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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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From around early 82 through much of 83 a huge task was undertaken within "the church" to get all non Hubbard writings out of "church" orgs and missions.

The movement was lead by Hubbard himself and, through him, DM.

The "Policy" used was "Vital Data on Promotion" where Hubbard says there can be no works but his own used. He said that doing so "would end freedom for the planet".

All kinds of investigations and missions were fired to find out how non Hubbard works had gotten into organized scientology. This included missions to Minshul herself (then in Michigan I believe). The missionaires reported that Minshul herself was disaffected from and wanted nothing more to do with scientology. This was reported to Hubbard who said that the only book of hers that he even saw was "Miracles for Breakfast" but Minshul produced Hubbard's signed approvals for the other books.

All kinds of things were found and that included just how each work was gotten into an organization.

There were so many non Hubbard works that one copy of each made a pile a couple feet high over a huge "board room sized" desk in Special Unit's conference room. The books included all kinds of things like Minshul's works, "the "Common Sense Management Series". "How to Make Money", etc., etc.

The walls of the Special Unit conference room were filled with charts showing how each work got into the organizations (things like someone agreeing with SMI to purchase an expensive "Mission Starter Package" if their book could be distributed by Bridge Publications).

Other things were found that "horrified" Hubbard and DM such as the continental liaison offices themselves forwarding the line that DMSMH (the main Dianetics book) was too complicated and so Minshul books should be used to get new people in.

Special Unit did the investigations and then DM and his "Finance Police" and the like took over and starting blowing people out of the water broadly and in a big way. People were declared, "gang bang sec checked", RPFed and the like right up to and including WDC level.

DM in court says Hubbard was off the lines at that time but that was totally false. Special Unit wrote to him weekly and got his orders weekly on this matter and so did other sectors.

This was part of the big power push that also included getting "all non Hubbard tech" out of missions and orgs and people found pushing "non LRH" things ("de dinging", "power flows", etc) were similarly blown away using declares and many abuses by "the Finance Policy" and others run by CMO.

The spitting on staff on the RPF at Int started in a big way with DM and other goons that felt they had to follow him as part of the above.Hubbard himself wrote asking that they (even the WDC members over SMI, Bridge, etc.) be spit on for their "letting this happen".

"External influence" missions were then fired to all continents where there were orgs to follow up on "the handlings". Abuses became rampant and widespread.

There was a huge push to "get people jailed" for this by DM and it did not even matter if they were "guilty" of anything. DM and Hubbard wanted "heads on pikes" and the Int Finance Policy carried out hundreds of abuses on all kinds of people, screaming in their faces, gang bang sec checks, etc. trying to find evidence of "crimes" for which they could be jailed.

The entire thing was run by DM, using Hubbard orders he got based on information he was sending to Hubbard.

It was so crazy that Special Unit itself had to jump in on a number of occasions to try to stop harassment actions and stop attempts to get innocent people jailed.

The "excuse" used for all these abuses was that it was being "unreasonable" with squirreling and was "saving scientology". WDC itself put out an issue that praised the Int Finance Police for saving scientology for carrying out actions like the above.

That was total bull. It was the worst on a long, long list of wholesale human rights abuses. And guess what, it got everything out of missions and orgs for which Hubbard was NOT receiving royalties!

DM says he was in ASI and had nothing to do with this as he was busy in ASI and he says Hubbard was "off the lines". Both statements are totally false. They ran it! ASI had its own "gang bang sec checks".

DM felt that the new "impregnable" corporate structure made it possible to take such control and would mask the real controls. He will find himself wrong about that.

Anyway, the above is a summation of the true story of what happened with getting non Hubbard works out of missions and orgs. There are many, many more details to this but the above sums it up.

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