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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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It was really in Valencia in early 1968 where Hubbard started the process of developing a crew. He had allowed a whole bunch of people to join the newly formed Sea Org. A few were quite remarkable, the vast majority were there just for the experience. The trouble was that virtually the entire lot were completely unhatted in aspects of seamanship.

There are two comments to make about Hubbard; whilst he was a flawed multi-personality person, when he processed you, he ALWAYS wanted you to win BIG. The second thing was that when he trained you, he did not "namby-pamby" around with study and checkouts first, you went straight in and did it. If you fucked up, you might get a condition, but you learned as you stumbled along.

Alan covers it in his Zones stuff. You start off in the Red zone, all fingers and thumbs, then as you practice it you move on up to the yellow zone etc. Well, it was like that for us. I was the primary helmsman, not because I had been word cleared on the terms, but because I learned how to steer by taking the Avon across the Goodwin Sands and again across the Bay of Biscay in a storm. That was learning as you went.

It was the same for the R3R Dianetics when it came out. Here is your co=processor, here are the commands, sit down and START.

So it was that Hubbard had to do something with his motley crew. There were all sorts on board, old, young, children, even a couple of pets.

Personally, I do not think he expected people to attest so quickly to the OT3 and other levels. He was getting more and more frustrated with the clownish activities, mostly well intentioned, that were going on around him. Yes the income was rolling in, which was music to his ears, but the array of idiotic things that were going on were sending him up the wall.

I have previously mentioned Sam, a heavy drug case, working on the deck of the Avon. He was assigned to hose down the decks. Unfortunately Sam connected the hose to the fuel line and began spraying the deck with fuel. There was a lot of smoking going on onboard the ships, including Hubbard. Had any of that fuel caught alight, the Avon would have gone off like a bomb and it would have closed the port. No wonder Hubbard went absolutely loopy.

At the same time, the Royal Scotsman had to move her berth to make way for an American warship on a publicity visit. In moving the vessel, the bridge crew managed to back the ship across the harbour and into the outer harbour wall, damaging one of the propellors.

He decided to move the Advanced Courses onto land whilst he sorted out the ships. He sent missions out to find suitable premises and settled on a holiday apartment block in Alicante. ( See thread Alicante).

In the meanwhile he assigned the ship a Liability condition and the crew were made to learn the basics of seamanship. (See threads Liability Cruise, parts 1 & 2)
Hubbard was looking to get to the USA a lot sooner than he did, but both the ship and the crew were unprepared for such a journey. His frustrations grew daily to the point where he would explode at the slightest instance. He became disenchanted with Spain, under Franco, and decided to move the AO back to the UK.

In the meantime, after the Liability cruise, the ship was dry-docked and repaired. Hubbard set about training the crew after he had offloaded a lot of families and small children. He went from Valencia around to Lisbon, along the North African coast and ended up in Corfu some 4 months later.

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