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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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More details of DMs current management "style"
From Chuck Beatty on ars 25th Jan 2007

If memory serves, I believe it was in 2003 that DM began asserting that Exec Strata and CMO Int "had no org board" and therefore no one could be posted, as there was no org board. This despite the fact that they seem to have functioned for years. But it became a big deal that the org boards and postings had to be figured out for CMOI and Exec Strata, and proposed to DM, and approved by him. There were various attempts then made to propose org boards and postings. all of which would inevitably, of course, be disapproved by DM. He routinely disapproved anyone proposed for an Exec Strata posting or a CMO Int posting. This was routine. When I left, this had been going on for about two years. I recently heard, from someone who left a few months ago, that it is still going on, and in fact, some people who WERE on post when I was there (Dave Bloomberg on MEI, Greg Hughes on GIEI) were no longer on post. The only people officially "posted" were Guillaume on ED Int, and Yager on CO CMOI.

But, as I also posted earlier, they are just figureheads. In the last few years that I was there, they (and Mike Rinder) spent much of the time on the decks, cleaning out the swamp or the septic tanks in boiler suits. Then they were pulled off the decks for an event, cleaned up, put in suits and made to read a DM-prepared speech off a teleprompter. On recent events, it doesn't even look like DM is bothering to do even that.

Then in 2004, DM got rid of most of RTC staff, sending them all to CMO International. This included Greg and Sue Wilhere, Norman Starkey and a host of others. About all that was left in RTC was DM's personal staff and some Sec Checkers.

The RTC staff went to CMOI and, of course, got caught up in the "un-posted" morass. In early 2004, DM declared the entirety of CMOI and Exec Strata Suppressive. They were forbidden to leave the Base, and in fact were forbidden to leave their office building. They literally slept on their office floors for three months, never leaving the building. And they all did their "A to Es" in a big conference room.
This was also when they started having these "group seances" which were very, very crazy. This even trickled down to Gold and Gold held two of them. They were brutal. Staff had to get up and "confess" their "Suppressive Op" (operating basis) to the rest of the group. The rest of the group heaped abuse and even at times physical violence on the person confessing. I am not kidding or exaggerating, this was done. Since being out, I have read of similar tactics being used in Chinese prisons as a mind control technique. It certainly wasn't any Scientology I ever heard of. But it was a complete, utter nightmare. I saw people mentally and emotionally broken during these things.

On one occasion, DM played "musical chairs" with the execs. Literally with music. And he said that anyone who didn't get a chair would be offloaded. Fun and games, right? It drove senior executives to desperation, and in some cases, tears.

And yes, the whole of Exec Strata and CMOI was assigned at one point to clean out the septic tanks on the Base. For weeks.

The end result is that DM has completely de-powered any semblance of Scientology management, and brought it under his control. There is NO ONE who will stand up to him or challenge him. Anyone who even so much as hints at it is gotten rid of fast. Threat, emotional abuse, and physical abuse is the order of the day. That is how DM runs things.

That's the state of International Scientology Management. To call it psychotic would be an insult to psychotics everywhere. And if general Scientologists or lower level staff knew even a fraction of this, they would desert the C of S in droves. Many already are.

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