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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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by xenubarb

It has definitely been a bad year for Scientology so far. January saw the release of Andrew Morton's book on Tom Cruise, which covers a good deal of information on Scientology, as well as the unauthorized biography of America's favorite thetan. However, this was a double whammy, as clips of a secret, internal video made for the IAS event in 2006 also surfaced.

The IAS, or 'International Association of Scientologists,' is an organization to which membership is mandatory to all Scientologists in good standing. They are the ones who fill the auditorium to applaud to the various reports of Scientology's successes over the past year. It's quite the high class opportunity to dress up in tuxedo and evening gown, and put in an appearance that lesser Scientologists will view on DVD at their local orgs later on. The event in question happened to include a wonderfully insane ramble by Tom Cruise; his views on Scientology, psychiatry and Suppressive People punctuated by crazed, braying laughter and odd pishing noises for emphasis.

For some reason, Scientology management did not want the world to hear Tom Cruise's views on psychiatry. "Crush these guys. I've had it. I've absolutely had it. Psychiatry doesn't work. No mercy. None. You know what? Go to guns. I've just had it."

"Go to guns" is a fighter pilot term. Tom isn't a fighter pilot, but he played one in a movie once.

Nor did they want us to hear his views on Suppressive People, or SPs. An SP is anyone who does not support Scientology's goal of world domination. Show of hands? Okay!

Tom Cruise's most flesh-eating grin is reserved for his anecdote about being asked, "Have you ever met an SP?" He bares his teeth and expresses a yearning for the day when SPs are merely a legend, extinct. "Wow, SPs," he chuckles. "Maybe some day, we'll just read about them in the history books!"

These video clips nearly didn't make it to the web. Some were posted before the Morton book release, but were quickly pulled off again.

There was only one other copy on the west coast, so rapid deployment was initiated to get that DVD into the hands of people who knew what to do with it. Happily, it made the deadline, and was unveiled on Gawker.com on the day of the book release.

That was when the cult started playing whack-a-mole with copies going up on Youtube. For every one that went down, five more appeared. It was indeed a futile effort, but they put their full effort into it. But Gawker refused to remove it from their website. They claimed it was now news, and as such, was legally Fair Use. The thetan was fully out of the volcano, and no amount of pushing was going to put it back in.

Nobody, not Scientology nor its critics, were ready for what happened next. A warning to Scientology appeared on Youtube in the form of a loosely affiliated group of Netizens who call themselves Anonymous.

In part, their message read, "...Anonymous has therefore decided that your organization should be destroyed. For the good of your followers, for the good of mankind--for the laughs--we shall expel you from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form. We acknowledge you as a serious opponent, and we are prepared for a long, long campaign. You will not prevail forever against the angry masses of the body politic. Your methods, hypocrisy, and the artlessness of your organization have sounded its death knell."

Anonymous warned that Scientology would no longer be allowed to commit the abusive and fraudulent acts it has indulged in for so long with absolute impunity. In short, Anonymous was going to join the battle. Critics were amazed, and more than a bit concerned.

Anonymous' first strike was at Scientology websites. By launching a flood of requests for information from these sites, their servers could not handle the traffic and the sites became unavailable. This legal gambit is the same thing that happens when a website suddenly gains popularity.

Scientology moved its websites to a server hosted by Prolexic Technologies, a company that offers protection from this type of attack. Curiously enough, a website that Scientology denies control of was also moved at the same time. Religiousfreedomwatch.org is a site that purports to champion religious freedoms, but whose main function seems to be the libeling of Scientology critics worldwide. By moving this site along with the others, Scientology has lost any chance of convincing the world it is not behind this scurrilous attack on the character and reputation of its perceived enemies.

The reason given by Anonymous for joining battle with Scientology was the organization's attempt to remove the clips of Tom Cruise at the IAS function from the web.

Mark Bunker, of Xenutv.com fame, posted a video statement admonishing Anonymous for its borderline tactics, pointing out that freedom of speech works both ways, and those who hold the higher moral ground will prevail.

And Anonymous listened. Then they launched the largest Scientology demo the world has ever seen. Without traditional organization, without even knowing each other's identities, they delivered! It started in New Zealand and Australia, sweeping the globe as thousands of people turned out to protest Scientology abuses and criminality. Some cities had hundreds of participants. Nearly 10,000 people demonstrated in 93 cities worldwide!

With many Anonymous dressed in snappy black suits and Guy Fawkes masks from the movie 'V For Vengeance,' the new kids were an impressive sight indeed!

We of the old school of Scientology opposition were amazed. Our biggest picket consisted of 60 people in Clearwater, Florida one year, to commemorate the death of Lisa McPherson at Scientology's hands. People showed up during horrible weather conditions; snow, ice, 50 mph winds.

In Atlanta GA, the Scientologists hired the SWAT team of a neighboring community, who appeared in formation, smacking their batons against their riot shields. Protesters started humming the Death Star theme from Star Wars. They were intimidated, but stayed the course. When they left, the SWAT team honked their horns and gave protesters a thumbs up!

It is astonishing that an event of this scale could be brought off without incident, but that is exactly what happened. There were a couple of arrests, as Scientologists tried to rip off masks and assault demonstrators.

Following this February 10th event was a flurry of defensive statements from Scientology spokespeople; calling protesters "terrorists" and "criminals." Pat Harney and Karen Pouw, two such mouthpieces, refuted the accusation that Scientology tears families apart.

This backfired spectacularly. It became known that Pat Harney's own family has been shattered by Scientology.

But even more stunning was the public statement of Jenna Miscavige Hill, cult leader David Miscavige's niece, who said, "...hell, if Scientology can’t keep his (Miscavige's) family together - then why on earth should anyone believe the Church helps bring families together!"

Yesterday, the cherry crowned the top of the delicious cake when three members of very prominent Scientology families unveiled their contribution to the cause. Jenna Miscavige, Kendra Wiseman and Astra Woodcraft launched a website, "Ex-Scientology Kids," an unprecedented and extraordinary site chronicling the lives of children born into Scientology families; the neglect, poverty, abuses as well as good times with other kids, with whom strong bonds were forged out of shared experience. Bonds, unfortunately, which have been broken by those still "in," out of fear of losing their Bridge and their eternity. Read their stories. They offer incredible insight into this secretive, insular world inside the Scientology organization:

If you already know something about Scientology, you have already asked the question, "Why does our government allow this to happen in our society?"

The rest of you will be asking this after you finish reading some of these heartbreaking stories of innocent children trying their best under impossible conditions.

The wall of secrecy is crumbling like a cheap Mafia construction project made of paste and old breadsticks. Scientology's special deal with the IRS is once more being examined by the courts. Every week, something new and terrifically devastating is debuted.

On March 15th, another global demonstration is planned. It will be even bigger, as more people learn the truth about this totalitarian cult with dreams of global conquest. I am practically overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the new developments. It makes me want to take up smoking again!

2008 has been a really bad year for Scientology so far...and it's only February!

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