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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Why? One reason is because he promoted himself so much. He promoted himself like few others in history have. A bust of his is in every Organization, numerous pictures of him on the walls, and a personal office in every Org sometimes at ridiculous costs, which he would never use (he’s dead). The term "cult of personality" couldn’t have a better example than LRH with applause at the end of course every night aimed at him, a public relation section dedicated to get proclamations and awards for him. Again guys, He’s Dead! How many times does it have to be said? This was a man who needed to be praised and happy people don’t need that much praise. Also he is a man who lied. He lied about his marriages and children, his schooling, his war years, his running of the Church after saying he resigned, and who let his own wife go to prison so he wouldn’t. Just look at what Nelson Mandela did to free his country as compared to LRH? He, Mandela, spent years in a harsh prison. What did LRH do? He hid and lied. I would have forgiven him, if only he had been more honest and to tell you the truth, a kinder man. I still consider many of his writings to be brilliant. But the LRH I loved wasn’t in truth the real person, it was an image he spun. It was even spun after he died that he went on to further research, whereas it appears he was an old man suffering from dementia who, by confirmation of his physician had a stroke and by blood tests was on psychotropic drugs. They just couldn’t say he passed away, like the rest of us when our life is up. But this like many things were kept from us dedicated Scientologists.

Finally I got to the top of the chart, looked around and realized there were just too many things I saw personally which I could not longer deny; the credit card schemes, the wasteful spending of money, and heartless handling of staff members and families. I had such high hopes for Scientology. I read ethics files and saw the relentless pursuit of money. I could go on and on. And when I wrote it up in reports, nothing changed. I wasn’t alone, other friends I knew saw things and wrote them up. Nothing was handled. I continued writing, but still no change. It was at this stage that I began looking to the Internet. Then it finally hit me! Sea Org management didn’t care! They had all the reports, they knew the complaints, they have done all the courses I have done. Everything was done in the name of "Clearing the Planet" and what counted most was making money. Finally it got too much for me. This was a Church who members lost their humanity. Because at the bottom of every cycle is based the idea that the ends justify the means. It doesn’t matter if you have to cheat, steal, lie, and hurt others, as long as the Church makes more money. Whoever came up with the statement, "Scientology: Clearing the Planet One Bank Account at a Time" is spot on!

Over the years Hubbard developed his own style of Management in the process of running the Church. As with basic Scientology, it is based on observations and some practical applications. I consider some of it useful, but again Hubbard overreaches and states that these techniques and tools are basic truths. They are the secrets of how groups operate. At the bottom of his management style is SELL, SELL, SELL, and make more money. Money is spent on image, in order to make more money. Make no mistake about it; the Church is slick and professional when it comes to marketing. They will spare no expense on image, whether it is buying the bona fides from a University Scholar, getting on the good sides of an influential Black Baptist Minister for PR purposes, or buying the most expensive printing press. I have never seen a religion where making money is so important. They will wine and dine you beyond belief for money or influence. Int Management would sleep with the devil if they could make money at it and I am sure that's why celebrities love Scientology. If the average public or staff person knew just how special celebrities are treated they would boil. From special meals to private waiters they are the royalty of Scientology. I was furious when I read about Tom Cruise’s private condo with a maid and private chef at Happy Valley (Int Management Secret HQ’s). Special rules for "Special People." There is even a rule that no celebrity can be regged by regular registrars.

In the past, too little has been said about the various programs of the Church to penetrate the business community. I laugh when I see the words Hubbard Management Consultants. You don’t know half of what most of those guys are up to. W.I.S.E. (Worldwide Institute of Scientology Enterprises) is, in truth, a way of out reaching into the business community to recruit new members. Tremendous effort has gone in to the recruiting professions. Various consulting groups have been formed, aimed at particular practices. Chiropractors, dentists, and veterinarians are a major target. They use the same basic plan that’s used to get new people into Scientology. Hubbard has you seek for a "personal ruin", which is some area or problem over which you have poor control or a lack of success. Interviewers or registrars are taught to really push your ruin in your face. Successfully done, you can make almost anyone pay for courses or auditing. You really start to believe "your ruin" is ruining your life and Scientology can help you overcome it. For some it’s a personal problem, like not being in a good relationship, loneliness, shyness, or lacking direction in life. In the business world it starts out with the professional practice itself, usually it isn’t expanding or making enough money. Hubbard Consultants find the "ruin" in your business then sell you a watered down version of Scientology Management Training aimed at the businessman. One interesting point is that they use the salutation of Mr. Hubbard in their seminars instead of L.Ron Hubbard in the Church. They try at first to distance themselves from the Church. But remember, just as in the first courses in Scientology, they are spoon feeding you Scientology. They know exactly where you are at in the process of becoming a Scientologist. Sooner or later you learn that the reason why your business isn’t doing well is because of you. It’s you who are holding down your business. Now it’s time to switch over to Scientology and find his personal "ruin."

There are absolutely no morals when it comes to selling services and getting money into the Church. You will find that most WISE Consultants were ex-registrars and they will again use every trick in the book to sell you their services. As I said the real intention of your consultant is to get you on the Bridge and paying for Church services. Make no mistake about it, a WISE Consulting Business is considered valuable only if it sells and selects [for an actual sales commission ] businessmen to buy services from and go into the orgs. The end goal is the person to be completely paid in advance for every Church service on every price list, plus donations to the IAS, and a complete Author Services Library which consists of every book and tape LRH ever made. Why? One reason, besides being a disciple for Scientology, is because a registrar gets 10 to 15% of it in commissions. No old time Scientologists in his right mind would dare let a Scientology consultant into their business.

Another danger concerning WISE is that they are infiltrating businesses by covertly setting up organization structures similar to that of Scientology. Unbeknownst to employees, they are being evaluated by Scientology methods and the future of their employment is in doubt. There are some very large companies who started applying Scientology management Tech such as Allstate. This caused a huge flap with lawsuits and disgruntled employees for Allstate, but those Scientologists have just moved on to another areas. One particular bad aspect that WISE consultants teach is paying bills by time line. Basically it is a system of bills where you stretch out payments according to what is most critical. So know this well, Scientologists put the Church of Scientology first and foremost. They will donate to the Church and not pay you. Then after screaming at them enough they will offer less money to settle the bill, or refuse to pay service charges and take their business elsewhere. If I were any person doing business with the Church of Scientology or a Scientology business I would put them on C.O.D. If you lose their business count yourself lucky. If you are an employee of a Scientology business, find another job. Don’t consider your pension funds or any other benefits safe. You are never considered more important than the church.

That’s because a real problem in Scientology is personal finances. I have seen too many Scientologists declare personal bankruptcy, or have huge unpaid debts. I know of five people on New OT VII, currently the highest level being delivered, who went bankrupt. Most of those debts were incurred buying Church services, and in some cases I am talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will be shocked at the state of their finances. Scientologists are always being bombarded with requests for loans by fellow members. You will receive calls from people who barely know you asking for loans. Registrars don’t care if they are putting you in the most precarious position. Then after you fail, the registrars will wash their hands and state you should have applied better financial policy. In fact the heat and pressure to raise money extends to all Scientology outreach groups. From Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics, to CCHR all plead for your donations. No one ever reaches the limit. If you become a patron to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) it will cost you $40,000. But then the pressure starts for your wife to buy one, then after she is hit they will try to get another $20,000 and raise the level up to $100,000 and get Patron with Honors status. Then they will try to get you buy a Patron Meritorious, $250,000. Don’t forget the kids, they will want you to but them their lifetime membership at $3,000 each. By the way, it goes even higher and higher, millions. So in other words, you are never done giving, if you have a buck they will want it and if you make one more they will want that too!

Is Scientology a religion that should have IRS status? I have looked at that over and over again as I am a Scientology minister. Finally I have decided it is not. To me a religion is an organization aimed at helping people and instilling in man a higher code of conduct with a belief in a God or the spiritual concept of man. That it should not be money motivated seems apparent. I will not theorize on the existence of any God, as that is a matter of personal belief and it is not up to me to judge any other religion by their God. Surely every religion has it excesses and share of charlatans, but I do believe that there are men and women of good intentions in most religions who truly care for mankind. People like Mother Teresa helping Calcutta’s poor, Father Damian with Hawaiian lepers, and others who love and care for the poor, the sick, as well the troubled, and the oppressed, because it is the right thing to do. Each day hundreds of thousands of ministers, nuns, priests, monks, rabbi’s, mullahs, and religious lay people from all around the world work to feed the hungry, cloth the poor, minister to the dying, patch up broken marriages. What is a Scientology Minister trained to do? He sends them to the registrar to buy some auditing or purchase a course. Only then can he really help them. I have seen the good that auditing can cause and so why doesn’t the Church make it more affordable? What is one of the most important questions about a new person to a Scientology executive? Does he have any money? If he has none he is tolerated at best, but more likely is routed to a staff recruiter. What is Scientology answer to the mentally ill? You route them off lines and criticize anyone who tries to help them because they are "evil psychs."

One of the most serious violations of ministerial conduct is the violation of the confidentiality of the confessional. It has become clear to me and others that what is said in a Church of Scientology Confessional is not secret. I cannot excuse the Church or Hubbard over this. Priests surely do not keep notes of the confessional and some even have died protecting this trust! Whereas folders are examined and embarrassing and potentially blackmail able confessions are used against critics or those that seek to leave the Church. I am so ashamed at my Church for doing this.

Perhaps the most telling aspect about Scientology is its treatment of the poor, the sick, the unable. Scientology's stated purpose is to make the able more able. Where is the care for the poor, and the needy? It doesn’t exist because there is no money in that. A life long Sea Org member gets cancer, forget him! He is routed off as being unfit. Oh they may take up donations from public members, but that’s about it. So in my mind what makes a religion is compassion and the desire to help without getting something back. Help should be free. Oh I understand the need for donations, but you tell me where in the world will you find a religion that charges for almost all of it’s services? Show me a Church where everyone is expected to buy a $3,000 lifetime membership? Even 10% tithing would be break for most Scientologists. So there can be little doubt that the Church of Scientology is neither compassionate or helpful without charging for it.

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