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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Back in the early 1970's Hubbard expanded his delusion that he knew anything about music, in fact I would probably consider him to have been tone deaf. 

His syncophantic entourage worked with him to produce a record album, a howling cacophony of noise, an absolute load of drivel. Musical celebs were coerced into performing on it, they INSISTED that their names be excluded from the record sleeve (for contractual purposes ?).

At St Hill, the execs were ordered to play the record DAY AND NIGHT, outside the Cashier's Office. We could not escape the bloody row. Frequently someone (unknown) would come along and stab the record with a knife, or grab it and throw it like a frisbee down the drive. There were frequent Board's of Investigation into who was doing such a suppressive act.

Members of the public were "urged" to buy their own copy, after all, it was going to be a classic album. It was, a classic piece of sh*t.

We used to have photos of Hubbard sitting at two organs, pretending to play, giving the impression that he was a real maestro. Well, if the noise he produced on that record was anything to go by, as a representation of his musical acumen, then he was a complete flop.

Mind you, people who have heard the band play live, the Apollo All Stars, say they were pretty good.

One day, one of the band turned up at St Hill. "Hi, I'm Kenny" he said, grinning, expecting adoration from all around. "Kenny who?" was the reply.
"Kenny C..........man, you know, Apollo All Stars ?".

About four voices replied at once "You bastard!" "You are one of those responsible for that f**king row we have been subjected to all day and night"

Needless to say, this response did not go down well with the management.

Even today if the record is mentioned, it elicits cringing shame that the person had actually bought a copy, or anger at being subjected to the noise.

That is how it was received in the UK. I wonder if the same reception greeted it on other continents.

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