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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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The only response I have ever received from the Church in answer to these questions, despite having submitted them on the proper lines and 4 to 5 other times to Ethics, C/Ss and several orgs, is when the very nervous LRH Host AOLA, Heather, told me LRH had died of natural causes. She would give me no other information.

Shortly after I sent this letter, I was ordered to Sec Checks at AOLA.

These questions came from my own thought, my own attempts to understand Hubbard’s death and events in the Church. They did not come from someone else, or from something I had read. The 10 intensives of Sec Checks I received from Felix Hackenberg at AOLA proved that I had no evil intentions in asking them nor had I been implanted this lifetime nor was I a “plant” in the Church. The questions were asked sincerely to resolve problems *I* was having, not to be destructive of the Church. At the end of the Sec Checks, I still wanted the actual true answers to these questions.

Since I had never received any actual responsive answer since 1997 when I first submitted it, in January 2003 I began to search for the answers to the above questions. In nearly 6 years, despite repeated requests, no answers had come from the Church.

I have given a lot of thought to what I now have to tell you. Finally, I decided that no matter how mad or upset you might be with me because of this communication, as a true friend I must tell you now, rather than have you upset and mad at me in the future for not telling now.

I found on the Internet World Wide Web scanned images and typed text that purported to be the death certificate and the coroner’s investigation report and the results of the toxicology screen of LRH’s blood taken from his body after his death.

I found these documents very disturbing. In fact, if these were true, then David Miscavige and Pat Broker and Ray Mithoff and the others had blatantly LIED to me at the Palladium event in January 1986. LRH’s death was not at all what they had described. And within the contents of these documents were very suspicious events.

I felt that I had to verify for myself the veracity of these specific documents. In February 2003 I traveled to San Luis Obispo California and visited the County Clerk’s office. There I viewed and received a certified copy of the Death Certificate of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

I then traveled to the Sheriff’s department of San Luis Obispo County and went to the Detective and Coroner’s department. The Detectives also do Coroner’s investigations. I received copies from their own files of the 1986 Coroner’s investigation and the toxicology report that related to LRH’s death.

They were better copies than what I had found on the web, but were otherwise the same documents.

This shocking information caused me to seek other information. Since it is second hand, I will not share it but it consists of various transcripts of testimony and depositions under oath in various court cases, including challenges to LRH’s will and trust documents brought by hundreds of former Scientologists. Had I known the contents of the documents in 1986 I believe I would myself have joined such lawsuits. It is reported that the Church of Scientology settled these suits by paying out millions and millions of dollars and getting in return “gag agreements” that prevent those who it paid money to from saying anything about the issues in the suits.

It is now quite clear to me by the Church’s subsequent behavior that by asking Mr. Starkey my questions I missed many large withholds. The events that occurred at Ron’s death were concealed from Scientologists and even the Coroner’s investigator appears to have been misdirected about the content of the Will LRH supposedly signed about seven days after the stroke and the day before he died.

Other information I have found is very disturbing: Books authored by L. Ron Hubbard and now being published supposedly as “new editions” by L. Ron Hubbard Library have been altered from the original text. In some cases, entire chapters are deleted and others added. In most cases various wording is being changed or paragraphs deleted. There are many many reports of changes to tapes and tape transcripts. Deletions and alterations in word sequence are examples. These changes can only be detected by listening word for word and comparing the original reel-to-reel tapes with the newly issued versions.

You are familiar with the revisions being made to HCOBs even 14 or more years after LRH’s death. This ongoing changing of the technology does not seem correct to me.

Some folks may say that by looking at information on the internet I expose myself to entheta and risk ruining my case with upper level material. I would have to agree that there is some risk. However I have no interest in reading the supposed “upper level material” until I am ready and I can discover for myself if the Church is off the rails just by obtaining publicly available documents such as the coroner’s report and death certificate and realizing I was lied to.

And I have verified for myself that alterations are being made to the actual writings of L. Ron Hubbard.

In just the 1998 edition of “Introduction to Scientology Ethics” authored by the “L. Ron Hubbard Library”,

(“L. Ron Hubbard Library is also known as “Church of Spiritual Technology”, which was founded in 1982 by one “scientologist”, two tax attorneys and Meade Emory, a former assistant commissioner of the IRS. In 1982 when CST was founded, the IRS was still named a suppressive group. Meade Emory, a founder, was a former member of the IRS and per HCOPL 29 June 1968, “Enrollment in Suppressive Groups”, “Such persons may not be employed by orgs or offices and if found employed in any center that mission charter will be canceled”. How can it be then that he founded what is now the highest level organization, even above RTC, in Scientology?),

In 1 hour of examination I have discovered the deletion of two LRH essays, (that are in the 1974 edition),”The purpose of Ethics” and “Safeguarding Technology” and the addition of over 480 words to the essay “Rewards and Penalties”.

In the 1988 Edition of “A New Slant On Life” (Authored by the L. Ron Hubbard Library”) I compared against the 1975 printing of “Scientology A New Slant On Life” by L. Ron Hubbard, I find that the following nine chapters are omitted: “The Reason Why”; “The Conditions of Existence”; “Myths of the Mind”; “The Man Who Succeeds”; “On the Death of Consciousness”; “Accent on Ability”; “Freedom vs. Entrapment”; “The Human Mind”; and “Communication”. There were also twelve other chapters added. This is alteration and deletion on a large scale. Even though the added chapters seem to be from L. Ron Hubbard’s other writings this is still major alteration. And deletion can not be justified.

There is much, much more to all this. What I have put down here is only a tiny bit of the picture. There are many long time members, highly trained and audited, and former top executives who are exposing the exact time place form and event of these FACTS. I am fully willing to speak to anyone on what I know and where to look. In fact, the prohibition of LOOKING, fear of being expelled, of losing the “upper levels” kept me from finding out what I had to know for many years. Prohibition of communication is a kind of implant.

Because I now know that even the so called “tech” being delivered by the so called “Scientology Religion” is not the actual pure and unaltered writings of L. Ron Hubbard I can tell you that the “Scientology Religion” is not the Scientology applied religious philosophy L. Ron Hubbard authored. I was cleverly defrauded by wording designed to confuse me into believing they are the same thing. They are not the same. Look for the words “Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard”. That is not the same as the words: “By L. Ron Hubbard.” Because of this fraud, any and all documents, bonds, agreements or waivers that I may have agreed or signed with regard to any aspect of the Church of Scientology, the “Scientology Religion” or any associated group were obtained by fraud and are thus invalid.

ALL the monies I paid into these so called “Scientology” organizations or the International Association of Scientologists were given by me only because I was led to believe I was supporting, protecting and paying for pure and unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy as authored by L. Ron Hubbard and that these organizations were ethical and legitimate in all their aspects. All these monies were obtained by fraud because NONE of these organizations has delivered pure and unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy nor are all their activities ethical or even legal. Further, the various organizations of the “Scientology Religion” are deeply involved in numerous lawsuits and trials around the world due to the criminal and unethical acts of their own members, staff and executives. And IAS monies are being used to pay to defend the perpetrators of these crimes.

So I have had to make that distinction. The “Scientology Religion” composed of Orgs, Missions, Advanced Orgs, Flag, the Freewinds ship, RTC, Church of Spiritual Technology, etc., is NOT composed of and is NOT FORWARDING the pure and unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy as authored by L. Ron Hubbard. They are doing something else.

All this has shaken my stable data of the “Church”. My new stable data is the writings and editions and tapes issued as authored by Ron before he died.

I’m sorry that this may all be upsetting. It probably is. But I have to tell you all this so I am honest and straight with you.

I also urge you to not take my word for it. Do your own investigation. Insist on KSW for yourself. Compare books, tapes and HCOBs word for word and discover what has been changed. If you find something has been changed since Ron’s death, ask to see the directions for the changes as Ron wrote them, in his actual handwriting. It is not entheta or disloyal to ask to see the actual source, it is only KSW.

Do as I did and obtain the actual information about Ron’s death, the suspect will, the challenges that were made. Do not accept my word or the Churches word, find and read the actual documents, form your own questions. Compare it to what you have actually seen and experienced being in and around the “Church”.

Find out for yourself how many, what percentage, of people who have made it onto the “upper levels” are either dying of cancer, dropping off the bridge or leaving the “Scientology Religion” altogether. Then make your own conclusions.

You may ask, “What about my wins?”. I have this to say: What real results one gets and which draws us onward is the real unchanged L. Ron Hubbard tech that is still there, that is still delivered by people of good will, which seeps through the alterations. I have had many wins with real L. Ron Hubbard writings and tech. That is my stable data.

There are people and staff still within the Church who are still trying to deliver pure L. Ron Hubbard. They are hampered or stopped by the pervasive alterations.

I believe that the lower level courses, VM program and auditing are being kept fairly straight as a way to continue to draw new people into the Church as an income source. But alterations in the technical bulletins and training of auditors have resulted in many problems with upper level auditing. I don’t think an unaltered upper bridge that actually delivers the promised EPs is there any more.

And for many years I and others have been hammered repeatedly about all manner of “attacks” and impending chaos in order to pry ever more money out of our parishioner pockets.

One only has to read the felony indictments of Flag in the Lisa McPherson case, read about the missing caretaker logs and the condition of Lisa at the time of her death to know that the 17 day “Introspection Rundown” isolation watch that ended with her death was very, very, very far from any correct LRH technology, yet it took place at the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” and it is being vigorously defended by CSI, RTC and OSA and IAS money. My monies are being spent to evade the consequences of what is to me an absolutely CRIMINAL act done by staff and executives of Flag. And it outrages me.

Ron wrote in HCOB 14 September 1971R Issue V, Revised 3 February 1975, Solo C/S Series 1R, Solo Auditors Rights: “Integrity is a hallmark of Dianetics and Scientology”. The actions of the “Scientology Religion” that have been kept from the view of its members have nothing of integrity in them.

I do not believe that a “Scientology Religion” which alters source materials, lies to its members and evades responsibility for it’s criminal acts by abusing the legal system should be supported.

I do believe that the actual true unaltered Scientology applied religious philosophy as authored by L. Ron Hubbard should be supported and helped.

Another portion of the doubt formula is to view my own intentions and activities. I have. I find my stats miserable and there are many things about myself I wish were different. But I also now can see that I was not delivered in auditing and on courses the tech as Ron wrote it. Not one course or auditing action I received since the late 80’s was untarnished by out-tech, alterations, or evaluation and invalidation by church staff. And I was PTS to the suppression of an off the rails church which was sec checking me for missing it’s withholds. It is so strange that I believe that at the end some sort of “Reverse Auditing” was being done.

So I in consulting my own experiences and observations have been able to establish that where I have fallen down is by letting myself be convinced against my own knowingness and understanding that the “Scientology Religion” was the same thing as Scientology. And being fooled into supporting it and by duress of losing my future keeping myself from examining the actual time place form and event of the most critical incident, Ron’s death. Once I began to pull the strings on that event, the whole fabric of illusion created by the RTC, CSI, CST and OSA began to unravel. The fraud and deceit was revealed.

So I befriend all persons of good will regardless of their affiliation with any “church”. I befriend L. Ron Hubbard and accept his Legacy of the Tech.

I have no desire to be in conflict with or an enemy of the “Scientology Religion”. I do demand returned to me all the monies defrauded of me. I know that those who manufacture the feeling that I am a threat may, contrary to all LRH wrote to us about the confidentiality of our confessional records, ethics records and such like, cull my P.C. folders and other confidential records for “juicy” items, supposed crimes or overts or things that would make you think less of me, and use them to Black PR me or “Dead Agent” me or destroy my life and future. To the degree they do this you know that they have no actual regard for the sanctity of auditing but only a thirst for my destruction. They may wish to punish me for publishing this doubt formula. If they do it, it is just more fraud compounded upon what they have already done.

Thank you.

Michael Leonard Tilse

This essay is written as an exercise of freedom of speech and the exercise of my own spiritual beliefs. It is also copyright 2003 Michael Leonard Tilse, all rights reserved. It may be republished in it’s unaltered entirety with signature and copyright notice intact if you desire to pass it on by email or by printed copy. It may not be excerpted for any reason and expressly may not be copied or excerpted or passed on within any “Scientology” or “Scientology Religion” organization for any purpose or “procedure” of such an organization. This essay is written to individuals.

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