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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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I had very good wins in much of my upper level auditing, but on the other side great pressure is exerted on you to keep quiet about your upper level auditing. States of Awareness are implied in the OT Levels that people just don’t obtain. No one I ever knew attained OT Abilities as described in LRH’s lectures. That is the great hidden secret among OT’s that none can talk about. Every Scientologist dreams about being fully exterior to his body or causing things to move mentally, but it never did happen to me. Every Scientologist believes that OT’s can do miraculous things. Well, I am sorry, it just isn’t true from what I have seen. I wish I could tell you if it was true. I would give anything to say Hubbard was right and I was wrong. I am not saying you don’t become more aware of yourself, your surroundings, but there is not one "bent spoon" in the lot. Each person feels himself a failure for not quite making it, but the truth is no one makes it, not even Hubbard from what I have read. Each person must fabricate reasons why it doesn’t happen. The interesting thing is that I would have been much happier with my OT Levels if all that was expected of me was to be happier, more powerful, more analytical, and more aware of myself. I did gain knowledge and insight, but then of course nobody would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for them and in retrospect neither would I have. You get the idea Hubbard was more concerned about marketing the levels and making money from them, rather than improving people lives with them.

Scientology is much like a "Dummies Guide to Life." Everything is explained simply. Hubbard even says complexity is due to a lack of confront. He makes broad strokes of his pen invalidating medical doctors, especially anybody else who works in the mental health field. He is full of anecdotes using them as proof. Back in the Wichita Foundation they cure people of polio with auditing. Well where are the x-rays, the proof? Never are any studies produced to validate his stories. Hubbard makes it clear in his numerous lectures that the "wog" world is essentially worthless and even with what technology "wogs" have, a Scientologist can use it and do it better. According to Hubbard Earth is a prison planet, so why would anything be of value here? Thus a college education is worthless, just "Study Scientology." After all to Hubbard, you have gone to school millions of years in lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, and with Scientology and word clearing you just might regain whole track knowledge( what you knew in past lifes).

You have to understand the dangers of being in any cult, and if anyone ever doubts Scientology is a cult, I can only say read on. Hubbard pollutes your mind with his viewpoints of modern culture. You see this particularly in SO members and long time public. Over the years you can see what being on staff and on lines has done to their judgement. According to this diehard viewpoint the complete school system is a total failure, crime is widespread and riots waiting to happen, morals are declining, and the civilization is on a steep decline. Hubbard blasts the medicos, which is what he calls doctors. The FBI is considered worse than the criminals and the IRS is the most evil of all empires. I actually believe him when he said in the seventies that at most our civilization had five years. Remember the Purification R/D and surviving World War III? As if taking Niacin is a cure for radiation bombardment, give me a break!

Of course we have serious problems in our society, but it wasn’t until I was free from Hubbard’s viewpoint that I was able to see the good and beauty in our culture and what actually needed to be changed. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to interact with high school & college students. They are good kids in the majority. They have goals, work hard, and in my opinion are way advanced over where I was at thirty years ago. There is so much good in our society. People are working to change the wrongs. Thirty years ago people of minority didn’t have the opportunities they have now. Women were second-class citizens. We were an uptight society. It was changed by people demanding progress, and by kindness, good legislation, and hard work. Of course as a society we still have much to do, but just what good is Scientology doing? Mostly all the Scientology success stories are just self-aggrandizement. Did you know that some Scientologists have even taken credit for the Berlin wall coming down and the Soviet Bloc collapsing? Mystically Solo Not’s & New OT VIII did it. Talk about Hallucinatory Cause!

So you are isolated from the real world, hemmed in by a false concept of what is happening. The thought of leaving the church is equivalent to eternal damnation. You will lose all of your friends. Your ability to speak freely is also taken away. You are more than likely to be in huge debt. Also as I said above, you cannot speak negatively about the Church without some repercussions. This isolates you and prevents information from flowing freely. Hubbard also plays to your self-importance. Scientology is much like a fraternity where you go through initiation and then feel on the inside. You become enlightened, you are told the secrets of the universe and how brilliant you were to make it through the hundreds of thousands of lifetimes to be one of the first in Scientology. So to leave the Church is to admit you were wrong, and that’s a hard thing to do after investing so much time and money. In truth, an invisible web of lies is spun around you to keep in the Church.

As I said earlier I finally realized that Scientology was at times, stupid and harmful. Those were tough words for me to admit after the majority of my adult life was spent promoting Scientology. Actually, I was part of large number of Scientologists who do their job and try to be understanding and kind. Mostly you will find them in the Technical Division IV (auditors and case supervisors). People who spend ten to twelve hours a day helping people overcome life’s problems. You don't know the frustration we feel when injustices screw things up. We secretly ask ourselves questions. Why does auditing have to be so expensive? Why does the Church have to be this way? On one hand you see the real benefits, sometimes absolutely amazing things happen in an auditing session, and on the other hand you see a registrar running up huge credit cards bills on a person who can’t pay. Also there are other things that you see which make me so ashamed. I have seen the Church takes thousands of dollars from an elderly parent for their children’s auditing because the registrars were able to manipulate emotions. I have seen a young person receive their inheritance’s and greedy executives screaming in glee while they demand more and more of it until it’s all gone. Those things I am not proud of.

Most Scientologists are in a blind spot about the true state of Scientology. Great Group Pressure is exerted on the individual to not spread "entheta." which is Hubbard’s word for anything that is non-optimum or bad news. So failures receive little notice. However I have seen the smallest of successes built up to some earth shattering news. So Rule #2 is, "Never believe anything a Scientologist tells you." They cannot evaluate data because they are never allowed to look at the failure side of Scientology. Most Scientologists don’t know about PR Tr’s" where Hubbard trains PR staff how to lie and change subjects. The mental machinations that a Scientologist must go through to justify Scientology’s failures is no easy task, but at the bottom of it all is Hubbard is right and anything that differs from that must be invalidated. Even when it becomes perfectly clear that Hubbard or the Church is wrong a Scientologist will justify it by saying Hubbard must be looking at the bigger picture and that’s the way it has to be. So Scientology makes you stupid. So stupid that you will believe Hubbards diatribes against doctors and society. As I said earlier the Church hides its true self from most parishioners. The average Scientologists just doesn’t get to see what goes on behind the lines, in registrar’s office, in OSA, in the S.O. The truth is most A.R.S.ers know more about what goes on in the Church than do Scientologists.

We see that stupidity in a young husband on org staff who has to work 80 hours a week and make no money to" save the planet", meanwhile his baby and wife go neglected. How sane is that? I could give you more hundreds of examples, but I leave that for others. It is everywhere staff members work. Staff members live miserable abused lives. I know this because I have been one and have interviewed many. I have had grown men cry to me over what their life on staff is like. This is kept from the public. Staff members are so terribly trapped. They work long hours, at least twelve to fourteen a day (six to seven days a week) and many work even more hours, especially in the Sea organization. They are promised good pay then come on staff and learn the truth that it is not even minimum wage. They are promised OT and all their auditing for free, but most hardly ever make it to Clear. They are told that they get days off and vacations, but when they get on board they learn that you have to have super personal production to get them and still are at the whim of your senior. They never received Medical or Dental care, so they usually have to rely on outside family members to pay if they can. Otherwise it is go see the Medical Officer who is usually a person with zero medical training. He will read what LRH has to say, give you vitamins, and send you to ethics to handle the suppression in your life. But never is that suppression said to be the SO and it’s long hours, poor conditions, sleep deprivation, sometimes rice and beans diet, and the constant stress of executive intimidation and haranguing. Family visiting time for seeing your children is promised every day but it depends again on how well your post is going.

Scientology executives are trained in a technique called "Bait and Badger." This is a control method use to get you to produce more on your post by haranguing you. They are trying to get at the reason you are not producing more and keep at it until you "fess up" with some excuse, then another, until you have no more. Then they keep riding you until your production levels are up. The bottom line is that you are expendable for the greater cause of clearing the planet. You will be pushed and goaded until you either rise up into the executive strata willing to harass others to produce more, or you become a well-trained robot who is quietly willing to work long hours for low pay. In the end many in the SO will wind up on the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), which is barbaric, inhumane and a down right insult to the spirit of man. Little sleep, little food, no communication, degradation, no medical care, and constant harassment are the lot of those who wind up in its grasp. They are made to believe that they are degraded beings who have to accept that fact and thank LRH and the SO for giving them the opportunity to re-deem themselves. The accounts I have read of life in the RPF make prison life look good in many cases. At least a prisoner has a fixed sentence. Many staff members at any organization eventually have to leave because you can’t stand the conditions.

Then as you are leaving you are hit was thousands of dollars of free-loaders debt as you were invoiced out for every corrective, training, and auditing action you did while on staff. Finally you and those around you are made to think that you are a failure because just weren’t tough enough and not a "Big Being."

Those of us who see the successes in auditing always have to compromise, and that is our mistake. We excuse the stupidity with "it’s a tough planet, we are handling the reactive mind, the psychs and medical industry are out to get LRH." If only LRH had more reliable aides, if only LRH knew what was happening in the orgs he would be pissed. But it is LRH’s fault, it is his creation. If he didn’t know what was happening it was because he didn’t care to look. If he is going to take the credit for the good he deserves the blame for the bad.

I loved LRH. He was a hero and a rogue. No doubt he lived a huge lifetime. Certainly we can agree he created a large and rich organization and wrote much, but then again history is full of successful despots. He was a writer and creator of tales. I am still impressed with the shear volume of his work. Even if we were to treat all of his writings and lectures as pure fancy it is still an amazing feat, but volume doesn’t guarantee quality or truth. I remember reading a post on ARS from Vaughn Young, which helped me to understand him. It is how LRH had two sides, one analytic and one reactive. He could be brilliant, yet he could be mean and vindictive. The stories that come from ex-SO members when LRH was on the Ship Apollo are horrific. From making students walk the plank, humiliating staff, locking up adults and children in filthy bilge holes, screaming profanities and swearing at aides, this was a sick, sick man. And if I dare mention having teenage girls dress him and cater to all his personal needs like carrying around ashtrays behind him to catch ashes as they fall from his cigarettes. It makes me wonder just who was his guy? Personally I don’t know how I would have reacted, but it sort of sickens me to think that SO executives covered for him. He was a flawed man. He was a genius and a madman, and I now have come to believe a very arrogant and egotistical person.

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