for a minor is 20 hours a week. We were told this, but the law was blatantly ignored.

30. From the age of 14, I had an official schedule starting at 8:00 a.m.and ending at 10:00 p.m., but regularly worked later, sometimes until 2 or 3 a.m. We got 30 minutes for lunch and 45 minutes for dinner and no other breaks. We regularly were ordered to work during part of our meal times. We sometimes got into trouble if we went to the canteen when it wasn't our mealtime. The schedule was 7 days a week, but we got Sunday morning to do our laundry and clean our rooms. On Saturday's we did labor work, consisting of renovations, etc. There was a period of 3 weeks or so in 1995 when I was still a minor where there was a huge evolution to print new policies to revise all the Scientology technology. (This is known as the "Golden Age of Tech within the church.) During this time, all staff including minors were ordered to work around the clock literally to produce these new polices and put them into binders. My job was to go and wake up any staff who went to sleep and make them get back to work. I would fall asleep while driving. I got approximately 2 hours of sleep a night during this time, but many times got no sleep for 2 or more days. I was ordered to drive around even though I was falling asleep and incoherent due to no sleep. One time I parked my car and accidentally fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later because a meter attendant was knocking on my window. Once this "evolution" was complete, the staff was rewarded with a trip to the movies.

31. In approximately 1996, when I was 16 or 17, there was a re-organization done and I became in charge of the ethics and security departments for the entirety of middle management known as the Flag Liaison Office. One day, the Chief of Security International, Jeff Porter, came and gave me an order to get some staff to do security at an event. I didn't do it because I didn't consider it my job. He then came back and screamed at me, pushed me up against a wall and screamed at me more while holding me against the wall and spitting in my face. I complained about this but nothing was done to handle it.

32. When I was 18, I was transferred to another job in the Data department. This was because someone said I was not qualified for the job I had been doing because I had tried marijuana when I was 13 years old. I worked in the Data department for one year. My senior, Wayne Furness, harassed me on a regular basis. When I first started working under him, he started calling me a lesbian and telling me and another girl that we were lesbians. I got very upset and finally wrote a report to his senior. She told him to stop and nothing more. He stopped calling me a lesbian, but because I had reported him, he continued to call me other names such as "Two-ton Tesse" (I was not in the slightest overweight being 5'6", 130 lbs), telling me I had "soft-skin", etc. When he would say these things I got upset and then he would say that I had withholds and to write them up or he would tell me to go to ethics. He got his other juniors to side with him and tell me that I had "soft-skin", etc. I reported this behavior but nothing was done because our department, which Wayne was in charge of, produced a lot and the policy from L. Ron Hubbard is that if someone's statistics are "up" then they can't get in trouble no matter what they do. Someone once "looked into" the situation, but nothing was done.

33. When I worked in the Data department, one of my jobs was to gather the statistics from around the world on a weekly basis and compile them all and graph them on the computer. There were approximately 300 organizations and I had to get each one to report in between 50-200 statistics each week. Every Thursday we had to get this done and had to stay at work until 3am. We also only got 5-10 minutes to eat lunch and dinner if at all. Every week there were, of course, a few organizations that were late reporting or had missing reports and every week staff from an organization called CMO International would write to me on a system similar to instant messaging getting progressively angrier as the day went on and there were missing reports. They would call us if they got really mad. I had to sit and answer their questions about where the reports were from 8am until about 9pm at night. I was told things like "You are fucking counter-intention," and "You are stopping these reports coming in," and other such expressions if any reports were late. They would also call me and my senior and scream and swear at us. Screaming and swearing is the regular way that seniors get juniors to do things in the Sea Organization. I was screamed and sworn at on a regular basis while I was in the Sea Organization.

34. There were a series of policies implemented by management while I worked in the Sea Org. When I had been there for a few months, our Commanding Officer made a new rule that no one could leave the building without her permission. Then I was told that I was not allowed to see my dad and have dinner with him without a specific reason and special permission. After about a year they told us that we were not allowed to eat anywhere but in the building nor were we to eat any food other than that provided. We were not allowed to go next door for pizza or anything. After about 3 years, we were told that we could not use our Sunday morning laundry time for anything else either, i.e., seeing our family, parents seeing their kids, or anything.

35. At around this time, another new policy was issued stating that no one could make or receive any personal calls without someone from the ethics and security department being with them. Personal calls were not transferred to us and a list was made each day of all incoming personal calls. This list was sent to the executives and the Religious Technology Center so that they could monitor who was being "influenced."

36. My calls from my father were rarely routed to me and instead I would receive a note 2 or 3 days later telling me he had called. I had to go and hide in a phone booth to call him. On Christmas Day we were not allowed to go with our family or do anything other than the planned trip unless we got special permission, which was sometimes denied.

37. About 9 months before I left I was told that I could never see my father again unless I was working to get him back into the Sea Organization.

38. We were also made to fill out interrogatories listing out any gifts we received from family members, who we spoke to and anyone we knew who had left the Sea Organization. Anyone we were talking to, family or friends, who had either left Scientology, gave us gifts or money or tried to get us to take time off, were called 'External Influences" and we were ordered to either handle them or disconnect from them entirely.

39. The staff was also made to practice how they would handle family members who inquired about how they were doing, etc. I was instructed to lie to my father and tell him I was attending school and not working long hours.

40. If a staff member got into trouble they would be assigned "lower conditions." This meant doing formulas and amends, etc. A new policy came out after I had been there for a year stating that staff who were in lower conditions had to sit in the fire escape stairwell or in the trash room to eat their meals. They also had to do up to 40 hours of amends on their own time, which was during their meal times or after 10:30 at night. I myself had to eat in the stairwell and do hours of amends on my sleep or mealtime. We also were not allowed to watch TV and anyone who had a TV and VCR had it confiscated and only given to them if they had a day off and wanted to watch a movie.

41. For the almost 5 years that I was in the Sea Organization, I never got one day off with my husband other than 2 days when we got married and Christmas Day. I myself only got approximately 10-15 days off in the 5 years that I worked there.

42. Approximately 1½ years before I left, a new rule came out stating that if you got pregnant, you had to either get an abortion, which was heavily pushed, or leave. The rule had previously been that if you got pregnant, you had to get an abortion or be sent to a small and failing lower organization where you had to fend for yourself and your baby. I had to handle any staff that disagreed with this new rule. I myself disagreed with it because I wanted children and was told I would be able to have them when I was first recruited. However, I never said anything for fear of getting into trouble.

I got to the point of being suicidal because I was so unhappy, but I never said anything because I would have gotten into big trouble and been looked down upon.

43. In September of 1997, my grandma in England died. I convinced my seniors that I had to go to her funeral in England. They did not want me to go, but finally relented and let me take an 8-day leave. When I returned I realized that I could not take being split apart from my family any longer. I decided to get pregnant because if I tried to just leave, I would be made to do heavy labor and confessionals for 6 months to a year and be called a "degraded being" by the other staff. I got pregnant in January of 1998 and on February 23rd 1998 I left without permission, got on a plane and went to stay with my aunt and uncle in England. No one knew up until then that I was pregnant and I was really sick and had to get away. My seniors in Scientology threatened me that if I didn't come back and receive a confessional I would be declared a Suppressive Person and my family would never speak to me again. My mother who is still in the Sea Org called me on a continuous basis telling me to get an abortion and return.

44. I returned on April 1st, 1998. Jeff Porter told me that if I left again, I would be declared immediately. I told the security staff there that I would stay with my father and come in every day for my confessional, explaining that I needed proper nutrition and they couldn't provide it. They told me that I had to stay in their berthing or I would be put under a non-enturbulation order, which means that if I caused further trouble, that is if I still refused to stay in their berthing, I would be declared suppressive.

I then agreed that I would stay there for four days, which is how long my confessional was supposed to take. The Security Chief wrote me a letters stating that if I was not done with my confessional within four days, I could stay with my father until I finished.

45. Four days later I was not done, but I was told that they had only written the letter to get me to stay in the berthing and that it was not valid. Therefore, I had to continue to stay in Sea Org berthing and eat micro waved meals even though I was suffering from morning sickness. I had to sleep on the floor in a small room while waiting for my confessionals. I was there for 1 month.

46. It took a lot less time for me to leave because they didn't want any of the other staff to know I was pregnant, so they were trying to get me out quick. A staff member from the Religious Technology Center (The Sea Org's highest organization) came up to me one day while I was in the process of routing out and asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was pregnant and leaving and he said to me "Oh, too late for an abortion?" I personally knew of three other girls who got pregnant and were convinced to get abortions.

One was my sister-in-law who was 16 weeks pregnant when she was convinced to abort her child although she was strongly against it. My mother told my sister and I that it was good that she got an abortion.

47. Another thing I had to do before being allowed to leave was sign an affidavit stating that I thought Scientology and the Sea Org were great and that I was leaving because I couldn't confront bad things I had done. I was told I could not leave without signing this document and that if I did leave before signing, I would be declared a suppressive person. I signed it knowing that it was not legal as it was signed under duress. It was the standard policy to make anyone who left the Sea Org sign such an affidavit and if you didn't agree to what they wrote in it, you were sent in for more confessionals and ethics handlings until you did.

48. For the first few months after I left, I was called to come back in several times to answer questions for investigations. I was threatened if I wouldn't come in.

49. When I left, I was given a bill totaling $89,000 for auditing and courses that I had done while I was in the Sea Org. I have been called approximately 10 times by various staff members including Bob Diskin and Renee Norton pressuring me to send them money to pay this bill. I have been sent about 20 letters on this subject.

50. When I was about 8 months pregnant, my ex-husband wrote me a letter and told me that he had decided that he did not want to have anything to do with our daughter when she was born. He stated that it was because he had to dedicate all his time to the Sea Organization. When my daughter was 6 months old, I wrote to him and told him that I needed him to figure out a way to pay child support, as I was not able to support our daughter. He didn't reply for 6 months, but told his parents to stop seeing our daughter. They had been seeing her every other weekend up until that point and then I stopped hearing from them. They, too, are Scientologists. I ended up giving up trying to get child support from my ex-husband.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America and the state of Florida that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed in Clearwater, Florida this 24th day of January 2001.

Astra Woodcraft

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