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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Stages of Leaving Scientology

Arnie Lerma's 8 Steps out of Scientology was a big help to me. It gave me a reference and explanation of the journey. Here is the original :
This is my own personal view of the stages of leaving Scientology. I realise it's an individual journey and some may not agree with me, but it's worth discussing. It's around point 6 that many seem to go back and forth a bit.

1) Noticing there is something wrong in some area.

2) Attempting to have the wrongness corrected locally.
(“It must be just that person’s Mus”.)

3) Attempting to have wrongness corrected by upper manangement.
("The local area is not following Source.”)

4) Personal Ethics cycles/sec checks as none of your reports were acted on and so any disagreement must be your fault. At this point you either step back in line or start seeking more information.

5) CRISIS POINT. The realisation that orgs are not run the way you first envisioned, and the thought that it must have changed with DM and has been “taken over”.

6) Finding out the truth about all the lies you were told. At this point you may still want to believe that some parts of the “tech” works, or that it was only in later years that it went wrong.

7) Realising that Hubbard designed it all from the start.

8) Realising it is a complete fraud, there are no Clears and Ots and it was all about money.

9) Wanting to do something about it.

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