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Saturday, 22 December 2012


In the period of 1984 to 1986 or so David Miscavige and company started to rewrite ethics policies so that they could assume totalitarian control over the organization. By this time Hubbard and his family had been pretty well neutralized. Hubbard was severely ill and under the complete control of the RTC, Mary Sue Hubbard was out of the picture and persuaded that Ron Hubbard did not care about her and the Hubbard children were manipulated. Diana Hubbard made a major mistake in the early '80s which destroyed her power in the Church.

What she did was she called a conference at the AO for OT 3s and above. She gave them an introductory talk and then let them listen to a Class 8 tape so that they could understand the urgency of spreading Scientology. What happened was that one person who was NOT OT 3 was in the room and was not detected. This was considered a severe security breach and David Miscavige used this to his advantage to completely dissipate any influence Diana had.

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