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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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In 1967 Hubbard had the Enchanter yacht up on a slipway in Jolly's boat yard in Gran Canaria.

One of the jobs being carried out was to replace the ballast on board with about 200 square lead ingots. The reason for this was that Hubbard wanted to sail up to the Med, go ashore on an island, break in to a museum and swap these ingots over for a stack sitting in the museum. 

According to Hubbard, the museum ingots were gold bars encased in lead.  

The Enchanter had been refloated and it was for Robin Lindsell (still a "lifer") and myself to ferry the ingots out to the yacht. That sounds simple in itself, but when you appreciate that the weight of the ingots on the deck of the small cutter we were using gave us about 2-3 inches of freeboard. We were REALLY down in the water. Thankfully the harbour was like a millpond as we stood stock-still, gingerly making our was over to the yacht.

Hubbard was standing there on the yacht's deck supervising the passing across of the ingots. Unfortunately someone dropped one overboard. Hubbard went abslutely ballistic. Screaming and cursing, he looked like a marionette being jerked by strings.

In early 1968 Hubbard went off in search of hidden treasure in the Med. He came back and gave a talk entitled "A test of whole track recall". According to one senior person on that trip, it should have been called a "A test of whole track bullshit"! Passing a llandfall, Hubbard would say things like "Do you see that rock outcrop there"? "Well, there is a spaceship buried under that".  

On the Aft Deck of the Apollo he had two wooden sled boats which were to be used in running ashore on a beach, raiding a stash of ancient treasure and running off with it. Of course, the theory was grand, but perhaps he had not taken into account that with the sled boats being run up onto the sand, such a weight of loot, as he described, would simply make the sleds too heavy to get back to sea, considering they were only powered by a couple of outboard motors.

He even bought some small parcels of land on some of the islands, stating there was buried treasure there. Well, nothing was ever found. His answer was that someone had beaten him to the treasure, hundreds of years ago.

Clearly his delusions were starting to get the better of him. After this he set out to try and turn Corfu into a safe haven.He wanted to open an AO Greece there. Unfortunately for him, he managed to piss off enough people to result in the boats having to depart the islans for good. Of course, it was never his fault. It was the British Government, the CIA, Old King Cole, Do-lally Tap and anyone else you can think of who were to blame.

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