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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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The Defining Moment in Scientology

In 1963-64 a few events were unfolding. Hubbard was working on the Goals Technology. The St Hill Special Briefing Course was running in the Pavilion and Chapel at St Hill, Hubbard was enjoying his bottle of Irish whiskey a day and he was developing his research on plant responses to emotion and stimulus.

What he craved more than anything was acknowledgement and recognition from those he considered his peers. He invited a journalist team to come and conduct a full interview with him, complete with photos. this was going to be a showcase of his studies.

I should say that what he was working on had merit and has been borne out in subsequent times.

However, what came out in the press was a highly derogatory article entitled "Are you a Boo-Hoo" (in reference to his ramblings in History of Man)

Hubbard was devistated. It destroyed him. It certainly coloured his approach to the media from then on.

Up until then the basic premese for processing was handle what the person wants to handle. Hubbard decided that a different approach needed to be taken. He formed the Hubbard Guidance Centre where priocessing would become a primary source of income. This was out of neccessity as he was pretty well broke at the time.

In late 1964 and into 1965, John MacMaster, as one of the lead auditors had piloted an executive review process program that was producing excellent results. It was decided that this should be marketed as Power Processing.

At the same time, Hubbard came up with The Grades processing. This was an arbitary arrangement. After all, why should you handle problems before o/w or before ARC Breaks. There can be many points of view on what should come first, but it is all rather like "Stone-Paper-Scissors".

The one advantage those on the early Briefing Course had was that they had had hundreds, if not thousands of hours of processing. They had run Objective processes until they were blue in the face, o/w, havingness, goals, the lot. They were well prepared for Power Processing.

The next vital step was that the student had to run R6EW. I kid you not, this is a powerful solo processing action.

Hubbard brought in the Solo Auditor's Course for those who wanted to get onto the Clearing Course but did not want to spend the time training first. Personally I thought it was a pity to shortcut matters, but needs must and there was the growing income stream to consider.

In early 1966 Hubbard decamped to Rhodesia. What he got up to there and the outcome ...... well, that is another story.   

All the while, the orgs were maintaining their integrity by examining and validating each completion as they came up. Qualifications Division was the most important division as it was responsible for review, corrections and results.

Nothing was more important than the procedure for announcing a person as clear. The Clearing Course Seuervisor, Jenny Edmonde, would send the solo processing file to the Qual Sec. It was Anton James. He would review the folder and call the person forward. Together they would walk down the drive from the castle to the Manor. If you saw him walking with a person down that way you knew it was another Clear Check. Word spread like wildfire. It was a really BIG DEAL.

In the Manor basement, in a room with a specially calibrated E-Meter the Clear check procedure would take place. Once the Clear checker, the student and the meter were in agreement that the person had achieved the result, the Clear Checker would say "I congratulate you on achieving the State of Clear".

The two of them would then return on the walk back up from the Manor and in the Qual room the announcement "Now Hear This, XXXXXX has achieved the State of Clear". The place, already being packed, in antcipation would erupt.
Those of us who had been through that procedure will never forget it.

Every time a person completed something, there would be an examination of the work, courses required a written exam with a 100% pass mark, the result
would be announced and a certificate printed and issued.

In late 1966 OT1 was released. Those embarking on it were very disappointed.
The CC required you to run through the materials 10 times. People were often going clear on the first run yet had to complete 1 run at least. OT1 was the instruction to complete the rest of the 10 runs. This met with some groans.

By this time sufficient numbers had completed the Clearing course and done some on OT1 as to allow the release of OT2. The solo auditing techniques were almost the same for this as for the CC.

The first person to actually complete OT2 was Mary Sue. She did it in Las Palmas. I completed shortly after, I was sitting at a table in the open, under a shade and Hubbard came up behind me and watched me solo'ing for about 15 minutes or so and tapped me on the shoulder and told me I had finished the level.It was on my subsequent return to St Hill that John MacMaster carried out the OT2 completion check. It was a very exhaustive test and took about 3 hours. I was announced in Qual.

We were waiting for OT3 to be released. We had purchased the Royal Scotsman with the express purpose of taking students on board, sailing away around the Med for a month or so while they processed, away from any and all distraction.

Now came the moment in time when that integrity and responsibility got thrown away.

Hubbard decided that the org was no longer responsible for theproduct produced. The Attestation Line was introduced.

The first students had set off for Valencia to join the ship, ready for OT3. Within 2 days the stunning news had come back that a South African had attested OT3 complete. Everyone was in shock. All of a sudden there was a stampede of people to get to the ship to sign up for the OT levels. People were signing up and attesting complete on several levels in a single day. One person (who really should have known better and is still in the cult) attested complete on OT1-5, all in a single day.


The OT levels were never,never, ever intended for case gain. they were for thetan rehabilitation. True, you made case gain whilst going them, but you real case gain was to have been made on the grades and lower levels, on training etc.

It was right after this that we got into the stat psychosis, the rush to bring in money, it didn't matter if the person attested after only a few minutes, they now had the status and we had the money.

When the person fell on their head, one of the first questions asked in a review session was " Did you falsely attest?". ANY read on the meter and the person was assigned Liability and given an amends project.

I remember a very wealthy Jewish lady from N. London, wearing a mink coat, dirty grey rag tied around her arm standing with a bucket and mop, cleaning the ladies toilets. She was holding the mop handle as if she was holding a snake. I happened to be the one who assigned her Liability and as she was a close friend of my mother, both of them never let me forget what I did.

From there on out, the whole process of Scientology began it's downward track. The whole atmosphere became more and more crazy.

The vast majotity of you out there will have no concept of the enormity of Hubbard's action in dumping the org responsibility for it's product. Floating needles are really an irrelevence. Has the person made the requisite case gain commensurate with the stated aims? Can they adequately demonstrate the abilities that you are supposed to have achieved?

In essence, have you attained the ability to communicate on any subject with anyone else? If you have, then you are a comm release. If you still have ANY communication hangups, there is more work to do.

Quite simple, really

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