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Saturday, 22 December 2012


In November 1966 a memo was posted on the Reception Notice Board at St Hill.It asked for volunteers who had nautical experience. The notice was taken down within the hour, but a few of us had seen it.

The OT Central Committee met in the Manor basement in great secrecy. Joan Thomas (later Robertson) was committee chairman. some of us were called in and interviewed. We were told to keep silent about this and not discuss anything. We began to notice that certain staff members began disappearing from post. I was working iv Div 4 at the time and received a call from Joan asking if I would be interested in a "confidential project". I was told I needed a passport and to prepare a suitcase should I be required.

There were specific requirements; you had to be Clear, a SHSBC graduate, had worked on staff and had proven upstats.

I received a phone call one morning soon after and told I was going away. My family had no idea what was going on. I was not allowed to tell them. I told the Tech Sec, alan Ferguson that I was leaving to go in a project. He informed me I could go only once I had found a replacement for my post and trained them. So I went to HCO, took the Personnel Officer by the hand, led her up the hill to the Castle and sat her at my desk, telling her she was my replacement. Alan Ferguson got very upset about all this and began threatening me with all sorts of Ethics conditions. I picked up the phone and called Mary Sue and explained what was going on. Within three minutes she swept into the Tech area and proceeded to rip Alan a new butt. Problem solved.

I had to wait at the backdoor of the Manor, my suitcase out of sight. I remember chatting with Roger Buckeridge and Tok Sondergaard, you know, general chat, how's the weather, what did you do at the weekend, that sort of stuff. There was no way I could tell them what was going on.

Joan Thomas collected me and we went by taxi to the station. "Where are we going" I asked. "Cannot tell you yet" she replied. We, took the traion to London and then the tube to King's Cross for trains going North. She still would not tell me where we were going. We boarded a train heading for Hull. It was only after the train had started off that she admitted it was Hull as our destination.

Hull was (and probably still is) a dreary seaport on the East Coast. Once there we took a taxi th Victoria Docks. Joan said "Well, there she is". There was nothing to see. "Look down there" she said . I did so and saw a dingy fishing vessel with a series of scruffy people running around in blue boiler suits.

A few of them waived. Then i recognised Wally, Joe & Jill, Yvonne, Pheobie and several others, all of them key execs from St Hill. The sign on the gangway said HUBBARD EXPLORATION COMPANY. I went down and joined the crew. I went to the fo'castle and picked a bunk.

That night there was a fearsome storm. At around midnight there was a loud banging on the fo'castle door. I got up and opened it. Standing there in the down pour were Roger Buckeridge and Tok Sondergaard!!!

Such was the secrecy that none of us had any idea the other would be there. Tok and Roger did not know they were travewlling on the same train. It was only at Hull station while waiting with their escorts for a taxi that they met.

Our job was to stow essential equipment that Ron Pook and John Lawrence had purchased from ship scrapyards. This was going to be installed at our finaldestination. We were not told where we were going. None of us had any sea experience. Frank McCall was the Supercargo. We had a ticketed master and an engineer.

Our water supply was limited and in order to flush the "heads" you first had to throw a bucket over the side and haul it up with water to flush with.

We had to have various inoculations. The doctor who gave me mine was very doddery. He gave my smallpox jab in the arm and in passing me back to his desk he managed to stick the needle into my hand. This led to a swelling and mr suffering from cowpox for a few days. Any chance of rest and recovery? No chance!.

By this time we had our first insight into Hubbard's work on OT3. ~A confidential Ethics Order was issued on John Lawrence stating that he was no longer the person we thought, having been taken over be other beings. which accounted for his suppressive nature. It all seemed strange to us as we all liked John. We asked questions but were told we would learn more when we reached our final destination (wherever that was).

We had a dispute with the ship's chjandler who was sghort delivering our supplies. We would not pay them and they told Customs they suspected we had drugs on board.

Next morning the "Black Gang" arrived in a transit van. There are the most feared of all the Customs teams. They wear black overalls and have unlimited powers of arrest and detention.

We were all confined to the ship whilst they carried out a minute and detailed search. We discovered parts of the ship we had no idea about. Finally At the end of 2 days searching they concluded that it was a false alarm and we were allowed to depart.

The concept of the Sea Project was totally different to that of the Sea Org.

Our members (with the exception of one) were all technically trained, clear, had worked on staff and experience in working together.

The Sea Project had nothing to do with any involvement with the COS. We were doing our own thing, preparing for nautical activities and investigation into past events and ancient civilisations.

We had a VERY high level of confront, high MEST handling abilities, high ARC (the ARCX's could be violent. - knife fights etc) We were turning on some remarkable abilities. Hubbard, in his drugged and self-medicated state was incapable of doing this. It really set him off, the idea that other people could be more able than him.

Then came the realisation that the org systems were collapsing at the top due to taking away the key execs.

The Sea Project was not the vehicle to handle the management of the COS.

Hubbard decided to create the Sea Organisation. He was back in the org business, he hated the idea, it was NOT what he wanted to be doing. He wanted us all to sign 1 billion year contracts. Several of us would not bend to his new strategy and we left. Those who remained signed up and this became the start of the Sea Org.

Hubbard needed a much larger vessel to accommodate the crew he needed, so the Royal Scotsman was obtained.

Hubbard also opened up eligibility to all and sundry. This fulfilled two goals, firstly it diluted the exclusivity and uniqueness of what the Sea Project had created and secondly it gave a quick fix imput of new bodies to work the ship. He allowed families, children and all sorts to sign up. The children really drove him mad. They were only tolerated as long as their parents were able to produce.

Part of his "pissed-offness" was to decide that the orgs were no longer going to take responsibility for it's product. That is why the attestation line was introduced prior to the release of OT3 and above. From now on, everyone was responsible for their own condition. If they thought they had finished then fine, attest. If you got it wrong then you got an ethics condition.

The two things a being craves most are status and identity. This way he got to ensure that these two goals were made very easy for anyone to claim. I remember one guy attesting his way from OT1 through OT5 in one day. Did he make any advance in his spiritual abilities? I seriously doubt it, but he WAS an OT5 and could let everyone know about how "important" he now was.

It also meant that the floodgates could open on cash coming in, a matter close to his heart when you consider how strapped he had been a few years earlier.

In a way this could be considered an evolution, but to those of us on the Sea Project, the S.O. was a complete degrade.

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