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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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In 1997 Miscaviage introduced the "Golden Era of Tech" where he said the "why" (reason) for poor technical results was "the blind leading the blind" in drills. Apparently the reason why Scientology wasn’t expanding and getting rave reviews was because "we" as students didn’t have the knowledge and exact drills to auditing, etc. The truth is we, old timers, were doing what LRH had told us to do. We were applying LRH study tech in a LRH academy reading LRH bulletins, tapes, and books. These academies were run by SO org personnel trained in many cases by LRH himself. After all, many of us had been trained at Flag, the mecca of technical perfection, where auditing is perfect. At least were told that when we bought our $7,000 auditing intensives (auditing is sold in 12 ½ blocks called an intensive). Now it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t LRH’s fault, nor the SO, it was us "blind" ones misapplying LRH’s perfect tech. And to make it worse, as we found out later, the blind ones had to go back to Flag and re-do our auditing and training and pay for it ourselves. By the way, it is 2001 now and the big boom that was to happen because of the "Golden Era of Tech" just hasn’t materialized. In fact in many areas the number of people doing services are down.

Scientology has a hierarchy of Service Organizations. It starts out with Missions, Orgs, Upper Orgs, and Flag. The higher the organization the more services you can deliver. In the "Orgs", short for Church CL IV organizations which are run by non-Sea Org members, you get detailed management programs from the Sea Org, sometimes with a youngster dressed in his naval uniform ordering you what to do. The amount of control exerted by Senior Sea Org Management over the Orgs is overwhelming. Statistics are demand daily of production levels. When necessary Management sends out Sea Org Members to the Orgs, they are called missionaries. They usually are filled with a false arrogance of understanding and without a real clue of how to actually run an org. They have great power to do what they want. The arrival of a missionaire gets Org staff in a uproar, because a Sea Org Mission almost always means someone gets removed from post and made the fall guy for low production. Usually they try to rip off staff for the SO and wind up costing the org for the time that they are there. Everyone in the org shudders when a missionaire arrives and is secretly relieved when they depart. After enough of these programs you begin to believe that either Scientology is the most inept organization at choosing key personnel or that church policy, when applied, just doesn’t work. Anyone who was in Scientology in the Seventies knows that the Mission network(small local churches, not to be confused with Missionaires) was much stronger and the flow up the bridge was increasing. Hubbard had set up the Missions to be more autonomous. They were flourishing and expanding. They were less set in rigid adherence and didn’t go around in military uniforms or religious clothing. They also had more money, whereas the Sea Organizations were doing poorly. You can thank David Miscaviage and his Finance Police for wiping out the Mission Network in the early eighties. He stripped them of their assets and much of their power. The Mission network never recovered. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that most orgs and missions are now in horrible shape. Just go around and look at them. Miscaviage declared that New OT IX is going to be released when all the Orgs are the size of the first St. Hill Org in England and the "psychs" no longer exist. Well, the laughter from that statement is still going strong! But you learn early in Scientology to shut up when it comes to critical thoughts. Hubbard set up a system where one must "write-up" anyone who, too frequently, speaks contrary or does something against the policies of Scientology. Just try mentioning the fact that the SO had certified two Orgs as having reached the size of Old St.Hill when they really weren’t and you get castigated. I was told by a very reliable source that the Hamburg Org falsified its statistics to reach Old Saint Hill size, a little know fact to most members. In other words, any mention of down statistics or wrong doing by the Sea Organization and you are nailed, even if you are right. How does a Scientologist get so twisted mentally to accept this? How did I?

Personally the route for a Scientologist is a hard journey. The amount of control exerted over you is overwhelming when you finally step back and look at it. However the indoctrination of your mind is very subtle, it doesn’t happen over night. The early courses are pleasant, cheap, and the staff is easy on you. You feel that you have found real friends. But believe me, staff members know exactly what they are doing and they are keeping from you the more intense side of Scientology. Slowly they are spoon feeding you Scientology. Each person progress is plotted. Once you have had enough wins and are "on board", the more ruthless side of Scientology emerges. Of course we staff members justify this because it is for the student’s own benefit. The higher you go up the Grade Chart the pressure just gets worse. It is a sad truth that the Church must hide its real self until a person gets hooked. We believed Hubbard knew best.

I found Scientology to be an amazing world when I discovered it three decades ago. I was an educated young person just starting out in the world. I was not stupid, poor, or anything that would make me disadvantaged. I, however, was confused, as many of us where back in the sixties. It was a time of questioning the way of life. Questioning values of families, morality, alternative lifestyles, mainstream religion, segregation, drugs, the Vietnam War, and in fact anything that was the establishment. The bottom line is most of us were confused.

Into that confusion of mine came Scientology. It was indeed, a bolt out of the blue. It was exciting. It was strange, different, mystical, and yet it claimed to be scientifically based. It gave you answers that seemed to work. Life in the Scientology was less stressful and intense back then. You still had your "wog" friends and time off. Looking back to those early days it was a great fun. Most of the students I know who did the communication course truly had their lives changed for the better. The Grade Chart was about 10% of the cost now and it was conceivable that you could make it up the Chart. The auditing I received really did change my life. I cannot stress that enough; there are real benefits to Hubbard’s auditing procedure. Also Co-auditing (students auditing each other for free) was encouraged and my fellow students were adventurers of the mind. We would talk for hours late at night. It hooked me and I loved it. The Sea Org wasn’t as powerful and the heat and pressure of management just wasn’t as high as it is now. I jumped into a career as an auditor. I was a good student and auditing came easy to me. I loved the adventure of going down the time track exploring. It was thrilling. And I had wins, very good wins. It changed me in ways that were good. And therein rests the problem of Scientology, "How something could be so good at times, yet so stupid and harmful at others?" More on that later.

As I said before the Church hides it’s real self from the individual until he is hooked. "Raw Public" as Hubbard calls them (new people just in the door) are delivered simple and easy courses in their own division, Div VI, the Public Division. They have their own course supervisors and salesmen. Control over the student is light and the courses are fun and helpful. I really enjoyed them. A person stays in Div VI, the public division, until he is ready to be moved into Div II, the Dissemination division, home of the registrars. Thereinafter almost every step in Scientology starts with a visit to the registrar. Of course Hubbard doesn’t call them "salesmen" which is exactly what they are. The hours one spends being grilled over the coals by them is a harrowing experience. For example they use sales methods as written in "Big League Sales Closing Techniques" by Les Dale. This is one of the very few books not written by Hubbard that is on any course in Scientology. So what is a religion teaching sales closing techniques? From the "icy dip" to "tagging" to "buy now discounts", they use every trick in the book to get you to over spend. Going to a used car lot is less stressful. Nothing is ever good enough, you must always be on "the road to truth" as it is called. Which means, pay for the next service. Even when you finish a big course or level which has taken months, it’s off to see the registrar and get back on the next course.

Scientology uses a system of routing forms. A routing form is a list of people (holding specific functions) whom you have to see in progression, as you move from one department to another department or division within the org or from even org to org. When you are in the org you are always on some routing form. For example, when you go to buy a course you see the registrar and once you pay for it you are then routed to the bookstore officer to buy supplies, then the course administrator to enroll you, and then finally the classroom to see the supervisor and start the course. After you complete your course you are routed back through to the registrar. Except that you also have to see many other staff; from treasury, to bookstore officer, to Sea Org Recruiters when you on services at a SO Org. It seems at every step, a staff member tries to sell you something or get something from you, mainly book sales to supplement their income. If you want a leave of absence from a course you get put on a routing form and have to go through a list of staff who basically try to prevent you from leaving. If you want to route out of an org be prepared to run the gauntlet. It seems the only way to complete the form is to make the org some money or stats, or in other words, bribe them by either buying a book or making a donation, of course nobody would admit that! It is really quite an exhausting endeavor, which has as one of the main targets, your wallet.

Finally there is always the Ethics routing form where you are sent to check over your personal conduct. You can be sent to Ethics by a staff member for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it is just routine, for example when you are routed to Ethics before you start your auditing or training cycle. They want to make sure you that you are not a "Potential Trouble Source- P.T.S." for Scientology. They are checking for a numbers of items some of which are; that you are not a "plant" from the government, that you are not connected to a person who is antagonistic to Scientology, that you are not under the care of a mental health professional, or that you are "open-minded." Sometimes going to Ethics is much like being sent to the principal’s office when you went to grade school. You can be sent for being late for course, chewing gum in the classroom, unexcused absences, or disclosing something you said in an auditing confessional session. Yes, they really do treat adults like children. You can also go voluntary to the Ethics Officer for help in most any aspect of your life if you are on course. Ethics is a very powerful sector of a Church. You do not want to get on their bad side. Sooner or later you will have to write-up all of your "crimes" you have committed in life and ask for forgiveness. LRH has said there is no right of privacy. Before you do your OT Levels you must receive a security check. This is done in an auditing session and you have to pay thousands of dollars for it. Just some of the intrusive things they will want to know is your complete sexual history. You will have to answer detailed questions with whom you had sex with and how did you do it (positions & times), whether or not you masturbate, and do you read adult materials. Every aspect of your life is open for inspection; even critical thoughts of Hubbard or Scientology are treated as signs of crimes. Afterwards expect your most private affairs to be discussed with usually a twenty-something staff member, who will quote you LRH’s viewpoint and chastise you. Not that the ethics officer shouldn’t be busy, I have seen much, which should be examine, mostly things done by staff members and executives. Running up credit cards, putting members into debt so high that they have serious problems paying their bills, these are everyday occurrences. I have even seen credit cards run up on illegally without the owner's permission. You don’t know the whole truth, it is much worse than you think. I am not talking about dead bodies. I never saw anything like that. However what I did see were shattered lives. For every happy Scientologist who is successful there must be a hundred or more just barely making it in life. Listen I am telling you the truth here, "They"(Scientology Staff) will try to take every penny away from you, your family, your friends, anyone from whom you can get money. They will try to talk you into dropping out of the everyday Life (Wog World as they call it) and be a hard-nosed dedicated Scientologist who in "on board" for the duration (eternity). They don’t want your kids in public schools. Forget about a college education, life insurance, savings accounts, pension funds, or anything else, which might divert your attention and resources. Vacations are tolerated, but secretly you better be a little quiet about them or make lots of donations to justify your time off. It is serious business being a Scientologist. You will eventually leave your non-Scientologist friends and be in a world where everything must be compare to what LRH viewed as important.

.By now you must be asking yourself, why if it was so bad did you stay in so long? That is a hard question for me to answer simply. Every ex-Scientologist knows exactly what I mean. Honestly I wouldn’t have stayed in so long if I didn’t improve my life, or thought it did, and I held high the dream of attaining OT abilities. Scientology works like Magic sometimes. It is addictive. I would be lying if I didn’t say that auditing isn’t valuable. I love the Scientology Grades and they improved my life and the lives of others. I have seen great good coming from auditing sessions, both receiving and giving. It is here where many of us excuse the insanity of Scientology. We see people handle life long problems and change for the better and wonder how could this organization be wrong. But it is wrong.

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