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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Many people have commented on the fixed stare of a Scientologist. It seems lacking in feeling, detached, not human. Much of that comes from Hubbard’s viewpoint that one should never feel sympathy, but simply be effective. LRH mocks sympathy and warns about giving free services and makes it a serious offense for a staff member to do so. Besides having been trained to sit for hours without reacting it is burned into a Scientologists behavior that sympathy is a bad thing. What crap! Every mother knows the hug and sympathy shown a little child when they skin their knee is a healing emotion. The further I get away from Scientology the more I realize that Ron Hubbard had some serous problems being human and showing kindness. He says in his book Science of Survival that homosexuals should be gotten rid of. His viewpoint of South African Blacks is about as derogatory as you can get. Hubbard was a fan of apartheid and thought the black people were well treated in Africa. In November 1960, Hubbard wrote a letter to Prime Minister Verwoerd praising the implementation of forced resettlement: "Having viewed slum clearance projects in most major cities of the world may I state that you have conceived and created in the Johannesburg townships what is probably the most impressive and adequate resettlement activity in existence."

One aspect of the Church Of Scientology that is most appalling to me is its hypocritical stand on religious intolerance. The Church condemns critics of Scientology as being religious bigots and posts their pictures on the web site. LRH made his comments about religion "confidential", that, to me, is cowardly. So only OT’s who have been bonded for $10,000 to disclose any data, know that his real viewpoint is that he scorns the idea of a God and is himself a huge religious bigot. He is very critical of other religions. Scientology Ministers will join Religious Groups pretending to be a fellow members of the cloth. It is very obvious to me that the Church is a religion only for tax purposes and to prevent governmental scrutiny. Also just look at the Scientology cross, it’s an X covering a cross, a crossed out cross, of course Hubbard calls it an eight point cross.

Flag, Scientology largest and most senior public organization in Clearwater Florida, advertises itself as the friendliest place on earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once inside you either tow the line or they break you down. You must stay at the Fort Harrison, Sandcastle, or one of the other Church hotel properties and overpay for your room and meals. Never mind that Clearwater has hundreds of motels in the area at huge discounts. You might as well check your wallet at the registrar in the beginning. You are constantly being hit up with requests for money for every silly scattered brained idea some executive thought up. The heat and pressure of the registrar is unlike any other org. You are expected to donate, run up debts, borrow money from anybody you know and "make it go right." Once inside that org you turn your life over to them. If you are a businessman and have to be back in your office, tough! You will stay on lines until they say you can go. If service is slow because too many PCs are on your auditing line-up, tough. You have to buy another intensive? No problem just pay another $7,000 and if you don’t you will be an ethics case. Life at Flag is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever have. You breathe a sigh of relief every time you make it through an end of service routing out form and escape to the Tampa Airport.

Scientology management is in the end a giant public relations game. One of the LRH’s definitions of public relations is "good works well-publicized." What ever happened to good works done for the sake of humanity without promotion?. Now there is an alien thought for a Scientology executive. How about speaking the truth for the sake of truth. People are treated with respect because it is what they deserve. LRH gave himself away with the Fair Game Rule. In truth if you are not a Scientologist, you are a Wog. That means you are an ignorant being who hasn’t a chance in the world and Scientology should run his life because he can’t. If you think I am making this up just read the HCO Policy Letter on "How to handle a public person." You never let him decide anything, you order him.

I am not worried that the Church of Scientology will be successful in the long run. The Church cannot change with modern times, witness the Internet. It is doomed to fail. After all who wants Scientology's version of the future? Scientology culture in my opinion is set up on the phrase; "Production is the basis of morale." I know I eagerly grabbed onto it. But the more I travel, read, and learn about other cultures the more I questioned that. It may be true for Hubbard, because the more you produced on staff the more money he made. But is certainly isn’t true for all cultures. Can’t you just imagine the world as David Miscaviage sees it? Everybody must have their stats in by 2:00pm each Thursday. Workdays would be long and executives badgering you to produce. We will all step in line over his decisions. No, I don’t want that and I guarantee that most free people on this planet don’t either. Give me time to work and enjoy life and family. Scientology is fixed in time with its adherence to Hubbard. Science of Survival states that women should only stay at home, raising children. That’s so impossible with our current financial scene. It doesn’t even work in the Scientology world. How are they going to get the money to pay for services? Which brings us to the prices the Church sets. If there ever was more true indication of what the Church wants to happen it’s in the prices.

Finally I realized that I couldn’t support the Church of Scientology anymore because they couldn’t even run their own organizations without hurting and breaking up individuals and families. The trash heaps of this planet are filled with the broken bones of former Scientologists. I have seen it time and time again. Scientology is harmful for families. The Church won’t succeed as I said earlier because no one wants what the future would be like under Scientology rule. Make no mistake about it, LRH envisioned Scientology running this planet. What I am concerned about are those individuals whose lives will be ruined in the meantime. Sooner or later most Scientologists leave or become in active and unfortunately, now, a younger generation carries the torch. A younger generation looking for answers, just like I was thirty years ago. What was so mysterious to me thirty years ago is much clearer to me now. Every generation asks why it is here? I think youth just has a goodness and desire to help and there are always those that will take advantage of them. Looking back, that passion I had could easily been transferred into a career as a doctor or a teacher, truly helping others.

The other day I saw a copy of the SO magazine, Highwinds. I was shocked by it’s pandering of military imagery to young people. It was full of spaceships, spiritual symbols, military uniforms with shining swords, and aggressive phrases of war. It was sickening in its lies. The Church has taken an active stance in recruiting under eighteen youngsters, especially children of Scientologists. How I wish I could reach those young people and tell them to go finish high school. Enroll in college, go travelling, get a real job, join the Peace Corp, go watch a baseball game, read literature, go to enjoy the park and spend an afternoon walking hand in hand with your lover. Once on staff those pleasures are taken away from you. Courtship, days off, and just fooling aren’t a part of staff life. Relationships have an especially hard time when you are a staff member. Long hours, poor pay, intimidation, forced separations due some executive decision doesn’t make up for a life together. Those beautiful years of young love will be denied you. Your youth is lost quickly. I would tell them life is a gift and time does pass so quickly. Don’t follow a man who says he is infallible and makes you responsible for any failures you have using his technology.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say anything about Scientology children. While most Scientologists are truly caring parents who love their children, they are under the influence of Hubbard. They have adopted his theories about child raising and his viewpoint of work. Hubbard has said a child isn’t a child, rather he/she is a being in a small body. I guess that makes it easier to neglect them through dedication to the cause. I have see staff member children being watched over by some young girl who is usually considered too incompetent to be on staff. Attention starvation is what I see in them. Children cannot be the most important things to a Scientologist. They take away too many resources for the Grade Chart and thus there is the Sea Org ban on staff having children. If you want to see the results of Hubbard’s child raising theories look at David Miscaviage. He was a Scientology child who joined the SO and never graduated High School. He is a despot and proud of it.

Honestly I have come to see many things. I would have denied the harmful effects of Scientology until recently, but it is harmful in its present state. I could tell you how much money I spent and how that has harmed my finances. I could tell you about the strain it put on my family. I could tell you about the life long friends that I lost. I could tell you how stupid I felt when I discovered the truth about LRH, especially his sadistic side. However most of all it robbed me of time. Time, which young people spend so foolishly. It promised me infinite tomorrows and took away much of my life. Thirty years invested, and no pension plan, no medical benefits, no lifetime of building assets and influence, just debts. You pay a heavy price to be a Scientologist. I am slowly stripping away so many false ideas. Concepts I was forced to accept from LRH without thought. Hubbard does say what is true for you is what is true for you, however you must duplicate exactly what LRH said or you have a misunderstood word. You are wrong, he is always right, even when he says some of the most stupid things in his lectures, like in a Briefing Course Tape where he says lung cancer is caused by not smoking enough cigarettes. So when some Scientologist quotes Hubbard and it sounds great, remember this, the old Soviet Union had one of the most beautiful sounding constitutions guaranteeing freedoms of speech and ideas. We all know about the Soviet Gulags, so it isn’t the words; it’s what is actually done. The Church of Scientology lies like no other organization I have ever met. They just don’t call it lying; they call it, "an acceptable level of truth." It reminds me of the ruling pig bureaucracy in "Animal Farm." Some are more equal than others are, and some are just more special. If you really want to know what a Scientology future would be like, try combining the two books, "Animal Farm and "1984."

I would like to caution critics of Scientology from being too harsh on individual Scientologists. I spent years trying to do good and most of all the Scientologists I knew were trying to do the same. The hardest thing for me to confront as I left the church was the betrayal I felt. So when you picket and see how crazy Scientologists get, realize this. They have been betrayed so deeply. When I read how my church harnesses critics and ex-members I was shocked. I have read much about the use of private investigators and operatives to use "dirty tricks" to ruin a critics life. From black PR campaigns to false accusations the church will do anything to discredited former members. My honest question to them is why are two or three critics so dangerous to your survival when you have "8 million members?" What are you trying to hide?

I really care about my old friends who are active in Scientology. I can’t see them anymore. They are under the control of a man who is dead. They honestly believe they are on the quest of all quests. They cannot understand the criticism of Hubbard or the Church. They think of Hubbard like a God, but only better. They are loyal and hard working beyond belief and yet they are treated like disposable rags. You have to realize that Scientology makes people stupid by imposing a blind adherence to LRH. So you accept his culture, his way of looking at things. You lose your own viewpoints.

It is my hope that Scientology will reform itself, embrace all religions, use the good technology it does have to help all the people on Earth, rich and poor alike. I loved being on course and auditing. I would like to think I helped a lot of people. Unlike many critics I can still find great worth in Hubbard’s work. Some of his writings are brilliant insights into life and I truly believe basic Scientology has much to offer. But the Scientology I practiced isn’t what the current management wants; money, power, and being right is more important to them. The Sea organization must be disbanded. It is cruel, demeaning, arrogant, and ignorant. Most of all the real crimes that are committed are by Sea Org members. Unless the Church opens up it’s books, reduces prices dramatically, compensates members for over charging them, gets rid of the Sea Organization and the inhumanity it breeds, nothing will change. Honesty & truth must spread throughout Scientology. Hubbard must be held up for honest evaluation. The truth of his life must be revealed.

However I am not holding my breath, I am living my life, doing good when I can, and enjoying the sunsets, and creating my future. My exiting of Scientology has taken longer than I thought. Writing this article has been a major step for me. I never realized the damage than was done to me and each day brings even more new realizations. I am grateful to all of the people who have posted on ARS for their help.

The Church is fond of quoting LRH in Ron’s Journal "From Here to Eternity" about the quantity of case gain available above your level, which you can't perceive; well I have a different take. Having spent the majority of my adult life being a Scientologist I feel like a kid in a candy store. All of a sudden the world has open up for me. Great literature, different philosophies, art and different cultures are mine to explore. I have never felt closer to my family and I am making new friends. I have learned that Life is a journey, and it is hard at times, but I love this world and I am proud to be part of it again. I feel like a person freed from the ignorance of Scientology. In many ways I feel lucky. Scientology is a huge labyrinth and I made it out. So to those of my friends who are still stuck inside I say this, "There is a future after Scientology, a much better one."



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